Friday, March 30, 2012

What's in Mercede's Safe?

Yup, Sadie has a safe. No, not a locked box in a bank with a few stocks and maybe her grandmother's wedding ring. Nor am I talking about  a money box with a little padlock  or combination lock.  I'm talking about a real safe. The sort of thing that can't be easily broken into or easily stolen from your house or office. 

Why does Mercede Johnston, unemployed 20 year old whose claim to fame is being the aunt of a Palin spawn, need one of those?  Even if being in Playboy’s September issue paid well enough to have money left over after trips, expensive gifts for family and friends and to keep her in manicures, highlights, and designer jeans for a year-  even if that were true, a bank is the place for that kind of money.   

A safe is only necessary if you have things that someone may break in to steal.  That could be money - if one has a need for lots of ready cash.  Safes are a must have for the Todd Palins of the world - no banks, no records, lots of cash - but this is Levi's pretty, young, spunky sister Sadie I'm talking about.  I don't see cash on hand as the reason for a safe.

Unless there's unreported income from Babygate. That's not so far-fetched.  Babygate income in large amounts wouldn't be deposited in an account. Palins wouldn't want it to be traceable. That something Todd knows all about.

Okay, that's one plausible scenario. Here's another. Sadie is the keeper of Trig's birth certificate. Or a copy.  Because when he was born, Levi thought that was his son.  That's a wild guess. 

But the bet I'd make, is that Sadie has photos the Palins don't want released. Or, a twist on that would be Sadie wants the Palins to believe she has photos that would do them great damage. 

No one disagrees with this fact - Mercede is the keeper of the Johnston family photos.  In Deer in the Headlights, Levi talked about her being a shutterbug.  On her own blog she said she has and always has had a camera with her. 

In 2008, Sadie's MySpace pictures went viral as soon as the news outlets gave us the Palin kid's names and pajama-clad bloggers and their readers logged into MySpace.  The McCain campaign didn't know about Sadie's MySpace, or Levi's for that matter.  Obscure bloggers and their readers found them and witnessed history being erased. Things began disappearing while the world watched.  Below is a comment from a blog that briefly batted around the Babygate questions; in response to someone suggesting that "Suchandrika" had photoshopped a screenshot of then-mystery girl Sadie's MySpace:

Mercede Johnston's picture stash may well be the biggest reason for the placement of McCain operatives in the house.  Sadie was naiive back then. She didn't protect her valuables.  She is older and wiser now. Sadie has a safe.

When we learned in 2010 that her computer was wiped clean during the McCain/Palin campaign,  she exaggerated the story, leading us to conclude she had no copies of the lost pictures.  People felt sorry for her. Some clicked the PayPal button on her blog, reinforcing the message that photos = cash.

I say reinforcing because it was Sadie who sold Star magazine a picture of  infant Tripp in March, 2009 for $5,000 (according to "Not Afraid of Life"), and it was Sadie who made the "mistake" of including a  picture of Levi holding baby Trig in the Palin kitchen when turning over Tripp pictures to the Tyra Banks Show staff when the Johnstons made their first television appearance one month later, April 2009.  

Palin's Deceptions was quick to pick up on the new Trig siting,  and the anti-Palin blogworld lit up. The photo of Levi cuddling Trig had not been seen before, and it was easy to date - it belonged with the Triggybear set.  

 If the Palins were as surprised as we were to see that picture, they, too, must have thought "What other pictures has Sadie still got?"   Remember - the computer hard drive was replaced, stolen, or scrubbed in the fall of 2008, so  Sadie's photo collection was supposed to have disappeared. But here was an early 2008 picture of Trig.  Oh my. Big. Potential. Problem.

If we could track the money, figure out when it first began to flow into the Johnston home, it might be right after this one-two set of photo punches that 17 year old Sadie threw. At that time, Sherrie was facing felony drug charges,  Sadie was in high school, Levi had dropped out and was unemployed.  A year later, when they  were evicted, so to speak, because Keith stopped paying the mortgage, Sadie was sad to leave her childhood home, but she had money to decorate her new room, drove a new car (small, but new) and pimp it out with pink HD headlights and headrest televisions.  Where did the money come from to decorate the room for Tripp?  Get a French manicure? Put gasoline in the car? Buy lots of designer jeans. LOTS of $150 - 200 jeans!

Then came summer 2010 and a second engagement. Bristol got another ring from Levi. She got something else, too. Levi's pictures. 

That was when I realized that the few photos I had of me and Bristol were gone. I only had had, maybe, five...Not anymore. The envelope where I kept them was gone...I asked her about it once, when I met her to get Tripp and, behind his head, she gave me the bird. (Deer in the Headlights pg 252)

Sadie is smarter than her brother.  Since that first loss of pictures, the one during the campaign, she keeps photos in a safe place. They come out one at a time, as needed. 

Remember the “found this in a shoebox” release of a young Levi in a green t-shirt holding Trig in the hospital after he was born. That was posted June 24 , 2011 on Immoral Minority. Bristol's book,  in which she essentially was accusing Levi of rape, had come out three days before. Not very likely that this was a coincidence. Bristol trashed Levi. Mercede gave us a picture.  If Bristol doesn't watch out, Mercede can talk about that picture and tell much more than who is in it. Much more.

Seeing her nephew is  what Aunt Mercede claims to want  more than anything money can buy, but we all learn sooner or later that we can't always get what we want.  Compromises can be worked out when people try hard enough. 

When Mercede Johnston goes public with an old picture that we haven’t seen before, you have to wonder if it's a message. This week  she posted an old picture of Levi to her Facebook  page.   You can see it below along with her current Facebook profile picture. (For those who are new to all this - that is a January 2012 picture of Sadie is  holding her nephew Tripp).

The question for Mercede today is, why the long look back?  Has there been too much chatter lately about Tripp’s paternal genes? Or are you reminding Bristol, herself, who fathered the boy?  Does this have anything to do with Bristol’s disapproval of Auntie Sadies' upcoming Playboy redux?

Oh, again for very new Truthers, now that she's an adult, Mercede Johnston makes money from selling pictures of herself, too. So what if she's posed for Playboy?That's her business. Her body. Her choice. The Tripp, Keith Johnston and Levi picture in 2009 wasn't hers to release, but she was young and the money probably impressed her. That's all I'll say about that.

