Sunday, July 29, 2012

Levi Johnston BACK TO WORK

According to Levi Johnston's public Facebook page, he's going back to work as an electrician.  Does that mean he got his GED?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Some of you said you'd appreciate my posting here from Levi's page, so today is a good day to do that. It's a good news day.  Levi is going to work one month before his daughter is due.  Last weekend's baby shower was fun, he posted a picture of the beautiful diaper cakes Sadie made for it, and Sherry left a message under the picture.

Levi claims the baby is due September 17.  Did he get that from the Palins?  Always say a baby is due on the 17th or 18th.  According to Sunny she is 8 months along. Do the math.  That baby is not due September 17th.

By the way, Sherry gets out an around now.  She has been for months now. Went camping with the kids (grown adult children) over Memorial Day weekend.  Gets glared at by Willow when they run into each other. It's a wonderful life in Wasilla.  And while I'm throwing out random things - Sadie moved out on her own months ago, too. She has a nice place and a nice life,  and that probably is making some not very nice people pretty unhappy.  No, she isn't in Wasilla.

Now, for a little gossip.  Sadie was dating a celebrity earlier this year. It never made it into the tabloids, and it isn't now what it once was, so I didn't make headlines out of it, either.   I'm pretty sure I could name him and be correct, but no one sent any pictures to me and I didn't see them together myself, so this is all I'm comfortable saying.  He is a cutie, and a huge Hollywood star.  They would have been really cute on the cover of the rags.

Enough of the gossip!  Here's Levi's public Facebook updates.  Enjoy!  And, Levi -   congrats and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Sadie moved out? She's written about finding a place but I've seen/heard nothing.

And I've never seen Levi write a due date for Breeze.

Sadie hasn't worked in years and hasn't grifted in awhile. How is she affording so much stuff and fine things? ALl that artsy stuff costs shitloads and takes time.

I remember she bullshitted some story about a friend wanting to set her up with a Dr right after her ex dumped her last Nov. That little tale garnered many laughs for a few days.

Meanwhile, Bristol just posted a pic of she and Tripp skating yesterday. That boy does everything: batting cages, fishes regularly and well, soccer, Taekondo (sp), bikes without training wheels

Anonymous said...

Why do you say someone would be mad at Sadie's lifestyle? From my point of view, Sadie doesn't have a lot. Is she even in school? She's said she was starting soon many times. She has no job unless she sells homemade crap, which is fine. Living in Alaska isn't easy financially. An ignorant girl with no higher education and little common sense isn't going to get far on selling cupcakes. Especially when she's burned MANY people. Many of those people are NOW friends with BP. I know Levi must have no money from his grifting days. But Sunny makes pennies yet got her hair highlighted a few months ago, costing over 100 bucks. She also seems to shop a lot, home ec etc. These people seem to have little priorities. The fact that Sunny and Levi once said they were bored and wished the baby was there depressed the hell out of me. These kids are just that, kids. WHY ARE THEY BORED? GAH

Nice parenting. No wonder Levi was easily led into fatherhood, despite initially not wanting kids. The boy had no goals or drive and basically lived off screwing.

Anonymous said...

That's good. A child deserves 2 parents with good jobs. I'm glad Levi finally joined the mature parent club. Now if Sunny could drag him away from his video game for good. But then again, everyone's gotta have their decompressing time. I hope Sunny has plans to seek real employment. Her job is what I did in high school. It's not horrible pay, but for Alaska, things could be hard.

Anonymous said...

1st 3 comments from the resident troll

Anonymous said...

Is the traditional way to become an electrician to apprentice? I know well-paying jobs in Alaska only require training classes and certification. College isn't necessary which isn't a bad thing. Some people just aren't made for college. Not something to criticize. I think I'm confusing electricians with engineers, educationwise. Most vocations just require experience/certification. Anyone can seriously do anything in the US ,w hich is why we are the greatest country. And I'm pretty sure only in Alaska can a 17 yr old make 60k/year. It really is a different world.

Anonymous said...

