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Public Figure Levi Johnston Creates a Facebook Page for Us

Levi has a new tat. The very day he and Sunny learned they would have a daughter, he went and got her name, "Breeze" on his left bicept in the same script as the tatoo he got one year ago on the other one.  The name was Sunny's pick.  Levi is consistent, Tripp was Bristol's idea, or so they say. 

Last year, Levi got "Tripp" inked on his arm and showed it off when he was interviewed for his birthday celebration in Las Vegas. It wasn't his real birthday, and he was feeling pretty phony-something he shared in "Deer in the Headlights."  His  discomfort is evident in the video taken before the public celebration for which he was paid $20,000.  Levi needed the money. He wasn't having fun, he was earning a paycheck. It's what he does - sell himself.

The interviewer is, IMHO, a jerk.  The YouTube clip begins with this awkward exchange. 

Interviewer:  "Say, Bon jour Las Vegas." 

Levi says it. 

Interviewer: "Do you know what the means?"

Levi: "No.... Do I look like... whatever that is?"

Now, maybe I'm just lucky to have had a good public education, but it amazes me that a 21 year old in the USA doesn't know "hello" in French.  And maybe a couple other languages, too. Sorry, guess I'm a snob. 

But, it gets worse. The interviewer takes a sleazy turn, IMHO, and tries to make something out of Levi being in Sin City and leaving Sunny behind.  He asks how Sunny feels about Levi's birthday bash. 

"I'm pretty sure she's not very, ah, stoked about it, but," Levi shrugs, "you know it's kinda what I do. She knew who I was before she started dating me,   and you know, I'll be faithful to her so she doesn't have anything to worry about."

So now we know what Levi does.  "This is what I do," he said. Well that's a long way from his childhood dream of being an NHL star. 

I can't help it, I find that very sad. And look in his eyes - he's sad.  

But now it's a year later. A full year later and another trip to the tatoo parlor, this time he got some pink ink worked in,  You can see it on Levi's new Facebook page that he opened last week:

That’s a Levi Johnston Facebook page opened seven days ago. Thirty-three people “like” it so far, but I’m not one of them.

Only four years ago this guy was a self-proclaimed redneck whose MySpace page said he didn’t want kids.  He wasn’t  really a MySpace user, he said many times, including in his memoir, that the page was put up by his friends.  That fits the Levi Johnston image, he doesn’t seem computer savvy at all.
But  look at this Facebook page - blatant pandering to those of us who have chosen “team Levi” over the darkside.  We are supposed to be giddy over another out-of-wedlock Wasillian. I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling all warm and fuzzy about this. 

In my novel, I have a character named Wrangler.  He’s got things in common with Levi. Not an exact match, because my characters are not the Johnstons or the Palins. This is the perfect place to restate my disclaimer :

White Trash in the Snow is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Wrangler is a figment of my imagination and I treat him sympathetically. If I were to write about Levi Johnston circa 2012, I can’t say with certainty how sympathetic I would be.  Just sayin’. I mean, obviously  his life right now is about the new baby. What makes this new baby newsworthy?  How could Levi and Sunny sell this news? The answer is easy. Tripp!  A half-sister for Tripp Johnston gave Levi something to market, and to market he went. First, he got money to announce that he’d knocked up another teenager. Yes, Sunny Rae was 19 when she went to the cabin with Levi and they “forgot” to bring birth control.  Then Levi and his current baby-mama got paid again for the revelation of the baby’s name. Remember what Levi said one year ago? It hasn't changed. Fathering babies, getting their names tattooed on his body and selling interviews  is how he makes his living. 

Levi hasn’t finished High School. He hasn’t gotten a GED. He hasn’t gotten a job. His adult life began with early fatherhood, which, for most people is a job without pay, and 99.9% of his income since has been a derivative of that miracle moment when his ejaculation discovered the awaiting egg. 

