Monday, April 2, 2012

Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp - Nothing to See, Move Along

It’s sad how that youngest Johnston is everyone’s pawn. During the Christmas holidays and his own  birthday ( real date it is roughly during that season) the Johnstons  didn’t get time with him. Then came the January  thaw.  Bristol let the kid spend time with his daddy on more than one weekend - practically unheard of and a noteworthy change - and another visit was arranged near Valentine's day.  

Because this coincided with Bristol's return to Wasilla life, and saying she had given up the search for a spotlight, silly me, I thought the visitations were indication that those things were true.  I'm gullible. How embarrassing.

On February 29 the Lifetime Channel announced Bristol’s new plan to make money off of Tripp – a reality show based on her Wasilla life raising the kid she conceived with Levi. Tonight is the first airing of the first show starring Bristol and Tripp. 

Less than two years ago, while wearing an engagement ring, she told Us Weekly:

"We get offers all the time to do reality shows, but it's not for me. I don't think I'd ever consider it. It wouldn't suit our lifestyle, and I don't want that invasion of privacy."

Bristol, Bristol, Bristol.  You are your mother's daughter.  Not only did you consider it , as our friends at Politicalgates discovered, you bought the house last summer to stage the show. Is that when you signed the contract, and sold your son's name?   Who wants that invasion of privacy?  You do!  Wouldn't suit your lifestyle?  Chasing fame and pimping Tripp is the only lifestyle you've had since 2009.  Bristol Sheeran, you've grown into the name your parents gave you - B. S. 

This young woman is a master manipulator and a practiced prevaricator. Look how carefully worded is this quote from an article she sold to In Touch magazine January 5, 2012:

 “I wasn’t really into the Hollywood thing,” she says. “After that, I just realized that I was over it. I was ready to come home.” 

Ah, the Hollywood thing.  See?  The reporter assumed. And the reporter didn't ask the right questions.   The reporter was being sloppy when introducing the quote by saying Bristol "realized she was done with showbiz..." She said "Hollywood" not "showbiz." Just like Sarah parsing her words about being Trig's mother.  "Wackos say I'm not Trig's mom."  Of course that's not what Truthers say; the doubters say Sarah didn't give birth to Trig.  Words are important.

I can't call that reporter gullible without reminding myself that I got taken in by Tripp getting to spent a bit of time with Levi in January and February.  I should have known something was up. 

Bristol had given Levi the big middle finger one more time when she made it sound as if it were Levi's fault that he wasn't seeing Tripp:

Though Bristol has the full support of her family, she’s still getting zero help from Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, whom she often sees driving around town in his truck. “He’s not using his visitation, and he’s not paying his child support,” Bristol reports.   

The magazine came out, and right after that, Bristol let Tripp see Levi. More than once.  It's obvious now that those  visitations  were meant to get Tripp comfortable around people who were nearly strangers so that when the camera crew started shooting it all would look nicey-nice, as if Bristol had been a good mommy who had always wanted her son and his daddy to bond. But Bristol's ploy didn't work;  Levi isn't buying into it. He doesn’t want anything to do with pimping out his son with a new show. 

No matter what Bristol said, when Levi and she briefly reunited, there was another show in the works The few who purchased Deer in the Headlights know that the $300, 000 paid for an exclusive announcement of the second engagement went mostly to Bristol in a Thomas Van Flein slight of hand. (The "couple" agreed to split the payment 50/50.  Then, Sarah's attorney -supposedly without the quitter's knowledge-drew up a contract with seventy-five percent to BS Palin and 25% to the guy who thought he was in love. )  Levi let it go, because he thought they had a future together, a show coming up, and a lifetime to share everything.  He's older and wiser now.

If you tune in tonight, don't expect to see or hear anything new. Keep your truth meter tuned up. And in spite of how much Sarah gushes tomorrow morning about Bristol when she makes her Today show appearance, don't be gullible.

Remember, there is nothing new under the Alaskan sun.


ManxMamma said...

