Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shailey Tripp Threatened by Todd Palin's Associate

Let's say you are financially marginal. Let's say you are a mother. Now, imagine opening an email one day and reading this:

Like I said, hire yourself a VERY good lawyer. We will not tolerate you. I have the endorsement of palin himself.

You just spent 40 seconds imagining yourself in Shailey Tripps shoes.

No, not Shaileys new shoes; not the ones she was standing in yesterday delivering a speech about the mistreatment, abuse, and exploitation of women. No, not new shoes; you tried on an old pair.  What I quoted is from an April 2010 email which can be found in its entirety on page 256 of the book Boys Will be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal.

I don't know why I assumed that Shaileys arrest in March 2010 ended her career as a prostitute and cut her ties to Todd Palin. It was when I read her manuscript I learned those assumptions were wrong...VERY WRONG. 

In Shaileys memoir,  Todd and the author of the email above (whom she names) are exposed in their attempts to get Shailey to go big time, to sign a contract with them – a contract with a minimum starting salary of $80,000 and bonuses that would take it into six figures. Applicants for the position get interviewed in hotel rooms because of the nature of the interview, and the interviewer tells Shailey (his potential new hire) that the other reason for using the hotel room is to make sure I am not talking to law enforcement.” (I guess if law enforcement were wearing a wire it would be discovered when the clothes came off. ) That same businessmen asks for pictures and says my girls will only work up to 3 days per week.”  The enticements end and the email culminates with Todd P. has vouched for you, you come highly recommended.  

Shailey Tripp did not say no immediately, but when she did say it - said no to Todd Palin and his business partner -  she received the threatening email above. I would imagine that wasnt the only threat she received. Maybe she received many. Theres some stuff Shay is saving for another time, and certainly I dont know. 

What I do know is that the one email above would convince me to leave Alaska. No one should live like that – looking over your shoulder for Todd Palin or one of his thugs. 

Theres no doubt Todd Palin can be menacing. We got a sense of it (thanks to Palingates ) in the video shot by an Alaskan citizen at an airport in 2010. From Immoral Minority we heard Todd pulled a gun on Levi Johnston. Shailey Tripp says there were times he grabbed her arm roughly when he was angry. And in the last bunch of email released, we find the Anchorage Daily News trying to get the facts about a newsworthy confrontation of Levi by the First Dude. That must have been some argument, maybe the one Gryphen heard about. Anecdotal evidence like that is reason enough for the people of Alaska to avoid pissing off the aging spouse of the governor who bailed out after serving two years. Besides, Alaskan culture imposes the expectation that everyone mind their own business. All of this works well for Todd. No one is speaking up about Boys Will Be Boys – the expose by Shailey Tripp of Todd Palins deep involvement in sex trafficking. 

In this political climate where women are under attack, Sarah Palins husband  is peddling his influence, and probably peddling his prostitutes in order to get Palin-friendly people in office. Newt Gingrich thanked Todd Palin Tuesday night in his victory speech after winning the primary race in Georgia. He thanked a man who has been exposed for running an interstate prostitution ring!  Whats coming next from the right wing – a bill to require women to undergo clitoral circumcision?  Other countries run by barbaric men have such laws, is Todd more evolved? Is Newt? Surely their leader Rush Limbaugh isnt. Are you ready to do something about it? I have ideas.

Its Shaileys book thats going to bring Sarah Palin down. When the media can no longer ignore Todd Palins involvement in sex trafficking, the Palin dynasty will fall. Everything will be exposed. The media will have weeks worth of material once they begin. Todd, once arrested under the Mann Act (theres a name that works) will not have any power to stop the media from exposing Babygate. Our job should be to clamor for Shaileys book to be reviewed, let people know where to buy it,  and to insist that the law look into Todd Palins activities. 

Theres plenty of evidence, according to Shailey. She told us on her blog that there are several copies of all her documents, and a set has been left with her lawyer, being held as evidence in case the Palins come after her. Have you noticed the listing for Boys Will Be Boys says this is Volume One  Ive not asked Shay about that, specifically, but Im pretty happy with the thought shes going to put more documents out in another book. Dont you just love this woman? She is the best hope for us Truthers who want to see Palins exposed for the frauds they are. For the danger they are.  Lets help.

