Monday, October 31, 2011

Shailey Offers Her Ideas on TRIPP plates

Shailey Tripp asked me to share the comment below which she sent to me via email. I'm glad to do so. I am making it a post instead of a comment on an older thread because I want my readers to find it easily. Here it is:

I have really been thinking about all this stuff all weekend. I have two more theories I would like to share. My gut instinct tells me the plates were meant for me as a present but were never given to me. Todd realized we were not as close as he thought we were. Then he had these plates. I suspect that he is the one that introduced the idea of the name Tripp and it took. Then he passed the plates on to Bristol.

Another possibility is that Levi did know about me and when Todd and Sarah really intimidated him, he used the name as a way to tell the Palins to back off. Except then it really doesn't explain why Todd Palin bought license plates in March of 08 with my last name on it.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shailey Tripp Could Use Our Help (and Sarah Won't Like This)

Shay is a citizen. She has rights. The Anchorage police have not released her computer and her cell phone even though her case is closed.  Shailey says they contain information linking Todd Palin and other big names to illegal activity.  (Read more at Malia Litman's Blog)  Shay says she has proof of illegal behavior by the Palins. She can reveal some of their  secrets. That's why we are here, right?

Let's start calling the Anchorage Police department as friends of Shay Tripp. Be polite but firm and tell them we are Americans who love our freedom (as Sarah likes to say), and we are speaking up for a fellow citizen who is being denied her rights. Heck, we are being denied our rights, too. We have a stake in this. Alaska, Anchorage, and police departments benefit from Federal money. That's your money.

The Official Web Site of the Municipality of Anchorage Alaska provides this information:

Chief of Police : Mark Mew
4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
907 786-8500


Friday, October 28, 2011

The Insiders: MeAgain and Sue Williams

In the Land of Palins, there is nothing new under the sun. To predict the future, look at history. This applies to pre-marital pregnancies, quickie marriages or shot gun engagements, athletic boastings that are overblown, fudged due dates, accusing everyone but themselves of having bad motives and mean spirits.  Should we care about any of that? Yes.  

Why? Because Sarah’s political career has a pattern, too. And if that pattern repeats itself, a woman we believe is unsuited for national office will attain just that.  

It’s a well known fact that Sarah has been tapped by politicians, one after another, to run for jobs she was not equipped to do. Perhaps, in some of those positions, she could have dug in and eventually been amazing. But she wasn’t, she just claims she was.  Time after time, after taking help and mentoring, she turned and set her sites on the job of the one who helped her. That’s how she became mayor and that’s how she became governor.

John McCain, look out. Sarah and Bristol both bought houses in Arizona (another pattern).  It isn’t because they love desert heat!

So, let’s look at another pattern. Perhaps there is something to learn from it.  Readers of The Palin Place email me asking what I think of the postings of someone who goes by MeAgain primarily at Immoral Minority Blogspot. The jury’s out as far as I’m concerned, and I’m willing to open this up for all opinions.  MeAgain is a lot like Sue Williams from Wasilla who, on the first day McCain announced his VP choice, spoke up as a person who knew the Heaths and Palins.  MeAgain and Sue both took to blogs with an insider’s view of Sarah, Bristol, et al. Both stirred things up, enjoyed the bantering, got accused of makin’ stuff up, got defended, and most of all, got a following.

It’s Sue Williams who first said Willow’s eighth grade boyfriend couldn’t keep his mouth shut about Bristol being pregnant, and it was all over Wasilla early in April. She said it BEFORE the McCain camp announced Bristol’s condition. Afterward, Sue Williams  took a slaying by those blog readers who were trying to figure out things by using timeframes the Palins were putting out.  Now, we know more and we see she was probably right about things that got written off way back when.

It’s part of the Cold Case Evidence. I think it needs review.  In my next post, I’ll point out some things, compare how they line up with facts disclosed since Sue spoke out, and give some opinions. But first, each of you can play detective (or Wasilla gossip ) for yourselves.  Please share whatever looks important from your set of knowledge. We are all in this together.

