Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prophecy About Sarah Palin: Most Ungodly President EVER

Religion has become a huge issue in the current election year. Last Sunday, Rick Santorum attended a church and was prayed over by Reverend Terry of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana whose Sunday morning message got applause for  lines like "This is America and we don't worship Budda, we don't worship Mohammed..."  

Well,  Reverend Terry of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, I have news for you. Some Americans exercise their freedom of religion by being Buddists, or Muslims, or by following the Jewish faith, etc. ; and some people don't practice any religion at all. Shocking, I know. And it's protected by the Constitution! 

Now, that same day, Sunday, perhaps even while Mr. Santorum was nodding and clapping and following along in a leather-bound Bible embossed with his name on the front, I wrote a post -   Christianity, Sarah Palin and Game Change (the movie) - that reveals that I attended an evangelical church for years. I said I understand the language. For the Buddist, the Muslim, the Jew, and most Protestants and Catholics, an Assembly of God church is  a foreign place with it's own language.  The messages are for "the chosen."  So I don't expect a lot of people to share my understandings. 

If you've not been among the chosen, you've probably not been privy to prophecy by one of today's prophets. Oh, yes, evangelicals absolutely know there are still prophets walking the earth. In fact, in the comment thread of the post  Christianity, Sarah Palin and Game Change (the movie),   a troll left a link to a prophet's message. I kid you not. 

To understand today's politics, it can help to walk a mile in the boots of the born-again American, and have a prophet talking in your ear. So I've prepared a sample message for you, written as if from a self-proclaimed prophet. Want to play along?

Ok, so, you are on the e-mailing list of an evangelical ministry. Let's say it is one based in Texas.  They send you lots of stuff - usually testimonials of miracles, scriptural references to support their positions  on abortion, healthcare, gays in the military, and usually they want you to send some money to help them take a stand to save America. 

So, let's say that today, in your mailbox, is an email with the title  "URGENT Message from Pastor Fox."  (I made up that name, Fox, it just seemed appropriate.)   

Before you begin this "urgent message" I'll make this disclaimer - this is not real. I am not a prophet. 

The "prophecy" below is long, but it's important to stick with it to the end. You will be rewarded. Honest.

Now,  because this is strictly fiction, I get to make it about Sarah Palin. Besides, using her name works best for this message. Better than Romney, or Santorum, or Obama.

A Prophetic Warning from Pastor Fox:

I am writing to you today an urgent message concerning the coming American election. God has released me to share with you a powerful prophecy.  I am not going to endorse a candidate, nor am I telling anyone who to vote for. I am simply sharing what God has shown me.

I had a vision earlier this year. I saw Sarah Palin in this vision she  was speaking to a large crowd and being broadcast on television. She was speaking incredible words of unity, peace, and bringing all sides together; the words were comforting, and the words were inspiring.

But while she  was speaking I saw an all- powerful spirit of violence coming out of her spirit feeding into the spirits of those that were hearing her. That spirit of violence was directed at anybody who opposed what she  was saying. Those who heard her words and received it had the spirit of violence being implanted inside of them. It was a rage like I have not seen before.

It was the rage that would be unleashed against those who oppose and stand in the way of Sarah Palin's agenda. We are already seeing the beginnings of this spirit manifested here in America. The vicious attacks against Barack Obama have been unlike anything we have ever seen before. The sheer hate for this president from people has been shocking.

We now see it with Sandra Fluke. These people who are under the influence of this demon spirit of rage desire to completely destroy this young woman because she  dared to question the wisdom of Republican men in issues of womens’ health. In fact it wasn't just the questioning; it was because these lawmakers revealed their true agenda (a campaign against women), that Sandra Fluke became a threat. So the supporters of Sarah Palin who had been fed and affected by the spirit of violence went into full swing to destroy a fellow citizen; the very kind of person that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party has been speaking about in her eloquent speeches, saying how she  is the only candidate fighting for them.

I want to put this deep in your spirit. I am speaking as a prophet. The words I'm about to tell you are "thus saith the Lord". If Sarah Palin is elected, the attacks against free speech, against those who believe differently than she  does, and the systematic use of the government and laws to silence the voice of anyone other than fundamental Christians will be unlike anything ever seen in this nation before.

