Monday, June 4, 2012

Levi Johnston is THIS CLOSE to Getting a Real Job

Levi's public Facebook page has a new message:

 Public pages are just that.  They are public. This is a screen shot from the same Facebook page you heard about here when Levi launched it last month.  You can get there yourself and give Levi some words of encouragement. Some of you have already left comments for Levi and Sunny showing support.  He says the page is so we all can "read between the lines in the headlines" but hearing from people who are on his side might be part of it, too.

It's nice to hear directly from Levi after all these years, especially since he isn't getting paid to speak. Money up front was his MO while being "represented" by the Wasilla pair that led him down the path to Playgirl and pistachio commercials, and phony campaigning for public office.  That was what he told Nick Bloomfield and that's why Levi wasn't interviewed for "Sarah Palin: You Betcha."  This is a step in the right direction. It's real.

Now, the other Johnston sibling, Mercede,  has a not-public Facebook page. She used to have a public blog, but it's dormant because she made a deal with the Palins, or something close to a deal. However formal or informal the agreement was, she stopped posting and never came back.

I wish she would make a public Facebook page.  On Saturday she posted on her own FB page, then allowed Immoral Minority and Levi to both reprint it.  In case you missed it, have a look - this is the Levi Facebook version which had his own message to Sadie right up front:

(I Have never watched Bristols show and we NEVER will, but Sadie hit the nail on the head with this status yesterday so i have to reshare) THANK YOU SIS! 

"It’s not fair to him that he has no one here except for me.” -Bristol REALLY????REALLY BRISTOL?!??! You failed to mention the fact that my whole family would give up anything in this world to see our sweet Tripp! He has a Father who misses, loves, and wants to see his son every single day, and who wants to have his son be a part of his soon to be born sister's life as well. He has a Grandma who cries regularly over Tripp, a Grandpa who is dying to teach Tripp the tricks of the outdoors, a Great Grandpa who sees Tripp as the light of his life, and MANY cousins,family, and friends who miss him desperately. Not to mention ME, who loves Tripp with all my heart, and I will never give up trying to have a civil relationship with you for my nephews sake. Your son deserves to have us in his life. You're punishing him based solely on your unresolved feelings toward our family, and it has nothing to do with anything he, or we, have done.. All of us, any of us, would take him in a heartbeat, but there is no pleasing you. We have done everything you've asked and you still refuse to let us be a part of his life. So I guess because our last name isn't "Palin" that we aren't worthy of being in Tripp's life? The image that you're portraying, of being a single mom with no one else to help you, in order to attract viewers to your new reality show, is such a disgusting lie. There are COUNTLESS people who love Tripp JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO and who want him, JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO! We would LOVE to take him so you can have a break and do whatever it is you want. Why does a nanny get to spend that special time with him when we're shedding tears over here? If I was a single mom I would be offended that someone who has millions of dollars, an unlimited supply of resources, and a nanny, is being paid to sit on her reality show and bitch about how difficult her life is. You have no clue what a lot of real single mothers have to go through. You can lie to as many people as you want, after all YOU have a reality show, but this is the truth and we are never going to stop repeating it: “We love and miss you Tripp Easton Johnston"."

Nice to have something to cheer about, isn't it?  Levi getting a real job, and speaking up for himself.  I'm going to be the first one to say it this year, premature but heartfelt:

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 2012 Levi Johnston!  Good luck with the new job, new baby and new life !


Anonymous said...

So nice to hear some good news about Levi! Hope it all goes well for him and his life ahead. Thanks for bringing us the good news. Yes, Happy Father's Day Levi!

Anonymous said...

Wow! No more grifting for the Johnstons and pretending like the majority of people know or care who they are? This is good.

I think it's funny that when Levi first sought out Sunny, she had NO idea who he was, and she lived IN Alaska.

Anyway, it's always good when a kid can have 2 parents with legitimate employment. This is good for Tripp, and obviously for Levi's second baby, well, unborn baby. LOL

And I think Sadie stopped blogging because it became pointless, not that it ever had a point. Typically people blog to relay info of some kind, usually factual info. According to many, there were few facts on Sadie's blog, mostly hate and lies. I remember that discussion and the fallout the blog caused Sadie and her former friends.

