Thursday, May 17, 2012

Synopsis of Allison's Debut Novel

She’s sixteen. She’s pregnant. Her mother is the governor.

White Trash in the Snow takes readers into the lives of an imaginary family that they think they already know. Written with humor, sensitivity and irreverence, this roman a clef is my debut novel introducing the readers to the Saplin family – Rachael and Tadd and their children Field, Cristol, Maple and Pride – and their almost-in-laws Wrangler Strauss, his mother Jerrie, father Kevin, and sister Porsche. 

This novel is a fun and poignant romp; a coming-of-age story set in a small town- a blue collar town. It is a work of fiction in which the characters face an unplanned teenage pregnancy. Everyone knows some family that has dealt with that situation and any similarity to real persons is purely coincidence.


In a cold, sparsely populated state, newly-elected Governor Rachael Saplin dreams of political stardom. It is 2007 and the upcoming national election is shaping up to be the year of the woman. In spite of near-obscurity, the charming, polarizing mother of four believes destiny is at work to put her in power in Washington. As the nation begins to hone the list of potential candidates for President of the United States, the Governor and her husband become ambitiously overbooked; they travel extensively throughout a geographically enormous state and increasingly travel “outside.” Parenting from a distance, they are oblivious to most of their teenagers' activities.

Sixteen year old Cristol Saplin plunges into a summer of fun and reckless behaviors. In the fall, Cristol tells her parents she is pregnant. She is pulled out of school with “a bad case of mono” and is sent her to live with an aunt. Things get more complicated when the baby is born prematurely and with disabilities.

 Rachael Saplin will not let a "family problem" derail her; the steps she takes are shocking, even to her family.
As events unfold, Cristol and her boyfriend Wrangler, a red-neck high school hockey hero, are forced to mature, then encouraged by parents to resume being "normal teenagers." Perhaps they succeed too well.

I want to thank people for words of encouragement. This is exciting for me, but it isn’t all I’m going to do from now on.  I do intend to write posts as often as I can, but I will reserve Fridays for a chapter by chapter release of  White Trash in the Snow.   If you grew up in the north, you know the delight of waking up and having mom say “it’s a snow day.”  No school!  A freebie day to spend with friends. With this book, I hope to bring you that kind of childlike delight. It’s not heavy. It doesn’t try to prove anything. It’s fun. Will I be able to pull that off?  You’ll have to let me know.

  Chapter One to be posted Friday May 18, 2012.


Anonymous said...

Love the synopsis! Looking forward to the preview chapters. This sounds like a fun book for those who know the truth about the Palins.

Cracklin Charlie said...

Home Run, Allison!

If the book is as good as the synopsis, White Trash in the Snow is gonna be a kick!

ps...Love the title!

Anonymous said...

I love fiction. I just hope this doesn't destroy the majesty of Alaska and change people's (who are being mocked) pasts in Palin haters eyes. Because this is definitely fiction based on pure rumor and lies. Will you discuss other parents (like Wrangler's hahaha love his name) inability to parents THEIR kids? You only seem to attack the parenting of one family despite other more severe problems with non-political families and teenagers. Will Cristol still be the great student and responsible girl she is based on? Or will it be pure fiction?

Anonymous said...

Will you write about how Cristol's Bruneau school friends defend her against other Bruneau students who bully her and make up things about her?

Anonymous said...

Allison, have you run this by a lawyer? It's so obviously close to reality that I'm afraid you'll get sued. :(

Anonymous said...

Do you have a sad, lonely middle aged woman from Rhode Island who has fixated on Cristol, desperately trying to infiltrate her family and obsessively and repetitively defending her on the internet to the point where lawyers has to become involved and Cristol bans the woman from her FB page?

Anonymous said...

They won't sue--that would be admitting she faked having Trig!

Looks like Bristole has already arrived here.

Anonymous said...

Will you discuss how Cristol's parents tried to end her too-rapidly budding relationship with the dropout, make out king, and his parents (mothers) indifference/absent parenting? This wouldve been at the end of 2007.

Anonymous said...

The names are really funny, but I would have named Piper..... Airbus lol!! Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! This is going to be fun. Does this Governor trade mark her name too? :-) Hope Kristy can see the humor we see. How sad she still sees salvation in these people. How can anyone be so stupid? Even the GOP doesn't trust her. Oh, well, some kinds of stupidity you can't cure. Welcome to "Friday Funnies" Kristy.

Anonymous said...

10:30 a.m. Will Cristol still be the great student and responsible girl she is based on?

Proof, please, that she is a "great student and responsible girl"?

I was considered a responsible girl as a teen. I graduated from high school with a 3.65 GPA, immediately went to college on scholarship, was involved in numerous activities at my church and school (choir, drama, mission trips, youth group, cheerleading, student council, yearbook), never drank alcohol or had sex in high school, never got pregnant, and never went on unsupervised, overnight camping trips with boys. Has Bristol done ANY of those things??

Just sayin'.

melissa said...

Can't wait to read the first chapter!

mary b said...

I have already read the first Chapter and you are doing a GREAT job of it all!!
Thank you, Allison!
We all need some comic relief from that EPIC FAIL of the Palin Family.
You mixed fact, fiction & comedy really well together!!
As for the word, "mature", I can't seem to get enough of it! LOL!!