Here are some ideas. If we each did one thing each day, it would have an impact. The more of them we do, the quicker we can see results. Let's start a buzz about Todd Palin by making calls and sending email.

Call or email some of these organizations and individuals:

  • the Gingrich campaign and tell them Todd Palin is a pimp.  Tell them you wouldnt vote for Newt because of Todd.
  • your favorite local news, ask them to carry the story of Todd being implicated in sex trafficking across state lines
  • your favorite cable and national news personalities
  • Local university libraries. They got a complimentary copy of Boys Will Be Boys." Tell them it is an important book for students and faculty in politics, social, and women's studies.
  • Faculty at local universities who teach Womens Studies. Ask them to bring Ms. Tripp to campus for a seminar open to the community as an educational event (this is Womens History month, and if not this year, next year)
  • Local churches, ask them to sponsor an appearance by Shailey Tripp to speak to young women and teenage girls
  • Your local library, ask for the book; ask them to start a waiting list in case they decide to buy it. Get your friends to call, too.
  • Public and private high school librarians. Tell them you think this book has an important message for that age group. (It has a couple raw descriptions of sex, but nothing todays 16 year olds arent doing ).
  • The FBI and tell them to do an investigation.
  • The Alaska state police, tell them to do an investigation.
  • The Washington state police, tell them to do an investigation.
  • The IRS, tell them to look into the Palin's income from prostitution
  • Put a book review on
  • Comment on online reports that mention Rush and the "prostitute" comment, or mention Palin in any way, or in news about the Gingrich campaign. Mention the book and author by name. 
  • Send a letter to the editor
  • Put a notice on Craigslist

 You get the idea. Stick to the message "this political year has become the year to denegrate women.  Todd Palin has been exposed for running an inter-state  prostitution ring." 

 Will you do something to try to bring about a day of reckoning for the Palins? Add your ideas in the comment thread below, take action, then share with us and tell us who you called or emailed. If you have a good response, tell us about it. Take five minutes each day. We can't all write books, but we can write email. Let's go.


Anonymous said...

I think the Levi gun incident was blown out of porportion because the general public expects the father of a newly-impregnanted girl to do at least that to the impregnator. That's custom to at least think. My father put my Jr prom date through a screen door just for an answer he didn't want to hear. The gun incident would have been the same fight that that email talked about, early 09, after Tripp was born and those Levi /another baby/another woman rumors were floating.

Ah Alaska. Where rumors take on lives of their own.

In early 09, Levi was still saying "I like the family very much still". Alaska and those small town environments areknown for blowing things out of proportion by a huge degree.

Nyah said...

Oh, Allison- I'm SO thrilled you've posted this.

I stayed home from work Monday and read Shailey's book.

I have thought of this atrocity nearly non stop since.

As with baby gate, I feel like its impossible for the media to ignore such obvious and forthright evidence- yet here we are.

I also have started taking every national enquirer in my local grocery stores and putting them all under the displays. As in on the floor.

I can't believe the way they scammed Shailey, AND put her children in danger by revealing devil's to her ex sociopath.

I wrote at IM I fel like its a totally reachable goal for 1,000 people to contact Matt Taibbi about Shailey's story. He has a nose for truth and doesn't pull any punches.

I am literally just shocked at the Palins' continued reach and impact. I know they read here and all I have to say is TODD, pack up your weird two toned weenie, pack it up in a matchbox, and do not pass go, head STRAIGHT TO JAIL WHERE YOU WILL LEARN WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE THE ONE USED, ABUSED, and DEMEANED.

Nyah said...

devils = detail, sorry.

Anonymous said...

What inconsiderate moron told Shailey to involve baby Tripp in her sordid book? A baby has nothing to do with Todd or sex trafficking and his name doesn't need to be affiliated in anyway. Shailey was right in initially thinking to avoid the topic. I've seen someone, maybe Allison, say Shailey involves babygate. Not only is there zero proof of that, its a stretch by any imagination. Not a stretch that Sarah adopted a random baby with DS, who is the biggest joy in his familys life. We know of at least one other woman who adopted a DS child. I'm sure there aremore. The Palins are no different. All the children, I'm sure are loved. That's evident.

