Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missing Keith Olbermann

I miss Keith Olbermann. If Keith were on MSNBC this evening, we might see a picture of Todd Palin and the wordsWORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!  

Alaskans First Pimp Todd Palin deserves that WPIW designation as much as anyone who ever made the list – Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and her mini-me Bristol.  I wonder if that would have been a record - the only family with a trinity of WPIW honorees.

Night after night during John McCains failed 2008 run, Keith spoke his mind and our thoughts. He made the phraseThat woman is an idiot synonymous with Sarah Palin. It made us laugh. We nodded our heads in agreement. We repeated it to each other, posted it on the internet, said it under our breath when watching the news. Sarah knew it was Gods plan for her to be Vice President. (see Game Change the movie and read the book). Therefore, Sarah knew  Keith Olbermann was acting in opposition to Gods plan. No doubt  in her mind. Mr. O was serving Satan himself as evidenced by the liberal-leaning news commentators relish in exposing her political inadequacy. Pay no attention to the evidence before your very eyes. The Couric interview – ignore that. The Gibson gaffes – ignore those. The out and out lie about being vindicated in the Wooten matter. 

In Palinland, truth is  whatever Sarah says it is and if your eyes or ears tell you something else, your faculties have failed you.  Sarahs the queen, whatever she decrees is fact.  Sarah facts include Trig is my biological son, My children are overachievers(from Going Rogue) Bristol is a hard worker, and a slew of lies – Sarah facts- we saw Steve Schmitt dealing with in the HBO movie Game Change. 

I don't know of any prophecy warning us about Sarah Palin, but all of us were warned against such a person when we were children and our parents and teachers read us the story of  The Emperors New Clothes.

Tea Party members have obviously forgotten that silly emperor,  duped by conniving tailors into believing  they had made him a magical suit finer than any other. (He bought a garment only wise people could see?  Did they also sell him a bridge to nowhere?)  He was so proud, he put on his suit and held a parade to show it off to the townsfolk. (In todays world, hed have posted pictures on Facebook, or written a "memoir") The crowd of simpletons, sycophants, scaredy-cats, and suck-ups cheered.  Beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing! (Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!)  

But one little boy wasnt fooled. In his short life he had not yet succumbed to peer pressure, political correctness, or self-interest. With innocence and honesty,  and probably giggling, he pointed and shouted out The Emperers not wearing clothes!Only then did the crowd burst out laughing, admitting to one another what they knew all along – that the Emperor didnt have amazing, beautiful clothing at all, he wasnt wiser than everyone else. What was on display for everyone to plainly see was his arrogance and his stupidity.

Keith Olbermann was our 2008 campaign version of that boy. He told the truth. Sarah is an Idiot. Bristol deserved her Worst Person in the World designation. But there are crowds of idiots who don't see what we see. Tea Party Patriots,  simpletons, sycophants, scaredy-cats, and suck-ups fill up the Conservatives 4 Palin website with stupid comments about how beautiful, wonderful and amazing that woman is. Like the stupid emperor,  they part with their money for the privilege of being taken in by a smooth talking hustlers.  And like Sarah Palin, they probably think Keith Olbermann is evil. Applying the same criteria,  the little boy in the story of The Emporers New Clothes was EVIL!.  

Ive often wondered if he lost his post at MSNBC because of a Palin full-court press. If so, Sarah surely feels vindicated. No remorse. No sympathy. No sympathy because Sarah believes, knows without a doubt, that she was chosen by God to run for VP and was supposed to win, which means Keith Olbermann was working for the devil and helped the devil win. 

When my generation was young that story was supposed to encourage us to grow up to be brave – brave like Keith Olbermann. And if shown a picture of Todd Palin and we should say That man is EVIL!We should be the ones shrieking. After all,  Todd Palin has been exposed for:

Pressuring a destitute single mom with disabled children into prostitution to increase his power and wealth.

Secretly collecting sex-related information about business associates.

Arranging travel for prostitutes in a multi-state operation of sex for hire.

Mr. Olbermann might like to read this post. He might get a chuckle out of it. And he might want to look between the covers of Boys Will Be Boys using the Look Inside feature.  Does anyone have a Twitter account? Maybe a few dozen of you could send him this message. Think of it as making Sarah Palin squirm. If you are so inclined, leave a comment saying you did it. That will make Todd squirm, too.

Maybe shes pointing at the screen right now and shrieking! They are all  EVIL! I hope so. 


Anonymous said...

Olbermann was fired because of this video. He was openly laughing at Bristol for being pregnant on DWTS. IOW he was LOL because she was PREGNANT AGAIN "THIS TIME" and promoting abstinence.

Conservitards all over the US screamed "foul" claiming Bristol had gotten pregnant 18 months before. Her obvious pregnancy on DWTS, which Olbermann was referring to, was ignored.

