Thursday, April 12, 2012

PICTURE of Track and Britta's Baby - Kyla Grace Palin

For whatever it's worth, here is the first picture I've seen of Track and Britta's daughter Kyla Grace.  Correct me if that isn't Britta and Kyla, I'm making an assumption because, as you all know,  I don't "really know these people."

This is from a picture on Bristol's public Facebook, part of a large picture of "the whole family." (If you click on the picture it should enlarge.  If that doesn't work, hold down the control key and press the + key several times.)

Umm, where's Willow?   Oh, I know, she must be the one taking the picture. But why not have Gino take the picture instead of a real Palin clan member ?  Ummm...


Anonymous said...

Yep. And where's Trig, also too??

Nyah said...

Holy wow- that child is a carbon copy of Piper.

I could totally believe that olive skinned dark haired baby was Bristol's DWTS child or Willow's baby. Track and Britta are both very fair with light blue eyes. I know two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child (although I don't believe Levi and Bristol are Tripp's bio parents- they are both SO olive skinned and dark eyed with very dark hair- I just don't think that is Levi's child. I know the photos of Levi as a toddler are blonde but do are a million other people who aren't related to Tripp at all) but it is genetically impossible for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child, correct?

Not that you can see the color of the baby's eyes- it would just explain why there have been NO photos of Kyla Grace at ALL- despite how much Granny Palin loves selling those tabloid exclusives.

That kid looks like a CLONE of baby Piper. What a cutie. Those cheeks! Why would you hide such a gorgeous little love?

Anonymous said...

Looks like her. And yeah where is Trig?? A family picture with no Trig?? I guess he is with his high paid SarahPac nannies. Sad. Very Sad.


Anonymous said...

Two blue-eyed parents CAN have a brown-eyed child, if there is a hidden gene. Hidden recessive or hidden dominant, I can't remember.

My dad had blue eyes, mom brown. Same with my husband, one parent blue, one brown. Our child has blue eyes. Spouse has blue eyes. Grandchildren could have brown eyes.

Daisydem said...

That baby looks like Sarah, so yes, it looks like Piper. Is Piper in the picture, I will have to go back up and look - I forgot to look for her. Is Bristol in the striped top? and is that Gino with Tripp on his shoulders? Where is Trig?

Daisydem said...

Where is Piper?

lillibird said...

Piper must have been Trig's caregiver for the day.

Anonymous said...

Piper is in purple. Todd is holding Trig. You can see his hair. idk why Willow is taking the pic, unless she volunteered by suggesting the picture be taken. Who knows. Who cares. Cute pic.

Allison said...

Trig is being held by Todd and mostly hidden by creepy Chuck's big head.

Anonymous said...

Kyla is the spitting image of Track as a baby with Brittas eyes. I also see Piper a lot in her. Dang those Heath genes are strong.

Anonymous said...

What oliveskinned dark haired baby?

Anonymous said...

NYah, yes, Kyla is a pretty baby. And she's probably not being sold to the media because Britta doesn't want her to be. I find it interesting that because she's cute you want her pictures to be sold. Double standard?

Anonymous said...

Considering 3 of the Heath children are blond, and Todd's swedish heritage, why is it weird for Tripp to have white blond hair? Levi was toeheaded, albeit not white blond. There's also readheads in the Heath family.

Nothing is weird in genetics. All it takes is ONE person to pass on a gene.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Trig! Where is Piper and Tripp? Who's the other baby? Wonder who the other kids belong to? Is that Todd in the white hat. Wonder when this was taken. Easter Sunday? No one has Easter baskets full of eggs? Unusual picture. Which ones are Sarah's sisters? Isn't the big guy on the left Chuckie Jr?

Allison said...

Daisydem, yes, that's Gino with Tripp on his shoulders. This was Easter. Another holiday that Tripp spent with Mommy and substitute daddy of the season. Levi should put this in the file to take to court.

Allison said...

Anon@9:20. Chuck,Jr on the left, Heather in the center, Molly on far right. Sarah's sisters are blonde.

Can anyone tell us who the baby is near Chuck, Jr?

Anonymous said...

If that's Piper in purple..she sure is a big girl for her age.

Anonymous said...


When you enlarge the picture: I think I see Trig behind Chuckie, Todd may be holding him.

Where is Piper? Bristol looks like she has been re-doing herself to look like the cousin beside her.

Nyah said...

I don't WANT her pictures to be "sold", you dim dudley. I just think it is very interesting that the other babies born in the last few years within the family are usually raking in six figure "EXCLUSIVE!!!!!" paydays from In Touch, Us Weekly, People, etc
Why not Kyla? Track seems to have no trouble pimping his mug all over military propaganda so it's not like he's this great privacy maven.