He started out on the more traditional path, working a blue-collar job on Alaska’s north slope, and lost it when his son was less than a month old. (Or was he just over a month old? That depends - in which pages in his book was Levi telling the truth? Maybe there's a good reason Sunny hasn't read Deer in the Headlights. But here at the Palin Place, those details about that have been explored before. 

Why do we think Levi would oppose Tripp being used in a television show? Exactly what evidence is there to support that belief?  I would argue that Levi defines himself as a media personality, a public figure, and is quite comfortable with his three- year -old son being in the spotlight. Remember, if that kid isn’t news, neither is Levi.

Tripp and Bristol get a reality show and Cha-ching! Levi begins marketing Breeze even before she's born. Something doesn't feel right about all this. It's got Palin written all over it, but not Johnston. Not the original Levi Johnston. But somewhere along the way, I think we lost him.

Prior to McCain’s invitation to run with him in 2008, the Palins had some experience in getting something just for being a recognized name – the kids traveled at taxpayer expense to places where they did little or nothing to benefit Alaskans ; gifts were given to the family, to the governor, to the First Dude/Pimp; meals were comped ; benefits were expected.  

Selling themselves didn’t come as naturally to the Johnstons. Sadie was the first to cash in, selling a story to Star magazine and giving the rag a picture of her brother, father and nephew to go with it. Published in March, 2009, that article became the first shot fired in the war between the Palins and the Johnstons. Before that time, Bristol lied and said Levi was a hands on dad who saw his kid often and was “just as much in love” with Tripp as she was. Sarah lied and said the kids were “parenting their butts off” and that Levi and Bristol would be good parents. Then Sadie shot her mouth off, and it became an American hillbilly feud to rival the Hatfields and the McCoys. 

Bristol had possession of the big gun, and she aimed for the heart - no more grandma Sherry sitting for infant Tripp while Bristol went to school. Boom. Take that. The Johnstons staggered a few steps and regrouped. They weren’t working with an attorney or a “representative,” they were figuring it out for themselves.  The Tyra Banks Show won the Johnston family teary tell-all – an idea more likely to be hatched by Sadie than Levi – and the three of them told Tyra that they had no clue why they were being deprived of time with Tripp. Sherry was trying to get her “head around it.” No clue? Yeah, right. Simultaneously, the people of Alaska paid for the governor’s spokesperson to say that the Johnston’s were trying to profit from the Palin name. But, wait – there was no profit, they went on that show for free! So, the governor’s office corrected their earlier statement.

Ummm…  I made that last part up to see who’s still following this. Sarah Palin never admits she’s wrong.

The bottom line is, since April 2009, Tripp has been the money ticket for both his parents. Levi and Tripp appeared in GQ, Bristol and Tipp made the cover of People, Levi spilled it to Vanity Fair, Bristol put on ridiculously lavish gowns and  fake-baked cupcakes for Tripp. Levi stripped down, his sister followed his lead. Together  Bristol and Levi sold a story to a magazine and to television about their reconciliation and engagement, then kept mum about the second breakup long enough not to have to give back the money. This whole Palin/Johnston hillbilly feud is the only income Levi has, and it’s what Bristol has relied on for her very un-single-parent-like lifestyle.

I hope Levi is happy with his life, his girlfriend, his daughter, and his dog. That's a nice looking dog. Want to see that smaller picture blown up?  I'll put it below. Take a close look at the new Levi. Or is it the same old Levi, unmarried father-to-be, selling his story but not telling the story we want to hear. You know - THAT story. Maybe when the baby money fizzles he'll resort to that. But not while he can cash in as a spin off to Bristol and Tripp's reality show. Tripp's little sister Breeze is going to be another cutie.  Will Levi market her? Yup, you betcha. He already has.

It's kind of sad.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I figured out the name. For the sequel to Bristol's new show - it's be called "Life's a Breeze"

B said...

All the names seem recycled. TRack, TRIg, TRIpp. BRistol, BReeze, BRee Van de Kamp. Small world, indeed.

Anonymous said...

You're shocked he doesn't know what Bonjour means when he doesn't know "fighted" isn't a word?

