Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shailey Tripp's Three Goals for Boys Will Be Boys

Shailey Tripp is one classy lady.

Say, what? 

Shay is kind, honest, and humble.

Shailey Tripp –the  former prostitute – honest?

You betcha!

I can say without hesitiation, this is one amazing woman and a fine human being. I know this because we’ve been corresponding often. With a purpose. In January, Shailey Tripp asked if I could and would help edit her book.  She was honest and humble and right up front about the fact that she couldn't pay for my time or my work. I didn’t blink, I jumped in. 

Of course I promised to keep anything I learned out of my blog and confidential until it was released in print format. I kept that promise. I’m not going to give details now, either. But I will say, this isn’t just a story, it's a set of documents and a list of names.  There are police documents. There are letters to and from Shailey’s attorney and other parties. There are names of wealthy, successful businessmen who work in Alaska. Men who hold positions of power in companies that employ over 1,000 people, people who might be surprised to see these names. 

There are emails that establish a long relationship, part personal, part business. There is one email that is dated during Bristol and Sarah’s October, 2007 visit to New York City – that was when  Bristol was at an MTV taping and some of us think she looked big around the belly.  Interesting to me because we know where Sarah was at this specific time, and Todd’s doing his “thing” getting in touch with Shailey and he happens to mention things are “tense at home.”  You know, I always thought Bristol got added to that trip to New York because her parents had finally noticed that girl was pregnant and she and her mom needed to get away and make plans. Now, Shailey wasn’t tuned in to any  Babygate stuff, and she doesn’t comment or point out any connections like I just did here, but I’m going to tell you, that wasn’t the only time I read something that made me go hmmmm.  

There will be time for informed discussions of such revelations after people have read the book.

On some sites people are letting Shailey  know that they prefer electronic books. Electronic is very popular.

I have to say, though, that traditional publishing makes the book available to everyone -nothing prevents a Kindle owner  from reading a print version – while the opposite is not true. Here’s a bigger point, however. Shailey Tripp wants us to buy and read her book for three reasons. One, of course, is to get her story out. Two, she needs the money. And three, equally as important according the Shay (it's in the introduction),  she hopes her own book falls into the hands of people who are leading the life of a prostitute and need to see there is a way out.  

Think about that third one. If they are as desperate and broke as Shailey was being the sole supporter for her family (she has two  disabled children) those people aren’t going to have an e-reader. They won’t have the $22 for the book, either. But if you  order a print copy of Boys Will Be Boys, read it, and donate it to a homeless shelter, a library, or a women’s center, you will not only be helping Ms. Tripp and her children, you may be the unseen angel in the life of some other single mom being prostituted for profit by  a man like Todd Palin.

Here’s where you can purchase Boys Will Be Boys by Shailey Tripp.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Levi Johnston Edited Sarah Palin's 2009 State of the State Address

Levi Johnston has never been known for his way with words, he was once called "practically monosyllabic" by a national reporter. Bristol made fun of his grammer and spelling in her memoir. So why would the governor who prides herself on her journalistic and political prowess email Levi Johnston her 12 page 2009 State of the State address to be "edited"? 

That redaction goes on for 12 pages. There is nothing more to see.  The State of the State is not personal nor private. This is clearly an abuse of the system, and we won't get to see Levi's  three-minutes-before-midnight "editing," but we can find the final product on US4Palin.com.  I looked,  it was 12 pages (but barely - the last page having only one line where Sarah gives everyone God's blessing). The word count, finalized at 3743.
There was nothing in there about Levi. There was nothing in there about Tripp. What was it, then, that Sarah forwarding this at one o'clock in the morning, told Michael Nizich to "squeeze in"? Well, unless Levi was a consultant on education, energy or taxes, it must have been this:
One of the great privileges given to me last year was the chance to be a witness for the truth that every child has value; to say to special needs children that they are beautiful and loved. And needed. We learn more from them than they from us. Across America, a great change is coming in public policy affecting these children, and Alaska can lead the way. This is a part of the culture of life where every child is cherished and protected.
If this is what Levi edited, and it must be, he did not allow Sarah to say she was the birth mother of Trig. That would be my best guess of what he edited out. She was "a witness."  Sarah probably did witness Trig's birth, from the bedside, not the bed.
And just because it's so fitting, here's a picture from that same website,  showing Todd, Trigg, and Mike Nizich and Kris Perry during that speech.  