Seeing her nephew is what Aunt Mercede continually claims is what she wants more than anything money can buy.  She does like things money can buy, though.  She has a walk-in closet full of  designer jeans, Coach sneakers in every color, Coach purses,  takes extended vacations to resort areas and expensive theme parks, and goes shopping while most of us go to work. Unlikely that one Playboy shoot paid for all of that.  Besides, that shoot was last year. She's been doing well for much longer. Was if funded by a story here and another there in the Star and the Enquirer? Doesn't add up for me.

If it's true that the Palins know or suspect that Sadie has pictures we haven’t seen, pictures they wouldn't want us to see, then until the pictures run out or the story comes out, we won't see Tripp's auntie working retail or serving coffee.  No real work for Mercede. Except maybe as a model, a Playboy bunny, or a reality TV star.  

This can be very  useful for Truthers. Sadie's employment or lack thereof is a gauge we can use.

If Mercede continues her busy social life of restaurants, movies, shopping and the like (no she isn't tied to the house, not by any stretch)  with no clear means of income, we can and should assume that  Babygate secrets are in that safe.  Which means that someday, via Mercede Johnston’s photo evidence and first-person accounts, Babygate can be solved.  

You would think that Ms. Johnston can make, as Sarah would say, "rill money" by writing a tell all and putting in some of those pictures. Politicalgates encouraged her again this week to write a tell-all.  Think about Mercede posing in Playboy. Fame, attention, cameras, interviews. Fifteen minutes of fame, maybe more. So if she'd do that, why wouldn't she be writing a memoir?  

My my. The Palin cash must be really good.   

Ok, that's settled.  

The price negotiated with  the Palins must be a decent amount that is going to be coming in for a very long time. I say this because, unlike most 20 year old single women who have not had a job since high school, Sadie's in the market for a condo.  She must be paying cash because otherwise a bank would want proof of income that will cover monthly payments. 

Shailey Tripp told us Todd Palin knows how to hide transactions; he has income he isn't reporting to the IRS. Todd Palin has ways.  Bet Todd Palin has a safe. Or two. Or three. Maybe in a few in different states.

Mercede may not know anything about Shailey Tripp's book Boys Will Be Boys.  I hope she's blissfully ignorant about all that. And I'm in no way saying any money going to Sadie is  part of Todd's nasty business profits from oppressed women he prostitutes out in today's version of slavery. Any quiet money going to Sadie would be coming from Sarah's speeches, right? It's Sarah's problem more than it's Todd's so why should he pay for it?  I don't think he pays Sarah's bills.   

What is important for Truthers is this : if Palin money dries up, then how would hush money get to Mercede?  It wouldn't.  So if there are things in that safe that could provide needed income, then we will see the photos.  That would be the time for a Mercede Johnston book. 

When the money dries up that’s been keeping her walk-in closet full, paying for  makeup, pink HD headlights,  movies, concerts, restaurants, travel, and  backrest TVs in her car, that young woman will unlock the safe, go to someone she trust among bloggers, get hooked up with a publisher, and editor, and write her own book. And she won't need a ghost writer like Nancy French.

This is my guess.  If you think I could be onto something, Truthers, and if  you are serious about getting to the truth about Babygate you have a powerful tool. You are in front of it right now. So, have you contacted the IRS yet and reported Todd Palin?

Remember, you don't have to give your name.   The IRS may even give you a cut of the unpaid taxes.  Now THAT would make Sarah angry. 


betsy said...

The baby Levi is holding in the Palin kitchen in early 2008 is Ruffles.

Whoa, Baby! said...

Interesting information but I'm wondering how you know Sadie has a safe, lots of designer clothes in a walk-in closet, sneakers in every color, vacations at resorts etc., etc. That's quite a bit of personal information that you could only get if you were her confidant or living in her house. How do we know any of this is true?

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the safe has more to do with Sadie's mother taking very strong narcotics than anything else. It is widely known that she is on those meds and they could be targeted. Remember her mom is on probation and if someone takes her meds she could be accused of something she did not do. Anyone on narcotics should have a safe to keep them in.

Celia Harrison

Allison said...

Hello Whoa, Baby, you ask a fair question. These are all things she talked about on social networking, and if you have hundreds of friends, once in a while someone takes a screenshot and puts it on Flickr or Picasa and shares a link. Sometimes they just send an email with an attachment. Did you read Politicalgates this week? See the new to us picture of Bristol in Hawaii in November 2007? That came via email and I got it along with other bloggers but didn't have a comment to share (yet). Over the months, I've seen enough to assemble this post. I bet the bigger blog sites have a everything I have and much more. We all have our own approaches and interests. There you have it. I've got no desire to go makin' stuff up. When I'm guessing, I say so. When I have a theory, I call it that. This is full of supposition, all stemming from given facts. Thanks again for asking this question.

Olivia said...

Allison, you are getting gooood! Keep up the good work, it will all come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

The IRS idea isn't doable by just anyone; they will only act if the information is very specific. They don't deal in rumor and innuendo.

Anonymous said...

Sadie once gave a genuine answer about what sh eknows about Trig. She also at first adamantly stated Bristol wasn't pregnant before Tripp.

Mercede has no real knowledge of the Palin ordeals. All she has is circumstantial evidence and memories.

Anonymous said...

Sadie seems to be a real materialistic person, a girl who, despite having no job or legit income, owns expensive things I, an earner of 5 digits, do not own. I would bet she'd keep old jewelry and things that old sentimental value for her in a safe, as I'd hope everyone would.

Nyah said...


This is an excellent post but I do wish your accusatory tone against Sadie was a bit less heavy handed. We're talking about someone who was a minor child when enmeshed in the Palin Money-For-Silence affair.

That said, I think you missed two crucial points- after Sadie "accidentally" gave a photo of TRIG to Tyra Banks and Sarah Palin didn't immediately start crowing "how dare you use photos of MY BABY in your trash TV exploits!" I knew Sadie had the goods.

So, do you think Sadie would "accidentally" do it twice? Because a "triggybear" photo made it into her Playboy article from last year. A photo which was once again identified as TRIPP.

But the biggest issue which somehow keeps getting glossed over- those "found in the shoebox" photos, the ones Levi put in his book and said were he and TRIG? The ones Sadie gave to Gryphen and said they were of Levi and TRIG?

Those photos are of newborn TRIPP.