The boy barely attended high school and once admitted it. He couldn't get a job without his father's help. Not a bad thing. At least he ONCE at work ethic, as Todd and Serah once sounded off on to nosy media.

The Levi we hear about today isn't the Levi from then. Bristol's Levi isn't Sunny's Levi. Bristol's Levi couldn'tbe trusted, which is why there's tension. Sunny doesn't understand that.

Anonymous said...

He definitely used Myspace back then. In some of palingates screenshots, you see comments from Levi to people we know he hung with, including JC and BW. Like all the boys up there and his age, he used terms like nig and profanity. That group still does. Doesn't mean they're bad people. Just that old habits die hard. I still fully believe Levi and Bristol never dated before 07. Now, I'm no guy but Levi and Johnny were good good friends. Johnny confessed to one of Bristol's Juneau friends after she said smething like "you and Bristol have funny conversations, you should date. or are you waiting until youre in the same town?"

He said "I really like her...and something cryptic that hinted at something no one but them knows."
That summer, JC later told his sister when he was back in AK: "Bristol and I were gonna go out, but she has a boyfriend now. WTF"

idk and I don't care. Nothing about their dating story adds up. Flirted in 9th grade, maybe? I don't see anything else.

Dis Gusted said...

Levi seems to feel he is entitled to privilege. It's probably a learned behavior from the Palins. He was shocked when he had to go through the metal detector at the airport because he never had to go through screening with the Palins and he wanted that kind of treatment.

How do we know he does not have a GED? He took the same on-line courses at the same time that Bristol did in early spring 2008. Levi was living with the Palins then, long before Tripp was invented. (at least the Tripp we've come to believe is Tripp).

will the real Tripp please stand up.

I'd love to witness Levi spill the beans, but I'm not holding my breath. His fables to Vanity Fair rang true and he should have cashed in then. I can't help but wonder if he and his family are threatened in some way - in addition to his mother being under house arrest.

Dis Gusted said...

to add to the comment at 8:30PM. There once was a post on Myspace where Levi brags about MEETING Bristol for the first time. It was 2007 and it appeared he was infatuated. He mentioned meeting her in front of a camp fire.

Anonymous said...

The old Levi vanished forever the day he sat down with Trump to discuss an acting career. GAGGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAG GAG. This boy may have funny moments but he's dry as desert dirt. He's probably not very pronounced in the netherregions and he's obviously not too driven or self-motivated. I feel for him. He may like Sunny's mother but she's a nurse aide and Sunnys a babysitter, basically. MONEY? Sadie's less driven than Levi and she has less claim to fame.

Where'd Sherry go wrong? I know her marital problems were evident from when her kids were babies but she seems decent. So sad to me.

Gross said...

Allison, I enjoy you because you don't coddle the Johnstons and treat them as people they're not. They're not victims. They've actually acted pretty vindictively, though it's really all they have. Tripp is all they have to support themselves and their expensive habits. Levi may seel fur for a couple hundred but where's the longterm plan?

Anonymous said...

Sunny is upset her boyfriend is considered a deadbeat. Does she know how a good maturity define "deadbeat?"

To me, deadbeat has nothing to do with how much you love a child, or how caring you are. IT has everything to do with how you approach life and responsibility. Is she cool with showing her unborn children that it's okay to make a living based off of selling a story or picture and not physically working for what you want? How is her daughter going to feel about her father's nasty words for her half-brother's family? Those words will hurt Tripp, just because what he sees of his mother's family isn't what Levi has described. levi can't think like that. He's too young and immature at the moment.

Technically, Levi can't refute Bristol words about him, because 1. he admitted to being a jerkoff in high school and 2. he hasn't actually proven her wrong.

When Tripp was an infant, Bristol got a job. A real job. Yes his parents used the media to make money for him, but Bristol does have a job and stability. Tripp does participate in normal activities, he rides a bike without training wheels, he goes to the batting cages and swims.

I'm sure Levi would keep him active, but along with the fun, Tripp also sees his momma going to work (it's when he gets to stay with papa palin or go to the daycare)

In all split families, both sides have their issues typically. But in this case, it appears that Tripp is with the more responsible and stable parent.

