Friday, March 30, 2012

What's in Mercede's Safe?

Yup, Sadie has a safe. No, not a locked box in a bank with a few stocks and maybe her grandmother's wedding ring. Nor am I talking about  a money box with a little padlock  or combination lock.  I'm talking about a real safe. The sort of thing that can't be easily broken into or easily stolen from your house or office. 

Why does Mercede Johnston, unemployed 20 year old whose claim to fame is being the aunt of a Palin spawn, need one of those?  Even if being in Playboy’s September issue paid well enough to have money left over after trips, expensive gifts for family and friends and to keep her in manicures, highlights, and designer jeans for a year-  even if that were true, a bank is the place for that kind of money.   

A safe is only necessary if you have things that someone may break in to steal.  That could be money - if one has a need for lots of ready cash.  Safes are a must have for the Todd Palins of the world - no banks, no records, lots of cash - but this is Levi's pretty, young, spunky sister Sadie I'm talking about.  I don't see cash on hand as the reason for a safe.

Unless there's unreported income from Babygate. That's not so far-fetched.  Babygate income in large amounts wouldn't be deposited in an account. Palins wouldn't want it to be traceable. That something Todd knows all about.

Okay, that's one plausible scenario. Here's another. Sadie is the keeper of Trig's birth certificate. Or a copy.  Because when he was born, Levi thought that was his son.  That's a wild guess. 

But the bet I'd make, is that Sadie has photos the Palins don't want released. Or, a twist on that would be Sadie wants the Palins to believe she has photos that would do them great damage. 

No one disagrees with this fact - Mercede is the keeper of the Johnston family photos.  In Deer in the Headlights, Levi talked about her being a shutterbug.  On her own blog she said she has and always has had a camera with her. 

In 2008, Sadie's MySpace pictures went viral as soon as the news outlets gave us the Palin kid's names and pajama-clad bloggers and their readers logged into MySpace.  The McCain campaign didn't know about Sadie's MySpace, or Levi's for that matter.  Obscure bloggers and their readers found them and witnessed history being erased. Things began disappearing while the world watched.  Below is a comment from a blog that briefly batted around the Babygate questions; in response to someone suggesting that "Suchandrika" had photoshopped a screenshot of then-mystery girl Sadie's MySpace:

Mercede Johnston's picture stash may well be the biggest reason for the placement of McCain operatives in the house.  Sadie was naiive back then. She didn't protect her valuables.  She is older and wiser now. Sadie has a safe.

When we learned in 2010 that her computer was wiped clean during the McCain/Palin campaign,  she exaggerated the story, leading us to conclude she had no copies of the lost pictures.  People felt sorry for her. Some clicked the PayPal button on her blog, reinforcing the message that photos = cash.

I say reinforcing because it was Sadie who sold Star magazine a picture of  infant Tripp in March, 2009 for $5,000 (according to "Not Afraid of Life"), and it was Sadie who made the "mistake" of including a  picture of Levi holding baby Trig in the Palin kitchen when turning over Tripp pictures to the Tyra Banks Show staff when the Johnstons made their first television appearance one month later, April 2009.  

Palin's Deceptions was quick to pick up on the new Trig siting,  and the anti-Palin blogworld lit up. The photo of Levi cuddling Trig had not been seen before, and it was easy to date - it belonged with the Triggybear set.  

 If the Palins were as surprised as we were to see that picture, they, too, must have thought "What other pictures has Sadie still got?"   Remember - the computer hard drive was replaced, stolen, or scrubbed in the fall of 2008, so  Sadie's photo collection was supposed to have disappeared. But here was an early 2008 picture of Trig.  Oh my. Big. Potential. Problem.

If we could track the money, figure out when it first began to flow into the Johnston home, it might be right after this one-two set of photo punches that 17 year old Sadie threw. At that time, Sherrie was facing felony drug charges,  Sadie was in high school, Levi had dropped out and was unemployed.  A year later, when they  were evicted, so to speak, because Keith stopped paying the mortgage, Sadie was sad to leave her childhood home, but she had money to decorate her new room, drove a new car (small, but new) and pimp it out with pink HD headlights and headrest televisions.  Where did the money come from to decorate the room for Tripp?  Get a French manicure? Put gasoline in the car? Buy lots of designer jeans. LOTS of $150 - 200 jeans!

Then came summer 2010 and a second engagement. Bristol got another ring from Levi. She got something else, too. Levi's pictures. 

