Sunday, January 22, 2012

Working the Babygate Puzzle

Anyone familiar with The Palin Place, knows I spend time analyzing details. It’s part of my nature.The details in Sarah Palin's story about carrying Trig and birthing Trig don't add up. It is full of holes. It's the internet equivalent of a partially completed jigsaw puzzle with forced pieces that don't really belong together.. Working on the Babygate puzzle means undoing some wrongly attached sections, matching up the right pieces and fitting in stray pieces that we have looked at but have not put together yet. 

Some pieces of information were discarded at first, by Truthers assuming they didn't belong to this puzzle. Like Bristol naming her son Tripp. And then, unexpectedly, we are given information - likeTodd Palin's link with Shailey Trippo - information so  similar to that tossed aside piece, that we know there must be a way to connect it.  If only we could figure it out.

And there are pieces yet to be found. All the major players are hiding some pieces. 

As a child, I loved puzzles. One thousand piece puzzles would appear from time to time on my grandmother's dining room table, and I was pretty good at finding the elusive missing link to fill in an empty spot others hadn't yet found. Maybe that’s where I learned patience and nit-picky observation. A puzzle under construction was as much a part of the home as the smell of ginger cookies baking in the oven on Saturday afternoon.

Copying grandma and other family members, I learned to shuffle through hundreds of separate die-cut cardboard shapes looking for similarities of pattern and color, matching up sets of like-colored irregular shapes and studying one against another to see if and how they fit together. All the white ones in a pile (snow is a real challenge), all the dark blue or black together to work out the night sky, and as many as you could find with one flat edge the better. Those flat edges built the perimeter. There was teamwork, consultation, requests for help with an elusive piece or two. Everyone who sat down took whatever area interested them and worked at it. Not always together.  Not every day. But, the more people finding where the pieces fit means a quicker assembly of the various portions of the picture.

Working a puzzle takes patience - taking like-colored irregular shapes, trying to fit one into another, being convinced they are  a match, only to find they are off by a hair - it's a past time for the determined. Putting a puzzle together is best with teamwork, consultation with someone else, and getting a fresh set of eyes looking for an elusive piece or two. Everyone who sat at my grandma's dining room table - adult or child - worked on whatever area interested them and any contribution to the whole was as important as anyone else's. 

That’s what reminds me of today’s Babygate puzzle and the bloggers working it. While Floyd Orr puts together the sociological aspects of Palinism, Gryphen works on Ruffles, two or more Trigs and two or more Tripps. Palingates gave us clear photographic evidence, Politicalgates continues to work all the corners, and  Shailey Tripp is the one clarifying Todd Palin portions of the Palin puzzle. When Brad Scharlott jumped in, he took as many Dr CBJ pieces and Wild-Ride shaped segments as we had and began studying them from a legal perspective applying his photographic and academic research skills to the puzzle. Here at The Palin Place Levi has emerged as my territory. All of us, and others, are working all the parts, wherever we see a possible fit we try to fill something in. Our fellow Truthers add to the picture everytime they make a new observation in a comment thread or remind all of us of old discoveries that have been momentarily forgotten. 

If you've worked on  a 1000 or 5000 piece  jigsaw puzzle, you understand the critical importance of each tiny piece and have had the experience of trying the same piece in the same place over and over because it sure looks like it belongs there, only to find in the end that, in order  to solve the puzzle you have to consider alternatives. It's a lesson for Trig Truthers and anti-Palin bloggers.  If you or I  don’t keep an open mind, it will take someone else to find that missing shape. Someone without our set of biases who takes a look at the holes in the puzzle, rummages through the orphans and comes up with a fit.  It happens. It's the neglected little cardboard chip that was passed up time and again that ends up solving a long-unfinished section of the puzzle. 

In the large Babygate puzzle, my work so far has been to match up some of the smaller and peripheral pieces because somewhere out  there is the combination of puzzle pieces that, when assembled, will resolve the picture, it will become clear. And that won’t happen until enough of us look at things differently. It won’t happen by trying over and over to force shapes together that are not a match. If I’m trying to force the picture to fit my idea of how it goes, you can comment and redirect the conversation. Please do.

We only make progress when everyone’s thoughts are respected. We Truthers must support each other’s right to try assembling this puzzle from where we sit and observe. It’s a major undertaking. If you haven’t already, please jump in. 