If Trig weren't a prop, he wouldn't be at that speech. He'd have been home with his real mother and his new baby brother.  Or with his real father, whom I suspect is 18 year-old high school dropout who was consulted as an editor for the governor's speech.
There's more to glean from this. How did Sarah explain having Levi edit the speech to her staff copied on the email?  What are Mike Nizich and and Kris Perry and Katryn Morgan to think about that? Until now, I thought people turned a blind eye to Sarah's poorly faked pregnancy and Bristol's absence from the public eye. 
But by being forwarded the Levi Johnston email, right out there for them to see his involvement and his edits, Sarah shows that they knew. They knew!  That "open secret" we hear about sometimes - yup, they knew.
I wonder if the staff also knew on that day in January, 2009 that Levi had been kicked out of the Palin house 10 days earlier.  Levi was not important enough to be allowed to bond with his newborn son Tripp,  but yet he was important enough to have a say in what the Governor of Alaska would present to the public in the annual state of the state. 
Redacted or not, this email is a smoking gun. What it implies about what Levi thought his relationship was to Trig, what Sarah wanted Levi to think his relationship was to Trig, and what Sarah's staff thought of that relationship, too is the stuff Babygate is made of. 
Is there any other way to interpret this?  
(If you haven't yet read yesterday's post, I encourage you to do so. It's an important one.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Very Dark In Sarah Palin's Alaska

I haven’t posted in a week. During that time I’ve been looking at the Babygate puzzle in its entirety. The whole thing, top to bottom, side to side is a pretty big thing. Some of the areas have been worked by everyone, and other areas are open and empty, with maybe a scattering of tiny mystery pieces not yet connected to anything else.  For a change, instead of writing another post about one small piece, I figured it was time for us to stand up and look at what was emerging and what it tells us about the scene we will someday assemble completely.

The nearly finished pieces are the most fun to look at. For three  and one half years, we've talked about a baby with Down syndrome, a girl who got pregnant by her high school boyfriend, a woman who told a wild story about being in labor, and a dad we couldn't really figure out for a while but who seemed to be the better parent of the two.  All that stuff is pretty normal, except maybe faking a pregnancy part.  Even that isn't totally out of the norm if you are old enough to remember the 50s and 60s when "sisters" of newborns were actually the moms. While working these pieces, we have not left our collective comfort zones. And that is part of the reason we have not finished. We did the fun stuff and left the hardest areas for “later.”  I’m suspecting that most puzzles are attacked this way.

When people began writing books from an investigative perspective, or a supposed tell-all, we cheered and expected to have some of the missing areas filled in by their work. One by one, we put our hope in the books that came out in 2011. Each one eventually fell short when it came to exposing Trig's parentage.  We were disappointed that these authors avoided what are arguably the toughest and most controversial parts of Sarah’s life. But have we done the same? It’s fun talking about wigs and set design for Fox broadcasts, and laughing when she wears shoes two sizes too big. There’s a time and place for that, sure. But the things that tie the whole picture together need more work. The things that will make the entire picture begin to make sense are the things that support the Palin life style of interpersonal, social and political corruption. Understanding those things will (if anything can ) lead to an interest in the media to expose the Babygate hoax. I say if because I’m having my doubts, even about us Truthers. We all like to laugh, most of us like to be clever, many of us like to work puzzles. Few people like to squirm. I think it’s that last part that prevents anyone from finishing the puzzle.

To look at the “big picture” I've been searching for the essence of Sarah Palin's Alaska - not the show, but the place. I’ve done this by reviewing stories from people living in Wasilla, Anchorage, and Juneau and finding reports from people who visited Alaska to write for magazines, make movies, or write Palin-based books.  I've looked at Todd Palin's Alaska, and Track and Bristol Palin's Alaska, too. We Truthers have known all along that Sarah Palin's Alaska, the TLC program was fictionalized. The real experiences of Sarah and Todd, Track and Bristol, would not make for family viewing. Yet, I was disconcerted to experience for myself what one journalist described eloquently in Vanity Fair in 2010 : “anywhere you peel back the skin of Sarah Palin’s life, a sad and  moldering strangeness lies beneath.”  Sad. Moldering. Strange. These words are perfect in their application to not only Sarah, but to Todd and to Bristol.

Nothing I found was new, you’ve heard what I’ve heard, you’ve read it, too. It’s all been said. But it came in bits and pieces. Now, when put together, side by side, all at one time, the picture is grim. I, for one, felt a sense of darkness; darkness that had the weight of a shroud. I’m not exaggerating when I say, the reading I’ve done this week made me want to turn my head, close my eyes, redirect my thoughts. It took me a week to write this post.