Allison, I can't find it in the TV listings. Are you sure it's tonight?

Anonymous said...

Lucky for Tripp, he has one parent with sustainable income.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think she bought her property in AZ for a tv show? She is one of many Alaskans (of all ages) who own property there.

Btw, a recent Bristol fb status was "DONE FILMING FOR GOOD. Now we can have a real life.

And btw, she was living normally until dwts. She had a normal job from Tripp's infancy. You can knock off the lies.

While you're at it though, you could call Levi out on saying he was done with hollywood more than once yet goes back occasionally.

The only people I see who have no life outside fame are the Johnstons.

Gigolo said...

I highly doubt there was a show in 2010. Not when no one close to Bristol approved of Levi. Though Tank was the one who pulled USweeklys strings. (No idea why we said it was Vanflein. Sarahs lawyer doesn't work without her)

Anonymous said...

Bristol & Sarah may be alike, & profit from deception in the short run. But their lives will suffer at some point, because money cannot buy happiness. Just glad SP is out of the political realm, where she has been such a negative influence.

Anonymous said...

I blame Levi for this. If he and Sadie hadnt been the first ones to cash in on Tripp, I bet you Bristol would still be living normally.

The telling point is, look at who solely lives for fame and has no other plans at the moment. That person isn't living at Casa Palin. All we wanted was Levi to man up and become an adult. Wanting to see your son is admirable but why hasn't he or his sister started the maturation process? So sad to me. We know there's no parent in the Johnston home but I never thought it was this bad that neither kid (and there are only 2) has a solid foundation. Mercede was too busy playing house with her boytoy Chris before he chucked her. And Levi hunts nonstop it seems. Legit money? Hmmm.

Bristol never uttered Mercede's name in public. She ignores her. She's also never reallly said horrible things publicly about Levi, but defended him on more than one occasion despite there being nothing to defend.

Who's the villain again? The boy who sold out his 'inlaws" instead of getting an adult job. Or the girl who frequently tried to let all that go despite pain caused her? There's only so much bs from a boy you can take and Bristol obvously saw the light too late. Relationships with no stability from the start only get worse with a baby.

And why are you telling one side so biasedly when you have no real idea what's going on?

Anonymous said...

And attack these people all you want but Tripp has always been with the more grounded parent of the two. That's been proven by Bristol's acceptance of adulthood and responsible side. This is why custody cases shouldnt be made public. Levi made a bad decision on that one, and gave a poor excuse. He's kidding himself if he really thinks Bristol is controlled by anyone. He as also kidding himself if he thought hed end up with her, before or after McCain. Typically when one's girlfriend and one's sister hate each other, one will not marry said girlfriend and be happy.

Levi had a career=ending injury in early 08 related to hockey. For a boy who never cared about school, this would have devastated him. He then started to live solely for his girlfriend, the girl whom he had just broken up with earlier in the year. He tried to get closer to her family. He did once state 'I still like the family very much" in 2009 so obviously they were replacing something in his life. his dad had walked out recently so attaching himself to BRistol wasn't a stretch. Neither was wanting a child, despite having written previously he wanted no children. That was a real myspace page.

But because none of this was rooted in reality, because his almost father in law saw through him from the start for starters, it was meant to fail. It's high school. It's being lost.

These kids do not need their past problems broadcast. Everyone seems content and that's what matters. It's Levi job to go about getting visitation. Blogs do not help. Media doesn't help. How many families have the media destroyed in general? The Palins and Johnstons are obviously strong as steel in terms of that, or theyd be splintered too.

Let them live. Dont feed the drama. It only hurts the innocent ones in the long run.

Anonymous said...

There is NO Palin show on Lifetime's web listings. It has either been delayed or canned for boredom.
The photo on Bristol/French's blog is of Levi, not Gino. I'd call the 'rape' described by Bristol of her losing her virginity in a tent a pretty nasty portrait of Tripp's father, wouldn't you?
And just how adult has Bristol been? She's not had real employment. She sells her name and her child to stay in the spotlight, just like Mama. Disgusting, all of them. No education and people pay them millions. What kind of role models are they for Piper and the young boys?