That was when I realized that the few photos I had of me and Bristol were gone. I only had had, maybe, five...Not anymore. The envelope where I kept them was gone...I asked her about it once, when I met her to get Tripp and, behind his head, she gave me the bird. (Deer in the Headlights pg 252)

Sadie is smarter than her brother.  Since that first loss of pictures, the one during the campaign, she keeps photos in a safe place. They come out one at a time, as needed. 

Remember the “found this in a shoebox” release of a young Levi in a green t-shirt holding Trig in the hospital after he was born. That was posted June 24 , 2011 on Immoral Minority. Bristol's book,  in which she essentially was accusing Levi of rape, had come out three days before. Not very likely that this was a coincidence. Bristol trashed Levi. Mercede gave us a picture.  If Bristol doesn't watch out, Mercede can talk about that picture and tell much more than who is in it. Much more.

Seeing her nephew is  what Aunt Mercede claims to want  more than anything money can buy, but we all learn sooner or later that we can't always get what we want.  Compromises can be worked out when people try hard enough. 

When Mercede Johnston goes public with an old picture that we haven’t seen before, you have to wonder if it's a message. This week  she posted an old picture of Levi to her Facebook  page.   You can see it below along with her current Facebook profile picture. (For those who are new to all this - that is a January 2012 picture of Sadie is  holding her nephew Tripp).

The question for Mercede today is, why the long look back?  Has there been too much chatter lately about Tripp’s paternal genes? Or are you reminding Bristol, herself, who fathered the boy?  Does this have anything to do with Bristol’s disapproval of Auntie Sadies' upcoming Playboy redux?

Oh, again for very new Truthers, now that she's an adult, Mercede Johnston makes money from selling pictures of herself, too. So what if she's posed for Playboy?That's her business. Her body. Her choice. The Tripp, Keith Johnston and Levi picture in 2009 wasn't hers to release, but she was young and the money probably impressed her. That's all I'll say about that.

Seeing her nephew is what Aunt Mercede continually claims is what she wants more than anything money can buy.  She does like things money can buy, though.  She has a walk-in closet full of  designer jeans, Coach sneakers in every color, Coach purses,  takes extended vacations to resort areas and expensive theme parks, and goes shopping while most of us go to work. Unlikely that one Playboy shoot paid for all of that.  Besides, that shoot was last year. She's been doing well for much longer. Was if funded by a story here and another there in the Star and the Enquirer? Doesn't add up for me.

If it's true that the Palins know or suspect that Sadie has pictures we haven’t seen, pictures they wouldn't want us to see, then until the pictures run out or the story comes out, we won't see Tripp's auntie working retail or serving coffee.  No real work for Mercede. Except maybe as a model, a Playboy bunny, or a reality TV star.  

This can be very  useful for Truthers. Sadie's employment or lack thereof is a gauge we can use.

If Mercede continues her busy social life of restaurants, movies, shopping and the like (no she isn't tied to the house, not by any stretch)  with no clear means of income, we can and should assume that  Babygate secrets are in that safe.  Which means that someday, via Mercede Johnston’s photo evidence and first-person accounts, Babygate can be solved.  

You would think that Ms. Johnston can make, as Sarah would say, "rill money" by writing a tell all and putting in some of those pictures. Politicalgates encouraged her again this week to write a tell-all.  Think about Mercede posing in Playboy. Fame, attention, cameras, interviews. Fifteen minutes of fame, maybe more. So if she'd do that, why wouldn't she be writing a memoir?  

My my. The Palin cash must be really good.   

Ok, that's settled.  

The price negotiated with  the Palins must be a decent amount that is going to be coming in for a very long time. I say this because, unlike most 20 year old single women who have not had a job since high school, Sadie's in the market for a condo.  She must be paying cash because otherwise a bank would want proof of income that will cover monthly payments. 

Shailey Tripp told us Todd Palin knows how to hide transactions; he has income he isn't reporting to the IRS. Todd Palin has ways.  Bet Todd Palin has a safe. Or two. Or three. Maybe in a few in different states.

Mercede may not know anything about Shailey Tripp's book Boys Will Be Boys.  I hope she's blissfully ignorant about all that. And I'm in no way saying any money going to Sadie is  part of Todd's nasty business profits from oppressed women he prostitutes out in today's version of slavery. Any quiet money going to Sadie would be coming from Sarah's speeches, right? It's Sarah's problem more than it's Todd's so why should he pay for it?  I don't think he pays Sarah's bills.   

What is important for Truthers is this : if Palin money dries up, then how would hush money get to Mercede?  It wouldn't.  So if there are things in that safe that could provide needed income, then we will see the photos.  That would be the time for a Mercede Johnston book. 