Once in a while, I'd find a peice that had fallen from the table and gotten kicked under one of the legs of the big oak pedestal. Whenever that happened, it was like a gift. Always, with it's dicovery was the hope and expectation that it was the clue to solving the whole rest of the puzzle. In Babygate, we call this the nail in the coffin. There have been been times when we thought a photo turning up would be that piece.Yet, we still have unresolved, unclear areas of the Babygate picture.

Large puzzles take time, but there is something rewarding about filling that one empty spot that no one else has been able to figure out. And there’s excitement when you return after a few days and find somebody else has added to the picture, and resolved an area that, last you looked, was undeveloped.  The Babygate hoax is a challenging jigsaw puzzle. It can become tiresome at time, and some have contributed then decided to walk away for a while. Both Babygate and cardboard puzzles are best when worked by many people. And both have a magnetism that draws you back to check in, and see how it's coming along.  
I will always be  attracted to a puzzle in progress, and Babygate is my favorite . I'm in it for the long-haul, and I have confidence it will be solved.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but I think this one puzzle gets harder to assemble as more people join the truther team. Look how much more bs we have to weed through. There are way too many people who rely on info because they like the outcome, despite the fact that there ar tons of evidence to the contrary.

Cheryl said...

Would it be possible for you to make a list of all the holes remaining in Babygate - the unresolved, unclear areas of the picture? Create the boarder to the puzzle, so to speak. It may be helpful if we could all see the same picture pieced together from the various investigators you mentioned.

Allison said...

Cheryl, that's a good project. I'll list a few to get it started and then others can add to it right here in the comment thread. Besides the holes in the picture, it will be helpful to question some things we've believed (or not) that should be given a closer look. The stuff we might have to take apart in order to fit the right things together.

At the end of the week I'll compile them and post it.


Trig's bio father

Trig's bio mother

Pictures of Sarah in hospital with Trig

Pictures of Bristol in hospital with Tripp

Pictures of Bristol from first week of October 2007 (MTV video) to February 2008 Go Red luncheon.


Tripp's birthday Dec. 28

Trigg's birthday April 18

TriggyBear pictures May 5

Date of picture of Piper holding newborn Tripp

Ruffles as separate from RNC Trig

Take it away.....

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to be apart of this puzzle, take the time to go to Palingates and read all the info on Babygate from the very beginning. If you love this country enough that you never want to see Palin ever hold office again or getting anywhere near the oval office, take the time to read this and connecting links from the time she entered the national scene and how she got there.

You will get a good picture of the puzzle we are trying to construct. If you have ever given birth to a child you will know this is the biggest hoax ever pulled on this country. Well, that and electing Geo Bush to two terms getting us into this mess. How a mentally ill person was chosen to run with John McCain to become one heart beat away from being the leader of our country.

If you have even followed lately, you will never want that uneducated, psychopathic family in office. The sooner we find the pieces, the sooner we will be safe from the puppet masters trying to ruin our country with these people.

This crazy woman has become one of the 1% by repeating her story of "birthing" Trig over and over and over and changing her story as she goes along.

"We" have been trying to get these lies out for over 3 years. Someone with a lot of money has been stopping us. So many pieces to fit together to get the answer and the truth. Someone has some critical pieces in their pocket so we can't complete the puzzle. It's time we shake them down and take our country back from this Party of NO and return the middle class from these idiots and spread the wealth to all. Babygate plays a big roll in this.

Anonymous said...

I found a website that has done random Internet "snapshots" of webpages and has archived them going back a number of years. This place may not be new to some but it is to me. It might be one way to find pictures during certain times that have since disappeared. It is I'm having fun looking back on ADN going back to 1998!

Cracklin' Charlie said...

Another missing piece:

Trig's PLACE of birth. To me, it is doubtful that he was born at Mat-Su.

Anonymous said...

First 2 comments are Reilly. How about deleting 1 of them, Allison? So tired of your resident "Brooklyn Avocado."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to wrote "trolly" above.

Tucker F said...

Allison, I agree with all these comments, even the first two. You can't help but think that with all the newbies spouting off their personal theories that it complicates things. People who are desperate for answers for whatever reason hate to think that they've been lied to but there are many lies and bad rumors out there, just from 2007 alone.