I have talked to many Christians, including pastors, not only here in the United States but around the world, who strongly support Sarah Palin. Many of them are angry with the Democrats, and understandably so. Others are inspired by the thought of electing America's first female president, while others believe Sarah Palin to be a Christian who is very concerned with the poor and needy. I am not going to address any of the many concerns about Sarah Palin and her form of Christianity. I am only speaking the words of thus saith the Lord, and you have to decide what you're going to do with it.

God does not give this prophecy to scare us, but to prepare us.

God said that the 2012 election is in the hands of the Christians. He has given us the ability to stay this judgment.

Now you may be asking, "Are you saying that Sarah Palin if elected, would be America's most ungodly president ever." Yes!

Please pray for America. May God have mercy on us all.

Pastor and Prophet,  S. Fox

Thank yourself for coming this far. Here is the reward I promised:

I made this up, but not out of whole cloth.  The email above was actually written and sent out in 2008.   It warned Christians that if elected, Barack Obama would be the most ungodly president ever.  That's right - Barack Obama. I simply replaced his name with that of Sarah Palin to make my point.  Then I replaced Joe the plumber with Sandra Fluke and inserted Tea Party, Republican men, etc.  Makes the point pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Really, now, which of these two, Sarah or the President,  has attacked viciously and stirred up a spirit of violence "unlike anything we've ever seen before."  Maybe you'd want to ask Gabby Giffords, or even David Letterman.  

So much for the prophetic abilities of Steve Foss, Steve Foss Ministries, Keller TX.  But you know, I'll bet that after that email went out, his ministry got lots of donations from people who carry guns, hate our African American president, and in 2012 are supporting new restrictions on voter eligibility in minority areas.  

I would be remiss if I did not thank the troll who left a link on my previous post, leading me to this awesome "prophecy" which she/he thinks "proves" that Sarah Palin is godly and President Obama is "the most ungodly president America has ever had."  

Really, troll, you are a hoot.    I could never make this stuff up.


Allison said...

I meant to provide a link (the troll link doesn't take you directly there). If you want to read the long-winded actual post on the blog "Musings of An Old Pastor," you'll find it here:


There was one thing he said at the very end that I agree with. He said "Never in my 22 years of ministry have I seen such a spirit of delusion released upon our country. "

Amen to that, brother!


Anonymous said...

Amen. Well done, Allison.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful post! It is frightening how many people appear to be taken in by extremists, or are extremists themselves. I'm finding it hard to be proud of my country.

Anonymous said...

These people are full of shit and I feel sorry for them because religion is a very strong indicator of weakness of mind. There are some religious people in my family but my parents never burdened my brother and I with any sort of crap. Life is what it is. I try to have patience with those of faith, but I don't respect them.

Anonymous said...


The problem is many people aren't aware of the religious zealots out there belief that quitter Palin is god's chosen one.

AKRNHSNC said...


Thanks for a very powerful post warning us of these delusional people. Maybe you can answer a question for me since you have a background that has dealt with these alleged Christians. When Palin ran in '08, she clearly said it was God's plan. Her followers also believed it, too. We see the idiocy on C4P where they actually appear to believe that she is either a prophet or a messenger of some type, although I'd never describe her as being Godly.

How do these people who have been following her since '08, who claimed that she was chosen then to lead the country and that believed that God wouldn't let the wrong person win (Sarah actually said the same thing) come to terms with the fact that she not only lost in '08 but didn't run this year as they were expecting. They still talk about her being chosen by God and other nonsense yet she's farther away from the Presidency than ever. Do they ever admit they are wrong or do they just ignore it and talk about the future? Do they attribute the loss to them not having enough faith or prayers not being said? When Palin said, "it's God's will", Schmidt was really taken back by that statement as I was. Does she believe that it doesn't matter if she's incompetent and that God will guide her or some similar crap? I'm trying to understand why these people can still believe in her??

Melanmoney said...


I have often wondered the same thing, myself. It doesn't look to me that God only rewards those who follow His path and woe befall those who don't. Actually it's very obvious that's not how it works if you just look around you.