When the money dries up that’s been keeping her walk-in closet full, paying for  makeup, pink HD headlights,  movies, concerts, restaurants, travel, and  backrest TVs in her car, that young woman will unlock the safe, go to someone she trust among bloggers, get hooked up with a publisher, and editor, and write her own book. And she won't need a ghost writer like Nancy French.

This is my guess.  If you think I could be onto something, Truthers, and if  you are serious about getting to the truth about Babygate you have a powerful tool. You are in front of it right now. So, have you contacted the IRS yet and reported Todd Palin?

Remember, you don't have to give your name.   The IRS may even give you a cut of the unpaid taxes.  Now THAT would make Sarah angry. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sarah Heath Palin Has No Diploma, No Courage, No Decency

No matter how often or who has asked, Sarah Palin has never publically displayed Trig’s birth certificate. Makes us all wonder what it really says.  We Truthers also speculate about that other official document she hasn’t produced - a college diploma. She talks about having a degree in journalism, but like her stories about being pregnant in 2007-2008 and giving birth on April 18, 2008, the evidence suggests she’s lying.
How is it possible that a person devote years of college-level study to a profession, frequently lay claim to having said degree, but not one time demonstrate, expound upon, or otherwise apply the learning she claims she acquired? Never has Sarah Palin’s criticism of the press pointed to any knowledge of the profession other than the journalistic cliché the rest of us learned in the fourth grade (who, what, when, where, why, AND HOW. She always forgets that last one). In fact, Sarah in November 2010 claims she learned “Who, what, when, where, why,” in college! Good grief, was that college accredited?
Asked by  Sean Hannity on Fox news if she would ever sit down with Katie Couric for another interview and how it would go if she did, the governor who quit after two years said:
I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree. I studied journalism -- who, what, where, when, and why of reporting. I will speak to reporters who still understand that cornerstone of our democracy, that expectation that the public has for truth to be reported. And then we get to decide our own opinion based on the facts reported to us. So a journalist, a reporter who is so biased and will, no doubt, spin and gin up whatever it is that I have to say to create controversy, I swear to you, I will not my waste my time with her. Or him.
If only that first sentence above were true, great  good could be done from Sarah’s bully pulpit.  If only she actually had that combination of education and the desire to use it for the common good.  Her conservative spin notwithstanding, I, for one, would welcome public debate started by a former VP candidate on such topics as the affects of corporate ownership of the news, how the telecommunications act led to the disappearance of locally owned radio stations,  crime as entertainment, how the media stereotypes criminals and victims, crimes against women and how they are portrayed in the news, media censorship as a military strategy, first amendment rights in the age of the internet, or a series of addresses on ethics questions in journalism.  But, as you can see, these  topics are suitable for college theses, and Sarah doesn’t have the depth and breath to contribute on that level. 
When some ignoramus compares Sarah Palin to Barack Obama and concludes she is more accomplished, I only have to look back at two historical moments from the past four years and I know, without  a doubt, that Sarah Palin pales in comparison and that anyone who can’t see that is unwilling to accept the truth. Barack Obama remains cool under pressure, and addresses the big picture, keeping his personal life removed from public issues. Sarah Palin is the opposite. She makes things personal, using cutting words and powder-keg phrases, sometimes even sexual references ie cojones, limp, impotent.  And, by the way, “pales in comparison” is not an ethnic reference, and I purposely avoided describing her as whiney because that is a  gender-packed word. This isn’t about those things.  It’s about accomplishment, education, ability, maturity, and leadership.   
As  evidence to support these statements, I’m including two historically significant speeches, one from then-candidate for nominee for President, Barack Obama and one from former nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin.  Showing them chronologically, the first is the candidate Barack Obama’s  March 2008 response to the Rev. Wright story.  It’s a message that should be studied by school children and college students, historians and parents. It should be remembered by all of us who heard it in real time. Senator Obama gave a carefully prepared and brilliantly delivered speech, holding forth on the subject of race in America, a subject that makes 99% of Americans cringe.  He did so without seething anger. He did so with humility. And yet he was able to do it in a way that should now make all of us proud to call him Mr. President.  Would you like to hear it again?  Gather your children and grandchildren and help them understand this subject. Do this in addition to tuning in to this day’s news coverage of dead teenage boy in Florida.