It just makes it seem as though they are hiding her. But why? If they just want to be normal, everyday people- why wouldn't we see Kyla occasionally? While out and about with Britta??

Cracklin Charlie said...

When was little Kyla supposedly born? She looks pretty old. This stuff is all starting to run together on me.

Anonymous said...

Um Track avoids the media like the plague. It's Kyla's parents decision to not expose her. But they're OBVIOUSLY not hiding her because she's in this picture posted publicly.

There are 2 grandchildren. One's first picture was sold for a couple thou by his aunt. The other isn't a public figure therefore not in the public scene. Respect that.

And let's not resort to name calling. What are you, 13?

The baby Chuck Jr's wife is holding is his daughter, born just after Kyla.

Anonymous said...

Kyla was born in early August last year.

For people who beg Sarah to keep her family out of the spotlight, everyone here sure is nosy.

Supply/demand. They're perfect examples of that.

Anonymous said...


Sally, Chuck Jr, unknown girl in blue sweatshirt (does chuck's wife have a daughter?), Chuck's wife, chuck's baby, Bristol, Gina, Tripp, Lauden, Lauden's bf, Piper, Landon, McKinley, Payton, Molly, Kier, Karcher, Jack, Heath, Sara, Britta, Kyla, Todd, Trig, Teko, Chuck Sr, Heather, kurt

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it's weird that Tripp's with his mother for Easter? Technically Levi wasn't even around the same area, so I doubt he asked for him. (Doesn't mean he doesn't other times) All Levi has to do is get a qualified lawyer and start going through the state as far as child support goes. I hope he's tossed Tank and Rex into the gutter so they can no longer monetarily rape him of everything. (SERIOUSLY REX, shared bank account???? You're such a selfish douche) There's no difference between Gino being around Tripp and Sunny being around Tripp when she is.

Anyway, Kyla looks JUST LIKE Track. Chuck Sr's genes are evident in most these people. I didn't recognize Sarah. It took a minute to notice Willow's not in it but then I thought that they might have switched out people as picture takers. My family does that.

Anonymous said...

the one in purple is PIPER????
Sure has changed a whole lot! (Did she already get some plastic surgery?

Nyah said...

Track avoids the media like the plague, does he?

So when Track, an adult over the age of majority appeared on the stage of the republican national convention and waved at the MILLIONS of people...

And when Track not once or twice but three times allowed his photos to be used in pro-army/pro war military literature and pamphlets which are seen by millions of people...

And when Track ALLOWED himself to be posed in that ridiculous "wedding" photo and then sold the photo for five figures to be used in a tabloid rag read by hundreds of thousands per week...

And when Track, an adult with free will, decided to take part in not one but multiple episodes of a reality show which was viewed by several hundred thousand people each week...

How exactly is that "avoiding the spotlight like the plague"?

Anonymous said...

Track has been part of the propaganda from the beginning. It's false narrative when they claim he wants "privacy", he may have wanted it, but didn't turn down the military when they use him, didn't turn down the reality show. Sarah used him from the beginning and he went along with a lot of it.

John McCain, and Joe Biden both have sons in the military, but they rarely discuss their children's military service on the campaign trail. The mould-breaking republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has no such compunction, however.
She has repeatedly pointed to her son's membership in Alaska's National Guard when making the case for John McCain to be the next president.

"I'll tell ya, as a mother of one of those troops, that is exactly the kind of man I want as commander-in-chief."

Anonymous said...

Couple things are weird. Britta looks entirely different than the 'moutain wedding' photo..has she been visiting Bristol's surgeon?
Also, how can there be snow on the ground on April 8 when the daytime temps have been near 40 and it's been above freezing at night? I think we're being had, people. Again.

Anonymous said...

Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska
Friday, September 12, 2008

FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska, Sept. 11 -- Gov. Sarah Palin linked the war in Iraq with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, telling an Iraq-bound brigade of soldiers that included her son that they would "defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans."

McCain aides were adamant that the ceremony had not been coordinated with the campaign, and officers at the installation said the Alaska governor had agreed to attend months before she was chosen for the GOP ticket. Palin's son Track, 19, will deploy to Iraq with his unit later this month. McCain's son Jimmy is with his Marine Corps unit in Iraq, but the senator from Arizona has taken pains to keep him out of the campaign spotlight.

As she has been since McCain plucked her from relative obscurity two weeks ago, Palin continues to be surrounded by senior McCain advisers even here; the senator's top strategist, Steve Schmidt, and several others accompanied her to Alaska. The group is guiding Palin through a crash course on policy issues and is revising the campaign's original plan to send her on fundraising missions separately from McCain.

