Saturday, February 25, 2012

Levi Johnston Edited Sarah Palin's 2009 State of the State Address

Levi Johnston has never been known for his way with words, he was once called "practically monosyllabic" by a national reporter. Bristol made fun of his grammer and spelling in her memoir. So why would the governor who prides herself on her journalistic and political prowess email Levi Johnston her 12 page 2009 State of the State address to be "edited"? 

That redaction goes on for 12 pages. There is nothing more to see.  The State of the State is not personal nor private. This is clearly an abuse of the system, and we won't get to see Levi's  three-minutes-before-midnight "editing," but we can find the final product on  I looked,  it was 12 pages (but barely - the last page having only one line where Sarah gives everyone God's blessing). The word count, finalized at 3743.
There was nothing in there about Levi. There was nothing in there about Tripp. What was it, then, that Sarah forwarding this at one o'clock in the morning, told Michael Nizich to "squeeze in"? Well, unless Levi was a consultant on education, energy or taxes, it must have been this:
One of the great privileges given to me last year was the chance to be a witness for the truth that every child has value; to say to special needs children that they are beautiful and loved. And needed. We learn more from them than they from us. Across America, a great change is coming in public policy affecting these children, and Alaska can lead the way. This is a part of the culture of life where every child is cherished and protected.
If this is what Levi edited, and it must be, he did not allow Sarah to say she was the birth mother of Trig. That would be my best guess of what he edited out. She was "a witness."  Sarah probably did witness Trig's birth, from the bedside, not the bed.
And just because it's so fitting, here's a picture from that same website,  showing Todd, Trigg, and Mike Nizich and Kris Perry during that speech.  

If Trig weren't a prop, he wouldn't be at that speech. He'd have been home with his real mother and his new baby brother.  Or with his real father, whom I suspect is 18 year-old high school dropout who was consulted as an editor for the governor's speech.
There's more to glean from this. How did Sarah explain having Levi edit the speech to her staff copied on the email?  What are Mike Nizich and and Kris Perry and Katryn Morgan to think about that? Until now, I thought people turned a blind eye to Sarah's poorly faked pregnancy and Bristol's absence from the public eye. 
But by being forwarded the Levi Johnston email, right out there for them to see his involvement and his edits, Sarah shows that they knew. They knew!  That "open secret" we hear about sometimes - yup, they knew.
I wonder if the staff also knew on that day in January, 2009 that Levi had been kicked out of the Palin house 10 days earlier.  Levi was not important enough to be allowed to bond with his newborn son Tripp,  but yet he was important enough to have a say in what the Governor of Alaska would present to the public in the annual state of the state. 
Redacted or not, this email is a smoking gun. What it implies about what Levi thought his relationship was to Trig, what Sarah wanted Levi to think his relationship was to Trig, and what Sarah's staff thought of that relationship, too is the stuff Babygate is made of. 
Is there any other way to interpret this?  
(If you haven't yet read yesterday's post, I encourage you to do so. It's an important one.)


nancydrew said...

My head is reeling.

It was always my thought that the whole wild ride was triggered by a last-minute surprise move by Levi and Bristol to lay claim to their child at Mat-Su, rather than go forward with the *arrangements* Sarah thought to be in place. If Grandma and Grandpa were sent to hold down the fort, so to speak, and keep the kids from exercising their legal claim to take the baby away, as he was ready to be discharged, then Levi may well not have consented to any of what ensued.

How else to explain his consult on this statement?

GinaM said...

Allison....very interesting! I posted a comment about this email on IM's yesterday and I have been staring at this email trying to figure out WTF!

I like your interpretation...but I think that this email has something to do with the Toad pulling the gun on Levi days earlier...there is an email from a reporter asking about this incident.

I wonder if instead of redacting the email...they changed the heading somehow...SIGH!

Okay back to staring at this again!

Dis Gusted said...

thinkin' the 12 pages had nothing to do with the state of the state address. It was about a custody agreement for one or more of the children.

The heading is there because she didn't want people to know she was not conducting state business at all.

Cracklin' Charlie said...

My mind is reeling along with yours, nancy drew.

I have been very busy the last few days, and I don't think I am ever going to get caught up. This is gonna be a late night.

Very well written post, Alison. After reading about everything that was happening around this time, I just can't imagine her sending her state of the state address to Levi for any reason. The Palins had set up his mother to go to jail just a few days before this email.