Anyway, my thoughts on these:

Trig's bio father
Trig's bio mother >From all I've read, all ive seen, all ive pondered, from every person ive spoken with, I think there's a good possibility Trig is a true adopted baby from possibly unknown origins. People do adopt DS children. Who was that lady (palinbot) who adopted a DS boy? One who closely resembles Trig. I just can't get over the shock that Palin's family felt with her announcement. Luckily they embrace Trig as if nothing is abnormal. Thats who they are. So the person who keeps touting the "Palins are bad, mean people" needs to gather some actual facts and not just vomit out hateful words just to be mean themselves.

Pictures of Bristol in hospital with Tripp - this im not shocked about the absence of. Im a little shocked they released the pic of Todd, Willow and PIper, but not that Bristol didntrelease a pic of herself. (im even more shocked Sarah let her father release a pic of her and newborn Track.)

Pictures of Bristol from first week of October 2007 (MTV video) to February 2008 Go Red luncheon. - If one compares Bristol form June 07 to Oct 07, to some eyes, she gets smaller. You also must mention her meeting up with Alex F in Hawaii in Nov 07 and her possibly being in a mall right before xmas 07. Those are all pieces since they've from the time. Plus, why would her parents spend that whole time trying to separate her from Levi (truck bribe too) if there were a fetus? I think I believe Sadie; bristol had told Levi her strong desire to have a baby, if not to keep up with her friends and THOSE rumors circulated. That makes sense to me ,esp when you find out Bristol and Levi broke up briefly in early 08. then, when Bristol hears of a baby coming into he r family in March, she's emotionally hurt because her mom probably knows of her desire for one. all the Heaths know bristol is maternal.


Tripp's birthday Dec. 28 - He was born Dec 27. Out of all my good friends, some of whom know the Palins well, there really isn't a question of when Tripp was born.

Trigg's birthday April 18 - my only thoughts are that this is an acceptable birthday amongst people who are currently friends with the Palins.

TriggyBear pictures May 5 - wasn't this May 3? The day before Sadie wrote to Johnny that Levi had been pissed off recently and hunted a lot? Sure negates the argument that he was solely focused on Bristol and fatherhood. That stood out from the beginning for me.

Date of picture of Piper holding newborn Tripp

Ruffles as separate from RNC Trig - I see one baby, the same babu Sarah always had with her from April through August.

- - - - -

Remember Celtic Diva? she spoke about some rumors that contradict everything, Patrick et al and Gryphen don't agree on much, and there are still a great number of people even in Alaska who don't think anything of the Trig story, so assuming people KNOW is weird and a slightly ignorant standpoint.

B said...

"We Truthers must support each other’s right to try assembling this puzzle from where we sit and observe."

Thank you, Allison. I appreciate Floyd's work on the big picture, but he does not seem to value work confined to the smaller picture of Sarah's faking a pregnancy. Even if she were a decent person and politician, and even if not part of a vast conspiracy, Babygate is a worthy topic.

Kaity Clarke said...

^ I am sure Levi was pretty pissed his girlfriend was pregnant and he had to somehow find suitable employment, employment that would interfere with his hunting. Also, remember, Levi's former best friend and Bristol fancied each other just one year prior. During that time, Levi and J were still bffl. Was there a hookup in one way or another? Who knows and who cares. They're all small town folk with more baggage than I can imagine. Okay, so that last part is an exaggeration, as teens no doubt all have serious baggage. Although, I would hate to be one of the people who was ignored by either party (books) just to paint a desirable image. To make us believe he and bristol were lovey dovey, serious from the start, Levi chose to ignore lanesia's intense "love" for him in 2007. Thats pretty low to me. But whatev, none of them are taken seriously.

Until you pinpoint the adoption agency, which is probably impossible, I think truthers are stuck. I also disagree that Sarah is a 1%er. Those people have more money than they probably know about. My parents, now 81, had upper management jobs and netted about 1.3 a year with investments and they're not 1%ers.

Though no one should support the faking a birth and birth story, how does it really affect the country and policy? McCain's staffers chose her because she's new, hot, and probably because she's a woman. Black democrat vs white woman, both in their 40s and both equal experience level. (dont argue it's true). I highly doubt people stood in a voting booth and pondered, Gee, I think I will vote Rep because the VP chose life. that doesn't happen, the same way people don't vote or not vote based on infidelity or whatever else in terms of propaganda.