Engineers need 4 (at least) years of college, many continue on for masters degrees. It is a very demanding curriculum with 4 (or more) semesters of calculus plus chemistry, physics and of course specialized engineering courses. It's not for the faint-hearted or the lazy.

Electricians can learn their trade in tech (high) school but at least in my state have to be licensed. Most do an internship or apprenticeship.

BTW, kids here in New England can make good money too without a 4-year college degree- they need ambition, hard work, and a useful skill.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was a troll, they are jealous and have to try to diminish someone else's good news. Wonder if it's Bristol/Willow? Maybe even Sarah since Sadie is so much prettier that she is.

Anonymous said...

Anything that mentions Sadie is major Troll bait as evidenced by 1-3, 5, & 6.

KP is a fan"girl" of Bristol's and thus hates Sadie. KP has the mental age of a 14 year old and a raging celebrity crush on a girl more than 25 years her junior.

It's pathetic and more than a little frightening. I'm terrified at the thought of KP ever having worked with children (although smart money says she's lying about that).

As for Levi, good for him. This just makes it that much easier for him to get custody of Tripp and get him away from his unstable mother and angry aunt.

Anonymous said...

Tripp not only is a happy well-adjusted and well-loved little boy, but he also has amazing talent. He is already in college in pre-med. He also just received his pilot's license. His first painting sold at auction for 1.5 mil, and he will be starring on Broadway next fall in a musical. Expect to see his memoirs published next spring under the title "Life's a Bitch!"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kristy. You are going to be way out of the Facebook loop now. I have sent messages including your most disturbing posts here and at IM to all of the Alaskan kids (and their families) you stalk, explaining why they should defriend your fake profile for their own safety. I suggest you seek counseling, even if you don't believe you have a problem.

Celia Harrison said...

Becoming an electrician is different depending on which state, but takes at least three years. Some are 3-5 year apprenticeships, and some have months of classroom training and apprenticeship. There are required apprentice hours to qualify as a journeyman and the Exam one must take to become a Journeyman as well. Are they even licensed in this 3rd world country? I suppose it is possible that during all this time he was working on all of this but, I think he is either an electrician's helper or an apprentice.

Anonymous said...

Way too much is being made about due dates and fake due dates. I believe 100% that Sunny's due date is September 17th. I too am pregnant with my first and am due Nov. 20th. All along Sunny has been 2 months further along than me. That would put her due date around September 20th - just like you're reporting. I think there is a common trend among pregnant women to exaggerate how far along they are when people ask - for example if you are only 7.5 months pregnant, it is tempting to say "almost 8 months". Not to mention to confounding nature of 'pregnancy math'. All in all, I don't think there is anything to be suspicious about when it comes to baby Breeze's projected birth date. Trig and Tripp on the other hand... now there's something to think about.

Anonymous said...

a quick google search reveals that one can become an electrician in less than a year - each state has their own certification and licensing process. Licenses have been issued since the '70's. Before that, anyone could and did become an electrician.

Levi and Bristol got their GED's at the same time. GED students can walk with their class if they choose.

Anonymous said...

Well folks you see the haters here. Levi you keep on doing your own thing. Good you finally got your job. funny how people keep asking you did you finish high school yet we still don't know if Bristol finished her year. They say she did. But you know momma can buy anything. Good for your sister. You can see Levi is very happy in the way he expresses himself. Go Levi. Keep positive because you got alot of haters coming your way. God bless.

Anonymous said...

They look like a warm and loving family.

God bless their baby.

WakeUpAmerica said...

They look like a very happy couple. I'm sure Levi is much happier with Sunny than he would have been with Bitchy "Sugar Mama" Palin. I think Levi and Sunny will probably have a very beautiful little girl.

Anonymous said...

Tri-G looks so much like Levi. Even the shape of their heads is similar. I'm talkngi avbout the Tri-G that is in the picture with Tripp, Tripp has boots on, and they are hugging each other.
Vacation bible school Tri-G...not so much. Not sure WHo he looks like. Dylan maybe?
Tripp continues to look like creepy Chuckles and continues to act like brat.
I'm sure he can ride a bike without training wheels as he is what, 5 now??