Hyde said Col. Burt Thompson had arranged the deployment ceremony to coincide with the Sept. 11 anniversary as a symbol of the importance of the military. "That was intentional," Hyde said, describing the effort as a "theatrical" one but adding quickly that it had nothing to do with the Palins. "I talked to Track Palin last week, and he's still just an all-American kid," Hyde said.

Col Thompson did the public relations for Track. He had to correct some of it because it was exaggerated. not accurate. Sarah Palin is ill equipped to advise or have any say as a comentator on the military, foreign policy or national security.

Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska

Anonymous said...

2:01 AM

It is hard me to tell much with that photo. I did think Britta looks way different. I thought her life had gotten real hard on her. I can't tell if she has had work but that is what Sarah and Bristol do and she may think she needs help also.

I don't know about the snow on the ground but I would think possible in Alaska. They might be at a cabin.

melissa said...

Willow's not in the picture because she's (according to Wasilla rumor) pregnant. And of course Trig's not in the photo...he's the abandoned Palin kid, the one that Sarah Palin used for political gain. Poor child!

Virginia Voter said...

How old is Chuck Jr.'s wife ? She looks 18!

Did he trade in the original wife for a newer model? Bet she was one of his students. Sweet, I give it five years max before this chick dumps him.

Anonymous said...

Where is dear old Uncle Trygve?? lol!
Kyla looks alot like a Menard.
So, I guess Britta isn't avoidnig Sarah as much as we think, as she is at this family event.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

There are eight women in the photo. Six of them were pregnant outside of marriage.

Allison said...

Snow was on the ground in Wasilla Easter Sunday. From the blog Wasilla and Beyond, pictures, a photo of a guy in a Caterpillar plow, a young couple walking a dry road but snow covers the roadside, and the text comment "I don't know why Bill was plowing. There's snow, but it's melting fast. None on the roads. "

Anonymous said...

To clarify for the hundredth time over the years.
Two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed baby.
Two blue eyed people CAN NOT have a brown eyed baby.
Review genetics. Doesn't matter much anyway unless a brown eyed baby of blue eyed parents is being passed of as their kid. If Kyla has brown eyes, then yes, something would be amiss with TRack and Britta as parents, if Track has blue eyes.
Piper is getting "big".
What a freak show the Heaths have brought to the world. Creepy people who all deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely, doesn't Sarah look out of scale with the rest of the picture? She is either standing way back or was photoshopped into the picture......

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah is photo shopped into this picture. Can't be,eive she wouldn't have herself all front and center. And this photot of hert, the expression, the head tilt, looks like we've seen it before somewhere. Maybe Todd, too, in that hat...

Anonymous said...

Poor Piper. 50% Sarah.
Poor Kyla 25% Sarah.
That's alot of yuck to overcome.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Toadstool, Tri-G and Sarah are shopped in. Tri-G wore that black/white jacket when he was younger. We've seen this photo of Toad, Tri-G and then Sarah also too.
Doesn't look like there was all that much snow as Sarah decribed that the eggs might get lost til next season. Sarah wasn't even at the event . Dollars to donuts!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh where's Tri-G? I thought he was Sarah's "son"? Why would he be excluded from the family picture?

Also the way Chuck has his arm around that little boy is CREEPY.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's head in this picture is the same size as Kyla's....the newborn baby. Photoshop FAIL.

Anonymous said...

I need to go to work, but maybe someone kbnows how to find the pictures of Sarah, on a dock, in one of the pics she has her hand to her forehead and is looking down. I think this picture photoshopped in above was taken same time as the dock pictures. She has the same low zipped hoodie, same is from those photos they shopped in this pic. Also, the black and white jacket on Tri-G is a snowsuit I think, so it was from a winterish time. I know we have sen these photos before.

B said...

@Virginia Voter. Wondered the same thing: what happened to Chuck's other wife? Didn't she work in a medical office in Anchorage? I missed the news that he traded for a newer model.

B said...

I'm referring to Chuck Jr.

Anonymous said...

At least you preface things with "I don't know these people" (despite the possible snark) and don't just write things.

I respect that.

Anonymous said...

B, traded her in for a newer model? Hw disgusting of you to say that. Divorce is hard for anyone. Ask your friends.

Anonymous said...

Track wife Britta looks older than Chuck Jr's wife. Britta does not look like the Britta we've seen before, wonder why she aged so much since the "wedding" picture.

Anonymous said...

Ano 5:25, It's all about your mentality and what you choose to let yourself believe. I'm sad for you that you're so messed up inside that you have to think up weird things about a simple picture.