Did she adopt a baby to help her politically? Maybe, probably. I cannot speak to that. But, in the end, does it matter? As long as children are valued and feel love and family warmth, I don't think we as a country care about all that. Gingrich surging numbers prove this to me, esp when women in SC support him. People want someone who will work for them. We as Americans know politicians dont have pure motives and they definitely use all their wiles and personal skills to advance.

I know you don't want to hear all that, but I really will donate $5000 to your charity of choice is Americans actually care about Trig truth. Ill donate an additional $1000 if other republicans know the truth, as I doubt they do.

Allison said...

Anon@11:36 Deleted the one whining about haters. I'm tired of Resident Troll, too.

Allison said...

Does anyone else think Anon commenter #1 (deleted but practically incoherent and ranting about haters) and 2, and Tucker F and Kaity Clarke are one and the same?

I'm thinking that only one person cares THAT MUCH about Levi, Bristol and good old Johnny circa 2007. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. She/he can have all those puzzle pieces to work on, that's fine. But until there's something new to show, it'd be nice if she/he would stop waving them under our noses.

Anonymous said...

Possible rumor/maybe truth

This story keeps popping up from time to time. If Sarah really did have a tubal ligation(with end singing) after the birth of Piper, wouldn't that solve a large part of the mystery?


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are all the same troll spewing ridiculous things & obviously VERY worried about your/our collective abilities to deduce. I mean, come on! The ridiculous equation between Pres. Obama's lengthy vita & stupid Sarah Palun's years of unemployment! It's as if that person has no understanding of what a State Senator or a US Senator does. The lapses in logic... Must be a Palin or a Palin peer.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how the resident fairy tale troll, who just loves dropping the names of those who have boned Bristol, has never brought up Dylan Kolvig. So either the fairy tale troll has absolutely no clue what (or who) Bristol was doing in 2007, or it's a calculated omission while leaving bread crumb trails to all the other losers Bristol has spread her legs for.

So which is it fairy tale troll? What happened the 2nd week of March in '07 that caused so much commotion in both families? Why did Robert Kolvig suddenly leave his position with JPD and move to Florida? Why did Dylan suddenly have to go hide down in Arizona? Why was Bristol whisked back to Wasilla by ferry/car thru Haines after that weekend? Why did Todd have to drastically change his plans and send emails out to aides at 4am desperately trying to get back to Juneau? What happened on the M/V Pacifica that weekend?

All these questions need some answers

Anonymous said...

Good pointa, @9:32.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that should be "good points" above.

B said...

@Allison. Tucker F and Kaity Clarke follow the troll template of starting as if they agree with you and devolving into forms of "it doesn't matter," "you are ignorant," and (though not this time) "Obama sucks."

I see it as progress, however, that even trolls these days admit Sarah didn't give birth to Trig. I'm surprised SarahPAC is still willing to pay for those comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe Trig was acquired, but not officially adopted. If anything, there was a "virtual" adoption. That's the term the Palins use for old Chuckie who was "virtually adopted". It was never legal.

Sarah could have borrowed a child from Gina Loudon. It may even be little Sam's brother as they look very much alike. Gina Loudon adopted Sam and her husband works at private adoptions. SP even tried to pretend Sam was Trig during an appearance. When a reporter mentioned it, she went ballistic.

Sam was 5 years old at the time and was being pushed in a stroller by Piper. Both Todd and Sarah kissed him and the crowd roared. This was an intentional deception because Trig wasn't available that day.

I believe Tripp was born in 2007. Gosh, he looks 4 years old at least in current pictures of him.

There is a native child that is also used as a TriG model. We saw him in the picture where he is on someone's back and Tripp is on Bristol's back.

I say someone, because the Palins also use a body double for Willow or Bristol at times. There are various cousins that look similar in appearance and the Palins use them all to confuse the public.

Willow allegedly had a negative pregnancy test in November 2010, but she got enormous in the spring of 2011 and eventually another child appeared.

SP is insane and will stop at nothing to further her career. Faking the pregnancy of a DS child for political gain is certainly not beyond her. She couldn't handle the real job though and hired a bunch of different nannies before eventually the child went home.

Anonymous said...