Sarah Palin’s turn to made an historical address came in early 2011. Like Barack Obama and the Reverend Wright tapes, Sarah Palin was being pulled into a national controversy and being criticized loudly and seemingly everywhere for the actions of someone else and she, too, chose to make a public statement.  When Sarah Palin addressed  the nation following the shooting rampage in Arizona that killed a nine-year-old girl and six others, and wounded 13 including a female member of Congress who took a  bullet in the head, she managed to make  the message about herself. Unbelievably, she made it obvious that  she was  including herself among the victims, scolding “journalists and pundits” for their “manufactur[ing] a Blood Libel”  and complaining about “mindless finger pointing” as if that were the most important issue in the aftermath of that Saturday morning bloodbath in Arizona. 
Over her left shoulder, a picture of baby Trig sits on the mantle near the American flag. She, like our president, uses phrases like “sacred freedoms” and “Founding Fathers” and calls for God’s guidance and the peace that He provides. For the sake of educating your children and grandchildren, you may want to review Sarah’s failed attempt to look presidential and to deliver an appropriate message to the American people after a national tragedy and explain to them why this speech brought about bi-partisan disapproval :

Sarah isn't much of a student. 
She didn't learn a thing from Barack Obama's reaction when under fire. Not everyone can be a Harvard educated lawyer, and no one is asking Sarah Palin to match the presentation of a Constitutional Law professor, but sheeesh, where is her decency? All that time she spent in church and she didn't even learn common decency.
On the one hand, Senator Obama presented a history lesson. He spoke of the willingness of people in successive generations to continue the march for a more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous  America. He appealed to the goodness within us;  "We may not look the same, we may not come from the same place, but we all want move in the same direction. – toward a better future for our children and our grandchildren."  And on the other hand, Sarah Palin's speech resulted in a history lesson of the origins of the words  "Blood Libel" and a civics lesson on not using those words because they can be deeply offensive.
The Huffington Post printed a release from  Jeremy Ben-Ami, leader of Jewish advocacy group:
The country's attention is rightfully focused on the memorial service for the victims of Saturday's shooting. Our prayers continue to be with those who are still fighting to recover and the families of the victims. The last thing the country needs now is for the rhetoric in the wake of this tragedy to return to where it was before.
We hope that Governor Palin will recognize, when it is brought to her attention, that the term "blood libel" brings back painful echoes of a very dark time in our communal history when Jews were falsely accused of committing heinous deeds. When Governor Palin learns that many Jews are pained by and take offense at the use of the term, we are sure that she will choose to retract her comment, apologize and make a less inflammatory choice of words.
I never heard about an apology, but what I did find in my look backwards, was that on the Conservatives4Palin (C4P) website four days after Sarah's speech, during a time when her speech was  being called a big political mistake , there was a post titled
Not only does the "author" Sheya, write suspiciously like Sarah herself she even leaves the "HOW" off of "the Who, What, When, Where, and Why."  This person, whom I believe was Sarah, stresses the point that there is "no supporting evidence to suggest any connection" between Sarah and the shootings.  Isn't that what we hear over and over about the fake pregnancy?  No evidence. Chuck Heath said it like this, "You can't prove that." 
Shaya on C4P, finished in a very Sarah-like manner. " Come on cut me some slack, I didn’t even go to Journalism school."  Who talks like that - "Journalism school"?  Wouldn't most people say "go to college and study journalism" or say "I didn't study journalism in school" or maybe say "major in journalism."  Who says "go to Journalism school?" except Sarah Palin.  Is journalism school like hair school? (The quote below is from Fox news Feb.17, 2012, I hope my computer didn't pick up a nasty virus looking this up.)
 Willow’s doing awesome. She’s going to graduate high school a year early, and then she’s going off to hair school, and she’s so excited about that. She’s 17, and she was in New York and D.C. with me at the beginning of the week, and Willow got a little taste of real life because she was telling some folks that she was proud that she was getting to graduate a year early and that she’d gotten everything lined up and then she got accepted to hair school. Then it occurred to her, she was like, “I think they looked at me, mom, like, ‘well if you’re willing to pay the tuition, doesn’t everybody get accepted to hair school?’” But she’s still real excited, and I’m excited for her.
Maybe Sheya was Willow. 
 And that's as funny as today's message is going to get. Because this really isn't funny at all. It's stomach-turning. When I compare the actions of Barack Obama to Sarah Palin in these two videos, what I see is the difference between day and night.  One shedding light to dispel darkness, one exposing the darkness within herself and spreading it to others.
Meanwhile, there is a public that still follows Sarah Palin's interviews, tweets, and the C4P website. She could have made strong statements about the tragic shooting in Florida.  She could have offered condolences to the parents of a dead child. She could have, but she didn't. She doesn't have the words, the class, or the courage.
Sarah, where’s your diploma?   
Sarah, where’s your heart?
Sarah, why haven’t you spoken out about Trayvon Martin? About guns killing people?  Or about police drug testing an unarmed dead black kid but not the armed adult who  disobeyed the 911 operator, tracked the kid down and shot him?
Sarah, sit down and shut up.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funnies

These aren't all new, but the truth doesn't get old.  Have a great Sunday, Truthers. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missing Keith Olbermann

I miss Keith Olbermann. If Keith were on MSNBC this evening, we might see a picture of Todd Palin and the wordsWORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!  