Anonymous said...

Piper's looking more and more native as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Two the person claiming weird things about genetics, your theory is thrown out the window with my sister. I have 4 siblings. My parents have brown eyes, brown hair. 2 or my sibs and I ALL have brown eyes and brown hair. My 4th siblings, a female, has red hair and green eyes. There is only ONE other family member within 5 generations who has red hair.

So yes, it is possible for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed baby.

Anything can happen if there' sone person in the past with the attribute. Does this even matter? It's not like looks determine anything about people from an outside perspective.

Anonymous said...

How can you derive freakshow from a simple picture? They're simply standing in a group outside.

And Kyla looks just like Track as a baby.

Anonymous said...

Aussie, so? That obviously doesn't matter considering the family unity that exists above. Shit happens. One moves on.

Anonymous said...

Why would Britta avoid her family? Uncle Trig lives in Dillingham or a small village I believe. I actually don't know. But damn dawg. Dem Heath genes are wicked strong. I see Heath in ALL these people. Todd and Kurt even looks like them and I thought Chuck's wife was Heather at first.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's wife is a teacher like he is. No idea how old. late 30s?

Virginia Voter, you just need to be nice and maybe consider growing past your mean girl phase.

Melissa, Wasilla rumor? Um, Willow is frequently in public and with her friends. But you'd never know that because I'm sure you're not even in Alaska, let alone the Valley and are just imagining the most ridiculous story in the world for your personal entertainment.

How does Britta look different? According to a friend, Kyla is the world's easiest baby to care for. And the most happy disposition wise.

I think the sun coming from the right is making some people squint and appear different.

Nyah, Sarah submitted the wedding photo without his knowledge. I know this for certain via a friend. I will give you the Reality show. And your RNC argument is out the window. ALL candidates families attend conventions, and you honor Obama's wishes by respecting his children despite the official business they are present at, looking bored as hell. All kids would, but understand why people take kids abroad and on long trips. Don't use a double standard that you're desperately trying to ignore. Just because Britta attended New york events with Bristol in 2010 doesn't mean she wants her baby and family stalked forever. There's a difference. One is supporting your family members in their lives. The other is living privately raising one's family.
Try not to expose Britta's family to an insane degree. Respect people. Why do you care about them anyway? Don't you have a life and family?

No one's changed. Different facial expressions and accessories like glasses make them look different.

Wow! 40 something comments on something that doesn't matter to the world.

I am scared to even think about what matters to you people in terms of national and foreign policy if you cannot accept a simple family picture.

Anonymous said...

OMG...get a life troll. We know who you are. No one believes a WORD you say. Get off the computer and get a life.
Yet she complains about the number of comments this post is getting. They're mostly from the troll freak!

Anonymous said...

Two blue eyed people CANNOT have a brown eyed child. The red head example above is completely off-- red hair (and blue eyes) are both RECESSIVE genes. Ever hear of MEndel's peas? You can have BB or Bb or bb where BB is brown and bb is blue. If two Bb people get married and have a kid, the kid has a 50% chance of having Bb (and brown eyes), 25% chance of having BB (and brown eyes), and a 25% chance of having bb (and having blue eyes).

Red hair works the same way... you can have a child with red hair "come out of nowhere" but if two red heads have a child that does NOT have red hair? Someone has some splanin' to do.

Anonymous said...

The Palin family stalker troll is trying to get away with lies again. Here's the facts:
There is no Uncle Trig.
Chuck has a history of creepiness/pedo behavior/statements.
Sarah and Todd were photoshopped into this picture just like sarah's debunked marathon photo.
Willow is pregnant.
Tri-G is not sarah's son.
This picture is a freakshow.

Anonymous said...

"Dang those Heath genes are strong."
"Chuck Sr's genes are evident in most these people."
"Dem Heath genes are wicked strong."

The troll keeps talking about how strong the Heath genes's called incest and certainly not something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

"How old is Chuck Jr.'s wife ? She looks 18!"

You know the Heaths like 'em young!

Anonymous said...

Family picture accepted.

Shocked if that is Piper, kids do have growth spurts. Our family pictures include married mates family. I think Britta's father is a preacher? They might have church services to attend. Track is gone, Britta is raising Kyla on her own or with family, may be at the compound. She does look way different and harder. In a better quality photo she would no doubt look improved. Don't know why Sarah is so far off in the back. It does make her look photoshopped or weird. Those things happen. It is fun to scruntise photos. We do it with old family photos, trying to put together more family history. It doesn't matter to anyone else. So what? Many things don't matter to the world and people spend all kinds of time doing them.