I think my readers know I don't live in Wasilla or any where near it. So I have no pictures in a shoebox in my closet. There is nothing in my house that isn't in the home of everyone reading this blog. Each of us has a computer. We have access to the internet, an interest in the Palins and their lives (they started it!), and we have sharp minds. Most of you have probably found the things I’m going to list, and each of them can be found again by inserting into the Google search box the name  "Palin" and certain combinations of other names or words. Troubling is the nicest way I can describe these things. Shocking fits, too. As does tragic, depressing, and disgusting.  Now, again, these things of which I speak are not things that I can prove, but there are hundreds,  thousands, even millions of internet hits (depending on the topic) that will give you more information on any one of them.

I’ll start with fear.. Fear of crossing the Palins has been well documented. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The fire of Sarah’s temper. The black smoldering fire of Todd’s temper. The searing flames of Sarah’s vindictiveness lapping at anyone who offends her, from a blogger, to a comedian, to a college kid who guesses her email passwords,  to the neighbor petitioning for traffic control. Sarah is like a heat seeking missile out to  destroy reputations.  All of it can be found over and over and over on the World Wide Web. So put fear into the picture behind everything else I’m going to remind you about here today.

Protection by the authorities. In the darkness of Sarah Palin's Alaska, Todd Palin found cover while he, according to Ms. Shailey Tripp,  promoted prostitution and used vulnerable people to satisfy his sexual needs. Todd Palin's position of influence as the First Dude and then as the spouse of the former GOP Vice Presidential candidate would certainly have given him connections to law enforcement personnel who could help hide any involvement in the business of sex trafficking.  We know the Anchorage Police issued a news release at the request of the Palin attorney. We know it was not entirely factual. Malia Litman should be credited for taking that on and finding the truth. Shailey Tripp should be credited for speaking out about sex trafficking in Alaska. The internet now has copies of email between Shailey and Todd. It's out there for the world to see and to consider.

Sexual abuse is a statewide problem in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is raising the issue currently. It’s in the culture. In June, when Malia Litman's blog carried an article about Bristol and her memoir, someone named Thomas entered the discussion thread and convincingly claimed  to have had a career in children and family protective services working in Child Protective Investigations as an Investigator (CPI) and Supervisor (CPIS). He was  trained, worked, and was certified in that field, and specialized in sexual abuse cases. He left a lengthy comment supporting his opinion that the Heath/Palin clan exhibits clear signs of sexual abuse. Sarah and Bristol, in particular. And we can't prove anything, and certainly the media isn’t going to dig into this, but that doesn't mean we can't listen to Thomas and other professionals and consider what they say. We need to ask pointed questions about these people who want to influence the direction of this country in women's rights, freedom of choice, access to healthcare, and quality of education. Alaska has a terrible problem with sex crimes against children and women -  Google it!  I know it's not easy to talk about. Even we Truthers would rather talk about dirty wigs than dirty daddies.

Moving on, here’s something everyone can talk about - sex among teenagers. This is the stuff of  prime time television. Bristol had her acting debut on a show with fictional story lines about unwed teen moms.  Teens and sex, it's a fact of life. It's mainstream. Bristol quotes the statistics in her book, obviously learned them as part of her high-paid gig for the Candies foundation. "Blah, blah, x-percent of  teenagers have sex by the time they are eighteen." At a passing glance, this doesn’t look like it belongs with the others. It’s not a deep “moldering” evil – that is, unless you dig deeper.

Alaska has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. Facebook and other personal pages give alarming first-person  accounts of Alaskan fourteen-year-olds engaging in sex with multiple partners as part of their routine eighth grade social life. In Juneau, popular and wanna-be popular girls Bristol's age had been  sexually active for at least two years before the Palins arrived there in January 2007. Yes, I've read their posted conversations and blog diaries. Eighth graders were "hooking up,"  riding boys "like a cowgirl," agonizing over their need for "A MAN !!!," agreeing with each other that it's a shame the "little asian kid” moved away because he had an unusually big penis, and asking for advice on whether or not to settle for being "benefits buddies" with someone who isn't ready to make a public commitment to "go with" them.  These girls were not yet in high school, but they were very comfortable having these conversations.