I was sure of it but then I saw this-

This is not a conclusion which is open to interpretation, conjecture, or chalked up to tricks of "photography angles".

Those photos are of Levi and TRIPP. So why were Levi and Sadie both so keen to identify them as Trig?

Because no hospital photos exist of any Palin family member holding a plump, healthy Trig in a hospital room. Chuck and Sally could have been handed off any infant for the purpose of visually identifying a newborn, hospital blanket wrapped baby as Trig Palin.

But none of those classic hospital room photos with proud mommy or excited new big sister or puffy chested daddy exist. But they must show photos of Trig "in the hospital" to combat these dastardly rumors!

Enter Levi and Sadie, the Palin Picture Patsies.

I truly believe Levi's book was "edited" in such a way as to have its sole purpose be to "confirm" the Official Trig Birth Story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. One more thing. Remember, Sadie has sold more than one tabloid story. Those add up. There was the old Levi deals oxy tabloid story, though I wouldn't go there yet.

I find it weird that Levi's been in debt twice (one recent) and Sherry's been in debt a couple times. Yet Sadie has and has HAD so much expensive crap over the years and Levi regularly hunts. Both expensive habits. The Johnston's money issues aren't knew and dont seem to be Palin related. Sadie is totally the type of person who charges up a storm on someone's credit card (ahem) and she's also the type who projects.

I think in th epast credit card debt was a big issue. I think now, relatives kindness and tabloids stories are the issue. I mean, Sadie can't replace her mom's stove, having an uncle do it, but she can afford $100 goggles for her now Ex-bf????? and go out to dinner most nights.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a semi-recent status of hers where she went on and on, in victimmode, about how some repair shop man stole her new laptop and she dredged up the campaign scrubbing along with some new "stories."

I think she just likes to play victim and appear as a world-weary soul, something that is laughable considering her extravagant wardrobe and highlights.

Do you really think if there was Palin money involved, they would have lost their home? Bristol's never liked Levi's family, only using their home to be intimate since obviously Sherry didn't care (see Mercede's picture captions about having Chris sleep over) and her parents didn't like him.

Nyah said...

And Bristol, all YOU have is the ever-present desire to cry "move along, nothing to see here!" when it comes to Sadie.

The more you lament on how "sh eknows" nothing, the more you reinforce the fact Sadie knows EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture from Sadie is the Bristol/Sadie prom pic. The best part was a comment under it from a friend of Sadie. Sadie's caption read "My sis in law. oooo how I love her"

The comment from her friend said "haha yeah right"

Point: if Bristol were scared of Sadie, she'd kiss her ass and let her have what she wants. Instead she ignores her. Sure, Bristol defended her choices to date Levi and even defended Levi when no one else liked him. But she largely ignores Sadie, save 2 minor mentions. Sadie is inconsequential to the Palins. She had her life. Levi wasn't talking to her. She knew nothing. She thought until very recently that Trig was Sarah's. She has fed us contradictory words to her brother regarding even Tripp.

Sadie lives in her own world. And reality will one day bite her hard when she learns what reality and responsibility are.

Nyah said...

My word, you're an idiot.

You're really starting to accumulate a debt here, Bristol. But once again I offer you a lesson:

DIGITS are your fingers. Five "digits" are what you hold up when you wave bye-bye.

FIGURES are what you earn. Example:
"I held up the middle digit on my hand when I found out I wouldn't be making six figures from my canned fake reality show".

See? Easy. If you can handle posting two comments in 90 seconds, I know this concept is not beyond your abilities.

Salli M said...

Thing is, she already went on the record with what she knows many times. To say something else would call her words into question. Why initially lie? While some of what she's said doesn't add up, most about herself, I don't think she'd like about things she didn't have firsthand experience with. Her and Bristol were friends and didn't hang out as far as I can see. Levi initially said the two girls fought since day 1 (Larry King). She also wrote with disgust at the idea her family was paid off. Look at courtview. Levi's in debt again. And he just received tickets for no insurance and other things.

I smell credit card as far as Sadie's spending. And her ex boyfriend probably paid for much of her loot.

Anonymous said...

So, Bristol, you say that Sadie thought until recently that Trig was Sarah's. Therefore, you are confirming what we have been saying for three years. Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig.

Thanks kiddo.

Nyah said...

Really? You think in "th epast" credit cards were an issue?

Just like you think "sh eknows" nothing?

Bristol, stop sucking blog teat and go take care of your children. How long do your little ones sit in playpens like animals in cages so you can come here and make comment after comment about Sadie?

We ALL GET IT. You're jealous of her. You hate her for having proximity to Levi when you do not.

But for the sake of your children, move the hell on.

Oh, excuse me- move "th ehell" on.

Kristy said...

Betsy, Trig is ruffles. There is one baby. The tiny baby on May 3rd and at the May 4th baby shower resembles Trig of today. Look at every feature. Whoever had Trig had him (probably) in April, as was said. He had jaundice, he was under bili lights to treat said jaundice. That I believe. To date, I doubt any of the other ailments Sarah claimed he had.

During a telling interview for me, Elan Frank asked how she'll do her job with a new baby. She said a bit stressfully, "I have these helpers. They're expected to hel out."

This one statement makes it all clear and makes me believe that part of Levi's book. Bristol, lover of babies, was jealous of her mother's new arrival and set out to have her own. Not weird when you think about it. She had broken up with Levi in early early 08. She obviously got together with him again, easiest?, and set out to make him into a father figure. She invited him to meet her brother.

Sadie has said a couple times that Trig was the first baby she'd held. Im willing to bet he was the first baby Levi's held. Makes sense that Bristol wanted him to get experience if he was the chosen father of her soon-to-be-conceived baby. We've seen accounts of Levi's anger around early May. We've seen pictures of an ecstatic Bristol during the same time.

Makes sense to me. Thoughts from the peanuts?

Anonymous said...


You are making me laugh. Your attempt to quickly rationalize what you just gave away is really funny.

WE KNOW THAT SARAH DID NOT BIRTH TRIG. None of your childish stories can change that.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if that's a big cast iron safe in the Johnston apartment or a safety deposit box in a bank-- the kind that can only be opened with a key after the owner signs in?? Better yet, since Sadie appears to be pretty mobile, wouldn't her stash be safer outside of Alaska, say in a safety deposit box in Los Angeles, where the Palins would not have any control or knowledge of where Sadie's secrets were hidden.