Alaskans First Pimp Todd Palin deserves that WPIW designation as much as anyone who ever made the list – Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and her mini-me Bristol.  I wonder if that would have been a record - the only family with a trinity of WPIW honorees.

Night after night during John McCains failed 2008 run, Keith spoke his mind and our thoughts. He made the phraseThat woman is an idiot synonymous with Sarah Palin. It made us laugh. We nodded our heads in agreement. We repeated it to each other, posted it on the internet, said it under our breath when watching the news. Sarah knew it was Gods plan for her to be Vice President. (see Game Change the movie and read the book). Therefore, Sarah knew  Keith Olbermann was acting in opposition to Gods plan. No doubt  in her mind. Mr. O was serving Satan himself as evidenced by the liberal-leaning news commentators relish in exposing her political inadequacy. Pay no attention to the evidence before your very eyes. The Couric interview – ignore that. The Gibson gaffes – ignore those. The out and out lie about being vindicated in the Wooten matter. 

In Palinland, truth is  whatever Sarah says it is and if your eyes or ears tell you something else, your faculties have failed you.  Sarahs the queen, whatever she decrees is fact.  Sarah facts include Trig is my biological son, My children are overachievers(from Going Rogue) Bristol is a hard worker, and a slew of lies – Sarah facts- we saw Steve Schmitt dealing with in the HBO movie Game Change. 

I don't know of any prophecy warning us about Sarah Palin, but all of us were warned against such a person when we were children and our parents and teachers read us the story of  The Emperors New Clothes.

Tea Party members have obviously forgotten that silly emperor,  duped by conniving tailors into believing  they had made him a magical suit finer than any other. (He bought a garment only wise people could see?  Did they also sell him a bridge to nowhere?)  He was so proud, he put on his suit and held a parade to show it off to the townsfolk. (In todays world, hed have posted pictures on Facebook, or written a "memoir") The crowd of simpletons, sycophants, scaredy-cats, and suck-ups cheered.  Beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing! (Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!)  

But one little boy wasnt fooled. In his short life he had not yet succumbed to peer pressure, political correctness, or self-interest. With innocence and honesty,  and probably giggling, he pointed and shouted out The Emperers not wearing clothes!Only then did the crowd burst out laughing, admitting to one another what they knew all along – that the Emperor didnt have amazing, beautiful clothing at all, he wasnt wiser than everyone else. What was on display for everyone to plainly see was his arrogance and his stupidity.

Keith Olbermann was our 2008 campaign version of that boy. He told the truth. Sarah is an Idiot. Bristol deserved her Worst Person in the World designation. But there are crowds of idiots who don't see what we see. Tea Party Patriots,  simpletons, sycophants, scaredy-cats, and suck-ups fill up the Conservatives 4 Palin website with stupid comments about how beautiful, wonderful and amazing that woman is. Like the stupid emperor,  they part with their money for the privilege of being taken in by a smooth talking hustlers.  And like Sarah Palin, they probably think Keith Olbermann is evil. Applying the same criteria,  the little boy in the story of The Emporers New Clothes was EVIL!.  

Ive often wondered if he lost his post at MSNBC because of a Palin full-court press. If so, Sarah surely feels vindicated. No remorse. No sympathy. No sympathy because Sarah believes, knows without a doubt, that she was chosen by God to run for VP and was supposed to win, which means Keith Olbermann was working for the devil and helped the devil win. 

When my generation was young that story was supposed to encourage us to grow up to be brave – brave like Keith Olbermann. And if shown a picture of Todd Palin and we should say That man is EVIL!We should be the ones shrieking. After all,  Todd Palin has been exposed for:

Pressuring a destitute single mom with disabled children into prostitution to increase his power and wealth.

Secretly collecting sex-related information about business associates.

Arranging travel for prostitutes in a multi-state operation of sex for hire.

Mr. Olbermann might like to read this post. He might get a chuckle out of it. And he might want to look between the covers of Boys Will Be Boys using the Look Inside feature.  Does anyone have a Twitter account? Maybe a few dozen of you could send him this message. Think of it as making Sarah Palin squirm. If you are so inclined, leave a comment saying you did it. That will make Todd squirm, too.