The easiest way to break this is for continual, hard pressure on the medical establishments involved in the hoax: CBJ and MatSu. There are standards of care, regulations and guidelines to which the hoax does not hold up. Unfortuantely, alot of time has passed and statutes of limitations have com and gone. Back at Palin Deception times, I said we need to contact the Alaskan Medical board and JCAHO. I was told that becasue of hIPAA we'd get no where. I waited too long.
CBJ is a FP physician. If she truly only delivered afew babies that past year, there was NO WAY in Hell she had the credentials to be Palins OB. So, right there is a huge puzzle piece. CBJ was not Palin's physician if she was pregnant. Ok, so then who was? No one? Why was CBJ involved at all? MATSU would never allow a high risk pregnancy to be induced. JCAHO complaint lodged too late.
What we need is continued public pressure on CBJ and MatSu. All I can say, if I am ever in a position to question Palin publically, I will. Many of us would. I hope that gives Palin alot of pause. Sarah, you never know when or where or in what venue you will be asked about the fakery and also why you named him Trisomy G.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the sinking of the Cheeky B and the Pacifica in March of 07 hold some big secrets. A FOIA request was filed on both boats. It took months. The Alaska Coast Guard balked and said the records would have to be gotten from Washington, DC. When the reports arrived, they were entirely BLACKED OUT! Why is that Sarah and Todd? Rumor is that Bristol and Track were both on those boats.

Anonymous said...

FOIA is a joke. I've seen how those requests are treated and the lowliest person in the office uses a black marker to block all information. That's not really information, no matter how you cut it.

The truth is ugly and that's why it's being withheld. That leaves the baby hoax wide open to speculation.

What IF Bristol and other young women were working for Todd? How many babies were born in Wasilla that share the same DNA?

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @6:03 Not only was CBJ unqualified to deliver a baby for a high-risk pregnancy, she wasn't in Juneau during '08 yet Sarah was. So did she fly to Palmer every week for a physician's appt? If so, there would be records of the same. A 44 year old woman with a high risk pregnancy due to her carrying a Down Syndrome infant with a known cardiac defect, having a history of 2 previous miscarriages needs an OB with experience in high risk pregnancies, not a family physician who occasionally delivers babies for her patients. CBJ's insurance would have forbid her to take on a patient such as Palin! There is no way her insurance would have allowed a family practitioner to deliver a high risk pregnancy. The irony here is that Palin was not pregnant and that's why there was no risk to any infant and exactly why she went ahead and claimed to be Palin's physician. Of course, she didn't realize there would be national attention upon her practice. All these lies cannot be undone, Palin knows it, CBJ knows it and many others involved in this debacle are also aware of it. One of them going down will bring them all down and Palin will stop at nothing to bring down everyone with her when she hits bottom.

Anonymous said...

You are right on all fronts. At this point, I really would give a teeny, tiny bit of accolades to Palin if she would confess and bring down everyone with her. She was enabled ...I'm not sure if it was from the very "conception" of the hoax, or after the fact and they needed to cover up her crazy ass. In any case, she was enabled and protected. She would do a great service to her country by exposing how far the GOP would go to win an election.
re: CBJ.. I just can't reconcile how CBJ goes from a University of Washington educated and trained physician to lying, deceitful sack of shit. UW has one of the best med schools in the country. She is a real black mark on them. I hope she is deeply ashamed of herself. She must be a crazy assed dominionist. Funny how some very bright, educated people are. When she wakes up and realize there will be no rapture or end times, I hope she has shame and guilt for her part in hoaxing her fellow humans.
Remember CBJ, to those "god" has given much, much is demanded. You lied, abused your position and enabled a very very sick woman to hoax her fellow americans. I don't think god is proud of you.
I don't think your malpractice insurance is too proud of you either.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 4:23 I don't believe this hoax started with the GOP but with Palin. After all, she was NOT selected until August otherwise, she would have been vetted. If she had truly been vetted as Pawlenty & Lieberman were by the McCain campaign, she NEVER would have been chosen as McCain's running mate. I don't think McCain had a clue as to what he was getting into. Remember, he and his wife conferred on ALL decisions behind the scenes. Women are far more savvy in regards to other women and if Cindy had known more about the reality of Palin, she would have known that they were only scratching the surface and would have advised her husband to run and run fast from anything associated with Palin. She certainly wasn't the only female in the GOP, it was her looks that got her the job. The campaign staff assumed that anyone who was currently governor of a state had to know far more than Palin did but later found out there worst fears about her were true. She was ignorant and didn't care, she fooled the crowds-especially those who claimed she was "just like me". There were the rednecks in the party who wanted someone they could relate to not realizing or even caring that she was simply unqualified to run a city or state, let alone a country.