I don't doubt that Sadie printed hard copies of other Triggy Bear photos, judging from the unusual footprints on the Levi & Triggy Bear photo. People have guessed that it came out of a scrap book. There would have been other photos in that scrap book, too. Mercede's explanation of the captions "Mommy in law" and "Best baby brother" never rang true.

I think that it is a strange standoff between the Palins and the Johnston family. Levi has really never pursued custody or getting his child support reduced. They each hold something over the other-- don't say anything or Sherry will be hauled to jail-- don't expose those photos and we'll make sure that you have some unreported income in return for silence. I think that many other people's silence is being bought in Alaska as well.

Anonymous said...

Well why shouldn't Saddie make money off of her nephew? After all Sarah Palin is making money off of her son and Bristol's son. I'd say go for it Saddie. You do what you gotta do.

betsy said...

By the way, Allison, I should have complimented you on this excellent post.
Kristy, I'd like to know why you think Ruffles is Trig.
I've been following Babygate, I'm more than a little sorry to say, for four years now--I started with Audrey and have followed Gryphen, Bree, Patrick, and so on and so on. Allison is doing a wonderful job of bringing a lot of everyone's thoughts together.
Kristy, did you look really carefully at all the pictures?
Ruffles has a very severe ears deformity that is a usual result of FAS syndrome. This has been written about. Brad didn't really pick up on it. What happened to Brad anyway?

Anonymous said...

Info to IRS? Yes complained to CREW----> 2 birds w/one stone.
Crew misuse of pac $$ and IRS unreported funds!

Cracklin Charlie said...


This is great! I think you are 100% correct! I think Mercedes was the photographer of record for Trig and Tripp as infants. I don't know how you feel about when those children may have been born, but think about this: If the dates were fudged, a lot or little bit, and there is a picture of the child as an infant...somebody that was very close to the Palins HAD to take those pictures. They couldn't call in any outsider to take a picture of a child who wasn't "born" yet! I think it was Mercede. And so far, we have pictures of Mercede's brother, with whom she is very close, holding two different newborns, as if both of them were his own children.

And Nyah, you are right, it is Tripp in the Levi green shirt pictures, without question. There were at least 2 pictures taken at that same time, and one is taken from such a perspective that you can tell it is Tripp from his facial structure.

Which means kitchen baby must be Trig. There's not a bunch of extra babies.

But Allison, I do want to ask you what you think of another photo. This one has been messing with me for a long time, because it is one of the few that I have seen, that show Trig as a VERY young infant. Some people use it as a means of indicating that Trig was born in April 08, because the trees are all lush, and would correlate to an Alaskan June. I think it could just as easily be Aug 07, but I don't know much about Alaskan autumn.

The picture is the cover of People magazine, and is supposedly discussed in Sarah's emails as happening in June, 2008.

Do you know if People would credit, inside that magazine, who was the person who actually took the pictures that were used on the cover and inside? The caption on the lower right cover of the magazine reads "Pictures taken for People". FOR People, not BY People. The cover photo, to me, just doesn't look like a photo from People magazine. It's kind of fuzzy, not very well-posed, and, while Trig and Piper look really cute, Sarah just doesn't look very good in it.

For his part in this photo, to me Trig looks the way, if he had actually been born Apr 2008, that he should have looked at the RNC in 2008. Could Mercede have supplied an older photo to People in June 2008, because Sarah realized that the child should look like a 2 month old child in June 08; and judging by his subsequent appearance at the RNC was already much to big to pass for a 2 month old?

And I just wanted to add, if Mercede does have pictures or any other information, she has my blessing to use that information in any way she sees fit. Her family has likely been put through the wringer by the Palins, and if she wants to let them twist in the wind a bit longer, that's fine, too. I don't have any real idea of what kind of money these people have access to, but I like to think they couldn't keep it up forever. Just don't wait too long, Sadie, lest someone else beat you to the real pay-off.

Ginger said...

@Cracklin Charlie

I just happen to have that issue of People Magazine. The front cover does read..."photographed for People."

Inside, on page 5, it gives credit for the photographs to Coral Von Zumwalt. Also, on page 70, this person is credited again for the photographs taken in Wasilla, Alaska, in August, 2008. The article on Sarah was written by Lorenzo Benet and Jill Smolowe.

Thanks for the post, Allison, but I don't think Gryphen is going to like it.

Tee hee...

Anonymous said...

Remember Allison, in 2010 when Bristol was accusing Sadie of giving out pictures of her condo and other things, she rhetorically asked how Sadie affords such finery when she's has no means. Sadie got defensive and said for the most part that a lot were gifts.

My question for her is, if people are willing to give such extravagant gifts, then why would they let her mom and family reach such a sad state of affairs (her early posts).

LIke you said, Sadie exaggerates to the point of nausea. And for Sadie to say that material possessions don't matter, that memories matter most, then why does she still buy Tripp boat loads of presents and try to open them at their short meetings? When I read things like that, I'm like, why not actually spend time with him in a memory-making way?

This is pretty convincing in the argument of whether the J's are paid off or not. Why would Levi be in debt again if they are receiving large sums of money?

And if you look at Sherry's, youll see she's been in debt (medical related?) two points in her life.

Footy PJs Mama said...

Ginger, Gryphen will hate this post so much because he for whatever reason doesn't want to see reality. His goal of Palin-obliteration is so intense that he overlooks anything that threatens his plotting. When people act like like this, they indirectly hurt the people whose shortcomings they ignore by letting them get away with dishonesty. Why do you think he ignores any evidence that contradicts some of his posts? I've given him plenty in the past, yet he still maintains his way is the way. Dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, I disagree about a picture taken earlier being Tripp. Tripp as an infant had a specific face and head. To my eye, the baby presented in April 08 looked like a generic-faced baby without much "interesting" characteristics. If you really look, that baby was short and could be the same baby as baby shower. Babies do lose weight naturally within days of being born.

Prom that year was what, April 26th, or about there? No sign of a baby in Levi's room where Sadie and Bristol took that picture. Where was Trig if their's and Sadie knew about it? We're forgetting the reports from early 08 that Sarah was being distant up until she announced. We're also forgetting that more than one person has said her kids speculated if their mom was pregnant, and that she initially lied about it. This is believable to me. She couldn't say yes, because if McCain lost, there'd be no need. But lying then saying, "yes im pregnant" would piss off family.