Olbermann was fired because he cracked jokes about a current pregnancy, and the MSM assumed he meant the first or second pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Keith lost his position for donating to a political campaign. Apparently MSNBC or parent company has this written somewhere in contracts in teeny tiny print.
He is on Current (CRNT) channel now.

Anonymous said...

I think you can catch Olbermann online from Current TV, where he still tells it like it is.
M from MD

Anonymous said...

Andrew Breitbart’s ‘BigJournalism’ Breaks Story on Defamation Case against Current Media, Keith Olbermann, David Shuster

Anonymous said...

I am reading Ms Tripp's book now and I must say Todd Palin is a slimey exploiter of women for his own wealth and power. And I would include his wife, whom he pimped out the minute he saw dollar signs in her "looks" and willingness to say anything to get the applause. Lapdance politics indeed.

Itzbin said...

Another excellent post, Allison. You're on fire lately.

If anyone doesn't get Current, it helps support KO when people call their cable/satellite TV providers to request him/it.

His show is easy to catch because it's re-run several times a day.

He's still the same ol' KO. Sure, he can be a prima donna sometimes ...

But name one other on-air pundit who would voluntarily stop doing a trademark "bit" like "The Worst Persons in the World" which KO recently dropped in order to help tone down the rhetoric post-Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You're not worth anything until you've made Olbermann's Worst person list. Olbermann's not respected by people of sound mind and strong moral fiber. Same goes for Maher and Rush. Notice their listeners are far left or right voters, people who don't make up a majority in any race. Also notice that Joe McGinniss, a man Olbermann named Worst person as well, lost some respect for his trashy book. What happened to that Springsteen bio Joe? Did he back out because you're a hack who can't cut it anymore?

Anonymous said...

You do realize that without Bristol, Levi would probably still be the dropout who regularly cheats on his girlfriends, as was proven way back when. She was drawn to him (girl next door/bad boy attraction) and set out to make him into a man worth marrying one day and a man who would be the father type. Sadie admitted Trig was the first baby she had held. I pretty much guarantee Trig was the first baby Levi had held. NOW does it make sense WHY Bristol wanted Levi there to meet her brother? Levi=doormat so he wasn't going to say no. Why can't you see that? I guess you just have to have that mentality. I see myself in Bristol. I had severe baby fever and witnessed two friends have babies by 18.

The above is the most plausible scenario in my mind. Sarah adopts special needs baby to further her career, which propels daughter, in fit of jealousy, to have her own baby. They're Palins. The more family the happier they are. I would wager half of Alaska is related to the Palins. Huge family people.

Anonymous said...

half of Alaska related to the Plains? Only if Todd didn't wear a condom when he paid for sex with professionals. Everyone in the valley knows that Todd has another kid the same age as Bristol.

Is he the father of one of Bristol's kids? It's possible.

Is Gino the father of the latest? Even he doesn't know for sure.

KO is still on TV, thankfully. He is great. Bill Maher is the one of the best comedians ever. All the Palins give him lots of comedic material weekly. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Allison said...

Troll dropped four stinkers in a row, I cleaned the Place up. The 12:12 and 12:34 comments are still here, they have a tone of self defense and readers may see something I didn't catch.

Bristol, you have your own blog now. Why don't you go there and leave yourself a string of complimentary comments. That way your "hard work" won't disappear. Better yet, turn off the computer and give your children some attention. Learn from your mother's mistakes.

Anonymous said...

The stories that team Sarah would have us believe make no sense at all. None of them.

Sadie admitted she was a typical air head type teen who loved family and was a little gushy. "Huggy-bear mother-in-law" and what all. Sadie paid no attention to pregnancy and details of baby matters, she had not been around babies. She was acutely aware that there was more than one time Bristol sexed it up. It is totally plausible that Bristol was LOUD when she has sex at the house and others were there. She also had sex in the tent with others close to her. Let's face it. Bristol was what she was and it was no secret in Juneau or other parts of Alaska, which is pretty much a small town itself. Yeah, you can hide with all the land mass but it is tiny in population. Many minds are that way, too.

What does anything have to do with Levi would be a drop out or not? So what? He never aspired to squash all women's rights, have them pay for rape kits, send troops to senseless wars or any of it. A 15/16/17 year old girl that wants to change a teen age boys needs guidance. You could feel pity for her at that time because her parents were not there for her in any meaningful way. She had a crazy extended family and real crazy cult. She should have had guidance to think of her own future and education. That is not the time to negelect a young person, so she did all the sex, crazy drinking and drug binges. She was a wild child and now their world still centers around cover up and hypocrisy. It is a trap they put themselves in and it will not last forever. Anyone who puts changing another first is not well, that is part of the sickness.

Levi has pictures of himself from when Sarah was hockey mom. The days when Joel Kenworthy and others were on the team. Levi had the blonde curly locks. Levi in his hockey day's blonde locks is holding a baby like a young man would hold his own child. Levi, who has gone back to team Sarah, makes some unbelieveable claims about that baby. So no one buys into his full story. The Johnston's would have us believe that Sadie knows nothing. Joel has aslo revealed a few things about that time. You can look at what happened to him and see a very telling and revealing pattern.