Many many years ago I was at a gospel concert that was really great but at one point the singer said how blessed by God they'd been for the past year. She said they were using the tour bus that Gloria Estefan had just been in an accident in (where her back was broken). The singer seemed to think that if God hadn't blessed them, they would have been in that accident instead of Gloria Estefan. Isn't that a lovely Christian attitude? The crowd cheered, but didn't they give a thought to Ms. Estefan? I don't know, but I'm guessing she's probably a believer too.

It's people who think in these absolutes and think that everything is either/or that give Christianity a bad name. Unfortunately there are an awful lot of them around.

Great post, Alison!

Stefanie said...

Thank you Allison, these people are cuckoo for cocoa puffs and need to be mentally evaluated, they are in need of meds obviously. Scary.

Allison said...

AKRN I began to answer this and it’s might have to be a separate post. Here’s the answer in a nutshell:

If something good happens, God gets the credit. It’s His will, it’s a miracle, it’s God’s blessing, it’s your reward for being a good and faithful servant. Whatever fits the occasion, the bottom line is “Glory to God.” As for Sarah and the VP run, she meant it when she said “it’s God’s will.” She believed He would provide “good people” (she started that when she was mayor) to advise her. That’s probably why she’s not made any progress on learning the issues even to this day. She doesn’t put in the effort because she’s leaving that in God’s hands.

If something bad happens, humanity is to blame or else it’s God running a test, or it’s God doing something we can’t understand because He’s God and we aren’t. In the first scenario, there was some failure of faith, or lack of prayer, or a purposeful transgression that allowed evil to win. In the second type of situation, your faith is being tested and in the end you will be more like Christ. Remember, even Jesus was tested. The third one covers things like natural disasters and children born with fatal conditions. If it’s inexplicable, it will all be revealed some glorious day in the bye-and-bye. Comforting stuff, and I’m not really knocking it. I’m just trying to be real about it.

So, basically, it’s a dance and life is the partner in the lead. Follow life’s lead, and take the steps you learned in church to either give God the credit and do the happy dance, or pivot and chaulk it up to a learning experience, thanking Him for letting you survive to dance yet another day.

Anonymous said...

O/T Hey Todd will you send out a press release and just deny any allegations made by Shailey Tripp?

Anonymous said...

was reading Brad's blog and it hit me - Tripp was born much earlier than reported. I would guess that he was born in April 2008 or earlier. I'm also of the opinion that Bristol delivered a child when she was 16, after getting pregnant at 15. Tripp is the second child. I'm not sure where TriG came from, but he's probably a relation.

Anonymous said...

To Anonumous 6:32 AM,

Before you throw random theories and opinions out into blog space, I would make a pictorial timeline for yourself, and maybe one consisting of emails and events too. There's too much information and too many pictures available to legitimately believe Bristol DELIVERED a baby at 16 and was pregnant at 15. There's even evidence she wasn't hidden at all in late 2007 (emails and Hawaii picture)

Please do all truthers a favor and think before you type and opine.

Anonymous said...

Bristol had just turned 16 in October 2007. So she was most definitely 16 when her first child was born. The question is was this baby TriG or Tripp or another child?

My guess is it's Tripp.

What is really strange is the baby held by Keith Johnston looks amazingly like the DS child also shown. The mouth is the same. Keith Johnston and Todd Palin are reportedly BFFs.

Anonymous said...

pictures referenced can be seen here

taken from Laura Novak's blog:


AKRNHSNC said...

Thanks, Allison, for trying to explain the crazy theories of these RWNJ's and alleged Christians. It's amazing how they always find a way to continue to support people like Palin, no matter what they do. There is no excuse they won't use or believe. It's really devastating to realize there are so many ignorant people in our country and that they also have the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

you people are nuts..You should repent and believe in Christ...Palin can't be the most ungodly president, that is held by obama...i want to hear you defends his positions (for starters he doesn't believe in the authority of scripture).....God is in control...He is using Romney to humble obama..Romney is going to win, and we are going to have a season of mercy...thank YOU JESUS!

Anonymous said...

As everybody knows by now, Romney did NOT win the election, Obama did.
It must have been God's will, huh?
It looks like the one humbled was Romney.

Anonymous said...

Leave then!

Anonymous said...

Finally,somebody on here that I can agree with.