We who are Babyboomer tend to think of high school pregnancy as a situation that occurs from  long term high school relationships in which intimacy evolved over time. Kind of bitter sweet, and totally understandable. That’s not what the girls and boys entering Juneau Douglas High School in the fall of 2005  were talking about. They were talking about recreational sex, partnering up with new acquaintances, priding themselves on horniness and putting out. There are people who have said Bristol was similarly experienced by the time she met her Juneau peers. Nancy French did her best to make it sound otherwise when she ghost-wrote Bristols's book, but that dribble doesn’t put out this fire.. And, while some of us might think this is rather shocking,  unhealthy and socially harmful, if it is true about Bristol, and we are searching for truth, then it's a piece of the puzzle. It fills in a part of the picture. A dark and murky part of the picture.

Lest you think I exaggerate that this is dark and repulsive (sex is a beautiful thing, la la), I ask you to consider this – these young teens engaging in recreational sex were doing so while using recreational drugs. And abusing alcohol. That's a recipe for heartache. I think Sarah has seen heartache. Remember the first National Enquirer story about the  Palins? Drugs. Alcohol. Track. Bristol. Sound familiar? Oh, yeah. Old stuff. The N E told us about Track and Bristol's matching behaviors using OxyContin, smoking, injecting, snorting, whatever. But were they right? Did they have real sources? Well, fast forward two years. They put Shailey Tripp through multiple polygraph tests, I have to believe they took some steps to test the credibility of their sources about the drug use of a soldier headed for Iraq whose mom was running for VP.

Related to all this – do you remember the comments that got posted at Mudflats and other blogs naming Dylan Kolvig as Bristol's baby daddy for the Trig-era pregnancy and making a big point about the two of them using hard-core drugs? For me, Babygate is beginning to pale in comparison to these possibilities. It’s been suggested in blog comments for years that Dyllan Kolvig fathered a FAS baby with girlfriend Bristol. When the “two babies” post exploded over at Immoral Minority, a theory quickly emerged that Ruffles was affected in vitro by drug and alcohol consumption by his mom (whoever that was).  Our American media isn't going to go there; they aren’t going to present any stories that include real life recognizable celebrity names and talk about the use of drugs and alcohol early in pregnancy. That's a recipe for heartache, the kind of thing Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson might help a family deal with, but not for public consumption. Bristol Palin's Alaska is not a place people want to visit in their imaginations. People refuse to go there, and it’s perfectly understandable. No author has gone there either. It's too dark, too sad, too horrible to contemplate.  Critics would rather make fun of her chin. I know I would.

I warned you this post is about dark things – squirming yet? Here is a question that's a tad lighter. How many pregnancies did Bristol have during her teen years? Most Truthers will agree it was more than one. It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to recognize that as a cry for attention.  On the internet you’ll find plenty of conjecture that Bristol has had more than two pregnancies. She's a real Alaskan girl. Like so many, she became a teenaged mom. But how many times?  There is the Dancing With the Stars baby, which could be number three; and, if there was a fetus under the green sweater in 2006, the DWTS baby was the fourth pregnancy which extended Bristol the pistol's belly. Beyond belief? Not really.  For a lot of us, it's distasteful but not impossible to imagine. Physically possible? Yes, of course. It's one pregnancy each year in 2006, 2007, 2008, and the fourth in 2010.  How does it fit the Palin family dynamics? It fits with absentee parenting, out of control teenagers, peer pressure and socially acceptable practices in the Alaskan teen community. It fits. It's not something the media wants to talk about. Not ever, and it is probably one of the big reasons Babygate is off the table for any mainstream media coverage.

Okay, let’s see what have we covered – fear of retaliation, protection and cover  by law enforcers, sexual abuse,  drug and alcohol abuse, serial  teen pregnancy with possible chemical-related complication, sex trafficking and sex slavery.  Wait, sex slavery?  Shailey's first book, "Looking For Inspiration" included a "Special Sneak Preview" into her next book. Now that we are counting the days leading up to that book being released, I don't feel it is unfair to Ms. Tripp to tell what she already published.  In the "preview" it she says that the team that arrested her at her place of business included members of local law enforcement and members of the FBI.  A misdemeanor prostitution charge with the FBI involved? Hmmm. They wanted Shailey to name names, and they said they knew there were big names she could give them. Her employee was grilled about whether she was a sex slave. Shailey said she was not and did not claim to be, either. Nevertheless, these officers of the law had reasons for bringing up specific criminal behavior  and names. They were the ones who brought up Todd Palin. It wasn't Shailey. They asked about specific crimes ie sex trafficking, prostitution, sex slavery, young girls. This was not a television script, it was a day in the state of Alaska, the city of Anchorage. It certainly suggests that Todd Palin’s Alaska is a dark place.