Yes, the little Alaska has treated children and women with disregard and down right criminal. Incest is rampant and secrets and cover up are a way of life in those communities. 98% of the people learn to live the lies and learn to live a life of lies. It is more sad because the State itself is so beautiful and large, it screams freedom. Yet, look what people do to that freedom. They create darkness and traps for themselves.

Although many are great liars, the truth comes through. One of those truths is the picture of Levi from his hockey team days when Sarah was team mom. He is holding a baby. Now he wants us to believe he did not hold a baby until 2008 on the alleged birth date for Trig. He wants us to believe Sarah was sleeping beside him and that baby in that intimate moment. Who could believe that or 99% of team Sarah stories of those times?

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Bristol picked another bf {Paoletti} and she freaks out that he is a cheater? She is right, he is smoother and parent approved. Which only means she is really stuck with a dude who never considered loyalty and everyone will lie to her and cover for him. But who cares since she is selling the abstinence lie. Suckers, just believe her and send money. No one cares if Bristol is just being set up to fail. People are just disgusted with the fraud the family is selling.

Jean said...

Read "Boys Will Be Boys" and just passed it to a friend yesterday while we were enjoying the beach. She began reading it right away!
I tweet out the book info daily and sent an email with the book info to the Federal Bureau of Inv.
Social Media will get this out sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Allison, how is it that your blog attracts the teen soap opera troll? Geesh, if I wanted Facebook drama I'd sign up for it.

Stefanie said...

Bristol picks cheaters because Todd is a cheater. "This is most common if you felt rejected or abandoned by a parent and still haven't worked through it...Your psyche wants to go back to the scene of the crime, so to speak, and resolve that parental relationship in a marriage." Here is the rest of the article:

Another great post Allsion, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bristol is with Gino because the Palins owe the Paoletti family money from gambling debts. This is a way to ensure safety. Gino's family is deep into illegal gambling. Sooner or later this damn will burst.

Anonymous said...

The Paoletti family sounds like another Arizona crime family. When will the Palins learn?

Anonymous said...

The teen dramas are just a ball of yarn, no big deal. Something to keep the Palin fixers on salary and busy. One day the smallest thing will be the unraveling. That almost Mormon dude that marries young girls? His empire took a hit when someone made a phone call that amounted to nothing. It is funny how things can work out. Wasilla teen soap operas are a good thing in their way. Not so much because you like soap or teen drama.

Bristol is a front, put out by the Palin family (crimes and cults) to sell their brand. A total fabricated front person is a big red flag. Why hide behind a young girl with a troubled public sex life? What are they hiding, what is the corruption behind their failed attempts? Bristol is also their weakest link. Is that all they have to exaggerate and create the fantasies around? What kind of grifters are these people? Who would put a weak link in the role they have Bristol play? Desparate frauds, frauds who made it to the big time and are filled with hubris. Something silly will most likely come along to open them up to unbareable scruntiny. Not anything along the lines of a short stay in State Prison. More like Federal.

I miss Olbermann on MSNBC. His exit was very strange. It is coincidental that the Brietbart pimp is suing now? How wealthy is he or who backs him financially? The pimp activist is out of his teens but acts out teen drama like. He is another one to keep an eye on. Works for famous blogger, a real player in that world. The Palins have placed their own daughter right in his league. He is a front and an actor for what the right wing are trying to pass off as journalism and blogs to read.

Anonymous said...

Uh, “overachievers” ??? Sarah Palin, YOU LIE!

Anonymous said...

More babble tonight on the teevee with Sean and Sarah. She is hyped about the dead guys legacy, must have passed torch for Sarah and Bristol to carry on. That pimp guy is getting all tangled up in law suits and can't do his activist plots. She will find out soon enough that Andrew Breitbart did have a heart attack or what not on the street. He was red by eye witness reports. Not what people are saying is the color of a heart attack victim. Why she believes that the enemy killed him with a poison dart. Believing the conspiracies would get them worked up and feeling self righteous. Babble on.

Allison said...

FYI for regular readers:

New comment has been left on the January 20 post "Babygate Puzzle - the misfits and the holes":

Fellow truther "Marz" has a theory on Bristol's 2007 and 2008 pregnancies and spent time putting it down in writing for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. I am not enough up on time lines to know what to think. I don't see how Bristol was 7 months preggars in 2008 at the convention.

GinaM said...

Anonymous said...

Bristol is with Gino because the Palins owe the Paoletti family money from gambling debts. This is a way to ensure safety. Gino's family is deep into illegal gambling. Sooner or later this damn will burst.

March 23, 2012 11:23 AM

Interesting. Didn't Shailey mention in her book gambling parties where she saw the Toad...with a bunch of political folks?