I think Levi is a soft-spoken young man of few words, but I don't think he is necessarily unintelligent. He comes across, to me, as far less shallow and superficial than anyone in Sarah's family. He seems a bit of an "old soul", even. I would not be surprised to learn that he has protected his interests very well in this situation, and that that is why the Palins are so hateful towards him and his family.

shaytripp said...

First if this email was personal family business why have it in your state email and have all your advisors see it as well? That does not make sense to send your daughter's boyfriend a document to edit unless maye he was majoring in writing or journalism perhaps. We know that was not the case. I agree this email is a smoking gun in many ways. I can't help but wonder what else did they know that was common knowledge but kept as a secret? (sarcasm) I am sure Palin kept nothing truly private.

B said...

If Sarah was in Juneau and Bristol was in Wasilla, it is possible Bristol is the one who reviewed the speech and was using Levi's email address, or had attached Levi's name to her own email address (which we can't see here). Not that Bristol would have been a top notch editor either, of course.

lostinmn said...

I just read this and yesterday's post. If James Elroy took up with this information, threw in Dar Miller and the plane crash it would make a very dark, depressing and scary mystery. As it stands there is no real mystery for me. I dated a Borderline for almost five years and in that time I experienced many of the fears and lies and confusion that comes from trying to follow and understand this woman and her family. They are both or all toxic and perhaps that is why they are collectively scary for people in Wasilla. You can go after a Borderline and most often the family members living in fear will hang back but once the rock is turned over they rush in for support. In the Palin clan they are all so tied into her illness and consumed by their own demons they can't or won't act to get her help - not as long as the money keeps rolling in. When the cash in becomes less than the cash going out (some of which I'm convinced is buying silence) then things are going to deteriorate fast. This redacted email? My guess is it's more about parenting rights and visitation. And perhaps who is even the father. As crazy as things are there it's not clear to me that Trig will ever know his father or mother. Main suspects for motherhood? Sara, Brisket, perhaps Willow or a stranger who was impregnated by Todd. Father? Todd, Levi or another unnamed young man from school. One thing for sure, if that child has Palin DNA I'm willing to bet it ISN'T Todd and Sara's. You can play with the possibilities all you want but each of them suggests a very dark and potentially abusive hook-up. I've seen the photos of Sara nuzzling up to Levi, stories of Todd taking trips with his daughters, Sara's absence from the home, Todd's excursions to the massage parlor and frankly one of those seems just as likely - or more - than a Todd/Sara sired child. I'd love to see the DNA testing on that one and I'm guessing part of the payoff to Levi is that he NEVER requests a DNA test on either Tripp OR Trig. That would make the wheels come off really fast

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Britta on the Palin payroll for a while? Could she have made some edits?
But, yeah, I hear the next question: why the redaction? Dunno. But if the pages were anything super-sensitive, why would they have been forwarded to so many people?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think he edited it? I see his name as sender, like he wasn't logged off the computer and no one checked. By Jan 19th, Levi was a goner and not around the house, which is weird. Considering Levi used to think or thinks "fighted" is a word, I definitely doubt he had anything to do with this. WAIT - wasn't Sarah in Juneau with the family minus Bristol and Tripp at this point? WEIIIIIRRRRRDDDDDDD. But yes, Levi was out of the picture by like Jan 10th at the latest.

I questions nothing. I have just started to ignore shit like this.

Anonymous said...

We know Bristol was supposedly going through gifts and crap that was sent to them. Thing is, she wasn't even around Levi after early January. I can see Sarah needing someone to send her something via email and the computer Bristol or whomever was using had Levi logged in on it. The important question here is, when exactly did Levi and Bristol part ways, Both say during the first week of January.

And I will just keep ignoring the stupid comments that say Trig is Bristol and Levi's. There is hardly any peoplein Wasilla who believes this, and there is no indication in any emails that Bristol was pregnant before Spring 2008. There's actually email evidence to the contrary. Remember, Bristol told her friends and WHS classmates that she was pregnant in April. Wishful thinking?

Thing is, everything I see from the emails that summer show no drama having to do with that. Philly trip, Fairbanks, people mag shoot, Bristol visiting her office, picnics, Sarah trying to mend fences between Bristol and Levi's family, as BRistol has never liked them, by inviting them to that concert with Sarah and her sisters, The only drama I would imagined occurred was between Levi and Bristol and evidence derived from social networking comments.

GinaM said...

6:05 & 6:13PM

Did your shift just start troll? I see you've already dropped a couple of smelly bombs at IM''s an email that I'm sure you will's about Levi and Beefalo's SEX LIFE!!

And could you explain to us...since you're in the KNOW...why this email says..."Levi Baby #2?" in the subject line?