Anonymous said...

And before some other reader accuses me of being a Palin, don't waste your presumptuous breath. I'm just speaking as a good person who sees things as they are. Not how a blackhearted person does.

Bristol's Real Chin said...

Oh Palin troll, at least you're admitting Trig was adopted. But "The Palins are no different" is just a lie. Other people adopt children out of the kindness of their hearts. Sarah adopted Trig (if he is in fact officially adopted, which I doubt) as her credential to get on the Republican ticket. The fact that other people are raising him is proof of that.

I think the IRS might be interested in the Palins' income. Many a crook before them has been brought down for tax evasion.

Bristol's Real Chin said...

Notice I called you Palin troll, not Palin. But your "I'm a good person, you're not" statement is evidence that you're very close to the Palins. That's how they write when they're posting anonymous supportive posts.

Anonymous said...

What inconsiderate moron told Shailey to involve baby Tripp in her sordid book?

Mother of all coincidences here. A person is arrested with the last name of Tripp and that happens to be the first name of a baby Palins present to the world in a bid to get Sarah into the White House. I'm not confusing Trig and Trip, I'm just opining on presenting the 'pregnant' Bristol at the RNC as the second example of the pro-life Palins.

Anonymous said...

Why is the troll deflecting from the evidence against Todd? Let's get back on topic. Todd Palin is a pimp; why isn't the media touching it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Troll,
I never saw such a fine example of familial love as when Piper had her face shoved into a cake. You might be surprised to learn that this sort of action is not usually tolerated (not even thought of) in actual loving families.

And what about Todd?

B said...


"Volume One" might come from Shay or it might have been put there in error by CreateSpace based on how Shay answered certain of their questions. That has happened before. Nevertheless, I hope it increases Todd's anxiety.

How dare Palin call herself a feminist. She takes the side of Rush in his attack on a young woman, and she lets her husband supplement his oil company salary with sex trafficking of women.

When Game Change makes more people aware of Palin's insanity, will they be more open to the truth of Babygate? Will more people seek out blogs like this for information? Fingers crossed. Thanks for being here!

Anonymous said...

Add organizations for Domestic Violence to your contact list.

Anonymous said...

The husband of a Governor threatened a teenager with a gun. That is assault with a deadly weapon. You don't think that's a big deal?

I don't know what kind of "general public" you hang out with, but it's not normal in this day and age for a father to literally threaten the life of a boy with whom his daughter willingly slept with in order to get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

If the Palin troll is saying that the Palins adopted a random baby with DS, you can bet the real story is that Trig is no random baby.

My top guess is still Bristol as the mom, but he could be the product of one of Todd's dalliances.

Anonymous said...

Things are heating up out there. Bristol is still sporting Gino. By all accounts a huge liability to the Paylins. A family that is connected to the valley mob of underground casino fun. And a Dad who engages in prostitition. Wedding bells must be in their future.

Anonymous said...

So the Palin trolls confirm Sara did not birth a baby! We are making progress.

Allison said...

Troll, when you point a finger don't you realize the other three are pointing back at yourself? Ignorant moron, indeed. Tripp is Shailey's name, too. There is a brief paragraph in this book that asks that readers be kind and not make an issue about the grandchild's name.

As for bringing in Bayabygate, what went on in the massage parlor is germain to the story. Shailey massaged Sarah's seemingly empty belly after being asked to do so and after the governor had answered in the negative when asked if she was pregnant. Six weeks later the whole office looked at the file and felt terrible about the procedures they had administered to Sarah Palin during the period of time she would have carried a fetus with DS. Those facts are
Shailey's brief mention of Babygate. Oh, yeah, she admits she glanced at the "toned body" of Todd Palin's wife and had to wonder why he kept coming back. All part of the story. Palin brought this on his family and that's where you can direct your name calling.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you wrote this post, Allison. You're on target and Orr badly missed his point by a mile. Whatever that point was.....
The writing is so self-absorbed that one cannot decipher any real agenda Orr was offering other than a lack of professionalism towards his fellow writers. Shameful.

I will make getting the word out my hobby. Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Floyd Orr wrote a post fully supporting Shailey's book and Allison's blog. Don't be misled, people!