Anonymous said...

I checked 2 days of programing on DISH and didn't see anything about her show. What's up? Maybe one of the trolls has some information where we might see this show. Not many can watch if it isn't on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

It's good Levi had a realization that no one gives a crap about him and his famewhoring ways. Look at where Lindsay Lohan is. I expect nothing good from her in some time from now. I have the same feelings about Levi. I trust he's working on becoming a man finally, not that I want him to sell an article describing his plans. Those are for him and his family. Stay in Alaska. PLEASE.

Nyah said...

Bristol, do you hold your grubby white iPhone in your claw 24/7 so you can start posting your drivel RIGHT AWAY?

Your jealousy over Mercede and Levi has reached a point which can only be described as exceptionally unhealthy.

And I guarantee Tripp would rather live modestly and comfortably with his father, grandmother, and aunt than with his mother- who exploits him to the point where he generates "sustainable income".

Fancy Pants said...

I hate Brad's blog. I can never post there without a lot of time and it's just not worth it. So I will post here. hehe
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Ginger, while I can't know anyone else as people but myself, I've never seen much evidence of what you suggest. Sure, Bristol was popular. She, as a high schooler, was everything people wanted to be: successful family, attractive, friendly. Then there are the jealous ones who live to personally attack others- typical high school territory. The more time goes on, the more you see that Bristol's still friends with her same group from that time, she still has her set Juneau group as well as her oldest friends. I never hear a negative word spoken about her from people who actually know her.

People defend her against the others ('others' means those peers who are jealous). We've read Bristol old words, and taken much out of context. We've read the message "I had my phone taken away but I didn't do anything." The latter part always gets ignored. Bristol seems like a girl who liked being young but supported her mother's career by attending events. She attended more than I thought and even in late 07 when I came across events pictures from Aug and Oct. We've read into it all that she was pretty carefree, that boys chased her, that JC was planning on taking her out and was disheartened to learn she had a boyfriend when he arrived back in town. That Tracks friend was glad she accompanied him to prom. There's really nothing we can deeply read into things. We all remember high school. Everything hinges on vanity, jealousy and selfishness. I'm from a town where well-known politicians kids' lived. People were always out to get them due to this jealousy. Look at celeb's kids who try to live normally but have to choose homeschooling/tutors. I can't imagine what it's like to have wellknown parents in a small town. You can never be a normal teenager for fear someone will use it against you or for fear someone will take something out of context.

I don't profess to know what the Johnston kids knew about birth control but I do recall seeing those pictures from Sadie's room of boys chillin in her bed and sleeping in it. She be no older than 15, as these were old pictures. No wonder Bristol was always at Levi's house. No surveillance.

And it's no wonder Bristol mostly hung/hangs around with family ie cousins. Even people who don't have name recognition in Wasilla hate the hateful, gossipy nature of the town. That has become evident to me just by interacting with them.

The more I witness things firsthand, the more I realize that Bristol and her group are the most grounded of all their peers, that despite their fame, they have the smallest heads. They are the ones who are happily living on the DL, when it seems everyone else wants to be them and get out. It takes a strong family to endure all they have and only get stronger. Whether you hate them or are secretly jealous of them, you must admit that.

Anonymous said...

10:49 - How is Bristol living on the DL by appearing constantly on TV and having a ghostwritten book and plastic surgery? Explain?

Anonymous said...

Dang Bristol, give the drivel a rest, for I'm not convinced. You've been groomed by two very deceptive parents, but lies have consequences.

Truth will eventually prevail, so cash in your coins while you can . . .

Besides, don't you have children to look after, yes?

Anonymous said...

OMG who cares!!
Sarah Palin did not birth Tri-G.
That's all I care about and what we need to work on exposing.
I wasn't into middle school drama in middle school. Certainly am not into it now.
Bristol's show will be as much fun as watching herpes sores crust over and flake off.

Anonymous said...