Maybe shes pointing at the screen right now and shrieking! They are all  EVIL! I hope so. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prophecy About Sarah Palin: Most Ungodly President EVER

Religion has become a huge issue in the current election year. Last Sunday, Rick Santorum attended a church and was prayed over by Reverend Terry of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana whose Sunday morning message got applause for  lines like "This is America and we don't worship Budda, we don't worship Mohammed..."  

Well,  Reverend Terry of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, I have news for you. Some Americans exercise their freedom of religion by being Buddists, or Muslims, or by following the Jewish faith, etc. ; and some people don't practice any religion at all. Shocking, I know. And it's protected by the Constitution! 

Now, that same day, Sunday, perhaps even while Mr. Santorum was nodding and clapping and following along in a leather-bound Bible embossed with his name on the front, I wrote a post -   Christianity, Sarah Palin and Game Change (the movie) - that reveals that I attended an evangelical church for years. I said I understand the language. For the Buddist, the Muslim, the Jew, and most Protestants and Catholics, an Assembly of God church is  a foreign place with it's own language.  The messages are for "the chosen."  So I don't expect a lot of people to share my understandings. 

If you've not been among the chosen, you've probably not been privy to prophecy by one of today's prophets. Oh, yes, evangelicals absolutely know there are still prophets walking the earth. In fact, in the comment thread of the post  Christianity, Sarah Palin and Game Change (the movie),   a troll left a link to a prophet's message. I kid you not. 

To understand today's politics, it can help to walk a mile in the boots of the born-again American, and have a prophet talking in your ear. So I've prepared a sample message for you, written as if from a self-proclaimed prophet. Want to play along?

Ok, so, you are on the e-mailing list of an evangelical ministry. Let's say it is one based in Texas.  They send you lots of stuff - usually testimonials of miracles, scriptural references to support their positions  on abortion, healthcare, gays in the military, and usually they want you to send some money to help them take a stand to save America. 

So, let's say that today, in your mailbox, is an email with the title  "URGENT Message from Pastor Fox."  (I made up that name, Fox, it just seemed appropriate.)   

Before you begin this "urgent message" I'll make this disclaimer - this is not real. I am not a prophet. 

The "prophecy" below is long, but it's important to stick with it to the end. You will be rewarded. Honest.

Now,  because this is strictly fiction, I get to make it about Sarah Palin. Besides, using her name works best for this message. Better than Romney, or Santorum, or Obama.

A Prophetic Warning from Pastor Fox:

I am writing to you today an urgent message concerning the coming American election. God has released me to share with you a powerful prophecy.  I am not going to endorse a candidate, nor am I telling anyone who to vote for. I am simply sharing what God has shown me.

I had a vision earlier this year. I saw Sarah Palin in this vision she  was speaking to a large crowd and being broadcast on television. She was speaking incredible words of unity, peace, and bringing all sides together; the words were comforting, and the words were inspiring.

But while she  was speaking I saw an all- powerful spirit of violence coming out of her spirit feeding into the spirits of those that were hearing her. That spirit of violence was directed at anybody who opposed what she  was saying. Those who heard her words and received it had the spirit of violence being implanted inside of them. It was a rage like I have not seen before.

It was the rage that would be unleashed against those who oppose and stand in the way of Sarah Palin's agenda. We are already seeing the beginnings of this spirit manifested here in America. The vicious attacks against Barack Obama have been unlike anything we have ever seen before. The sheer hate for this president from people has been shocking.

We now see it with Sandra Fluke. These people who are under the influence of this demon spirit of rage desire to completely destroy this young woman because she  dared to question the wisdom of Republican men in issues of womens’ health. In fact it wasn't just the questioning; it was because these lawmakers revealed their true agenda (a campaign against women), that Sandra Fluke became a threat. So the supporters of Sarah Palin who had been fed and affected by the spirit of violence went into full swing to destroy a fellow citizen; the very kind of person that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party has been speaking about in her eloquent speeches, saying how she  is the only candidate fighting for them.

I want to put this deep in your spirit. I am speaking as a prophet. The words I'm about to tell you are "thus saith the Lord". If Sarah Palin is elected, the attacks against free speech, against those who believe differently than she  does, and the systematic use of the government and laws to silence the voice of anyone other than fundamental Christians will be unlike anything ever seen in this nation before.

I have talked to many Christians, including pastors, not only here in the United States but around the world, who strongly support Sarah Palin. Many of them are angry with the Democrats, and understandably so. Others are inspired by the thought of electing America's first female president, while others believe Sarah Palin to be a Christian who is very concerned with the poor and needy. I am not going to address any of the many concerns about Sarah Palin and her form of Christianity. I am only speaking the words of thus saith the Lord, and you have to decide what you're going to do with it.

God does not give this prophecy to scare us, but to prepare us.

