Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog Days of Summer – Levi Johnston Brings Home a Puppy.

It's Levi Johnston's turn to try his hand at dog raising public-style.
This idea isn't new. Bristol got a puppy. Her SarahPac-paid ghost-blogger (I’m assuming Sarah thinks any publicity with the name Palin attached qualifies as a political expenditure) put up a couple of posts – one to name the dog and another to stir up some sympathy and attention by announcing he was missing. No one really cared. Mitt Romney’s dog’s bowels created much bigger and longer lasting headlines this political season.
So, now it’s Levi’s turn. On his public Facebook, he shares the picture below of a female named Moose:

Now, I’m not much of a dog person, so I can’t say from experience exactly what kind of dog I would choose if I had a baby arriving in less than three months, but I do wish them well combining new parenthood with training what appears to be a Jack Russell terrier. 

Levi has a new look, too. What’s with all the hair? It looks more natural on him than those Armani suits. This looks to be the Alaskan man his woman gushes about on Facebook.  My guess is, this is as close to the real Levi 2012 as any Levi Johnston images published on the internet. He looks comfortable in his own skin (and hair).
The caption is captivating, isn't it?   The kids will "be here soon.”  Written for public consumption, it’s absolutely a message to the Palins. Levi and Sunny are going to have Tripp in their lives. So there. Bristol’s greed led to the reality show that did what no one else could do – document the mean spiritedness of Bristol Palin toward Levi Johnston in such a way as to make it inarguable that she is hurting their son with her inexhaustible campaign to hurt his father. Now a judge can see for herself what we knew was happening all along. (Levi, get thee to a judge.)
I’m looking forward to pictures of Tripp and the Jack Russell playing outside Levi and Sunny’s little house. (Yes, they have their own house. Contrary to Palin planted put-downs, Levi doesn’t live with his mother.) If they post ‘em, I’ll help them share ‘em.  


ToesInTheSand said...

Cute pup! Good luck to them. ONE comment about the post though, there are 2 dogs that were discussed on Bristol's blog. The one she supposedly adopted, can't remember the breed, but he's going to be BIG. The "missing" dog that was already found is the Palin compound "family dog". A little guy. He TRIED to run away.........:)

Allison said...

Toes in the Sand, thank you for the correction. I don't follow Bristol's blog very carefully (guess it showed today).

That dog of Bristol's is a Newfoundland. It's going to look like a black bear. Good thing the hunters in Alaska know a real bear when they see one!

Anonymous said...

The dog looks like a Lab. That puppy is large for a J. Russell. If it is boy that dog will be a hand full. I have one and she is a jumper and hopper.

Dis Gusted said...

Levi said it's a Jack Russell terrier.

I feel bad for the newfie that Bristol purchased. Newfoundlands require a lot of care and Bristol doesn't appear capable of taking care of an animal.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Bitchtol's little dog wasn't lost. He ran screaming into the night to get away. Poor thing.

Levidumpedthepalins said...

Oh, please, everyone knows Bristol´s dog did not run away. He always goes out and about foraging to sate his hunger.

Bristol keeps eating his food.

Anonymous said...

Jack Russells are not kid-friendly. And frankly, Levi hasn't shown he can take care of himself, let alone a new 'wife' and a baby and a pre-schooler. What is he doing for income? Will he ever get his GED? I feel bad for him with all the crap the Palins put him through, but I do not see either one of those kids being in any way responsible. And LEvi, the correct phrase is 'she and I,' not 'me and her. Lord, does no one take basic English in Wasilla?

Anonymous said...

sorry but wrong. The correct phrase is not "She and I". You have to look at the construction of the sentence and leave out "she" or "I". Eg..."this is she" or "this is I" doesn't work. No Levi had it right. "this is her" or "this is me" "this is her and me" is correct.

Anonymous said...

Everything else is probably true you said. Neither one has really proven to be mature or capable of raising a kid alone. At least Levi has sunny which seems to be miles high from the palins or gino, in maturity and caring about others with empathy. None of the palins are capable of that!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE newfoundlands. I believe she got it for Gino. Charlie is technically Willow's dog but Bristol loves him. they let him root around in the yard and he wandered away one day. Friends are always at the Palin compound. I'm sure he'll now be kept inside unless people are present outside.

A jack russell is a hunting dog isnt it? They're SOOO loud and all over the place. Not the breed I'd think of if I were expecting a baby in 3 months.

sharon2853 said...

Omg - how many times can you post the same silly comments brisdull? Puh-leeeze...go away.

Levi may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he's got my vote when it comes to which team I'd jump on. The wasillabillies are getting their skanky asses kicked and it's about time.

Levi has kept his comments to himself for a very long time and that's something that skank brisdull should strive for. She needs to STFU.

She's didn't fall far from the skank tree in that family.

I hope Levi takes that wench to court and proves to the judge what a foul mouthed, vindictive and horrible mother she turned out to be.

Boo-Hoo..her reality show failed and lots of people have been very vocal about how much they cannot stand her, what a little shit she is and how she's using her son as a money machine, just like her dingbat mother did with her props.

Go home brisdull - shut your mouth and take a look in the mirror you little bitch.

Clean up on aisle 6! said...

I think it's time to take out the trash!

Anonymous said...

becorei 9

Anonymous said...

bwa, that was me above. Silly box kept jumping around.

I wanted to know if this is an anti-Levi, anti-Johnston or anti-Sunny blog. Which? All the hate is making me confused.

Allison said...

Regular readers know what was deleted. Same old, same old delusional doo doo. New readers, believe me, you've been spared this time, but there will be another chance. The troll who tells us to get a life obviously has none.

Ivyfree said...

Levi is showing that dog more natural affection than Bristol shows Tripp... or "it" aka her "little brother" Trigg.