8:23 AM:
The "Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska" must have scared you sh*tless. That and a Grand Canyon full of similar ignorance of policy and security. Track has done research for her and she has implied he will be a source or advisor on the military and U.S. policy. He maybe graduated from high school? No college, fishing inDillingham, he might have to go through Britta and other teachers in the family for a broader view. It does matter to scrutinise this family in everyway. It does seem superficial at times, but that is often just a release of energy. No one should stop going into these things, you never know what will come out of it. The Palin family is selling the country their brand. One product is the abstinence ruse. It clearly does not work. They damage children and our youth with their products. The whole family values venue they sell is the opposite of what they live. So yes, their madness must be called out. It is literally fraud to say you are one thing when the opposite. Remember Bristol has already talked about a possible run for President one day down the road. That may be laughable, except it shows the family is serious about progressing their brand and to continue a dynasty.

Anonymous said...

The baby is beautiful and so is the child's mother. Let's hope she doesn't inherent the Palin attitude of grifting.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the baby inherits the work ethic of her aunts and the passion of her grandmother. What an amazing and strong family.

Anonymous said...

In the Palin portraits that were taken in February at the end of the month, Britta looked the same as she always has. ALl these young people are at the age when bodies development and change rapidly. Look at how Sarah changed in the 80s. She lost her baby fat and roundness around 86 or 87 it appears. Let's not overly analyze ONE picture., that isn't even taken with a quality camera. Probably a cell phone. Heck look at how Todd changes as well with his everchanging hair styles early on.

Anonymous said...

Time to correct some very odd lies told by obviously stupid people who enjoy being dicks.


There is no Uncle Trig. (Yes there is. You are obviously ignorant of these things that you have no connection to)
Chuck has a history of creepiness/pedo behavior/statements. (He's got diarrhea mouth. So what? It comes with old age. Don't make him something he's not. Hes a wellliked man)
Sarah and Todd were photoshopped into this picture just like sarah's debunked marathon photo. (Stupid commnt)
Willow is pregnant. (Stupider comment)
Tri-G is not sarah's son. (His name is Trig and he IS Sarah's son.)
This picture is a freakshow. (It's a bunch of people standing in a clump taking a picture. They're not doing weird circus acts or engaging in off behavior. You're just being difficult)

And for anyone referencing incest, enjoy hell.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, creepy Palin stalker/"super fan". You are as twisted as ever.

Anonymous said...

Why do people care about a family's genealogy? It's not yours, and you will never be close to these people, close enough to know anything deeply personal about them. They are a family. You have a family. Would the average stranger be able to tell everything about you all just by looking at one picture?

It's fun as a family to look back at pictures. But strangers overanalyzing another family's pictures is BEYOND creepy. These people know they have fans who enjoy seeing parts of their lives. No different from others famous people who tweet or facebook personal pictures.

Teri Hatcher posted pics from her Thanksgiving Day preparation and pics from the DH set. Melissa Gilbert posts pics all the time, including of her son during dental surgery.

Chill with baseless assumptions and be lucky you receive anything from the people you obviously cannot live without.

Anonymous said...

I'm creepy and a stalker yet I don't spend my days making shit up about people from a picture that I didn't experience in person or in general???


What's worse? Making stuff up based on nothing or having mutual friends with the subjects and relaying mundane info to counteract the lies made up?

I'm thinking the former. You're all pathetic.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the only time I encounter stupid people is when I visit blogs. People with full lives don't sit around blogging and commenting about other people. It's sadder than people who write biographies about celebrities.

This has become cliche but, get lives people.

Later dudes. Going out to be with my family. I leave you to your personal hell you create for yourself when you choose to make your life center around someone you hate.

Anonymous said...

You say you're leaving, yet you never actually leave.

It's obvious the Palin family fulfills something in your life. What is it? No marriage or intimate partnership? No children of your own? No co-workers or real friends? No good relationship with your own kin?

Which is worse? Speculating about a family photo when the family in question loves being in the spotlight so much that they continue to look for book deals and reality shows to put themselves out there?

Or, being so obsessed that you post compulsively and repetitively in defense of this family, citing names and dates as if you know them (but the obliqueness of your references makes it obvious you don't)?

The problem is that you have such little self-awareness. It's obvious to anyone that the person needing a life is you.

If it were MY family, I'd be much more worried about someone like you than someone like any of us.

You are not a Palin. You are not friends with the Palins. No matter how often you sit at home (literally or figuratively) photoshopping yourself into their lives, this will not change.

Get help.