God said that the 2012 election is in the hands of the Christians. He has given us the ability to stay this judgment.

Now you may be asking, "Are you saying that Sarah Palin if elected, would be America's most ungodly president ever." Yes!

Please pray for America. May God have mercy on us all.

Pastor and Prophet,  S. Fox

Thank yourself for coming this far. Here is the reward I promised:

I made this up, but not out of whole cloth.  The email above was actually written and sent out in 2008.   It warned Christians that if elected, Barack Obama would be the most ungodly president ever.  That's right - Barack Obama. I simply replaced his name with that of Sarah Palin to make my point.  Then I replaced Joe the plumber with Sandra Fluke and inserted Tea Party, Republican men, etc.  Makes the point pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Really, now, which of these two, Sarah or the President,  has attacked viciously and stirred up a spirit of violence "unlike anything we've ever seen before."  Maybe you'd want to ask Gabby Giffords, or even David Letterman.  

So much for the prophetic abilities of Steve Foss, Steve Foss Ministries, Keller TX.  But you know, I'll bet that after that email went out, his ministry got lots of donations from people who carry guns, hate our African American president, and in 2012 are supporting new restrictions on voter eligibility in minority areas.  

I would be remiss if I did not thank the troll who left a link on my previous post, leading me to this awesome "prophecy" which she/he thinks "proves" that Sarah Palin is godly and President Obama is "the most ungodly president America has ever had."  

Really, troll, you are a hoot.    I could never make this stuff up.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Christianity, Sarah Palin and Game Change (the movie)

Dont judge a man until you walk a mile in his boots is one of Americas oldest and most quoted proverbs. The wisdom of that advice and the simplicity of the phrasing have survived generations, upheavals in society, and changing values.  We have a troll here at The Palin Place who likes to accuse me of misjudging the Palins. Resident troll has never quoted that idiom, our troll is not succinct, but the message of not judging is Ms. Trolls favorite theme. The Palin Place isnt alone in attracting this defender of the Palins, our troll frequents all the anti-Palin blogs with her (Im assuming this is a female troll, maybe even Sarah or Bristol) one consistent argument - You dont know them, Ive met them, you are wrong.”  Or maybe, Dont judge Sarah until you walk a mile in her bunny boots. 

Today, Im sharing a little more about myself to establish that Sarah and I have walked some miles on the same paths, experiences which I draw from when I analyze her actions.  Along the way, I've been a daughter, a sister, a Christian, a woman, a wife, and a mother. I was raised in a family where I was the middle sister, I had one brother (I mentioned him at Christmas),  my dad taught in the public middle school in our small town, and my mom worked outside the home, too. Sarah played the flute. I played it better than she. Sarah started wearing glasses quite young. I was seven when I got my first pair. By the time I was nine I couldnt read the blackboard without them, I think Sarah's were pretty thick, too.  Sarah Heath married her high school boyfriend. Ditto. 

But looming larger than any of these things is the fact that Sarah Heath and I both had mothers who found Jesus and left establishment churches to join evangelical Bible-believing, soul-saving, homeschool-promoting, speaking in tongues and laying on of hands congregations. So when the troll says you dont know Sarah, I think, yes, I know her quite well. I understand the impact the preaching of the  Word of God can have on a young girl who finds herself sitting in the pews on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday nights, maybe even Friday nights. I walked in those boots, hearing that there is only One Way and by grace (ie Gods unmerited favor) you have found salvation.  I know why Sarah Heath was leading her teammates in prayer, and feeling smugly better than the lost souls who attended other churches, believed differently or  didnt believe at all. I get it. Been there, done that, wore the John 3:16 t-shirt.

In Game Change the movie, Sarah says I know what I know. Steve Schmitt and Nicole Wallace may have been baffled by that, and the director may have never has a script with phrases  like a servants heartand prayer warriors,”  but any kid who had an evangelical parent knows what those things mean. Those were in my personal lexicon before I took my SATs. But unlike Sarah, I dont use them today any more than the French I took.  Im very different than my high school self. Life experience and an intellectual curiosity worked to lessened some of my religious certitude. College and graduate school opened my mind further, and widowhood in my forties and single parenting of teenagers took me places Sarah has not been - places I do not wish on anyone. But I do wish she would grow up.
Even though she is a grandmother approaching fifty, she is often compared to a mean school girl. She's  as self-centered as an adolescent; she thinks she knows it all, she puts herself before others, and when you add to that a heavy dose of religious conceit,  you have Sarah from Alaska. Next time shes called a mean girl, remember, shes a religious mean girl. 