He still should see his father at least once a week. His father just needs to realize that life isn't all about taking your son fishing. It's about financial independence and acting like the adult you became when your son was born.

Anonymous said...

Disgusted, I recall hearing about Bristol and Levi meeting the year before the election. Their relationship took off fast, with both falling hard. There was a NE article that said the first time they had sex, they snuck off and did it in a tent at some party.
There's just so much evidence the two didn't date before 2007. SO MUCH.

I mean, DITH read like complete fiction when "Levi" discusses his chats with Sarah. No way that happened.

Obviously Bristol had something about her that drew guys to her. Many fawned over her, many she didn't date. I recall reading that. Look at how many bots drool on her facebook.

I also would like to correct one thing. Bristol wasn't living in Wasilla in 08 until May. Levi didn't live with them until the fall when the whole family was on trail. Sarah was out of state a bit and was in Juneau even more that spring.

Anonymous said...

Not to comment again but HOLY SHITTTT disgusted, I love you for your comment, only because it totally fits with EVERYTHING we've read in the news in 08 about Levi and Bristol. Some of the first reports in 2008 were as follows:

Bristol fell hard for Levi in the past YEAR, only a year ago and they had an intense relationship

The first time they had sex they snuck off at a party and did it in a tent

It totally explains why Johnny was confused as hell when he said "but Bristol has a boyfriend now. wtf" long distance+teenagers= trouble

Though it's weird that Levi would say he first met Bristol in 07, when both families were big into hockey and Sarah managed the team and always had the teammates over. That happened.

Okay, the more I write the more I wonder, why the freak does this matter? Brain bleach NOW.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, one more. it also explains why Lanesia was heartbroken that Levi cheated on her again, why Kaila remarked about Jennys threat to beat up Bristol for Lanesia in late Sept 07.

No effing way these two dated before summer 07. Relationships can grow fast and Bristol has sincerely hinted in interviews this one did. She told Guiliana R last Jan that gino and she were no where near where she and Levi were.

Anonymous said...

Totally believe Levi was once a spineless, drooling, needy lapdog for Bristol. He's never seemed like the pants-wearer in a relationship. She's always written or sounded very direct and like she calls the shots. Older sisters usually are. Look how Gino was all touchy on her in that Furrondy vide and she acted all shy and like, "uh, what are you doing?"

Anonymous said...

"Tripp does participate in normal activities, he rides a bike without training wheels, he goes to the batting cages and swims."

because he's SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think Levi is making money...Hush money..how else does he afford to get tattoos, go hunting etc.if he's not making any money..he's in on this whole he said she said, baby daddy game their playing. Keeping your mouth shut about Trig and playing the part of sperm donor for Tripp pays very well. If he was really Tripp's father he wouldn't be standing by letting this reality show happen unless he's being paid off!

Jo said...

"Tripp does participate in normal activities, he rides a bike without training wheels, he goes to the batting cages and swims."

That is pretty amazing for a 3 1/2 year old child--and pretty unlikely.

Anonymous said...

What I'd love to ask Levi is ...

"Why in Heaven's name would you pick a name for your unborn daugther a name that begins with "BR"??? WHY son why?

And why Sunny herself would want such a name that begins with the first two letters of his X-playmate & screw buddy's name is just beyond me.

Those two should have started reading the "baby names" book from the letter "Z" and then forward.
Maybe they would have stopped there and picked Zoe which would be a long alphabet away from "BRistol" er I mean "BReeze."

Anonymous said...

Jo, I have 2 kids across the street, both 3 yrs old and both of them ride the smaller 16' bike without training wheels..big deal. I doubt they let 3 yr old in the batting cages with a pitching machine shooting out real baseballs to a 3 yr old...maybe t-ball...and what's the big deal about a 3 yr old swimming, when my kids were 1 1/2 they were taking swimming lessons? This is all Kristy's BS to make Bristol look like a caring mother!