Anonymous said...

Orr seems to support Shailey inhis new post but he rants on hurt feelings and opinions. The focus of his blog post was theventing not Shailey. His whimsical words mislead readers and he needs to bring his writing full circle and make his point. If he is too out there everyone will miss it. Not because he is not a good writer but because he isn't writing to the readers.

Anonymous said...

The point of Floyd Orr's post is that Shailey Tripp's book sold a flurry of copies (less than 50)in the first few days of its release. Floyd can clearly see that these meager sales are mostly the result of the three bloggers who most should have been supporting this book have not done so.

As for the rest of Floyd's rant, he has been trying to open people's eyes to these issues for years. KAO and others have recently tried to reveal the same information to the blog readers. Floyd may be the voice of this story but he is not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Allison, thank you for this post and opening our eyes. Thank you for supporting Shailey. It seems as if she needs all the support she can get. I love the suggestions and a very proactive approach. I will do my part. As for Floyd Orr if he likes Shailey's book so much why didn't he promote it, review it, or help get it to a multinational publisher?

Nyah said...

You're right @ 10:10. Why isn't Politicalgates and Mudflats- two popular blogs who seem to have Palin's downfall as their ultimate goal, singing from the rafters regarding this book?

Gryphen did post but I would like to see him add a permanent link to purchase the book or at least mention it frequently. But at least HE did devote a post to it. Mudflats has always been all "oh noes, someone said the ess-ee-ex word!" and totally compromised where baby gate is concerned.

But pogates would be all over this, I'd think. What gives?

I'm calling EVERY bookstore in Houston!

Anonymous said...

My father put my Jr prom date through a screen door just for an answer he didn't want to hear.


I'm sorry for you that you had a father that actually physically assaulted your Jr Prom date. I can only imagine that the Prom itself left you dancing alone or with the dateless girls. I can't imagine that your date accompanied you to Prom after your father assaulting him. If this seems normal to you then you need help and so does your father. It's not normal to act out physically against a minor that says something you don't agree with.

Ivyfree said...

"Things are heating up out there. Bristol is still sporting Gino. By all accounts a huge liability to the Paylins. A family that is connected to the valley mob of underground casino fun. And a Dad who engages in prostitition. Wedding bells must be in their future."

Who says romance is dead?

Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin has a new-ish podcast and recently dedicated an episode to human trafficking and child prostitution. I left a comment on that episode telling people to check out Shay's book and her blog. I know it's not much, but if one person tells one person...


Allison said...

Melanmoney -what a good place to leave your mark. Thanks for sharing.

B said...

Brad's done Babygate a favor:

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I saw the love when Sarah paraded that dear child out on her book tour. His freezing naked legs and feet were really a statement of Mother love Palin style. So much more to tell how wonderful and caring that family is for the child.

ManxMamma said...

I'm unable to comment at Brad's blog, but I saw something I never noticed before in the Gusty photos. This is the comment I tried to leave: Sorry if this is a repeat. Why if "Gusty, the KTVA interviewer, has said she took the photo on the left minutes before Carpenter took the photo to the right." did Carpenter change his shirt? And it looks like maybe his trousers as well?

Any answers?

B said...

@ManxMama. Carpenter and McAllister are only in the Three Amigos photo on the left. The man in the picture on the right is Gusty's cameraman.

Anonymous said...

Where is Erin Brockovich when you need someone bolder than you. When you think victim thoughts!

Stefanie said...

Allison, I miss you, are you OK? I need post from you, pretty please. : D

Anonymous said...

So much is happening in the Palin compound Stephanie, how does Allison keep up with the story of the day!!! Think Shay's book has them running for cover! I too hope Allison is OK. Have so many sick around here. Anxious for her next post. I should get my book today and feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

Stefanie said...

Anon 11:34, thank you for the update - you are the bearer of good news keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

During the Branchflower investigation and report, we learned that Todd had a desk in the governor's office. He sat at that desk and telephoned state officials, threatening them in order to get their former brother-in-law, Wooten, fired. Todd's phone calls were recorded; he is on tape threatening people. He didn't suddenly jump into that bullying mode. It comes naturally to him, and he has been doing it for a while. He likes the role of enforcer.