Religious superiority is partly responsible for Sarah Palin's lack of shame. She has what I call bumper-sticker Christianity. Bumper stickers can be passive-aggressive ways to preach or brag or say which team you support. Like the one given to Sarah that reads "My Kid Has More Chromosomes Than Your Kid," Sarah might just as quickly gravitate to one that says "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter."  The depth of Sarah's Christianity matches the thickness of a bumper sticker. But she really doesn't have to worry. She knows once saved, always saved.  Sarah knows she's mean. Sarah knows she lies. Sarah knows she's greedy. But she can dismiss it by repeating another bumper sticker phrase, Christians arent perfect, theyre forgiven.  

Shes incorrigible. I dont think she will ever change because the path she took brought her fame and money.  She seems to have forgotten the story in  Luke 4:1-13 when Jesus was tempted by the devil "All this authority I will give You and their glory;"  in exchange for Jesus' worshiping Satan, he refused. He did not bend to the temptation of authority and glory and riches in exchange for denying God and serving Satan. 

I doubt Sarah can apply that to her own story. On the contrary, in her immature and convoluted thinking, she equates money as proof that she is walking with God, doing his work, pleasing him and being rewarded as a good and faithful servant.  Neither you nor I can tell her shes wrong. She has proof – her bank account balance.

We may have walked the same paths in early years, but we have gone far apart.  Its unlikely I will ever make seven million dollars from my memoir, and I'm never going to be portrayed in a movie. Even if that very unlikely thing happened, there wouldnt be a scene where I am bowing my head in prayer before going onstage to debate Joe Biden.  Now, Sarah may read this and say that's proof that her lifes experiences have been more valuable than mine, a or proof that she's been blessed more than I have. But I would disagree. 

I admit my bank account is modest, but the fact is, Im far wealthier and happier than Sarah from Alaska. You see, I know that there is no money in my name that came from exploiting women, sex trafficking, or selling lies. Unlike she, I have more compassion for Shailey Tripp than I have admiration for Bristol Palin; I have more admiration for Shailey Tripp than I have for Franklin Graham; I have deep loathing for Todd Palin and I love President Barack Hussein Obama; I have adult children who not only love me but they like me; I have grandchildren and their birth dates and stories are real and I can brag like a grandma about all of them; I am happily married to a kind and devoted man; Im  not hiding deep dark secrets or worrying that the FBI will be knocking on the door; and I no longer believe everything that is preached by another imperfect human being standing in a pulpit on Sunday morning.

Sarah and I have other experiences in common, but its the born-again one that gives me insights I use more often than others.  Like Sarah, I know what I know. I know that Sarah Palin does not have a servants heart, she is all about herself. She doesn't serve, she exploits. Sarah is not honest.  She is a deceiver.  She is not a family person. Being a good wife and mother is not Sarah's priority. Evangelical women can't avoid hearing about the high standards of the woman in Proverbs 31. Sarah Heath Palin makes a mockery of that image."Game Change" recreated the most memorable examples from her run for national office that showed McCain's running mate was the opposite of that ideal-She openeth her mouth with wisdom," is says in verse 26 of Proverbs 31, "and in her tongue is the law of kindness. (It was Sarah who was itching to bring up Bill Ayers, and use Jeremiah Wright to turn the campaign into something ugly. There is no kindness in Sarah Palin. Neither does she care about laws, kind ones or otherwise.)

But people who love her are as stubborn as she to see the truth. Many of them are good people who think she is walking by faith. They think this because they don't pay attention. She has them fooled.  
 I have hope for them. I have hope we can show them the truth. If we can expose Todd Palin via national media, or if we get Babygate solved and publicized, some people will see and hear and understand who she really is.  That is why I will continue blogging and exposing Sarah Palin and her political cronies. These politicians who put Sarah on the public stage and continue to keep her there are not good people. They are not harmless.

The message of Game Change was that an ugly, hateful spirit was unleashed in 2008 by a VP candidate wearing six inch heels.  The  Republican Party was transformed in Sarah Palins image. Its a holier-than-thou image. Its ignorant. Its a mean-girl and frat-boy political party that acts as if God loves rich people best.  Its very Sarah Palin.  In the name of God, we have politicians trying to stomp out compassion in our government and in our national policies. Whatever your beliefs or mine, we cant let that happen. Not in 2012. Not in our life time. Not while we can blog, twitter, talk to our neighbors, and vote. 

Do what you can, whenever you can. It all makes a difference. That's what I believe.

PS - Let's all contact the IRS this week and ask them to investigate Todd Palin's income from prostitution. Did  he report it? Did he pay tax on it?  

You are not required to identify yourself. Here is the website:,,id=106778,00.html