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Baby Breeze Beretta Playing Second Fiddle and Allison Promises to Publish a Book

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It's come to my attention  (and it checks out ) that neither Mercede Johnston nor Sherry Johnston posted anything on Facebook about Levi's impending fatherhood after he and his girlfriend broke the news via tabloid TV.  Gryphen told us that Sadie and Miss Sunny Oglesby were very close.  Seems this would be a time for excitement, but there's been no social network gushing.  No bragging about become an Auntie. Or a grandma again. No congrats on Sunny's Facebook. No talk about running out to buy up all the baby stuff in the Mat-Su Valley.  What's going on?

This is in stark contrast to the story Sherry told on Tyra three years ago. In April 2009, in an unpaid appearance, Tripp's grandma talked about her excitement upon learning Bristol was pregnant.  Remember Tyra asking if there was some reservation about it, with the kids being so young....  Sherry said all that " flew out the window," she was just excited to be grandma.  Go ahead and watch that clip again. It's quite interesting in hindsight. Everyone was so much younger then.

Levi and Sunny kept the baby news to themselves until the story was sold and filmed. That's not hard to understand given Mercede's history of selling stories.  Remember, she was the one who gave Tripp's baby picture to Star magazine in March 2009.  That caused Bristol to stop taking Tripp over to Grandma Sherrie when she went to school (one class?).  Mercede blew it for all of them when she sold that picture and interviewed with Star. Yes, she was young, and no, it isn't an excuse for Bristol to withhold Tripp from seeing his dad. But if Levi and Sunny can't trust his family to keep secrets, then how the heck are they keeping the Trig birth secret?  I still think there's money involved and it keeps something important locked in Sadie's safe.

Here's what I said in my post January 9, 2012 about Levi and Sunny:

Levi knows how to sell his major life events for celebrity coverage.  It's how he makes a living. He and Bristol sold the re-engagement, he sold a story that he was running for mayor of Wasilla, he sold his 21st birthday party.  Selling your life events involves contracts and keeping secrets. Levi told about he and Bristol keeping the truth from the public after they sold their re-engagement and then broke up. They couldn't let on that they'd broken up again until the minimum contractual time had passed. It's in Deer in the Headlights. It's one of Levi's life lessons learned.

See?  If I knew Levi well enough to write that, Mercede shouldn't have expected to be told this good-as-gold secret. Like I said, it's how Levi makes his living.  (How does Sadie make hers?) Levi and Sunny played the game for all they could, separate shows for announcing the pregnancy and the baby's name. Stay tuned, this baby will be shown on TV much quicker than Tripp was. She may even make her debut before baby Grace (is it Palin or not?) I wonder whose parents will have a real wedding first -  one of Tripp's parent's, baby Breeze's, or baby Kyla Grace's parents .  Just sayin'

On Levi's birthday last week, Mercede said she was happy for the next stage in his life. Quite a weak reference to the baby girl that is going to come along in August. Baby girl Breeze.  Where'd they get that name? It makes me believe there may be some truth in Bristol's story that Tripp was going to be called Bentley. Remember that tidbit in the Bristol and Levi timeline circa 2010? Bristol claims it was the name Levi wanted to name Tripp until Bristol decided on the "T" name. (And what a "T" name that was!) Then, Lanesia being pregnant was used as a reason for Bristol to re-dump Levi, and when she had the baby, Lanesia named her kid Bentley. Did I ever mention that Levi admitted in "Deer in the Headlights" that he and Lanesia had "hooked up" one night, but the baby still wasn't his?  Oh yes. Awesome.   So, now, Levi is going to get to name a kid with a "B" name.  And for some reason, his sister is underwhelmed.

Sunny is a bit more than half way through this pregnancy. There's time for the ice to thaw. It's just too bad that the Johnston siblings are yet again estranged as a result of Levi not wearing a condom.


It feels good to be back on the computer and posting again.  There are big hurdles ahead in the "real life" category, and there was a three a.m. phone call a few nights ago.  Those are never good news. But the news wasn't as bad as it might have been.  Sometimes I may not be able to  give this blog my energies, and sometimes it will be my welcome respite.