10:49 AM

I don't live in Wasilla, do know people from there. It is shocking how the gossip goes and how much the Palin family is hated. It is only getting worse and it seems the Palins do not want to change that. They live around the hate by choice. It may be because they feed on the hate and need it. They would feel empty if not for being hated. That is why they made sure they made a world where people in Wasilla will hate them intensely. If half of what one hears about the Palins is true, the hate is deserved. What we have observed and know on the national level is horrific enough. I have to feel sorry for the people that live in the Palin atmosphere. If it was only Lake Lucielle, that would be enough.

Most people can't afford to leave Palin Hateville. The Palin's can afford to leave but for some reason they cling to the hate.

The Palin name has come to symbolize adults who are still living their high school rivalries and can't let go. It takes two to tango for so long. If Bristol was blameless she would not still be mud wrestling with the ones her cult can't stop throwing names and accusations towards. They are at best a very immature cult. Their foundation is built on lies and they often follow Bristol's "mean girl" actions.

Nyah said...

Oh, give it UP, Bristol. You don't post at Brad's because his blog requires a verified user account which would out you as you- which everyone knows, by the way. I know you have some people fooled with that Bumbling Brooklyn routine but the more insane, chaotic, nonsensical verbal farts you leave in blog comments- the more you are shouting from the mountaintop "I am BRISTOL, and I spend ALL MY TIME posting about MYSELF while my children are raised by NANNIES!!!!!"

Jean said...


Your drivel is stunningly stupid!
Bristol is the one who is jealous & hates everyone who doesn't fall for her bs. She is living on the DL!? What the hell does that mean? Is she on the danger list? Who uses this kind of communication? Must be the kid piper, right? Could this be anyone older than 12? Levi gets more respect just because he's quiet & never says bad things about his son's mom. Bris on the other hand told everyone who would listen so many bad things about her son's dad that Tripp will resent her when he learns what transpired & reads her bs book.
A mother who would use her child to get back at the family of the child is abusive. Only trashy ignorant people do this.
Last but not least, you trolls don't address the sex trafficking Todd! If it wasn't true, the lawyers would be suing Ms. Tripp, but not a peep!
Very telling!

Anonymous said...

Hot mess all over your blog today.

Also, too, the lies are so transparent! Bristol grounded? lol. Only when it's a weather delay as she flees outside to her next 'I hate this privacy invading' media appearance.

Fame whores all.

Olivia said...

Heyyy! Looky all the trolls who know the Palins, nice to see you here.
How come all you ever talk about is the Johnstons and how they do this(whine)and how they do that(whine). Nobody really cares about Levi and we sure don't see him famewhoring like Bristol has been doing. If he was, wouldn't we be seeing all kinds of press released for reality shows that never air?
What we really want to know is why Bristol named her little boy after her father's prostitute?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Brisket you are out in full force, regurgitating the same old words, over and over. Your jealousy of Mercede is really getting to you, isn't it. It's so obvious to anyone who is sane...

Nyah said...

I just checked Bristol's blog (only in my RSS reader- no page hits/ad imprints from me to line her and Nancy's pockets)- her "about me" page still states she "stars in" Life's A Tripp which begins airing on April 2.

I wonder if she will give this "my show tanked AGAIN" the same treatment Sarah and Todd give the prostitution ring- total acquiescence by way of complete silence.

Anonymous said...

10:49 must be $arah herself. Wordsalad-par-excellence!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marz said...

Wow, Allison-- you got the Trolls working overtime! lol
This kind of thing happens in a divorce-- people choose sides, one person is a saint, the other is Satan. Levi should be doing more to combat rumors that he doesn't care about spending time with his son.
Bristol needs to stop riding her mother's coattails. Don't give me this Bristol-can't-get-a-job-anywhere-now BS. She's back in Alaska where her mom still holds some influence.
I'm not going to call Bristol a bad mom any more than I'm going to call Levi a bad father. I am sure that they both genuinely want what is best for their son, they just both have different ideas of what that is. And I'm sure they both love him. That said, I cannot imagine a reality show is at all healthy for a child. It's not reality, it's scripted because then drama can be planted in. So what kind of drama are they going to inject into Bristol's life?
Is she going to be fired by a H8R? Will there be fake death threats? New love? Trip(p)s to the ER? Sighhh...