Below are all the Sue Williams posts from Mudflats: Off to the Land of Palins  

Posted on August 30, 2008

Sue Williams (12:31:50) :
To the person who commented on Sarah’s hair – no, it’s what happens when one has hair extensions – which Sarah, at one time, don’t know about now, had.
Re: babygate – I don’t know what’s being reported. Here, however, is the truth. Trig is Sarah and Todd’s baby.
When Sarah first learned she was pregnant, it was shocking and overwhelming. While she and Todd had not planned to have anymore children, it is common knowledge among their family and friends that neither of them ever surgically insured that they wouldn’t have any “late in life” surprises/blessings.
This, to me, showed a disturbing lack of judgement. If you want to ask the citizens of a state to let you run the state for four years, to me she and Todd should have thought ahead and determined that the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy wouldn’t have been prudent for either the child, their family, their extended family (who are the ones who end up helping them raise their current four children) or the citizens of the state.
They either didn’t think this through, or didn’t care. Not sure. But, either way, to me and to others, it was a lack of foresight and judgement.
But it is the same vein – this lack of judgement – Sarah showed, on the campaign trail for governor, when asked who would raise her children should she win, she promptly stated that Todd would quit his job and stay at home with the kids (Todd works a “Slope” week on/week off schedule).
Sarah was elected and then – whoops. Todd didn’t like the stay at home gig – so Sarah, citing they needed money for the kid’s college (even though Track enlisted in the military) said Todd was returning to work. When asked about her statements on the campaign trail about how Todd would quit his job, Sarah said she’d actually never talked to him about what they would do if she was elected (in terms of his employment) and that she’d spoken out of turn when she spoke for him stating he’d quit his job.
Again, call me picky, but this is the kind of bizarre judgement Sarah routinely displays. Are you kidding me that she would run for governor and she and her husband would somehow not think to have a conversation about what to do with their four school aged kids? That’s insane. So, either her judgement is super goofy, or she wasn’t telling the truth. Either way, it’s not reassuring to now think this is someone who would be one 72 year old heartbeat away from having to call shots for the country/world.
So Todd trots himself back to work and Sarah is busy traipsing around the state and the nation. The kids are “farmed out” (this is the word used by thier associates in “the Valley”) to family and friends to raise while Todd and Sarah are off having their respective careers (Sarah is famously quoted as saying, “My mom does whatever I need her to”).
During this period is when Bristol, Sarah’s sixteen year old daughter, turns up pregnant. So, it’s kind of interesting to note that the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and her sixteen year old junior in high school unwed daughter were carrying babies at the same time. Once Bristol’s condition became more obvious this summer, she was whisked out of sight and hasn’t been seen in public until yesterday in Ohio. This is why Trig’s blanket was strung across her entire abdomen and torso, but, when she walked down the stairs from the stage, in a profile shot, it was very clear to see she is well into her third trimester of her pregnancy.
It has come out in the past couple of days that she and her high school boyfriend had a quickie wedding and that she is home schooling her senior year.
The Anchorage Daily News has known about this for months – and haven’t touched the story. But I can’t imagine the national press or the Democratic Party will be as willing to turn a blind eye.
For me, once again it speaks to judgement. We all – every single one of us – even Sarah’s closest friends in the Valley (I know, I’ve been speaking to them) know she is in no way qualified for this position. At all.
But then, why would she accept the nomination, knowing that Bristol’s situation will come to light and knowing her hunger for national and international acclaim and attention will carry with it a mighty high price for her seventeen year old daughter who had absent parents last year and who turned up pregnant.
How embarrassing will it be for Bristol once the news (or the baby) comes out and not just the Valley, not just Alaska, not just the USA – but Bristol will be known the world over as the seventeen year old unwed – then quickly wed senior-in-high-school-homeschooled-teenage mom and daughter to the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee?
How hard will that degree of scrutiny and shame be?
How does one do that to one’s daughter?
How does one dash about the country for the next 66 days trying to pull off an image of the devoted mother of five when she, by and large, isn’t the one raising them and when one of them – her daughter, is in a truly vulnerable point in life; not to say anything about the needs of Trig. But maybe he doesn’t count, except as a talking point or a photo prop. But this is a person, a little boy who is going to require a tremendous amount of time and attention. From his mother.
This is okay?

Sue Williams (13:07:22)  
Hello One Love. I live in this Valley. I know the Heath/Palin families. I am a proud Republican. And I’m a conservative. Frankly, if Democrats realized how socialistic and liberal Sarah is in her governing stances, probably they’d welcome her on the ticket.
My points were directed at her judgement. I do not trust Sarah’s judgement.
Just like her decision, once her water broke while, according to her, she was in the middle of delivering an address in Texas, and she decided she “just couldn’t deliver her baby in Texas,” so she hopped on two flights and flew for ten hours plus back to Alaska where Trig was born just a couple hours later.
She is 44. She knew she had a medically classified high risk pregnancy. She knew she was carrying a special needs baby. She knew she was in active labor one month prior to her due date. She knew her water had broken (which means she is in what is considered medically active labor) when she chose to put herself on two long flights.
This is sound judgement?
This is not sound judgement.
I will not vote for Sarah to be one heart beat away from having to make decisions that effect every citizen of our country on matters of national security. She has demonstrated to me that she is faulty in making decisions of security and safety when it comes to her own children.