Anonymous said... choose to center your life around someone you idolize but they don't even care if you exist, you sound like a crazy stalker and the Palin's should be watching you. They put their life out in the public and they have to expect criticism and crazys like you and the other kid that was stalking them on the phone. If they don't like it stay out of the public , the media and magazines.

Anonymous said...

Love the comments of the people who hate to be spending time of blogs that talk about the Palins. They say we don't have a life, LOL. Yet they are here without a life commenting on our comments. It is so funny. I swear people if I didn't know better it is a Palin commenting here or one of the paid lackies commenting here. LOL, seriously funny. What grifters this family is. Keep up the articles Allison. Your pissing someone off. I am so happy for Levi in the love department. He moved up dating an educated girl with brains.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Two the person claiming weird things about genetics, your theory is thrown out the window with my sister. I have 4 siblings. My parents have brown eyes, brown hair. 2 or my sibs and I ALL have brown eyes and brown hair. My 4th siblings, a female, has red hair and green eyes. There is only ONE other family member within 5 generations who has red hair.

So yes, it is possible for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed baby.

Anything can happen if there' sone person in the past with the attribute. Does this even matter? It's not like looks determine anything about people from an outside perspective.

April 13, 2012 8:02 AM
Please go back to basic biology and or google medelian genetics. Teo blue eyed people CAN NOT HAVE ABROWN EYED BABY.

Jm said...

My first thought was Sarah and Todd are waayyyy in the back in order to hide Trig. But why? Is it not Trig, but someone else's child? Is it Trig without his glasses and hearing aids? Or maybe Trig being hidden is just coincidence? (haha, there are no coincidences in Palinland!)

AKRNHSNC said...


I noticed the person who was bringing up all the crazy comments about the pic were all posted by an Anonymous person. Were they posted by the same Anonymous? What I'm getting at is that one of Sarah's 'bots comes here, pretending to criticize the family and then turns around and calls the posters crazy based on their anonymous posts. I also think it's nonsense to read anything into this pic. It's a pic of a family who was unlucky enough to have Sarah born into their family. They also have to deal with the guy next to her, with the hat and dark glasses. Ya know who I mean...the one with the prostitution ring. It looks as if he's trying to hide in this pic but that's the only unusual thing I see. Well, that and not being able to see for certain if Trig is in the pic and if he is, why is he not up front with the other younger kids?

Ivyfree said...

People are saying the girl in the purple is Piper, but my first thought was the girl in the blue is Piper. Are you guys sure? That's a heck of a lot of growing if Purple Girl is Piper. Not saying impossible.

And Kyla looks like Trig to me.

Sarah may be standing quite a ways in back because nobody in her family wants to be around her any more- I'm visualizing people saying, "no, I'm standing here... are you standing there? Then I'm going to stand over by soandso..." I mean, seriously, who would want her around?

"Willow's not in the picture because she's (according to Wasilla rumor) pregnant."

Now that I can believe. I always thought she'd be pregnant before 2010 was over- and lo and behold, Willow had a "pregnancy scare" in November 2010. And now again? I haven't heard this rumor but I'm the first to admit I can't get through everyone's comments on all the usual blogs, so might have missed it. Funny thing is that I always thought Willow was the gay one and she was getting pregnant while exploring her sexual identity.

Anonymous said...

Allison you continue to bring us good information. Do you happen you happen to know anything about Shailey Tripp's blog? I think you should read her latest post and the comments within the post. My question to you is do you still support her? Do you believe her? Do you think she is damaging her credibility?

Anonymous said...

What comments?

Anonymous said...

found this written by shailey just two days ago at:

Shailey Lawes commented on TheInsider.
at 12:30 am, April 12, 2012 UTC
Levi, Do what is right by your own conscience and by your son and your new family. Sarah Palin is corrupt. You and I both know she never birthed Trig and Todd sees and manipulates many women and prostitutes. If the Palin lawyer who is attacking you publicly is Van Flein or Tiemeseen or works for one of these two men then immediaelty report them to the Alaska Bar Association. Tiemessen has a distinct record for lying and misusing his Alaska attorney lic. Stay safe, be blessed. Shailey, author of Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, & the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal.
Exclusive: Levi Johnston on Being a Dad Again
Exclusive: Levi Johnston on Being a Dad Again

Anonymous said...