One thing I know - I need to laugh more.  Maybe you do, too.  Here's what I'm going to do for us all.  I'm going to publish my book chapter by chapter on this blog. One chapter a week. Probably on Fridays.

What book?  A novel I finished in 2010.  It's about a couple of teenagers, her mom is the governor of a state where there's a lot of snow...


ManxMamma said...

Good to have you back. Hope all is well.

pol said...

Hi, Allison. It's great to "see" you again. Along with ManxMamma, I hope all is well.

Balzafiar said...

Welcome back Allison. I always enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. Been checking everyday to see if you returned. Was nice to see your new post! So you have written a book. Good news. A chapter every Friday. Does this mean no posting between chapters? It would be nice for a discussion period following each chapter. Will look forward to reading it each week.It all sounds very interesting.

Hope all is well and you can keep us up to date on the book. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Levi and Bristol's 2010stories match up in that respect. That they broke up basically the same day the article debuted and they couldn't talk about the relationship ending for 2weeks, WHICH explains Bristol's all-caps fb comment exclaiming "SINGLE" 2 weeks later.

Other than that, I don't buy Levi's reengagement story. He has a penchant for overexggeration like his sister. It's weird that they were dating in June, yet Bristol was always with family, on a road trip, hanging w/ palinbot visitors & working. When DID the two lovebirds see each other anyway?

And Sunny did say that family knew the gender before the public annoucement.Sadie has said she's excited.

I think Sadie now knows Levi can get way more money for selling pics than she can. She can't even get HER name on playboy cover. 99% of America has no idea Levi has a sister and id keep it that way.

Despite their comfortable and healthier lives. I too wish each Johnston would get a job. Sunny's salary probably barely covers her $150 hair highlights she just got recently.

Mercede has mentioned she wanted Easten to be Tripp's name for a bit. Bristol does refer to him by the two names, Tripp Easten.

Levi's mentions of Lanesia are so weird. He says they dated in high schoo, has never publicly stated they seriously dated in 2007, which is bizarre considering she professed love for him them, and later cursed him for being a lying jerkoff who cheated on her. Good to see he's finally grown up in that respect. Teens are selfish. Iwouldnt blame Levi.

I think the Bently story in NAOL is just a fictional anecdote similar to some of Levis he "writes" about in DITH.It's like MEghan McCain's line "why is this girl covered by a huge blanket?" All 3 are using techniques tocreate an engaging read.

Remember, Sherry and Sadie thought Trig was definitely Sarah's until late 2010, when Sadie started to question is. I think Sherry started to question is earlier than spring.

Oviously, Sadie's loyal to Levi, even thought he's treated her like crap in multiple ways, some not evenBristol-related. In 2007, over the Kaila and Lanesia Levi fighting, Sadie defended her brother saying he can do/say what he wants.

Levi was hurt that he apparently never received a happy birthday from his sister. Sadie deleted Sunnys comments and wrote a weirdly stated reply. I can't tell when this girl is truly bsing or being sincere. If I met her, Id say to her, it'stime to stop playing victim when she's obviously not one and enter adulthood. When a bunch of people laugh at your expense because of your penchant for lying, you've got trouble.

My only comment about your book is as long as you maintain that your book's opinion, I don't care what you do. Look at how much of Floyd's book is wrong. Don't jump the gun.Ive considered throwing my ethics out the window and publishing ALL of Bristol's facebook activity in order. Id even include when she was referenced before she got facebook. Then I think just because Bristol once trusted the public enough to accept fb friendship from strangers doesn't mean I'd betray her. HOWEVER, the posts would show that Bristol's a respectable person via social networking (yes I know about her one time detour, in Nov 2010.

I will probably publish a slideshow I once made containing big events from Sarah's life in order and includes public social networking comments mixed in.

Before summer 2008, I don't believe B & L ever dated more than 5 mnths consecutively. I'd say July 07-Dec 07. Can someone research when that Homer hockey game wouldve been? The two broke up in early 08 and there is refenrence to Levi attending parties (Feb?)I tend to believe Bristol thought he was cheating again. He also had a career-ending knee injury in early 08 and probably left school when he couldnt play hockey. Then they barely saw each other during the summer and election.