Sue Williams (18:27:02) :
Dear Logician – that was funny to read! I am only reporting what I hear constantly from Sarah and Todd’s “inner circle” (it sounds so funny saying that about anyone in this Valley. It’s way too high brow sounding – and truly, the more you hear about SP, we’re certainly not high brow around these parts. By. Any. Stretch.)
Fine if I’m wrong. I was just hanging out with people who are close friends with the Heath family the last two days and this is what I’ve heard.
Who cares if I’m wrong (I’m not). Obviously in the next 48 hours or so I imagine a reporter will try to weasel around the Secret Service and ask her personally. I assume she must have mentioned the whole scenario to McCain, right? She wouldn’t have blindsided him with this -? But, I don’t know. That was the discussion around these parts this morning – How much did McCain know about the baby stuff and how much did he know about Troopergate (like, the interesting little fact that she’s been caught multiple times the past six weeks not telling the truth).
This, I think, is what will finally get her. She can’t be prepping for the cursory answers she’s going to have to memorize on every national and intl issue – AND remember what she said when and to whom re: her Troopergate cover-up attempts. I know this coming week is when the special counsel up here was supposed to depose her.
My. My. It’s not gonna be pretty. Anyway, Logic whomever – think what you will. No worries.

Sue Williams (19:13:49) :
Hey Logician – actually Sarah’s doc is Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, a family physician, who, a few years back, was awarded some sort of national Family Doctor of the Year award. CBJ (as she is known in these parts) wouldn’t lie. I think if you go back and read the more-or-less cover-up article put out by the Anchorage Daily News (adn) during this situation, where Sarah talks about conferring with CBJ, and CBJ is interviewed, CBJ was pretty careful not to say she felt like the travel was wise – but Sarah tried to pass it off as if she had CBJ’s approval.
Trust me, Sir, this is a Valley of few secrets. Everyone knows everyone and everything. There’s no way at all the hospital staff would be able/be willing to pull off that kind of a cover-up.
If Barack and Joe want to win this thing, it’s certainly their’s for the taking. They’ll have to be careful not to act condesending or bullying of Sarah, b/c she can pull out the sympathy card like nothing you’ve ever seen. Men swoon; women roll their eyes.
McCain didn’t choose her for the female votes, sillies. He chose her for the male vote. She does that little batting of her eyes and the aw-golly-gee-shucks-I’m the poor little damsel in distress routine and the guys just knock themselves out eating it up.
Oh, and while we’re on it. Watch Sarah drop her “-ing’s” This has driven so many of us in AK to distraction and beyond, it’s so Appalachian sounding (sorry West Virginians). Everything is huntin’, fishin’, votin’, fightin’ — you get the idea.
SNL is going to have a field day. I wish McCain could have thought that one point through a wee bit more…..

Sue Williams (19:57:07) :
Hey Logic – I didn’t say nobody tells lies. Goodness, read the accounts of Sarah at andrew and at the for the past six weeks. Make up your own mind about whether Sarah and her closest associates in her Administration were telling lies (hint: her close aide, Frank Bailey is now on leave with pay b/c he was caught in the most pathetic, on tape, lying shenanigan). But, do I think CBJ, Sarah’s doc, would lie? I do not think so.
Houston – her mayoral races were like a stroll through the park on a hot summer day. Her dad has basically taught everyone out here when they were in middle school science. She won her last mayoral race with less than 1,000 votes. It takes more than that to win a seat on the Valley’s school board.
What hasn’t been reported, at least not much, is that she was unemployed for almost three years before becoming gov. So, people talk about how she was gov for two years – make that 20 months. And before that? Unemployed for almost three years. She ran for mayor on a line of Positively Palin. Everyone knew her and her family. It wasn’t a nasty race.
The race for gov wasn’t exactly “nasty” either. She played the sympathy card constantly. It’s weird how people who aren’t paying attention will fall for it.
She ran for gov against the LEAST LIKED GOV IN THE UNION. His positive numbers were single digits. The local dog catcher could have run and won. Come on, people. This IS Alaska. She won b/c she got in the race so early and I think it kept more qualified people out. Also, the former gov took forever to decide if he’d run for reelection. If he hadn’t, the other guy on the Rep. side would have walked away with the win easily. But, the old gov and the other guy – John Binkley, who was the favorite in the business/thinking community – didn’t count on Sarah being served up no scrutiny in the press. The local press just ran pictures of her and whatdoyaknow? She won. And now she’ll apparently be VP and possilbly president.
The only thing – business wise – she did while being unemployed for almost three years, was to file for a business license she called Cou Rouge or Rouge Cou (I don’t know French). But it means “redneck” in French. Sarah wanted to start a local political consulting firm.
Scary indeed.