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the above photo, and am shocked that this is supposed to be Trig. By January 2009 he would have been 9 months old at least. This baby looks far younger...not even sitting up for Todd. I don't know much about teh development of a Downs child, but baby doesn't even look as big as the one Sarah was hauling around in November.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it rather obvious that this was a joke? More than likely, someone temporarily changed their username; after all, there's no actual email address listed, nothing to indicate that the sender was Levi whatsoever.

I'm sorry, but this level of gullibility makes us look bad as the continued subscription to the multiple Trigs theory does.

Oh, and in anticipating that I will be deemed a troll: go fuck yourself, GinaM.

Anonymous said...

the Trig in the 1/09 photo is as big as Tripp was on the GVS interview.

GinaM said...
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nancydrew said...

I'm sorry, but this level of gullibility makes us look bad as the continued subscription to the multiple Trigs theory does.

@anon 7:31. That's fine, but as far as I'm concerned, there is no 'us' , so you speak for yourself, not me. I've no multiple-Trig theory, nor any other. I simply speak for the common sense of all women who've borne children: this woman had no child in 2008 under the circumstances she has described and adhered to. Her lie changed the path of women in political life to our detriment. That is infuriating.

And I do wish you Anons. would at least register as Anon. and then add a moniker in the body or at the end of your texts, which would help the rest of us in responding to you. More civilized that way I think. :)

Cracklin' Charlie said...

Under the bridge dweller at 6:13:

If Levi was already gone after January 10, why would he still be logged in on Jan 19?

Thanks, doll, for giving us more terms to use in the cloud search, in your last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

You are going to LOVE this! Sarah was just nominated for a new award....

The award is for a Razzy for Worst Actress - Sarah Palin (As "Herself"), Sarah Palin: The Undefeated;_ylt=ApjOYGfEDcvnD4UYJECkQTlPXs8F;_ylu=X3oDMTRvNGpuMTZhBGNjb2RlA2dtcHRvcDEwMDBwb29sd2lraXVwcmVzdARtaXQDTmV3cyBmb3IgeW91BHBrZwM4ZWI0NzAyMi0yMjZmLTM0ZjgtODFmZS04ZWI5ZDhmZGEwYjAEcG9zAzEEc2VjA25ld3NfZm9yX3lvdQR2ZXIDNWU1MDhjYjAtNjAyMS0xMWUxLTllNmMtNzkzNGNmYjg3MmRi;_ylg=X3oDMTM1dGIwczVoBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDZjQ4OTFjMzQtN2M1MS0zMGVhLWE0N2MtZjBiNWZiNDhjYzdmBHBzdGNhdAN1c3xlZHVjYXRpb24EcHQDc3RvcnlwYWdlBHRlc3QD;_ylv=3

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Levi was on the official payroll as a consultant or something at that time. If the Pains were paying him to keep his mouth shut, this would be a "legitimate" way to send him his hush money and his "edits" would be "proof" of him doing his "job."

Sarah Palin just loves putting unqualified family friends and acquaintances on the payroll.

Albert Lewis said...

You say, "Bristol made fun of his grammer and spelling in her memoir."

Is that Kelsey Grammer? Or did you possibly mean 'grammar'?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, nancydrew, for your reasoned response. Of course, you are correct when you claim the following: I simply speak for the common sense of all women who've borne children: this woman had no child in 2008 under the circumstances she has described and adhered to. Her lie changed the path of women in political life to our detriment. That is infuriating. In fact, I'll do you one better and assert that one neither has to be a woman, nor to have borne a child to know that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig, or any other child, in 2008.

That said, you can't disagree that the idiocy of a few damages the credibility of our small but tenacious movement. Be it those who continue to talk about 'bat wing Trig' or individuals like GinaM, whose odious tongue and gatekeeper-ism makes her virtually indistinguishable from Becky herself.

Regarding the irritation of anonymous comments and why some might feel a need to protect their virtual identities, please see GinaM.

As for you, Pitbull, since we now know how much you enjoy a brawl and were, no doubt, hoping I-or anyone else you perceive as adversarial-would return, I ask but this: what the hell happened to you?

-Anonymous 7:31

Anonymous said...

Kelsey Grammer - now that IS funny.

Allison said...

Albert Lewis, would you like the position of resident spellchecker? Blogger doesn't have that built into the program. Even if it did, it wouldn't have your sense of humor. The job is yours if you want it :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is hard to imagine that Levi was actually editing SP's speech.

There was something else going on there-- wonder what it was?

Conscious at last!