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah and Tripp was rollerblading at two years old. We've heard all the lies already.

Anonymous said...

Lying Obsessed Stalker Troll Posts:
May 22, 2012 8:24 PM
May 22, 2012 8:30 PM
May 22, 2012 8:35 PM
May 22, 2012 8:35 PM
May 22, 2012 8:38 PM
May 22, 2012 8:48 PM
May 22, 2012 8:54 PM
May 22, 2012 8:59 PM
May 22, 2012 9:02 PM
May 22, 2012 9:06 PM
OMG now the troll is responding to her own comments.....CREEPY.

I can't be the only one totally creeped out by the stalker troll's posts. Anyone who is that obsessed with the relationships of teenage nobodies from a small backwoods town can't be mentally stable. To actually know what some rednecks wrote on their myspace five years ago is well past obsessed stalker territory and entering some kind of sickness I've never seen before. Please. Get. Help.

Floyd M. Orr said...

I have consolidated some of my blogs and changed the URL of Nonfiction in a Fictional Style from niafs to floydmorr. The new link is below. Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if one or more of the trolls are actually the people mentioned in the troll post. Geesh, could there be any less interesting people than uneducated, uninformed teenagers from the back woods?

Ivyfree said...

One difficulty for Levi is that he owes a boatload of child support and he doesn't have the money to go to court and get his payments adjusted- at least he hasn't done so that we're aware of, and I'm pretty sure somebody would post it if it happened.

The thing is, unless Bristol complains about nonpayment of support, it's not like anyone will go after him. It's entirely possible that they have a tacit agreement- he won't push for shared custody or more visitation if she won't push for the child support. Yes, it's wrong. It also happens.

He might look at what he owes and say, hell, there's no way he'll be able to pay that off.... and choose to keep his income low so that going after him is useless.

I bet he and Sunny will never marry. They'll live together and maybe have more kids but they'll keep their income separate. If she has any brains that's what she'll do. If she marries him, it increases his income of record.

Levi started with little to no ambition, and went downhill from there. I like him as a person- I think he's not particularly malicious or nasty- but he doesn't have much ambition.

I also remember that he did have a job as an apprentice on the slope until Sarah shot off her mouth and announced that he didn't have a high school diploma. I don't know if she did that on purpose- it sounded to me as if she was doing her usual "defending her own" thing, and Levi belonged to her because Bristol still wanted him then, supposedly. And she never has been able to consider the consequences of the things she says. See: blood libel.

Allison said...

I agree Ivyfree, Levi is likable but never going to set the world on fire. Sunny and he can raise a kid together without saying "I do" and in Wasilla they won't stand out. (Did Britta really marry Track?) And Sarah probably didn't mean to ruin it for Levi's cushy slope job, but Bristol booted him out of the house at the exact same time, so it's unlikely Sarah even got any flak from her about it.

Allison said...

Floyd Orr, hello! I went there, took a look around and the site looks good. I'm going to send you an email about "The Last Horizon." I'm excited because it's gotten to the top of my reading list.


KaJo said...

Floyd Orr, I was rather amused to see you left this comment on one of the several fake Levi Johnston Facebook pages (even Kim Chatman evidently was conned into believing it was really a Levi Johnston Facebook page):

Please contact me, Levi. You know I have integrity that Gryphen and others do not possess. May 25 at 9:53am

Didn't you notice the only "likes" on the page was Sarah Palin? Dead giveaway a Palin, probably Sarah or Todd, made that page.

Another fake: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Levi-Johnston/104048039633122

Let's see what happens if you post that message on the real Levi Johnston Facebook page...


sunny oglesby said...


Allison said...

Sunny Oglesby @ 1:54PM Welcome to the Palin Place! The new pictures posted on Levi's Facebook are really great. His expression when he's with Tripp speaks volumes. You have a good man and it looks like you are doing wonders for him. Best wishes to you all.

PS Please feel free to post anytime if you want to draw attention to something posted by Levi. And, if you want to email instead, it's thepalinplace@gmail.com