Sue Williams (20:57:00) :
Hey Haiki Loving Logic – My gosh. Give up the “doc could have lied shtick.” Okay. I suppose it’s not out of the realm of the possible. How do I know CBJ? She happens to be my doctor. That’s how I know her.
One thing I’m seeing very clearly: The rest of the country has NO IDEA how small town life in this Valley is. I never go anywhere without running into multiple people I know. Everyone knows everyone and everyone talks. It’s kind of sweet and quaint if you like the small town gig – but people from larger metro areas can’t really understand how small towns work if they’ve never lived in one. (Visiting doesn’t count. You have to live here long enough to know half the folks).
Part of this is kind of starting to be funny for me – though, from a Valley Perspective (for anyone who wants to hear this) yesterday felt like someone had died. People were walking around saying how they wanted to throw up. Truly. I’ve never heard (or read, try andrew or so many people describe feeling like they were going to get physically sick and vomit). That’s how CRAZY this sounded to all of us. (fyi – on those blogs, esp the adn site you’ll find a posse of Palinbots – as they’re referred to up here – who think she can do no wrong. These are what we call “bumper sticker” citizens. If an idea is too long for a bumper sticker, it’s too complicated for them to try and wrap their minds around. These people, by and large, compose Sarah’s base. The 80% approval numbers you all – and presumably McCain – heard of where wrong).
But today, I’m torn between being angry and being sad and being shocked and — well, finding this whole thing so gosh darned funny. When EVERYONE except the bumper sticker citz KNOW beyond any shadow of any doubt that there is no way Sarah is qualified for this post – well, it makes me just shake my head as a Republican.
The chatter now is whether she’ll survive the first two weeks – what with her upcoming deposition this week on Troopergate matters and the brewing baby questions. Will Sarah be another Eagleton? And, if so, will she be as gracious as Chuck Kopp was less than a month ago when she tapped him to be Commissioner of Public Safety without vetting him worth squat (it came out almost immediately he had a scandal in his past). She held onto him for two weeks before the pressure became overbearing and she let him go (with a nice $15,000  severance check that she didn’t disclose until it was reported on a local blog). Will she be as gracious as Chuck Kopp if and when McCain wakes up to his insanity and realizes he has to find someone who actually knows something about the job?

Sue Williams posts August 31, 2008

Sue Williams (08:34:00) :
You all are a hoot. Kind of. You have no idea how surreal this whole pick is for Alaskans. NO ONE up here that I know – beside “bumper sticker citz” think Sarah is ready for – heck, the Senate, let alone VP or the White House. It’s truly crazy.
Here are the facts – and really, if you want to spend time trying to understand Sarah, my best advice to you is to go to Andrew and read the past six weeks worth of his blog entries and the comments section – or, the Anchorage Daily News ( The ADN is very Palin friendly (the staff is all hoping she’ll bring them on board her Administration – cynical? Yes. But, kind of true, too. She rewarded the editor with a nice post in DC once she was elected gov).
Re: the pregnancy stuff. I wouldn’t bother trying to track down anymore photos. Some I’ve seen have the wrong dates assoicated with them anyway. Sarah gave birth to Trig. Many of us in Alaska speculated she kept her mouth shut b/c she didn’t want people in DC to know when she went there in Feb (it allowed her to get to talk VP speculation). By the end of the preg (like late March, early April) she did look pregnant – her face got full and she only wore black changing out her scarves for color.
Trig is Sarah and Todd’s baby. She was very open (once she told everyone she was pregnant) that learning she was pregnant was a difficult thing, let alone learning he had Down’s. Sarah is amazingly ambitious. She doesn’t like to let anything stop her – clearly, she, and all of us, and anyone with a functioning mind, saw this pregnancy as taking her out of VP speculation. But, what do you know, John McCain I guess, doesn’t have a functioning mind.
Bristol Palin is pregnant. She is well into her third trimester. She has been out of sight in Alaska for the past couple months. I learned the morning we all heard Sarah was chosen that Bristol and her high school boyfriend had had a quickie wedding. So, at least Sarah’s grandchild won’t be born to an unwed teenage mother, just a teenage, senior in high school mother.
When Todd and Sarah first learned Bristol was pregnant, they were “devastated” – which parents wouldn’t be? Sarah said she knew the scrutiny of the press would be hard for Bristol to take.
And then Sarah decides it’s okay to run for VP? If she thought the press in down home Alaska – a press corp who has given her family a free pass and who, even tho they’ve known about Bristol’s pregnancy for months, hasn’t touched it with a ten foot pole – if Sarah thought Alaska’s press would be hard for Bristol to bear, just exactly what did she think the nation’s press pool would be like? Or the fact that by accepting McCain’s offer to join the ticket, Sarah knew full well Bristol will become the most well known pregnant high school senior ON THE PLANET.
Apparently that’s what blind ambition does for you, folks. It blinds you to the hearts and needs and lives and emotions and futures of everyone around you – incl. your own daughter who, God only knows how she’ll bear up under the shock and shame when this story finally comes out.
No thank you. I would like a VP candidate who puts the lives of the people she’s supposed to be caring for first, above her own. Since, for social reasons (abortion and gay issues) I can’t in my conscience vote for Obama, I’ll show up in the booth this Nov and vote for congressional races then slip out before casting a vote for people who have no business being given the responsibility and honor of running our nation.
This whole thing is sick. Sick.