Marz said...

Oh, and if I may clarify: I am not stupid, nor am I jealous of Bristol Palin. I was a gifted straight-A student in HS (IQ of 153), captain of the speech team, and president of our National Honors Society chapter.
I have been with my husband since we both 17. He is an amazing military man who is an excellent father to our 1.5 year old son.
Do we have sinful amounts of cash to pay our mortgage off with? No. Do I spend my weekends getting plastic surgery for my various insecurities? No. Do I have nannies on hand to raise my son for me? No. But I am also not infamous because my mother was the catalyst in the Republicans losing the 2008 election so steeply. I am not infamous for getting knocked up and selling my story to various tabloids while bitching that I have no privacy. I have pride in myself as a person and as a worker and I don't blame others for any shortcomings in my life.
It's called self-respect. Get some, Bristol.

Allison said...

There are four letter words that I tolerate and others I don't. The one used in the deleted comment was crude name calling, didn't further this conversation. If I'd seen it sooner it would have been gone sooner. If the author would like to rephrase their thoughts they are welcome to give it another try.

Anonymous said...

Bristol's show in not listed in my tv schedule. And she doesn't mention it at her blog. I think it's not playing tonight - maybe it's postponed, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

From the time Bristol sat in the front row on TRL (with a suspiciously billowing top), she has lusted over being in the public eye.

No amount of bullshit trolling here or on the other blogs will convince anyone who knows anything about the current state of pop culture that Bristol Palin isn't desperate to extend her 15 minutes. And she does so the only way she can, by latching on to her son.

And anyone who knows anything about human nature isn't fooled by our resident troll's insistence that Bristol doesn't care about Levi or Mercede. Bristol obviously cares a whole hell of a lot (and not out of concern for Tripp). The only way to show you aren't concerned is to not say anything. In other words, Bristol protests too much.

Yes, Bristol and friends, it can be hard to get over an ex, especially when he seems to have gotten over you so completely.

Anonymous said...

Bristol's daddy is a pimp.Refudiate that.Then explain why her son has the same name as her daddy's hooker.

Anonymous said...

It's telling that Lifetime isn't heralding the premier of Tripp's reality teevee show. Has it been postponed? Has it been cancelled outright?

Is it possible that people don't really care about Bristol Palin?

Could it be that people know that she made a ton of money becoming a teen mother (all the while telling other teens what a mistake she made and how haaarrrrrdddd it is)?

Maybe people don't see any value in witnessing Bristol Palin's "struggle" to take care of her child and hold down what sounds like a pretty easy job, especially considering that she doesn't bring much to the table in terms of personality.

Anonymous said...

Living on the DL equals having a reality tv show...only in the horror that is Palin fantasy land.

Bill in Baltimore said...

Tripp is going to be one screwed up kid.

Anonymous said...

While Bristol's show is nowhere to be found on Lifetime's website, it is promoting the hell out of their new series, The Client List.

Considering the premise of that show, perhaps Lifetime would be interested in a slight change in their Wasilla-based reality series.

"Todd Palin: Life's a Tripp"

Olivia said...

Saw this on IM:

AnonymousApr 2, 2012 06:09 AM

Gino and Bristol have encouragement from both families to act like a serious abstinent relationship. It is staged, not that they aren't friends with benefits. He was to be the boyfriend in the show. His family rather not have the fame attention. Now they are telling her not to name him. Sarah still needs to make Bristol a success and happy. So he is a nameless abstinent boyfriend with paint on his pants and a clean jacket. Looks like he is remodeling her 1950 old place. Oh and he is great with Tripp!

Anonymous said...

The Client List could be about Bristol and her life Trippin'....

Just sayin'.