GinaM said...
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Anonymous said...
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GinaM said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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nancydrew said...

Wow, this thread unraveled in a hurry. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

@Nancydrew: agreed.

I have observed this "GinaM" purposefully stir things up and call out people who she feels challenge her on a personal level. News Flash: It's not personal. Frankly, she's a foul-mouthed blog-surfer and is just not that important, with nothing to add but vitriol and nastiness.

Back to the topic at hand; the idea of the comments from whom you call a troll, is that there is no way Levi revised a State of the State address. Get real.

GinaM said...

February 26, 2012 3:44 PM

What's the matter "Dobie"? You don't like being MY internet troll? LOL!!!

Obviously you need my attention otherwise you wouldn't keep dropping my name hoping for a response!

I have NO problem accommodating you and "Making your day"!


PS...and to keep on topic...Levi did not "edited" Baldy's speech...this email is about something else! IMO.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, the thesis outlined above maintains that Levi Johnston relinquished custody of his son to the Palin's-allowing them to represent Trig as their own on an international stage-only to reject said claim in a comparatively minor arena nine months later? Really?


Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting email posted at IM:

From: frank bailey []
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2008 10:06 PM
To: Leighow; Sharon W (GOV)
Cc: Hughes; Rosanne D (GOV); Sarah Palin; kris Perry
Subject: pro-choice website


I looked and they finally pulled the Gov's picture off of website.
Nice job staying on that one. Thank you.

Just further goes to show the extent of the attempted clean-up of her image.

Dis Gusted said...

the photo of her posing with the pro-abortion group is still up on their FB page. LOL

Of course she supported them. She made a choice to have an abortion at least twice.

It's her daughters that keep delivering new children to the family.

The simple fact that so many posts from trolls had to be deleted reflect that you scored! Nobody was supposed to see those e-mails that prove she was deceptive, and did not have a birth certificate for TriG.

Anonymous said...

GinaM asked

"And could you explain to us...since you're in the KNOW...why this email says..."Levi Baby #2?" in the subject line?"

It's pretty obvious if you read the whole thread of that e-mail. (go to the bottom to read the first message. It's from Dennis Zaki to Bill McAllister. Dennis is giving Bill a heads up that he's received several calls about Levi possibly fathering another baby by a different high school girl.

Pretty simple if you pay attention and use your brain. People like you are the ones muddying the water in this matter. It's hard enough getting to the truth without all the red herrings being bandied about.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin started a rumor that Levi got another girl pregnant. It was not true. It was intended to hurt Bristol and break up the newly announced engagement.

B said...

O/T, but relevant to previous discussions here.

Politicalgates discusses another email about Alaska's insurance asking for Trig's birth certificate, suggesting Todd didn't have a bc & asked how to get one.

SarahPalinHasASerpentsHeart discusses what happened to Fred's book and raises a possibility for Floyd's hero worship and stench comments. I learned a lot but still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

"Fred" had a shot fired across his/her bow from Palin's lawyers and folded like a cheap suit.

B said...

@Anonymous. So s/he should give the text to someone else without baggage.

Anonymous said...

@B: That assumes altruistic motives. Other things appear to be at work here.

B said...

No one but perhaps Audrey herself will ever convince me that Palin's Deceptions was created for anything but altruistic purposes. Unlike many Babygaters, she refused to run ads or take donations.

In fact, if she actually is Bethany Burke, Audrey stuck her neck out by risking "outing" just to keep Palin's fake pregnancy from being ignored and forgotten. Sorry, Floyd, but she is still my Babygate hero.

Anonymous said...

We now know Todd is violent! A gun to Levi. Why was he never arrested? Should have been him arrested not Shailey.

Ivyfree said...

Nobody would arrest the Governor's husband... not in Alaska. They decide who needs to get arrested on an individual basis.

heather said...

I think it was her State Address that he edited. I really wish Tank and Levi would speak openly about all of it. Although I admire Levi trying to distance himself from the drama. Do you think he will read Shailey's book? I find it very odd no one from the Palins has said anything at all about the book. Not a twitter, not a word on Greta or anywhere on Fox. I also find it odd the other blogs are not talking about it.

Allison said...

Hey there Heather, good to hear from you on this thread. Levi isn't a reader, he didn't even read his own book very carefully. He said he had ADD as a kid, and that doesn't mean he doesn't still struggle with that. When the teachers gave a "C" for not doing the reports, he was happy to take a "C" every time. No, he won't read Shailey's book. Maybe Sherrie will. She should.

I'm very sure it was the State of the State Levi "edited." Nothing else makes as much sense.