Sue Williams (09:02:45) :
Hey Clever Else – so funny you think I’m a plant and that my story got “better and better.” So, I guess you think the truth got better and better.
Am I somehow not being clear? Sarah Palin would be a DISASTER as VP. In my opinion she’s been a disaster as governor.
Are you a plant?

Sue Williams (09:56:01) :
Oh my gosh, you guys. Please. What do I care if Trig is Bristol’s baby? Maybe he was and now she’s pregnant again. I don’t know. That seems unlikely to me. Look, all I can tell you is Bristol is pregnant. Have you never lived in a small town? When one hears this “rumor” (and okay, I admit, I never heard it straight from Sarah’s mouth) but have heard it from close to 20 people who are all long time friends of the family. Maybe they are all lying – and have been lying since April of this year when Willow’s boyfriend (Willow is the 8th grader) wouldn’t shut up about how Bristol was pregnant. The story came out (not by the news, of course, because all four reporters in this state wanted Sarah to choose them next for some cool govt post) but by everyone whose anyone around here (and it’s not a hard job to be an “everyone” when there’s so few of us).
What I’m seeing is that America doesn’t know how small towns work. You either lead the lily pure white life, or you move to a city, or, when your child turns up pregnant at 16, you hide her somewhere. That’s what happened here. Now, apparently, Sarah is keeping Bristol on the bus with Trig while she makes her appearances.
This must be the problem with conspirators, when the truth stares them straight in the eyes, they don’t know how to recongize it. Please.

Sue Williams (10:03:54) :
Hey Laura – now there’s a good question, because the “Bristol got a quickie wedding” remark I heard from a friend was Friday morning while all this was hitting the fan in AK. If she really is married, there would have to be a public document somewhere. I suppose checking up here or checking Idaho (where it was presumed she was sent) would be the natural choices to look. I really questioned the person who told me, but they were adament that they’d been told the truth about the wedding. It kind of made sense to me (I mean would McCain really choose a woman who has an unwed pregnant home schooled daughter for VP?). But then, would McCain really choose a mother who has a wed pregnant homeschooled teenager for VP?
Oh God, please save the Republic from this Insanity.

Sue Williams (10:11:42) :
Hey Clever Else. No worries. I know it must be beyond bizarre to think any of this is truly happening. Well, welcome to my world. I’ve had to live in it (crazy, insane, nonsensical Alaskan politics) for most of my life. But Friday’s announcement took the Insane to depths even I didn’t know existed.
If you can tear yourself away from the Sarah Stuff, sometime, just to clear your head, read up on our Congressman, Don Young.
He, all by his little wacky self, would provide enough material for Jon Stewart and the Colberg guy for a year. A year, I tell you.
Do you know that a growing number of former legislators (like one of our most recent Speakers of the House) populate federal pens up and down the West Coast? You can’t make this stuff up. Really. I wish you could, I promise. I wish, desperately, this wasn’t real time. But, it is what it is. Sarah is what she is and once the nation finds out, and once conservatives find out, and the Christian community finds out and heck, even good old John McCain finds out who and what Sarah Palin really is, then it’s all over.
But will they find out before the election?
That’s the only question.

Sue Williams (10:24:20) :
My gosh, Logic. I thought you had calmed down. With all your Haiku talk, you’re a wee bit uptight – and I’m going to have to take a break here to go to church. Look: I’m assuming you and I couldn’t be more far apart politically.
Here’s who I am: Christian, wife, mom, business woman, proud (except for the past 42 hours) Alaskan, proud (except for the past 42 hours) American.
I know Sarah Palin. While I’m sure she has redemptive qualities; there are just so many reasons there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I would ever support her candidacy. Sarah is all about spin, spin, spin.
I’m not. You either are who you are, or get out. Sarah promotes the notion that she is the devoted and doting mom. But just do the math – while she has been running around the state, and now the nation, trying to advance herself, four children, who she and her husband made, are at home and could use a little mom time. There’s just not enough hours in poor Sarah’s day.
That, right there, I will look forward to my brothers and sisters in the Christian community trying to defend.
I remember very well when she ran for Lt. Gov in 2002. I didn’t know her nearly as well and was planning to vote for her. Then another woman and I got into a conversation. When she heard I was going to vote for Sarah she asked if I was a Christian. I said I was, and a very devoted one at that. Then she said, “How can you as a Christian and a mother support voting for someone to a position that will take them out of the daily life of their children for significant amounts of the time?”
I know this point is so anti-feminist. But it made me think. At the time Piper was like a year old or so. I chose to vote for another candidate. Then, by the time she ran for gov I’d seen enough of her and her self-serving ways that I knew there was no way I’d vote for her (actually, that was a secondary reason. I didn’t agree with her views on getting AK’s gas to market – but that’s another story).
Got to go. I’ll say a prayer for you, Logic. And for the nation. If ever we needed our eyes opened, it’s now.
Sue Williams (13:26:11) :
Oh my gosh, Logic – you’ve almost convinced me about your Bristol theory. But, in the middle of it all is a 17 year old young woman who is going to need a lot of mom time. Not to mention 4 month old Trig who could use some Mommy time, too. 