The Client List is about a massage therapist and happy endings, hookers, drugs and illegitimate children. Sounds like "Life's a Tripp - starring the Palins.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing at the Lifetime website to indicate there is show with Bristol Palin or anything to do with Life's a Tripp. They certainly are not advertising for it perhaps they canned it?

Anonymous said...

Bristol is a failure again. I almost feel sorry for her. Sarah puts such a load on her and has convinced her EVERYTHING IS LEVI'S fault, or Sadie. That may be why Sherrie was set up with the FBI in Wasilla for a bust. Everything is a Johnston's fault.

They can't blame Levi for that skany book and her lame version (LIE) of how poor Tripp got here.

No one in their write mind or that knows what loving a child is would have allowed a ghost writer to write that crap. Tripp will one day read his mother's lies. He will know said she wishes it wasn't Levi's baby she carried. HATE HATE HATE IS BRISTOL'S MIDDLE NAME. And that is just from her own version. No wonder people spend all their time trying to blame Sadie or someone else.

Anonymous said...

excuse all the mistakes at 5:28. too many distractions here.

Anonymous said...

No it is not Levi on the blog pic - its Gino.

Anonymous said...

It is Gino. Bristol is not allowed to use his name. She is a good little puppet. Will she ever get a life?

Nyah said...

Now that Levi is having another baby, we are going to see Bristol/Kristy/Bellagrazi/Brooklyn's head explode in terms of troll comments. Expect lots of pointing out how "immature" Levi is. Oh, and of course "he doesn't pay support for one kid. Why does he need another one?"

I would like to note once again- by both Bristol and Levi's own admission, she refuses to cash the child support checks he faithfully sends her. This way, she can say "I haven't seen a dime from him" over and over, each time cementing her status as poor beleaguered single mother.

The more time passes, the more I truly see how Bristol is even worse than Sarah. Sarah is just greedy and stupid. But Bristol? She's VICIOUS and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is VICIOUS. How will Sunny's pregnancy effect her? Not the public face she tries to put on.

The photo with Gino was not convincing and the fact she has to withhold his name only solidifies the fact that he is part of an act.

Stefanie said...

Bristle has learned the "scam" with honors I might add from the best...her mommy. Lying & grifting is in their DNA, it comes naturally, like breathing. They have made a career of it and they are proud of it, "hey it's money", they don't care how they get it, legally /illegally or where it comes from, as long as it keeps rolling in.

Thanks for another great post Allison.

Anonymous said...

Nyah said . . . "The more time passes, the more I truly see how Bristol is even worse than Sarah. Sarah is just greedy and stupid. But Bristol? She's VICIOUS and stupid."

Agreed ~ but trust and know that sista sayrah is dark-hearted, and has a whole lotta venom drippin' from her lips as well. Oh yeah, Miss Brissy learned her brand of viciousness from the master deceiver, herself.

Ivyfree said...

Reading through this... it's so pathetic, it's funny. Your trolls are so insistant that everything in Sarah/Bristol/Palin life is perfect and wonderful and we should all get over our hatin' and our lyin' and our jealousy and realize they are just wonderful hard workin' people... etc., etc.

And it's so pathetic because it's so obvious that it's a lie. NOBODY'S life is perfect. The insistence on perfection underscores the lying. The troll isn't even bright enough to say, "Of course Bristol's had some problems, but..." No: Bristol is perfect. Sarah is perfect. Whoever is writing is so immature she doesn't see that she's not even lying well. And that's odd, because obviously, the Palins have had so much practice at it.

I posted at Politicalgates that when I heard about Levi's girlfriend being pregnant and Levi talking marriage, that Bristol would blow her top within 24 hours. I come here and read BrisTroll's comments. Instead of being bright enough to realize that the marriage of an ex-boyfriend should be nothing to her, she goes out of her way to advertise that Levi is still important to her and she can't get over him- while he, obviously, is way over her.

I'd imagine getting over BrisTroll is a difficult task. It would probably take minutes before you realize you should be glad you tossed out the garbage.