On April 18th, the Palins needed outside family witnesses. Who better than a daughter's boyfriend? Bristol was already hoping to turn Levi into a father figure for her baby and he needed experience with babies to make her worries disappear. That is my story and I'm sticking with it. Look at how thrilled Bristol looked in late May (Governor's office pic from BA), Philly...

Also, Levi initially told us the plan Sarah had to adopt Tripp. In July, Sarah emailed Todd saying Levi and Bristol should marry in August. She had to email again because Todd apparently didn't reply. Levi gets tattoo in early August before he goes to work and hunt for most of the month. Sarah calls Bristol to lay out her plan. Emotions fly. (Btw, I doubt Levi was as direct as he claims to be. He probably told her thanks but no thanks). According to Levi, Sarah incessantly badgered them about the adoption. Then, in Frank Bailey's words, Sarah called him mid August sobbing about Bristol being pregnant and wanting to keep it (!). If we believe Levi, and he makes sense, she didn't lie.

Anonymous said...

Cracklin Charlie,

yes, I remember reading that photoshoot was around June 6th or someting, and that there are more pics of Trig taken in her offices (think of the one in the elevator with Piper licking her hand and eating)

That baby is the same baby as Triggybear and baby shower. The face is also the same as those pics from the 4th of July parade.

Anonymous said...

Tripp looks like Keith. A lot.

This clan of liars can't fade into the sunset fast enough for me.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 7:07 The IRS isn't doable by just anyone?? Let me explain something to you. Anyone can make an accusation against another person. The IRS will investigate if they believe there is something there worth looking into and it doesn't take much to get it started. Palin may have some pull in AK with the state officials and law enforcement but when it comes to the IRS, she's just like anyone else and so is Todd. They lived well above their means for many years. Remember Sarah wasn't bringing in any income until she became Mayor and that was only for four years. Jobs pay well on the slope but not enough to afford all those vehicles the Palins' have listed through the DMV, their lakefront lot and new home, their frequent vacations, etc. To top it all off, however, is the proof that is needed. Shailey Tripp has bank deposit slips that Todd made, she has emails and phone records. Sarah uses SarahPAC like it is her own personal piggy bank. Did you not see the huge drop in donations after she stupidly takes her family on a vacation in order to gain media attention but does so with the money that donors gave to SarahPAC. I don't know about you but if I give money to someone who is supposed to be using it to help get other members of a political party elected to Congress, I expect to see them using it for that purpose. I don't expect them to be paying tens of thousands of dollars a month to advisers because they are either too stupid or too lazy to learn about foreign, domestic and economic policies on their own. SarahPAC spent more than it took in during the second half of the year. It raised $752k and spent $1.2M; giving a whopping $5300 in contributions, far less than 1% of its donations went to the intended cause of the PAC. Sarah spent $100k in one month on "consulting" plus many other very questionable expenses. There is a lot to say to the IRS about the Palin family. How many of these consultants have ties to them? We'll let the IRS find out about the PAC when they start looking into Todd's extracurricular activities that were so financially beneficial to his family. I wonder how Sarah likes being supported by a pimp? It's quite obvious she has no morals or scruples if she can stand by and allow this to go on without leaving Todd. I'd go hungry before I'd touch that money from Todd.

Anonymous @ 7:35 Sadies wrote about her photos being erased along with the entire contents of her computer quite some time ago. She wasn't whining. She was simply explaining what happened when the McCain campaign staff members came to stay with them to "help them deal with the media". What a help they were, making sure that nothing incriminating to the Palins' was on Sadie's p.c. Why would they do this unless they had something to hide? It's just like when all the pics of Sarah allegedly pregnant were scrubbed from every site they could get their hands on. After all the other pics were erased, they released the photo of her with the 9 month empathy belly on talking to Andrea Gusty.

How would you feel if someone erased all of your personal info from your laptop? I'd be pissed as hell, just like Sadie was. Nice try but it won't work. Palin was scared shitless about all the photos that clearly showed she was never pregnant. She even tried to deflect when someone emailed her saying that she did a great job of hiding her pregnancy. Her reply was "hide it? I'm as big as a house, there's no denying I'm almost ready to pop!". That was the day before the pic of her standing with Lt. Gov Parnell and his wife where her stomach is absolutely FLAT.

Take your phony stories and run along. C4P is the place for you.

Cracklin Charlie said...

I don't care who was happy, distant, pissed off, or out hunting. They could have been that way in Jan, June, August, or December. Mercede can spend 10,000 bucks a month on pop rocks, and never work a day in her life. Who cares? There are some things that are consistent.

Prior to 2010, Bristol Palin had two children.

We have pictures of Bristol's BOYFRIEND, Levi Johnston, gently cradling two newborns.

I am 95% sure the baby with green shirt Levi is Tripp.

That means the baby with Levi in Sarah's kitchen MUST be Trig. No other babies required.

The only question, for me, remains...when were these pictures taken?

Thank you, Ginger, for your help with that People cover. Now has anyone heard of Coral von whatever? And there is NO way those pictures represent Trig Paxon Van Palin in August, 2008. He showed up on the RNC stage looking a year older less than 4 weeks later? No dice. And how did they photograph the baby in August 08, when the People cover was a June 08 issue?

Ginger and others, I had a new thought this morning about that People cover Trig. You guys all know these pics, so I won't take up space attaching them.

If you had to guess, which of the following babies would you say looks older:
Trig with the Heaths in Mat-Su hallway, OR
Trig on cover of People with Sarah and Piper?

I think the Trig in the Mat-Su hallway with the Heaths looks older. That means the People cover would have to be taken before the hallway Trig picture, which we can be fairly sure was taken in Apr 08. I don't care how much weight a child loses after birth, it is impossible to make him look younger 3 months AFTER he is born. These photos had to have been used to push the Trig born in April, 08 storyline.

I think:

Trig - Born May, 2007
Tripp - Born April, 2008

Anonymous said...

Mercede Johnston ‏ @MercedeJohnston

Love Alaska but can't wait to get back down to LA. Time to speak up again.
12:55 AM - 24 Mar 12 via web

Above comment Mercede posted to Twitter.

Marz said...

