Thursday, June 7, 2012

Track Palin, Levi Johnston, Ex-Lax, and an upcoming ELECTION

Laxative in a brownie. That’s national news? It depends. (Insert adult diaper joke here.)  It depends on the source of the story. If the dirt is coming from someone named Palin and the accused is a Johnston, then it’s definitely going to make the news. On the other hand, if it's just a prank committed by a Palin, no one in the media today would touch it.

I know this topic is quite literally old crap. But some stuff never goes away.  Bristol Palin has yet another stupid television thing in the works, and you know it's going to be all about dissing the father of her son Tripp. How do we know? Because in Palinland there is nothing new under the sun. Once a gimmick is concocted, it is used relentlessly. This "new" show is going to be just another publicity stunt that gives Bristol a stage to stick it to Levi over and over. Like she did in her high-school bitchy book.

One year ago the book penned by Nancy French for Bristol Palin was released and we were treated to “The Lies of Sarah Palin’s Daughter” in hardcover format. The June 2011 reports by USAToday and the Washington Post and plenty of other names in journalism used the same quotes from Bristol Palin’s memoir “Not Afraid of Life”: “[Levi] came to hockey practice drunk, he put Ex-Lax in some kid’s brownie, he got sent to the office.”  It’s pathetic that those bad boy behaviors of 2005 were deemed so important for the world to know that major news sources gave space to them. Kids have, do and will continue to show up on school property drunk. It’s high school.  It happens. High school kids will be sent to the office today – somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line where school isn’t out yet. News? No. Ho hum.  

As for the  Ex-Lax caper, that was news at one time. National news? Of course not. Ron Wilmot wrote the article for the November 23, 2005 edition of the Anchorage Daily News.  His rendition differs from the one Bristol published six years after the fact. Under the  headline “Wasilla Suspends Team After Prank,” interested Alaskans read that:

Wasilla High administrators on Tuesday suspended the varsity hockey team from play for two weeks after players gave a teammate a cookie laced with laxatives during the team's road trip to Fairbanks last weekend.

"This fits our definition of hazing," said Wasilla High principle Dwight Probasco. "We have a very clear direction on hazing. Some may deem it as a prank, but we have zero tolerance on this."

Mr. Wilmot never mentioned Levi Johnston nor any other person. The story says the whole team got suspended. That would have included junior Track Palin. Well, well, no surprise there.

Throughout Bristol’s book she calls Levi a “gnat” and  she holds up her brother Track as a shining example of what a real man should be. Typical Bristol style. No one who has paid attention to Bristol Palin’s interviews can believe a word she says. Truth is dispensable when Bristol goes looking for attention – her new chin is not the result of dental corrections, her son’s father would love to be in his life, she did not return home to Wasilla because she was done with Hollywood, she is not living an abstinent lifestyle, and her weight gain on Dancing With the Stars had nothing to do with playing basketball when she was 15.

Levi is much more believable. Levi was a freshman and admittedly he was a full-of-himself jerk at that time the brownie tampering took place. He doesn’t run from it, in “Deer in the Headlights” he talks openly about school year stupidity. Levi also implicated Track in the now-famous school bus vandalism incident, but then says he isn’t sure. It was rumor. What he didn’t put in the book is the laxative moment – but someone else told us about both incidents. Frank Bailey begins with the rumors that Track was involved with the vandalism of school property; he claims that Governor Palin emailed “a long list of contacts in radio, television and print media to discredit the story” to suggest the rumors came from her estranged brother-in-law Trooper Wooten.  This leads into Bailey’s recital of events in the above mentioned hazing. He says it followed about two weeks after the bus vandalism.  On 179 of “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin” Bailey writes:

At one point, when older players on Track Palin’s hockey team put Ex-Lax in a younger player’s cookie as a prank and were disciplined, Sarah reacted by suggesting in a email to Todd and a small list of friends that “students can’t say ‘boo’ nowadays without getting in big trouble.” …Todd, in focusing his anger on the school’s administration, wrote, “I am having a hard time understanding the difference between a prank involving a cookie laced with ex-lax and a WHS coach using disgustingly abusive and intimidating tactics while calling WHS student a ‘f***ing a**hole.’”