All the above are repulsive in one way or another. Taken one at a time, or as an off-topic comment left on a blog, each of the things below can be tolerated. We’ve seen or heard each idea, suggestion, theory, and fact on this list and have continued our mutual campaign to reveal Babygate. But right now, looking at this list as belonging to one family, a family with national attention for promoting “family values,” I’m saddened and almost ill.

Blog readers have, perhaps, been spared the details by those who know. Maybe knowing won’t lead to closure. I can understand now how Babygate could be ignored and/or covered up rather than exposed in some Pulitzer Prize winning series of articles. Because the implications of what can be found on the internet - by anyone with a keyboard and curiosity - point to things so revolting to mainstream America that editors everywhere refuse to go there.  If people want to go there themselves, well that's protected by the Constitution, right?  But our free press ain't gonna put it on the top of their home pages. The possibilities of what we Truthers may uncover include some things that are so dark the media will not shine a light on them. For sure, we aren't going to hear about it in a movie like Game Change.

And now, I need levity. I need to start working on a lighter post. Looking this deeply into Sarah Palin and Todd Palin’s public record has given me the creeps. No wonder there are  people in Alaska who keep to themselves, learn to shoot at an early age, and want to escape the laws of our nation by suceeding from the union. With a former governor who wrote down the license plates of a blogger after an interview, it's got to be uncomfortable to ever stick out from the crowd or speak against a person with connections to Sarah.

Even as far from Wasilla as I am, I’m feeling kind of fortunate to have a relative in the Secret Service. He used to be in the CIA. Now, don't get me wrong,  I would never ask him for any information. Neither would he ever abuse his connections or his access to information, or his power.  He’s an honest man, he keeps confidentiality, and he's highly respected by his peers and higher ups for good reason. He's the best. And we don't talk politics -  he’s a Ronald Reagan Republican. But you know if I suddenly become accused of being a pedophile, or of not liking Piper’s lemonade stand, he’d be there for me.  You betcha.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bristol, Tripp, Todd, and Craigslist

There are three little puzzle pieces I’m trying to match up and fit into their place in the Palin Babygate puzzle. These three pieces have “Craigslist” all over them. I’m turning them around and around, and I’m trying to see what the picture looks like if we connect them correctly. Here’s what we have to work with:

Shailey Tripp, who prostituted herself at the request of, for the pleasure of, and for the profit of Todd Palin, ran a post on her blog with the title "Sex Hook Ups 101" which included an explanation of  how to use Craigslist – a very modern post-internet publishing site –to enter into the oldest profession in the world. (The was an educational blog entry, not one intending to glamorize sex trafficking).What  Shailey learned about Craigslist, she learned at the knee of Todd Palin. Now, there’s a visual. Shailey shared more of the ins and outs of prostitution by running a series of posts on the topic. She says that often, those looking to sell sex put a post up on Craigslist.

According to Ms. Tripp, Craigslist  is “the quickest and easiest way” to get clients looking for sex and tips us off that advertisement for massage services, specifically advertising under “beauty” are likely offering sex for hire. For the not-so-faint-at-heart, Craigslist has a personal ad section labled NSA – no strings attached – which Shailey interprets for us novices  in  “Sex Hook Ups 101."  She warns that this section gets you email  that can be “very nasty.”

For the rare visitor to the Palin Place who might not know this - Todd Palin was doing business with Shailey before, during, and after Trig Palin was announced to have been born.  Shailey gave Sarah Palin a massage less than two months before the 6 lb “premature” DS baby was “born” and as she massaged her stomach, this licensed masseuse didn’t get the slightest impression there was a fetus in that womb. This is a Babygate piece. And Craiglist is part of this section of the puzzle.

After Shailey was arrested in March 2010, Craigslist continued to be important to her - very important. The court in Alaska told Ms. Tripp, as part of her probation, that she could not post ads on Craigslist, must complete 80 hours of community service, and pay a fine of $500.  That says to me that the court system recognizes Craigslist as a tool for prostitutes and pimps. Todd Palin and Craigslist are well acquainted. Tpdd was Shailey Tripp’s pimp. Todd, Craigslist, and the name Tripp. These three fit together.