Concerning Sadie's safe: have any of you thought that the *original* reason for the safe is that she owns guns? Remember the pic of her and Levi (although many internet outlets had her identified as Bristol)? No, I don't think that's all that's in the safe. My father-in-law has a safe for his guns, but he also keeps gold bars, various jewelry and coins, and other "random" stuff in there.
The thing about a gun safe is exactly what Allison said: you can't exactly grab it and walk out of the house with it (that's the whole point of putting your guns in there). So if Sadie wanted to keep something protected: removable hard drive(s), photographs, perhaps even copies of a birth certificate or certificates (as father, I don't see why Levi wouldn't have had those at one point--or at least a copy) not to mention other various paperwork: possible marriage certificates, registration for the delivery room/discharge forms/hospital bracelet, paperwork for Levi's son's SS card, health insurance card(s) (which would have the child's name as well as the "effective by" date), AND.... mail.
If Levi's mail still came to the Johnston residence, there's no telling what kind of things Sadie could be in possession of.
I'll be honest: I read this blog entry feeling kinda like Sadie was being picked on; I believe Gryphen when he says that Sadie could never be paid off.... But by the end of this post, I gotta say, Allison really had me thinking twice about that certainty. Where IS the money coming from?
Drugs? Hush money? Is it being sent home from Levi? Why hasn't Mercede posted anything for nearly a year-- when her last post said that all bets were off and she was going to expose everything she knew about the Palins?

Nyah said...

It's sad to think of Bristol's children being pawned off on a nanny so she can post what I now believe us the majority of comments here.

I'm not sure when either Trig or Trip was born, all I know for certain is that neither boy was born when the Palins claimed.

Green shirt Levi is definitely, 100% holding the child we know today as TRIPP. No question.

RNC Trig and especially debate Trig were giant. Even though at that point I hadn't heard about babygate, at the debate I thought to myself "that hulk is a preemie? Born just 18-20 weeks ago? They must be joking!"

The Trig at the majority of campaign stops was simply too large to be born when they said. Add in the preemie factor and the issue of most DS babies being small, it defies human possibility.

Whenever Trig was born, it was well before 4/2008. And if he was born very early as many surmise, he was more likely than not close to 16-18 months old at the end of 2008. And RNC/Debate Trig was EXACTLY on target size wise for a preemie DS baby.

I urge everyone to check out the Trig composites on that palinproject Flickr I linked to earlier. There is one in particular where the person who did them displays a campaign photo of Trig which I had never seen- Sarah is holding him (in front of a crowd, of course) and he is dressed in a blue snow baby type thing, with a hood. Not only is the child HUGE, but as is pointed out on the Flickr page, this Trig has an extremely high palate- a distinctive feature which was NOT PRESENT on RNC Trig- but which was easily seen in those people magazine photos.

Despite what Kristy aka Bristy would have you believe, Triggybear simply cannot be RNC Trig. I have done ample homework on this issue and even if the Palins HAD found an unethical surgeon to fix Ruffles' ear, there is no way, literally NOT A WAY THAT IS POSSIBLE for the ear to be smooth and perfect with no scars just 12-16 weeks later. And as we have sightings of "Trig" at several points up to the convention, there is no way that ear had surgery between April 2008 and August 2008.

Not. Possible.

I know some people think those "ear forms" could have been used but they would not work on such a deformity AND they must be worn all the time- again, mtiple sightings of this baby prove he was not receiving any treatment for his ears.

Ergo, (Ear-go?!) Triggybear/Ruffles and RNC Trig are not the same baby- period.

Anonymous said...

The debts are gambling debts and living way beyond their means.

honeybabe said...

can i hope beyond hope that she has some dna of tripp in there too? i still say the only way to prove tripp's parentage is dna.

Ivyfree said...

"The Tripp, Keith Johnston and Levi picture in 2009 wasn't hers to release"

Unless it was copywrited, if she had a print of it, there's no reason why she shouldn't release it.

"after Sadie "accidentally" gave a photo of TRIG to Tyra Banks and Sarah Palin didn't immediately start crowing "how dare you use photos of MY BABY in your trash TV exploits!" I knew Sadie had the goods."

That is an awfully good point. Sarah confuses ownership with love. She'd have squalled unless she had good reason to keep quiet.

"Bristol, all YOU have is the ever-present desire to cry "move along, nothing to see here!" when it comes to Sadie...The more you lament on how "sh eknows" nothing, the more you reinforce the fact Sadie knows EVERYTHING."

True. It's interesting that we're getting "She knows nothing" but not "there is nothing for her to know." Obviously, there's SOMETHING they are acknowledging they are hiding.

Dis Gusted said...

I've mentioned Keith before to JG as well. Shot down FAST..

I pointed out there would be a family resemblance to Levi if the two boys were brothers. That would explain a lot of the comments Mercede had on Myspace.

Keith and Todd are friends.

Cracklin Charlie said...


Triggy bear/Ruffles is Trig. You must realize that he is a year older than claimed. That is, as you noted, the only way that Triggybear could be RNC Trig. And he IS RNC Trig. He was just born a year earlier. There is a long gap in the photographic record that we have seen of the child's development.

The People cover is seemingly the last picture of him that we have seen, until his debut in the Mat-Su hallway with Chuckles and Sally. Was this when the ear repair process was accomplished? Maybe not fully complete, but at least begun. It's possible.

Would you agree that the child in the hospital hallway photo with the Heaths could normally progress to the child that we saw at the RNC 4-5 months later? Would you agree that there is a photographic record of Triggybear's development, to the People cover Trig 3-4 months later? I would think that that both of these development progressions could be possible. So we have photographic evidence of Trig's progression at two stages of development. Ear-go, he was probably 10 or 11 months old when photographed with the Heaths. Five months later, he had progressed normally to the child seen at the RNC and the campaign trail. So, yes, I think Triggybear is RNC Trip, with just a longer period of development between those two photos than we have been led to believe.

Anonymous said...

Wow- this is an amazing discussion.

The only thing I have to add is perhaps the sad but obvious point.

BP is the likely mother of Trig who was probably born in mid-2007 as Cracklin' Charlie suggests. That means she gave birth at a tender age. THIS IS WHAT THE PALINS ARE MOST CONCERNED ABOUT HIDING.

Next we have the clear fact that BP gave birth again, within a year. She was still a teenager. Finally, the DWTS pregnancy is evident to us as well.

