Thursday, June 28, 2012

Levi's Public Postings

Not everyone has a Facebook account. Levi and Sunny started one to reach us, but hey, if you don't do Facebook, you aren't being reached.  I'm going to help them connect a little further by reposting here messages from the PUBLIC Levi Johnston Facebook.  I consider it a public service.

The picture of Levi and Tripp watching TV was taken in December.

Mercede and Sunny are both saying that BIG changes are in the works.  Let's hope so.

Here is the link:  Levi Johnston on Facebook


WakeUpAmerica said...

The FB page I find doesn't look like that at all or have those messages. I searched on Levi Johnston. What's up with that?

Allison said...

Hello WakeUPAmerica! Thanks for telling me about this, I added a link to this post so you and others can find the real Levi Johnston Facebook page.

KaJo said...

There's another picture of him with Tripp that I asked the date, and Levi said it was taken in January 2012.

Apparently all the phone tag Bristol Palin has been utilizing to keep communication with Levi to a minimum went into high gear about then.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Kajo, I just found your comment from 5/22/12 about my post on Levi's fake blog. I did not even know that comment was ever posted, since I have never found it there. Facebook does confuse me. Even though I thought maybe that was the fake Levi page, it was the only one I could find at the time. Thanks to Allison's new post, I just went to the real Levi page and re-posted the comment.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the FB page. I don't do twitter or FB. So anytime you have some very interesting post can you post them here. I always look at your blog everday. Thanks

Allison said...

Hello Anon,@ 2:30. Sure, I can do that. Thanks for being part of the Palin Place.

Anonymous said...

Oh thx from me too since i dont do
twit or fb. I can now find levi's twitter feed which is good; I dont tweet but I do read them.

Levi sounds So Much Better.:):)
Good for you Levi! Youve had so
many people wanting better things
for you and yours.

Allison...Ive started reading.
Nice place ya got here!

Anonymous said...

Oh bummer, I thot that was a twit page.
me..twit. lol.

i cant read this captcha dont know if
this posts.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

5:55 Hi that the name you use on Levi's Facebook?

Allison said...

I took out the garbage. Trying to keep a respectable place.

AKRNC said...

I saw "Bryce" and the comments they left on Levi's FB page. Quite a bit of it sounded like Kristy Patullo but her reply to that was hysterical. She accused Levi's followers of suspecting that any well-written & intelligent post (yes, that's what KP thinks of herself--LOL!)was written by her because she's the only person who would ever defend SP. Isn't her family going to have her committed soon, PLEASE? They certainly have plenty of evidence to do so.

This link will take you to an article about Sarah and how upset she is with her "clan" for trading on the Palin name and using it to make $$ doing trashy TV. So, does anyone think Sarah actually had this trash planted in order to try to defend herself? We know that there is NOBODY she wouldn't throw under the bus if she thought it would increase the size of her bank accounts or help her in any way she wanted. When it comes to what Sarah wants, everybody else better get the hell out of the way--that includes kids, grandkids, parents, sisters and brother, aunts, in-laws, etc.

We know Sarah needs the spotlight like an addict needs drugs. If you check the definition of "attention whore", Sarah's picture will be there, complete with faux prescription glasses and cheap, unstyled wig. She's also in the running to have her pic used for "fashion disaster".

AKRNHSNC said...

Oops! I forgot the link to the NE--here it is.