The above-mentioned theory of Logic who challenged the credibility of Sue:
The Logician (10:48:21) :
There are two theories here. Biologically speaking, they can’t both be true. Theory #1 is that young Trigonometry is not Sarah’s son, but her grandson by Bristol Palin. With the Down Syndrome possibly related to incest. Theory #2 is that Trig is Sarah’s son, and that Bristol is currently pregnant by her high school boyfriend.
I lean strongly toward Theory #1, although I’m agnostic on the incest angle. I think Theory #2 is a distraction planted by Sue Williams.

Sue Williams then goes quiet. People comment on it, much as they have on MeAgain’s absence.  But her name and her words made one more appearance on September 3, 2008 in an article on Seattle People Examiner reporter Laura Vecsey wrote:

Up there in Wasilla, Alaska, a local chef and caterer named Sue Williams has been hitting the message boards hard about Alaska governor Sarah Palin…
We called Ms.Williams today to chat about her, um, chattiness regarding Palin. Sue Williams said the entire town is "very excited" about what's happening. Sue was busy… Asked if there was any reason to doubt whether Sarah Palin, who believes the Iraq War is God's plan, could not be the next Vice President of the United States of America, one heartbeat away from becoming the leader of the free world, Sue Williams gave a thumbs up.
"No reason why not,'' Williams said.
Of course, considering that there could be a wedding in Wasilla soon, now that Bristol Palin is alleged to be marrying her boyfriend , this could be good for business for Specialty Catering. Today, Bristol and her beau, Levi, [picture] were greeted in Minnesota by John McCain.
Is this a future wedding for which Specialty Catering will cater?

Ms. Vecsey then included pieces of the Mudflats comments you read earlier. Nothing new at all.  Not one single thing. What happened to the woman? She  answered “No reason why not,” only three days after using the words “sick” and “scary” to describe Palin and her potential to serve in Washington! And, when reached by phone, this woman who spent hours on a blog site (granted, it was on a weekend) said she was “busy” and presumably brushed off the reporter? Interesting.

Today, when you put “Sue Williams” and “Wasilla” into a search engine, one of the matched items is an obituary for someone by that name who passed away six months ago at the age of 69 . Was that “our” Sue Williams? We may never know.  Keep digging, Truthers, before the trail grows any colder, and share, share, share!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Blogging Less Bickering

Cold cases are sometimes reopened or solved when the old evidence is revisited. With that in mind, I spent  hours rereading what was written on the blogs in late March and early April 2009. It was the timeframe when Mercede told a tabloid that her brother and Bristol had broken up and shortly thereafter, Levi, Sadie and Sherrie appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. 

I wanted to watch once again, the Tyra interview in full. Guess what? I can’t find it.

Evidence is disappearing. Links to pictures, websites, Flickr accounts, and YouTube videos no longer work. Rupert Murdoch’s recent problems overseas have taken a toll, too. Sherrie’s interview where she’s describes how the kids must have been “sneaking around” ? Gone.

Now, those who could be considered veteran readers of “anti-Palin blogs” know that links to Bree Palin’s site stopped working long ago; I’ve always thought that was a shame. Still, call me naive, I thought we’d always have Tyra Banks interviewing an eighteen-year-old Levi in his blue sweater vest, Mercede in her Barbie-pink micro mini, and Sherrie swearing that the tears she shed when she learned the news were because she was thrilled with the thought of becoming a grandma.  Classic moments in Palin/Johnston land.
Look for yourselves, you’ll find snippets here and there. The Young Turks reported on what they thought was important, but they don’t see what we might see, and they weren’t even accurate on easy stuff. (Case in point – they said Levi got a tattoo for an engagement ring and Bristol “got nothing.” Not true, Levi bought her a ring. She wore her diamond at the RNC, there are pictures.) Sorry for the detour, I get annoyed when Levi gets an undeserved kick in the shins and Bristol gets undeserved sympathy.  