Anonymous said...

We really don't know anything do we? We have misconceptions of Bristol, Levi, Sadie, even Sunny. I think it's about time for me to exit this saga and leave it in the past where it belongs. What good does it do to discuss things that even subjects have moved on from and probably faked?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is time for you to exit stage right. Don't let the screen door hit you in the, well, you know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34AM

Why do you come here then? I agree don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Welcome back Allison. I check everyday you were missed. I hope everything goes well for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Alison. I wonder what 9:34 "As the Stomach Churns" spinner of "weird"soap opera tales has been doing while you were gone.

Anonymous said...

Are you Fred?

Jo said...

I can't wait to read your book! I did read both of Nicole Wallace's books. They were pretty good, but actually much too kind to the nutty v.p. (imo).

physicsmom said...

Glad you're back Allison. We missed you, but understand your need to deal with family obligations first.

Just a comment for those who've been saying that Sadie needs to get a job. As I understand it from her blog some time ago, she said that Sherrie needs to go for drug testing at random times and must appear within some specific timeframe after receiving a call. They only have one car, so Sadie needs to be available to immediately take her Mom to the clinic. That's why she can't work; she is essentially her mother's caregiver. A difficult role for a young woman. I did it for my Mom when she was ill and it's hard and stressful.

Note: one of my first captcha words was trther. How appropriate.

Dis Gusted said...

nice to see you back - look forward to your chapters.

I like Levi and wish him and his new family all the best.

Bill in Baltimore said...

Welcome back Alison.Look forward to reading your book.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, but that excuse just does NOT make any sense. Do the Johnston's not have any other family or friends that could get Sherry to her pee in a jar appointments? Surely Mercede could find some job that has the caveat that she may need to leave to take her mom to an appointment. She can sign up for intermittent FMLA like the rest of the country can and if she needs to leave, then her job would be secure.
Just sounds like lazy white trash mentality plain and simple. At the very least uneducated.
Look, I work, went to grad school, cared for my family and elderly parents in hospice. Surely single Sadie could hold a job and manage to get mommy to intermittent appointments somehow.

Anonymous said...

Geez, @4:14, did you not read the bit where these are not appointments? They get random phone calls and have to show up at the clinic to pee with in a narrow window of time. I, too, went to grad school and cared for my family and my elderly parents and grandparents in nursing homes and hospice (three years of that just for my dad), and as wonderful and understanding as my employer is, I would not have been able to drop everything on a moment's notice at random moments for three years without some kind of pushback, FMLA or not. Sadie has a high school diploma and very little job experience. Finding a wonderfully understanding employer for that kind of situation usually requires a better resume than that, and Sadie's the type of worker that is almost literally a dime a dozen nowadays.

Anonymous said...

@0825 So? she should still at least try to find some sort of job. Also, Is there seriously NO ONE Else that can get Sherry to her appointments?
Here's a thought, why don't the Johnstons just stop taking all the black mail or hush money and spill every fucking thing. Cause They Have to know every fucking thing sbout babygate and Toad and Tri-G, and TrRipp and Tripp.

Anonymous said...

And before you say they are not appointments, they are appointments on short notice.

Anonymous said...

Also, can someone explain the Sherry Johnston drug monitoring thing? People have stated that she suffers chronic pain and is on chronic pain meds. So, how does making her come in to pee randomly proove anything? If she has a legal prescription for narcotics and opiates show up in her what?? She got in trouble for selling, not using legally, right? This makes no sense to me. Any insight greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

When someone has been in prison on drug charges, they are required to do random urine tests for the duration of the parole. They must call in every morning to see if their designated color or number is called and has to be there to do the test. If they fail to do this, they will be sent back to prison. This is the law. I don't think Sherry or Mercedes want to see her return to prison if she misses an appointment. None of us know what medication she is using for pain but I would guess this is being monitored also and that would be tested in the urine to see that she is not over dosing. Sherry will be doing this everyday (calling to see if her number or color is drawn and she has to appear for the test or she will go back to prison. It doesn't matter what the charge was, but if it was for drugs, she will have to follow the law. They probably have someone lined up to take her when Mercedes can't do it. Doesn't sound like she drives herself or has a car that she can use. She also has to pay for this testing. As long as she is on parole, she will be required to do this.