The second puzzle piece with Criaglist on it comes from Bristol Palin’s stories about Dancing With the Stars in the fall of 2010. In Bristol’s memoir, Nancy French writes:

 Again, there were lots of publicity shots, camera blocking, and wardrobe fittings, but not too many really intense workout rehersals. Oh, and we had lots and lots of hair, makeup, and spray tanning—we even had “body makeup”! I’d have to sit in that chair for hours upon hours, which gave me a lot of time to satisfy my Craislist addiction for real estate deals and trucks.” 

Well, well.  Bristol and Shailey have more in common than the name Tripp and the man Todd Palin permanently in their lives. They also share the heavy use of Craigslist – who knew?

And, again, I have to say it --what Bristol described and Nancy French transcribed  does not sound like hard work at all. It sounds like pampering. And it goes a long way to explain Bristol’s terrible dancing and why she was the only contestant who ever left DWTS fatter than she started. Only this week her mother repeated that crap about Bristol being a hard worker. That lie is as big as “I gave birth to Trig.”

Forgive my digression.  Back to “Not Afraid of Life,” pages 234-235, where Bristol speaks from the heart:

 If you are one of the few people who haven’t discovered [Craigslist’s] joys its an online network of free ads.  If you need a job, a car or someone to teach you  Spanish, it’s a good place to start. Since the hair and makeup sessions were so frequent- and so long- I’d frequently pull up Craigslist on my iPhone and shop around. 

Okay, now I want to barf.  This is the girl who whined and shined as the “hardworking single teen mom.” Tough life, huh?  Someone else taking care of her two year old, his diapers and his tantrums, wiping his messes and getting his hugs while she sat for hours having her hair and makeup done, hardly exerted herself physically in the “dance rehearsals,” and having the money to troll Craigslist for ---get this----vehicles and houses!  What a role model she is. Makes Sarah proud.

Craigslist might have been a minor thing, but I suspect not because she went on and on about it:

 “Surfing Craigslist –though potentially expensive for someone like me—allowed me to escape…  

 blah, blah, blah, whine, whine -- people said mean things –blah blah, blah.  Poor Bristol. (She’s strong, really Sarah?  I think not.),

Bristol is not the sharpest Crayola in the box, either.  She put Sarah on the spot at the start of last summer by saying her mom  had made up her mind about running in 2012.  The rest of us knew that shouldn’t have come out. Sarah had a lot of months of teasing for money ahead of her, and having no intention to run was supposed to be kept underwraps like Trig’s true parentage. ( Bristol, that was a dumb mistake. Dumb.)

About ten day ago, the third Craigslist piece turned up, and that’s when I realized there is a place in the puzzle for these to come together. On February 7, Bristol ran her own ad in Craigslist ad for the Washinton, DC area:


Date: 2012-02-07, 11:19PM EST
Reply to: bristolbooksigning@gmail.com

Please join Bristol Palin and her ghostwriter Nancy French in a special book signing!

We're welcoming folks of all ages to join Bristol as she promotes her best selling memoir "Not Afraid Of Life - My Journey So Far".

The first 100 people to RSVP will receive a free autographed book by Bristol herself.

WHEN: Saturday, February 11th @10A - 12P
WHERE: Books-A-Million
11 Dupont Circle North
Washington, DC 20036

Please RSVP with your name, age and info at email above!

If you receive a response from us, it will guarantee you entry.

Not even going to get into how pathetic that is.  The point of this post is that we have three pieces pointing to Craigslist as a Palin family tool. Todd, it appears certain, ran ads on Craigslist to advertise  prostitution services. Through Todd, Shailey learned to use Craigslist, and at this same time, Craigslist got onto Bristol’s radar, and she became “addicted.”

Bristol appears to be close to Todd. It has always appeared to be that way. Bristol named her kid Tripp, how can that not be a result of  Todd’s  influence on Bristol? However that name was chosen, whether suggested in jest or in revenge or something in between, it is fact that Bristol and Todd each have their own connections to the name Tripp.  They both have special connections to Craigslist. How are these puzzle pieces related, and what will be revealed when we see them in their proper order?

What I see right now, is that Bristol, who isn’t smart enough to know when she’s giving us information that shouldn’t be given, has provided a glimpse into another Palin household staple – Craigslist.  It’s a small thing (as small as a puzzle piece) that in my mind, lends credibility to the charge by Shailey Tripp that Todd Palin knows how to run a prostitution business. 

What do Todd’s daughters think of their father trafficking in sex? What does Bristol think about an author named Tripp coming out with a book about her father promoting and profiting from the exploitation of a single mom?  So many questions still to be asked. Here are a couple more:

I wonder what else Bristol has advertised on Craigslist?  Has she sold that Arizona house yet?