So if we can’t trust the “lamestream" and alternative media to be archivists and historians, who are we to trust?  Ourselves, that’s who!   Trust the community of anti-Palin bloggers and readers and contributors. WE have amassed first hand accounts. And we must continue to grab screen shots, save text, and make written observations.
Though we may bicker and disagree at times, in the end the objective is met, a record is created. We take apart every idea, follow every lead, pool our resources of saved links and photos, and by doing so, get a little closer to exposing the truth. Keep on! And as far as it is possible, do so respectfully.

Here are examples of good information we as a group, created.  Though the videos are gone, descriptions remain. You’ll see that these eye-witness accounts of the Tyra Banks broadcast posted on Palin’s Deceptions the day of the show raised good questions about Trig, Tripp, and the truth (I’m not cleaning up typos or spelling, this is as is):

>I noticed it When Levi said, "that time, I kinda knew what it was." --this was when Bristol called him over to tell him she was pregnant. "That time"? Why because she'd told you this once before, in much the same way?

>And he said it took a while for them to convince Sarah... He said she thought we were kidding. That matches the UK tabloid account, doesn't it?

>Tyra says Levi was a seventeen year old dad.  Levi turned eighteen in May of the year Tripp was born.  Levi may very well have been a dad at seventeen, but not because of Tripp.

>I also noticed the look Levi passed to Mercede & Mom. Sherri was speaking and saying that she had Tripp for a few times while Bristol was at school or working. Could it be that Sarah didn't know about that? Now she does.

>There supposed to be no picture of Tripp with Levi's family. Sherri took care of Tripp on few occasions...Nobody thought of taking a picture then? hard to believe.

>Levi is wearing a ring on the Tyra show. There’s been more than one ring.

>Told my momma first. She started crying.
>Mercede and her mother specifically said in the interview how sad they were that they couldn't take pictures of Tripp. If all they have are pictures of Mercede standing by Levi holding a different baby, maybe its not so ridiculous that they would use those pictures to convey the mood they want.  But I do agree its very interesting that there is this picture where Mercede looks so overjoyed to be standing next to her brother who is tenderly holding a tiny baby...

>Tripp's birth day - in the interview didn't they say a lot of Bristol's friends were there - so that kinda confirms the birthday, I think it would be way way way to hard to get so many people to cover up if it happened on a different date. So that does throw a monkey wrench into some timeline theories a little - exceot for the timeline that perhaps Trig's birthday was earlier then stated.

>"If all they have are pictures of Mercede standing by Levi holding a different baby, maybe its not so ridiculous that they would use those pictures to convey the mood they want."  Oh, I disagree. If that were the case, they'd say, look, all we have are pictures they let us take of Trig, we'd be so happy if we had pictures of Tripp too.. I mean, why on earth would they be thrilled and excited over Trig? Supposedly, he's not their baby. I can concede a general sense of pleasure in a new baby; I've experienced that, when friends have a baby... and I've experienced the overwhelming joy that comes with a beautiful healthy grandson.  

Showing a picture of Trig was weird. There really isn't any reason for it, when they were there to discuss Levi, Bristol, Tripp and the Johnston's relations with the Palins

>I also noticed that Tyra says that Levi was a 17-year old dad and that Levi is 18 now. Actually, Levi was 18 when Tripp was born, but was 17 when Trig was born.

>Levi and his family did not trash the Palins. They were respectful. And it is not a fair fight at all to have spokespersons on the government payroll, on a political PAC payroll, to be pouncing on the Johnstons. The Palin statement is incorrect at least regarding whether Levi stayed over at the Palin household, because in the People magazine article that came out January 19, it states:
"Since the birth of Sarah Palin's first grandchild on Dec. 27, life at the Alaska governor's four-bedroom Wasilla home has gotten a lot busier--and a bit more crowded. Not only has tiny Tripp moved in with mom Bristol, but dad Levi Johnston has been staying over too."

>Additionally, in the Tyra interview, when she was trying to get him to agree that he could send a message about how if you're not always using safe sex, you can get pregnant, I thought I saw in his eyes that he was not at all down with that notion; previously he had said he was exited to find out that Bristol was pregnant. I think he loves being a Dad and wouldn't change anything, and isn't sorry at all that they have a child(ren), just sorry that Bristol and the Palins are putting obstacles up into his seeing his son(s).

>I gotta say, I'm totally on board with the Johnstons at this point, and I'd really like to know what REALLY changed btw Bristol and Sadie to lead to their estrangement. If it is merely that Sadie has friends who are former girlfriends of Levi's, that is an extremely petty (IMO) reason for Bristol's anger.

Every statement above contradicts something one or another of the Palins or Johnstons has said other places, other times, or in books. I’m not going to detail them now, the point is, we need to keep blogging. We need to recognize new versions of stories or we could miss a lead that could pay off once and for all.  We need everyone and we should not fire at our own troops.