I think that Palin pulled some type of story about teen sexual abuse out her ass in order to trap CBJ into helping. Otherwise, what reason would she have for going along with this nonsense? She thought she was helping some poor, innocent young girl but instead Palin was using a special needs infant to try to obtain the V.P. nominee. It wasn't a coincidence that she announced her pregnancy the day after McCain cinched the nomination. Palin wasn't sure what she was going to do until that happened, that's why she felt free to run around D.C. in skin tight jeans a week to ten days earlier, looking not the least bit pregnant--because she wasn't!

It all falls on Palin's shoulders in the long run, not CBJ's. Nice try at deflecting the blame onto someone other than Sarah! It won't work here. I wouldn't give Palin accolades for any reason. If she confesses and brings down everyone with her, it's because she's chicken-shit and doesn't want to be in it alone, not because she actually cares about what she did. Palin doing a great service for her country? The only person Palin ever does anything for is herself. She still has you fooled!

carrie said...

AKRNHSNC-I agree with everything you said. Schmidt admits that she wasn't vetted and was the first one after the election to say Palin is stupid and crazy. She looked good on paper and they went with her. Nicole Wallace has said that there were discussions about in the unlikely event that McCain won, what would they do about Sarah? That she could not be sworn in as VP.
Sarah doesn't think anything through. She does everything last minute and that's what she did with her pregnancy announcement. If she had planned anything then we wouldn't be talking about it now! She still can't even get ready for a Fox appearance.
I have thought for quite some time that Sarah told CBJ some sort of sexual abuse story. After all, she does have a history of claiming that people want to rape her girls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.23 here. BELIEVE me, Palin does not have me fooled. I am a long time and original Palin Deceptioner. CBJ is not innocent in this..if she was she would do the appropriate ethical thing and clear her name. WHY would she allow herself to be sucked into a story which trashes her reputation as a clinician and NOT clear her name? Becasue she was an enabler. And Yes, actually, I WOULD (as much as I hate Palin and all she stands for and everything she has done and not done) give a bit of credit to Palin if she or one of her multiple personalities came clean and confessed. 12 steps and all.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @4:17 if Palin were ever to come forward and tell her "story" about the reality behind Trig's birth, it wouldn't be due to feelings of guilt or shame. The only reason Sarah would ever do that would be to benefit herself, that's the only reason she ever does anything. So, NO, I won't give her any credit for anything, EVER.

I didn't say CBJ was innocent in all of this but I don't think that Sarah ever told her the truth and she willingly went along with it. Look at how Sarah pretended that she just found out Bristol was pregnant in late August of '08, in order to keep Bailey by her side. She uses people in any manner she can. She's certainly not a friend to any of them and they are only around her as long as she finds them useful. Once she no longer needs someone by her side, under the bus they go!

Anonymous said...

AKRNHSNC, why would she come clean when they are living contently as a family unit? Trig is a happy little boy who is never without cuddles and love. I don't understand everyone's comment I guess. What's to come clean about? It's not like this will affect the way our economic system works. it's not like Sarah's an y different from the average politico.

You forget that people generally like Sarah. She's a cool mom, a good friend, a funny person. When I think of all the people who see her regularly and have known her forever, I've never heard anything that contradicts the above. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

To whomever is referencing Juneau: why does Bristol not seem to feel any weirdness about the city? She met her best friend in the world there and has visited several times. Remember when she went back to LA in Sept (around the bar incident). Her friends with her, male and female, were from Juneau. Wouldn't they know of said "incident"? Why would Bristol return to Juneau after March 07 if something happened?

All questions ID like answered.


Anonymous said...

To people who are using the term rumors, wow. How old are you? Rumors aren't worth a pinch of salt in real life.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a person ENJOYS concocting malicious scenarios about strangers just to entertain people? Sad, sad, sad truthers. Allison, these people make your blog look bad. They make "bots" look sane.

Ivyfree said...

"You forget that people generally like Sarah. She's a cool mom, a good friend, a funny person. When I think of all the people who see her regularly and have known her forever, I've never heard anything that contradicts the above."

Please quit spreading rumors and gossip. It just makes you look bad.