The Washington Post called Levi a bully (they got that from Bristol’s tattle-taling book.). Nice, isn’t it, that Tripp will find that online some day? His mother should be ashamed of herself. And if anyone's a bully in this duo, it's the one who continually points out the shortcomings of the other to audiences day and night, coast to coast, in print, on the radio, on Jay Leno, to no-name interviewers in Christian broadcasting, and everywhere a door opens to her.

All this makes me think about Shailey Tripp - she wrote a memoir, too. In “Boys Will Be Boys” Shailey called Todd Palin a bully. She included documents that support her revelation that Todd Palin is a pimp. Hmmm, Ex-Lax versus latex condoms.  Hazing versus pimping. High school prank versus adult sex trafficking. Getting sent to the office versus escorting a US Secret Service agent assigned to protect a VP candidate into the massage parlor of a prostitute on your own payroll. What does it tell us that the Levi and Ex-Lax story was covered by the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and USA Today and the Todd Palin is a pimp story has yet to make any national headlines?

It says that American media is bought and paid for. The 2011 “news” about a few cookies in Alaska in 2005 wasn’t news. Anyone can see that it was advertisement. Advertisement for a book being published by HarperCollins during the time the company was still pushing Sarah Palin’s “America By Heart.”  HarperCollins, a subsidiary of News Corporation, describes itself as a “global vertically integrated media company founded by Rupert Murdoch.” Good old Rupert publishes not only Palin propaganda memoirs, but also publishes the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, produces Fox News and more. So much more. They aren’t kidding when they say they are global. The latest news for the company has them infiltrating Disney. Hey, why not – much of what they produce has been doctored to the point where it’s more fairytale, folk lore, and myth. 

 And speaking of Disney, the Lifetime Network, home to Bristol's "Life's a Tripp" program, is co-owned by the multi-media monster Hearst Corporation and Disney Corporation.  These giants are like small town politicians - they are a small, tight group who run everything and can't be dislodged.  Got to give them credit for one thing, they can assemble an appropriate cast of characters.  Willow is supposed to be seen frequently in the show shot in Los Angeles and Wassilla.  Won't that be entertaining?

We have the Clinton Administration to thank for the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that made it possible for a handful of people to manipulate what we and our children learn about the world. We have a former corporate lawyer who made $1 million a year heading the Supreme Court that handed down the infamous Citizens United decision which declared money speech and defined corporations as people. It’s a sad time in the history of America. Real people with stories that matter, and yes, I’m referencing the Todd Palin running an interstate sex trafficking ring with ties to the Secret Service and the military – those people will not be published by corporations, or quoted, or have their stories told unless some global media corporation thinks it’s good for the bottom line. While the name Palin brings in the bucks, the Shaileys and Levis will remain little more than  blogger fodder.

The Wasilla Warriors Ex-Lax-capade not only gives us another example of media bias and Palin bullsh**, it leads to a frightening reality about the upcoming election.  The presidential race of 2012 will not be won by an election. The president who takes the oath in January 2013 will be put into office by public auction. The corporations and the 1% are secretly bidding while the media are serving as auctioneers who look out over the masses and pretend we are in the game, too.  In the end, they have made money, the highest bidders take the prize, and we, the audience, have been little more than entertained.

Remember the Ex-Lax lesson when you read or turn on the news covers this year’s candidates.

Discouraging, isn’t it?  I promise I’ll lighten things up here on Friday when I release the fourth chapter of “White Trash in the Snow.”   


Anonymous said...

The media is frightening. The left gets away with frightening things. The right is attacked for stupid things that dont matter in elections. Publishing companies allow two kids, Bristol and Levi, to rewrite the past. But none of this is new. Levi will always have to live with his past immaturity and lies, as will Bristol, though her book is actually more factual as she didn't completely fabricate her relationship with Levi and his family as Levi did. The public helps no one when it takes sides ignorantly.

And Levi defended Track in the vandalism incident. People know Track had no part. But you are correct. Teems are biologically stupid and use those years to make mistakes and learn. The goal is that they eventually become mature, stable adults. Track is. Levi finally is. Bristol is. Mission accomplished. Now let them live their own lives without ignorant judgment. You dont actually have accurate information on either side to make the judgments youre making.