Who is the very dark haired child on Gino's shoulders? I thought Tripp was a white-blonde boy and bigger than this? If that picture was taken this Easter, seems Trig and Tripp would be standing by themselves with their boy cousin's in the front row. They are not little babies anymore! Todd and Sarah's picture have to be photoshopped as you see snow through the legs of those in front of them where their legs should be! Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to deceive. The only tinkered picture I had ever seen before the Palin's came along, was relatives of a friend who's father had been killed in an accident and they added his picture to the wife an daughters in an oval in the corner. So people would know he was the father and husband of this family before the tragedy happened. If we had a picnic picture take all those in attendance would be in the picture. If Willow's boyfriend was there, why didn't he take the picture since he isn't one of the family yet? If she is pregnant, she could have stood behind one of the shorter boys. This seems so fake to add some and not others after the picture was taken to show the big happy family. Since Kristy or RAM is so tight with this happy family, she should have been asked to come to take a picture of everyone!

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Dis Gusted said...

compare that baby photo to the photo of Diana holding Trig in front of the pool November 2008. That picture was taken when Trig was allegedly 7 months old. He is the same size and has the same face as this baby that is allegedly 8 months old.

The babies look identical.

Dis Gusted said...

If that is Piper in the purple, she has indeed grown into a very tall 12 year old. Just a month ago, a troll was indicating that the Palins arranged play dates for dear little Piper. I LOL'd at that stupid statement. Most 11/12 year olds don't need to have play dates arranged for them. Most are socially able to interact with other children naturally.

Interact does NOT mean drugs, alcohol, vandalism and sex.

Ivyfree said...

You know, now that Anonymous at 7:41 has mentioned it, why AREN'T Trig and Tripp standing in front?

I have a 4 year old grandson. He's too heavy to carry around! Other than for very short distances. Why don't they have Trigg and Tripp up front where they can be properly seen- unless their sizes aren't compatible with their stated ages?

What a family- you can't even trust them to put out correctly dated pictures. If they're breathing, they're lying.

Anonymous said...

9:48 PM

What significance is Shailey Lawes comment on the Insider? Does Levi care? If he does what does it matter if he can't speak? Shailey also wrote on April 12, 2012
'How about these apples?' and 'Gino, what are you thinking?'

Shailey was thinking about the warm and wonderful Paoletti family and all of Gino's good potential. The other post only had nice things she was sent in e-mails, all good support for the Palin family.

April 13, 2012 she suddenly decides to talk about an opportunity and ends her blog. To be deleted the following Friday. She had comments opened for awhile but started deleting particular comments. Finally deleted and blocked all comments on Ask Anything.

Now well respected bloggers are coming to her defense but how well do they know her? They believe her but not dealing with what she did to her loyal supporters and how she went about shuttering her blog.

Anonymous said...

Well troll we love looking at the Palin trainwreck. I can admire Track and Britta for wanting to stay out of the limelight. But not the rest. You forget that is their living now. Especially since her PAC isn't bringing in the big bucks. Teabaggers finally are getting her number. The only ones that care are the men who get a hard on when they see Bristol or her creepy momma. So all this crying she and Bristol do is nothing but a smoke screen. They are hard up for cash. They have to find it somewhere. So you grift.

Accente said...

Correct me if that isn't Britta and Kyla, I'm making an assumption because, as you all know, I don't "really know these people."

That is the biggest problem with your post and americans in general . Of course the biggest problem is that you have nothing but Palin on ur mind...

Reminds me of stalker movies .. you know ... you being one .

Anonymous said...

Former biology teacher here: two brown eyed parents CAN have a blue eyed child. Why? The simple reason is because each parent may be carrying a recessive blue eyed gene. The brown eyed gene is dominant and, even if the blue eyed recessive is present it will not be evident due to the dominance of brown.

Because blue eyed genes are recessive it takes two blue eyed genes, one from each parent, in order for the blue eyes to be expressed in a child. Two blue eyed parents can NOT have a brown eyed child. They can only have blue eyed children.

Two brown-eyed parents CAN have a blue-eyed child.

Of course, this is overly simplistic because there are several genes involved, which means there can be green, hazel and other blends of blue and brown. But, brown is usually completely dominant and will be fully expressed rather than blue.

Ivyfree said...

"stalking legal definition

A form of harassment generally comprised of repeated persistent following with no legitimate reason and with the intention of harming, or so as to arouse anxiety or fear of harm in the person being followed. Stalking may also take the form of harassing telephone calls, computer communications, letter-writing, etc. See also cyberstalking and harassment."

As even you submoronic bots can see, nothing that is happening here is stalking in any way. If Sarah is distressed about our comments about her idiocy or her equally stupid offspring, I suggest she not read these blogs.

Really, I was thinking lately that I have had SO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT out of Sarah & Co. It doesn't matter what happens- put Sarah out there to make a statement or an appearance, and she will ALWAYS do the thing that makes her look stupid and ignorant. Her daughters do whatever is going to make them look slutty and trashy. Always. You can bet on it. I would, but nobody is going to bet against Sarah looking dumb.