Anonymous said...

Urine tests just show yes or no to the presence of a drug, not levels of a drug. It would make sense though that Sherry should have a positive test . Someone on another blog wrote that if she is filling her prescriptions then she should have a postive urine test. If she has a negative test she may be selling her drugs again. Seems like a waste of time though as all she needs to do is pop a pill in her mouth when she gets a call to come in and pee a viola she will have the required positive urine test. What a stooopid system. All this energy should be spent nailing the Palins not the Johnstons.

AKRNHSNC said...

Sherry Johnston has a morphine pump that is refilled by her physician. As far as I know, Mercede hasn't said anything about her being on breakthrough medications although she should be. Her physician is probably overly cautious about giving her a script for them due to her legal problems. A urinalysis can only show a positive or negative for opiates, not determine the level or type. However, if the parole officer wishes, she/he can order a blood test to check for drug levels to make sure that her medication is at the proper level for the dosage she is supposed to be on. As far as driving goes, IIRC, the ass backwards judge said that Sherry could not drive due to the medications she was taking. Obviously they have no clue as to what they are talking about as people who are on long acting medications build up to a level in their bloodstream that remains consistent. There are no highs or lows, they can function as well as anyone else who is sober or straight. I've been on opioids for chronic pain for 12 years without ever once getting "high" from them because they are at a sustained level in the blood. I can drive without any problems and would never get behind the wheel of a car if I felt that I was not with it mentally. It's so easy for so many to pretend that Mercede is lazy when all she's trying to do is to be there for her mother. She knows this situation is temporary and when her mother is done with parole, she'll have her freedom back. Is it really necessary to be so nasty towards a young girl who is looking out for her mother's welfare? NO!

Anonymous said...

If Sherry was to eat a Poppy Seed roll or eat too much celery it would show up in the test and then a blood test would be taken to find the levels. These innocent foods can throw off the test as they have similar reactions in the system as cocaine or marijuana. You have no idea what they have to go thru. They don't play games. You must remember, the Palins have a lot of pull in Alaska. Leave Mercedes, Sherry and Levi alone. The smallest screw-up and their mother could be back in prison. Until you've lived thru it, you don't know what they are going through. When they say jump, you say how high!! They aklso come to the house and they have the right to go thru anything. It's obvious that Levi is living elsewhere as she is forbidden to have any guns or ammunition in her resident. She is also not allowed to have any alcoholic beverages in the home. They can come and check anytime they want. She has an ankle bracelet, I believe. If so, they know where she is at all time. It's a GPS device and it can't be removed without them knowing it. She has to call in on a land line phone that is registered with them between certain hours or they will get a visit! She is literally under house arrest.

Anonymous said...

You all can defend the Johnstons as much as you want. I can also state that 1) There is still no excuse for Mercede not getting a job. Maybe the mindset is an Alaskan white trash mindset...something I can't wrap my head around. 2) The Johnstons must know exactly what the deal is with the Palins and are getting payments or something or being blackmailed and are too uneducated to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so quick to defend poor Sherry Johnston. She was selling dope, right? I guess it's common in Wasillia. She got caught. Maybe she was set up by The Palins. She probably was! But she was still selling her dope!And from the looks of their toys and highlights and clothing, she wasn't selling her dope simply to make her mortgage or to feed her kids! Let's have some perspective peeps. Is Wasillia so corrupt that people feel sorry for a small player who got caught, not sorry because she was selling dope to people with problems?
Up is down. Black is white.

Anonymous said...

She was set up and sold to an undercover cop and got pretty harshly treated by the cj system. Meanwhile, Todd Palin's sister brought her child with her to burglarize a house and put both their lives in mortal danger with only a slap on the wrist as punishment. And let's not forget that Todd supplied prostitutes for the boys in blue.

So, yeah, I feel sorry for Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely it is a corrupt system up in Alaska, but no one seems to want to do anything about it. Yep, Diane Palin got off easily and Sherry did not.