Anonymous said...

You would think Shailey Tripp could find a source to send her book to Canada, UK or any English speaking country. I am sure they would be interested in this story. You would think Mr. Dunn might be able to connect her with a foreign news outlet.

Anonymous said...

"His mother should be ashamed of herself"

Yes, because Tripp will love how Levi tried to fictionally portray his loving, doting grandmother to the world or how his father called his uncle Trig a retard. Grow up Allison and act like a woman with sense and objectivity. Bristol did her best to portray the Levi she knew in a positive light. It's impossible. Until Levi came to terms with fatherhood in late 2008, he was just an immature kid who couldnt have cared less. Bristol spent their whole relationship trying to make him care. What does he do to thank her for helping hom mature? Trashes her family.

Nice legacy to leave your son Levi. Who knows how he'll react when you try to turn him against his mother in 15 years. But he'll react badly when he finds out about the lies you told about his family.

Anonymous said...

Troll must have gotten into the tainted brownies judging by the shit she's excreting in this thread. Go away Troll. You are stinking up the place.

Anonymous said...

Troll at 10:18, well actually the 1 and only troll that sits at all the blogs- When exactly did Bristol portray Levi in a positive light?? Go have another brownie then go out and find Bristol's dog.

Anonymous said...

The troll seems to forget that Sarah and Bristol's trashing Levi and his family is all written in their books and on day Tripp will see and read all of that..good mothers do not trash the father of their child!

Anonymous said...

You admit it. Levi is not a good father because he trashed his son's family. This is good. You admit something. I notice you basically ignored what I actually wrote and are replying with the same tiring attacks on me despite my solid points. Typical.

And actually, I see/read no trashing or Levi by them. Bristol said she forgave his "youthful actions" and repeatedly tried to make him an acceptable part of her family. On tv, she is asked questions about what he's doing. Whats she supposed to say, "Tripps father got his GED, is taking training classes to become a respectable sloper again, and doesn't spend his time doing interviews continuously picking fights with my family?"

You all need to step back and see what the public situation really is. Bristol could have easily actually attacked Levi and family as they've attacked her. She has chosen to publicly ignore his sister because thats how you put a narcissist in her place, by ignoring her.

On another topic in the post, it is a bit sad that a team was penalized for a prank yet the Wooten expletive and other actions didn't result in loss of job or stricter action.

Step away, remove all names and see the things you're blindly commenting on in a different light.

Or just grow up and go live your life like the people you stalk obsessively are doing.

Anonymous said...

10:58..Bristol is a crappy mother who hates Levi more than she loves her son..good loving mothers do not use their child as a pawn to get back at the father. Troll, give me 1 good reason Bristol doesn't let Levi see his son??

WakeUpAmerica said...

I see you are blind as well as deaf and stupid.

And then there is this little hypocritical puddle of excrement:
"Or just grow up and go live your life like the people you stalk obsessively are doing."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting the variations on the Ex-lax story. The media's failure to truthfully report on the Palins...any of them, all of beyond frustrating.

One correction: 2005-06 was Track's Junior (not sophomore) year. He went to Michigan the following hockey season, 2006-07 during his Senior year and entered the Army in Sept. 2007.

Allison said...

Anon@12:27 Thanks, I fixed that.

Anonymous said...

Allison, God bless you for coping so graciously with the troll infestation.

Cracklin Charlie said...

This fruitcake is getting old. Is it June already?

Good post, Allison.

Anonymous said...

The cookie story doesn't make Track look as much as a problem child as his cutting the brakelines and breaking off all the outside mirrors on the school buses. Fortunately the Wasilla Maintenance Department noticed the vandalism and school was cancelled for the repairs and Track was expelled. That is why he was sent to finish school out of state--Sarah told the media that it was because he could get better training for a professional hockey career so he finished school in the lower 48. The judge gave him the choice--finish high school and either go into the military or go to jail. He chose the military for his sentence--so now Palin is sure to mention his military service in her speeches, holding him up as a military hero. There is the truth and then there is the version that Sarah Palin tells.