Anonymous said...

Shailey started deleting comments because she got piad to do it. She is a quitter and sell out. She will be lucky of anyone willl buy her book now. I am sorry I ever did anything for her She has ruined all credibility and her chances of the medis ever picking up the story. This woman was a con artist. Her kids probably aren't even handicapped.

Anonymous said...

Where I live there is a woman with 2 children and a hardship story. She has a blog and takes in money. She lists charities and has hooked some local professionals into her trip. I ended up involved through the DA, b/c she used my address in a another scheme. I am trying to make this short, I met a man who had lived with her. He really got took, but also alot of information. Including court papers and documents where the DA is referring to her as a grifter. She is educated, has held good jobs and been doing this for a long, long time. The point is she has not been arrested for any of the major crimes, yet she is being investigated, including her blog scams. If you meet her you would think she is so nice and her story (stories) compelling. Having seen behind her masks and also seeing how nice her mask can be, it has been an experience for me. At some point I really started to see things about Shailey that brings this woman I know to my mind.

Shailey offers something many people want, she knows the inside story on Todd Palin. I do think there is something to what she says. It may almost all be true, including the massage. But her credibility sucks. I wish that people like Malia and others that support her could at least make a trip to see her. To be there for awhile and get a deeper view of what she is about.

Ailsa said...

To Anonymous who said:

"Former biology teacher here: two brown eyed parents CAN have a blue eyed child. "

Thank you so much for setting the record straight.

I often get impatient with would-be experts repeating out-of-date information, no doubt learned in some high school class.

Ivyfree said...

Anonymous @ 6:59

Somehow, you have convinced me that Shailey Tripp is completely credible. I don't think that was your intention.

But when you are so completely accusatory and denounce somebody without any supporting data whatsoever, your only point can be a phony attempt to destroy credibility. Therefore, something that Shailey said upset you greatly. I'm sure it was the truth.

Anonymous said...

I saw Todd as a pimp from day one. That was when the RNC was dressing him. For some reason he always reminded me of Dorothy Stratten's husband Paul Snider. I didn't think that was rational, just how he felt to me. I very much wanted to believe Shailey when I started to read about her. I didn't want it to just be instinct. Malia Litman's pieces on Shailey were excellent and I started to think there was solid back up.


There are plenty of people who both believe Shailey's story and trust her. Some of us don't know what to think of all this now. I would like to see her story get out and I would like to see her hold up under all the pressure that would come with the territory. I have utmost respect for Malia Litman and Blade. They are behind her but have not said enough. I was dismayed to read that Malia had never met her. I don't suppose that is critical but it would help to hear from someone like Malia who also knew her face to face. What her day to day life it about.

When they can write more extensively on all this, that will help.

Marz said...

I don't know why people are saying Britta's baby is brown-eyed? Is that based on this picture, because I don't think you can really tell at all.
I'm pretty cautious about saying which baby looks like who when they are so young (she could be 2-5 months IMO). I say that because both me and my husband have dark brown hair, but as children we were both blonde. My son is blonde with bright blue eyes (all predominantly caucasian babies are born with blue eyes-- I say predominantly because I have native heritage-- but he's close to 2 years old now).
The best way to tell a baby's age has less to do with their size than the motor skills they are exhibiting: grasping, holding head up, looking at things far away vs up close, etc. My son is in the 90th percentile for height and the 47th for weight-- and he has been since the day he was born. One of my nephews, however, was in the 40th for height and the 90th for weight. I have a friend whose baby weighed 24 lbs at 3 months-- more than my son weighs now at nearly 2!!
What I find most interesting about this picture, though... Sarah and Todd (and barely Trig) are so far in the back that they look as though they are actually a few steps back from the last row. mean, their heads are smaller than everyone else's, and you can't see their feet between others' legs-- so they must be pretty far back.
Also-- why isn't Sarah anywhere near her family? Britta's parents are right next to her, but Bristol and Tripp and Piper are not only in the front, but also several bodies the the left.
And why ISN'T Willow in the picture? I mean, two dogs managed to make it in there! Are the Palins so cheap that they can't afford a timer on their cameras? Yknow, come to think of it, this was pobably taken with a smartphone....

Anonymous said...

Not to derail onto eye color genetics, but please check out this link:

There are 3 main genes for eye color, not 2. Brown is the most dominant, green is the next, and blue is the least. So it is possible for two blue-eyed parents to have a brown-eyed child.

This does not help at all in playing Whose Baby?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. Can you imagine this bunch on the White House lawn? Did they not know a photo was about to be taken?

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