So we have a child, a teenager, with a pattern of getting pregnant
...desperately searching for love, for attachment. There is no love at the dead house on the dead lake.
This pattern of behavior reveals the truth more than anything else except SP's ridiculous flat belly photos of 3/08.

We know the truth BP & SP. Now some of us are working out the details. We are thousands of miles away from you, yet you reveal yourselves. Go home, get out of the public eye-- you have nothing to offer but your pain and your ignorance. Go home and take care of business there. We can see right through you.

Conscious at last!

Nyah said...

In what respect, Charlie?

Sorry. Had to!

As to your points regarding timing of photos- I'm sorry, I disagree. I did extensive research on Ruffles' deformity and due in part to the sizable hole accompanying the helix malformation, corrective surgery- even by the best, most skilled surgeon- would definitely leave signs of having been done. I work in academia and at my university I was lucky enough to bend the ear (no pun intended) of some of the most adept and awarded surgeons in the state. Their crafts and knowledge are so advanced, they teach others wishing to work in the field. One in particular was able to show me several photos of similar ear deformities after corrective surgery- there are obvious visible artifacts even two years after surgery.

However I will say this in deference to your points- your scenario makes the most sense. However, no- I don't think it is possible. That would indicate corrective surgery having been done on a tiny, sickly, frail baby- a baby so compromised, ANY surgery would be a risk but a cosmetic one? No, I just can't see a physician willing to risk everything, even for a Palin payoff.

But say Todd has the goods on a doctor's "extra curricular activities"- and uses that to blackmail him? That I can see.

But again, I don't see any way for Ruffles' badly deformed ear to become absolutely perfect, pristine even- no matter if the length between photos is longer than "officially" reported.

Anonymous said...

Nyah opens up an interesting line of speculation, a compromised doctor who could be bullied by Todd. People in Shailey's line of work also have need of doctors and medication that sometimes flies beneath the radar. Men patronizing Shailey and friends might need some medical attention that they don't want known, too. (In the shoot-em-up gangster days, people in Tony Soprano's line of work needed a doctor for bullet wounds, which would have been reported under normal circumstances.

That same doctor may have been involved in delivering Bristol's baby (babies) and keeping track of her prenatal and post natal health.

Some time ago on one of the inquiring blogs, someone thought that Trig arrived prematurely. There is a major prenatal ward in Anchorage, but someone considered the possibility that he was flown to a special prenatal care unit in Seattle. Early in his premature life, there must have been some concern about whether he would make it or not. If he didn't, that would resolve Sarah's embarrassing problem. When it appeared that he would make it, it probably was around the time when McCain secured the nomination in 2008 and Sarah announce (coincidence) that she was pregnant and due in two months. Who would notice how old the baby was, anyway?

Nyah said...

You are right on the money regarding Trig's prematurity. This is one aspect of babygate which truly floored me when I decided to research a few angles for my own curiosity- and I was shocked to learn an infant born very premature, as many as 18 weeks early, can survive and are then placed at an adjusted age. If Trig was due in April but born in January, he wouldn't be expected to reach the weight of a "normal" newborn until around the time of his due date.

When severe prematurity is involved, it's not at all uncommon to have a 6 month old weighing only 8-10 pounds.

I have always felt there is something obvious we are missing. Some message or trail from Mercede. It's just not feasible to think she would have "accidentally" put a photo of Trig and Levi (rather than TRIPP) in both the Tyra Banks show AND Playboy.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, when Sarah was totally silent after Sadie put the photo of TRIG on the Tyra Banks show, I knew Sadie had major Palin dirt. At that time the Palins and Johnstons were in a bitter public feud- and we all know how Sarah loves to cry victim any time anyone MENTIONS Trig and claim he is being "attacked".

Sarah's silence there shouted the truth- Sadie is the keeper of MAJOR family secrets.

And think about this- if anyone else gave a photo of TRIG which was then published in PLAYBOY magazine, how fast do you think Sarah would have hit the roof?


You KNOW that's what she would have said.

But SADIE does it- and the only sound you hear is metal on metal as a can of creamed corn hits the refrigerator.

Truth hiding in Plain View said...

This thread brings clarity to the cryptic messages posted on IM a couple years back that "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig."

And as it relates to "ruffles," it would be interesting to round up ALL the infant photos the Palins have presented as Trig over the years. . . including the official announcement photo ~ and the photo included in Frank Bailey's book.

It doesn't require forensics to see that ALL these prop babies are not one in the same, and there are a lot of people in on the hoax; Bristol's multiple pregnancies, notwithstanding.

This is probably the motivating factor for the Palins seeking to copyright their likenesses (or public use of photos).

B said...

@betsy. Brad seems to be doing just fine. He convinced me that Ruffles = Trig. He didn't convince you. Both schools of thought can exist within the most important point: Gov. Palin faked a pregnancy and used it for political advantage.

Anonymous said...

Nyah said:
I work in academia and at my university I was lucky enough to bend the ear (no pun intended) of some of the most adept and awarded surgeons in the state. Their crafts and knowledge are so advanced, they teach others wishing to work in the field. One in particular was able to show me several photos of similar ear deformities after corrective surgery- there are obvious visible artifacts even two years after surgery.

Any possible way you can convince these astute surgeons to go on the record and comment about the ear photos? That would be so helpful if you could actually share their commentary with us and they would lend their expertise for all to share. Thanks in advance if you can coax these esteemed surgeons to share their opinions on the record!

Anonymous said...

Been reading that Sarah is going to co-host the Today Show this week to counter Katie Couric guest hosting GMA. Said there is to be a surprise guest. Just dreaming here...but wouldn't it be nice if Dr. CBJ were to come on and tell us who the real mother of Trig is! Is this whole thing an April Fool's joke. We all know she is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Today show the place where you can stand outsid eand hold signs for the TV?
Really stoopid move Sarah!!
Road Trip!

Nyah said...

11:44 anon- how I do so wish!

However, as soon as I mentioned the name "Sarah Palin", they defected from my little research project like Trig Truth came with a side of amoebic dysentery.

I can't really blame them. If it was discovered within my circle of colleagues that one of my hobbies was researching something related to Sarah Palin, I could overcome the stigma of stupid attached to her. After all, I work in diagnostic linguistics and the educational pursuit of such- who among us DOESN'T feel a need to diagnose the impossibly ridiculous patterns of speech which emerge from that woman's pie-spy hole?