Veteran bloggers are so important to all of this. We need you and yes, of course we will continue to read you. People have loved you and have sent kudos and money and atta-boys.  But there’s room at the table for everyone, every newbie like me, everyone who has had a falling out with anyone else, and every blogger yet to come. It’s a potluck dinner. Each one brings what they do best. If you don’t like my three-bean salad of a blog offering today, come back tomorrow, I’ll make apple pie.
Just saying, every blog starts out new. There was a time in March 2009 when Gryphen didn’t know Mercede Johnston didn’t have and “s” on her first name when he talked about the Star magazine report. We all learn as we go.  The important thing  for anyone taking up blogging as a Trig Truther is that the efforts be honest.

As for readers, what makes a comment valuable is that it be made in a spirit of adding value to the discussion. Snark and spelling correction is getting tiresome on some sites. That’s MHO.

Next post is underway. I’ll talk about some things that go back to these ancient of days and suggest that we might have been a bit hasty, as a community, to write off some clues that didn’t fit our preconceived notions.  We’ve got new information since then and I think it fits a new paradigm. 

Be back soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Did Tripp Get THAT Name?

What Kind of a Name is Tripp? It's a Palin kind of name. 

September 8, 2008, while we were all wondering just who this Palin tribe was that had been unleashed upon us from Alaska, said:

Many jokes have been made about the Palin children's unusual names. They weren't randomly chosen. In fact, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin selected names that reflect the family's personal history and shared passions.

Whether she understood it or not, when Bristol named her son Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston’s she continued the tradition of giving him a name that was the epitome of “personal history and shared passions.”  

Shailey Tripp, a woman, a mother, and a licensed massage therapist worked for a time in Wasilla and was on a  call-in list to help out at the local school where Palin children were enrolled in the fall of 2006. Ms. Tripp has a blog and a personal history with the Palins that she talks about openly. (On Friday's she has an open discussion. Find her here.)

According to Ms. Tripp,  the Tripp and Palin personal history and shared passions include bad behavior in school by one of the daughters, resulting in a note being sent home.  Todd and Shailey met as a result of the school problem, and thereafter there were emails between them. Shailey gave Todd a necktie as a gift. Todd visited Ms. Tripp for her professional services as a masseuse. Sarah did, too, at least once in early 2008.  After a while, Todd asked for sexual favors, paid for them, and sent other men to see Ms. Tripp with the expectation that they, too would be serviced sexually.

Now that’s a personal history of shared passions! 

So, why would Bristol name her child after this embarrassing and morally soiled saga in Palin history?  

Both Bristol and Levi say it was Bristol’s idea to name the baby Tripp.  They agree on so few facts, I’ve got to take this one without question.

Bristol doesn’t explain the name in her book except to say she decided she wanted a T name, to go with Todd, Track , and Trig.

Levi says (page 140 of Deer in the Headlights) the name was “picked out – actually way before Brisol had even conceived.  “Trip was a character in one of those psycho scrambler motocross films. Trip Carlyle.  It had a nice ring to it.  Bristol added the second “p.”

But later, he takes it back, sort of.  On page 262 he says :

It had all just become too much. All the bullshit was static in my head...[Bristol ]stumbled over her words when questioned about Tripp’s seeing his dad since she’d moved  to Maricope [AZ} --- then added that she’d bring my son to me in Alaska whenever I wanted…

I was sure she wouldn’t even remember having said it. It was like her explanation for Tripp’s name choice. Total makeup. I couldn’t even remember what the hell she’d said and I bet she’d forgotten, too. No one has a good enough memory to make a good liar.

He remembered the Trip Carlyle character from earlier in the book, but perhaps Bristol has given other explanations of the name?  That, I don’t know. So I checked out the movie and I confirmed with a quick internet search that “Supercross,” a movie that meets Levi’s description was in theaters in late summer 2005. The main characters are two brothers, one is Trip Carlyle, and top-billed female role was a character named, ironically, Piper Cole.

Because of the Piper connection I’m giving Bristol a break on this.  For now, I’m believing that she heard those names – Trip and Piper – together through the movie about these XXX motorcross rugged racers and something clicked in her not-yet-fifteen-year-old head. She said, I want to name my first boy Trip and that’s what she did.

That said, I wonder if the second “p” was suggested by someone who had “personal history and shared passions” with Shailey Tripp.  

Maybe it was suggested by someone for their very own private amusement. 

And, if it was only jokingly suggested at first, that joke turned into a nightmare. (Karma, anyone?)

Maybe this was someone who had a secret that made them smile to themself when they thought no one knew what they’d done.  This person would have to be confident the truth would never come out.

Who would have been close enough to Bristol for her to share her idea for the baby’s name and to have any influence? Hmmm… someone she loved, listened to, looked up to.

Any ideas?