But if I were a respected surgeon as well as a storied lecturer within the academic community of a major metro city, I'm not sure I would want my name tangled up with Palin, either.

Just look at Jeremy Lin, now benched for the entire season.

Just look at Tim Tebow, now traded to a city he despises and certain to be a rabid disappointment?

Just look at Newt. No explanation necessary!

Still, their lack of desire to go public does not change their seriously impressive bonafides and it certainly doesn't change the absolute adamance with which they agreed it was simply not possible to have such a pronounced defect repaired with no scarring or surgical artifact. I needed to hear it myself because even though I felt sure based on my own research it was not possible, I'm not an expert or even a "mildly knowledgeable" in the field.

I don't know why Brad was SO adamant about insisting he was 100% correct, no room for question, regarding the Ruffles is Trig issue. Even if he was sure of it, I can't believe he didn't leave SOME room for variables of which he cannot be aware.

When I raised this issue to one of the surgeons I spoke with, he flipped through his old album of before and after photos and plucked three random "afters". He said he bet one or more would closely match Trig's "after" ear. And he was right. One was so close it was seemingly identical. And it was a photo of a six year old girl- from 1999! Using Brad's logic- the ears share identical traits therefore they are one and the same person- means Trig is also a 20 year old Houston woman.

This is another point I feel was well proven by "palinproject" on Flickr. If her grammar and syntax was more presentable, I would be sharing those composites from the rooftop. (apologies to palinproject if you are reading this- I think you are a genius, truly)

Allison, I saw a comment at Gryphen's yesterday asking about Fred's book, identifying the links between Audrey/Bethany/et al, and requesting Gryphen's commentary on the matter. I was glad he let the comment through and told him do in my own comment. But now both comments are gone. It was on the post with the Obama/Romney baby comparisons.

Do you think Gryphen will just ignore the "Fred" issue forever? I'm interested in your thoughts.

Oh, and Bristol? Nobody needs your bleacher commentary about this. Go away- take care of your damn kidS and enjoy Mercede's sloppy seconds.

Nyah said...

I wanted to add something to my comment about the one surgeon saying he bet at least one random of three ears would be near identical to Trig's- he explained it in a simple way which I thought I would pass along. He said ears are like most every other human feature- more alike on us all than different. It got me thinking about other Palin family ears and sure enough- Track and Piper have very similar ears, Sarah/Bristol/Trig/Tripp have near identical structure of the ear. You can look for yourself and if you are like me, you will be so surprised at how accurate a statement it was- we are all more similar than different. I even compared my own ear to RNC Trig- and were it not for my ear being black and his being white, they do share a very high degree of similarity.

Nyah said...

Sorry for all the yakkity yak!

I just wanted to share this link- it illustrates best how I feel about Ruffles/Trig- that is to say Ruffles may well be ONE of the Trigs. But he is not THE Trig.

Looking at the third row (baby in snowsuit being lunked around by Sarah) and ANY of the other campaign appearances- I really do not see how any rational person can disagree that more than one baby has been presented as Trig.

And remember- at a book signing, the Palins put Gina Louden's DS son Samuel in TRIG's stroller and then had PIPER push him. They were definitely trying to make people assume it was Trig and were it not for the "leftist" journalist who mentioned Trig in the stroller, Sarah would never have jumped on the chance to crow "see! they think all people with DS look the SAME!"

Meaning we'd all believe it was Trig Palin being pushed in the stroller by Piper. A child who is NOT in the Palin family. Presented as Trig. Not in an official way where they could be caught lying down the road. They don't come right out and SAY "this is Trig". Because they know people will ASSUME it is. And that is how Palin has turned this hoax into a farcical joke- not only faking a pregnancy but rotating children in the "role" of Trig like a pig on a spit.

Ginger said...

@Cracklin Charlie

The People Magazine we talked about is dated..."September 22, 2008." Coral Von Zumwalt is a freelance photographer who is based in L.A. and has a website where you can view her work.

Oh, and you think Trig was born May, 2007? Bristol was in school in Juneau (the legislature was in session)from Jan., to April 2007.

Try another date...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Nyah, for your commentary and for adding the link to the photostream, which provides pictorial evidence of this major fraud. The truth is indeed hiding in plain view...

How much longer?

Anonymous said...

Hello Allison,

I appreciate all your efforts ~ and I'm wondering what was behind this, now null & void, link in your post:

"Auntie Sadie’s upcoming Playboy redux?"

Perhaps, it was provided a clue that was too close to the truth?

Stefanie said...


Wow, this is a fantastic post. I loved every word! Thank you, please keep 'em coming.

Allison said...

Anonymous @8:51 I fixed the broken link. It goes to Politcalgates. A story from last week.

Unlike certain people living in Wasilla, I pay income taxes. Spent the weekend on them, and it was nice to see so many of you kept this place interesting while I was preoccupied.

Thanks everyone!

Allison said...

N'yah, please send me an email at so we can go off line. I read a comment you left on another blog and I'd like to ask some questions.


Therese said...

@Nyah, very good comments, you raise important issues.

The whole appearance/disappearance of Fred and the Babygate book is another Palin mystery. It seems that Griffin will keep silent on this. He may have been taken in, or he may himself be part of a hoax. Or maybe it was true that a book was pending and Fred was bought off?

About Mercedes, and the topic of this thread, I am one of those who never hoped for anything from the Johnsons, indeed, any objective view of the facts would tell that they MUST be in on the hoax.

Another blogger, the "Sarah's Scandals" blog had a comment some time back which I agree with. She said, in effect, that something links the Johnsons and the Palins, they have some history together, and it is probably something criminal.

Anonymous said...

OzMud here...

Ok I know I'm late to the party but have been reading through the plethora of great comments and banged my head against this one:

Kristy said...

Betsy, Trig is ruffles. There is one baby. The tiny baby on May 3rd and at the May 4th baby shower resembles Trig of today. Look at every feature. Whoever had Trig had him (probably) in April, as was said. He had jaundice, he was under bili lights to treat said jaundice. That I believe. To date, I doubt any of the other ailments Sarah claimed he had.

IF THAT STATEMENT WAS TRUE... How would Sarah have been able to take Trig home from the hospital the day following his birth much less take him to work and trot him around town the following week?

Either the newborn required 'newborn medical attention' or he didn't. But it can't be both.