See Sadie, when you trash people online (Tara P), it will bite you back. You lost a best friend and boyfriend. Just be nice girl.

Jeanabella said...

To troll at 9:51 PM

The high school mean girl just drips from your comment.
You don't wish anyone anything good do you?
Save your low class comments for Bristol on Nancy's blog.
Bristol is not an original when it comes to her behavior as a teen mom.
There are other girls who discard family they don't like or can't get along with instead of thinking of their child. Every child is entitled to their father & mother & the families of both sides.
The more love, the better.
Bristol made the easy choice of shutting them out because she got even with Levi & his family & she feels justified for some childish reason.That attitude will bite her back big time. Too bad for Tripp, mommy got back at daddy scenario is so sick.

Shame on you anonymous or is it bris or willo or kysty? They are all the same with the same snarky attitude.
How can you recognize snark? It looks like a palin girl.

Anonymous said...

9:51..boy was that comment dripping with Palin high school mean girl. Grow up!! Levi has moved on Bristol..get use to it and stop being so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Why did jobless unemployed leech Bristol name her son after Todd Palin's prostitute Shailey Tripp? That's weird.

Why does Bristol continue to lie about Tripp's real age? That's weird.

Anonymous said...

9:51, Time to move on. The Palins don't have everyone snowed. Especially now the news coming out about the Terrorist connections with the Palins & Cox and that AIP bunch. Maybe you should tell her we all now know who they pall around with.

Anonymous said...

Wow,no more grifting for the Palin's and pretending like the majority of people know or care who they are..This is good.
There I fixed it for you! Now go to Brancy's blog and kiss Bristol's hiney and don't forget to send money also too.

Anonymous said...

Sadie sold out the friggin' Playluns?! Really? And I had a lot of respect for her tenacity. Another one under the thumb of the power elite.

Anonymous said... bad the good looking guy got away and you ended up with sloppy seconds who's most likely in it for your money..

Allison said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Just checking in to see what readers think and it took a minute before I realized the comment above is meant to taunt Bristol for taking up with Gino who is one of Mercede's old bfs.

You never know where a troll comment will lead.

Wish I had more time for this, but I've got to get back to doing the stuff that's paying my bills.


Anonymous said...

really now - who gives a rat's ass about levi, bristol, sadie or any of the other sad characters that are associated with them?

Anonymous said...

apparently FOX cares about the Swillbillies as does Lifetime TV. Taking bets that Bristol's show will air only ONCE if it airs at all.

Anonymous said...

The thing that frightens me, these childish comments of the Palin trolls is about as good as it will get.

This group seems to be frozen in mediocrity when they should be transitioning into adulthood and using a higher form of communication.

As we have seen in Sarah, being caught in a Jr High mentality of hate and revenge to anyone who disagrees with her, she strikes out like a teenager. It's like they are caught in a bubble of childish stupidity, never to make an adult observation around them.

Bristol made a very immature decision to drink and have unprotected sex, resulting in a pregnancy that her mother then used as a tool for her desire to get votes and perhaps a chance at the Presidency, without ever realizing she was incapable of either job.

She soon learned that mama realized Levi would be interfering with their plans for stardom, fame and money.

Instead of proceeding to get a HS diploma and perhaps learning something beneficial in life, she followed her mothers path to fame and fortune, but neither of them have the brains to achieve happiness, as they are simply puppets by others. They attract others with the same level of intelligence...slow learners.

Unfortunately, there are some small children who are being used as tools to enhance them. Sad. Really sad. They are stuck in 13 - 15 year old mentalities and their aging bodies are passing their mentality.

Bristol, lying about birthdates isn't going to keep that child a baby forever. Sticking a binky in his mouth won't keep him quiet forever.

You and your family are special indeed. Special, like Trig. You need much care and education to bring you up to speed to function as a normal person. We don't laugh at Trig's inability to function like others, he was born that way and we all love him. You acting like a retarded person is not cute and it will haunt you the rest of your life if you don't get some education and grow up.

Your families "cuteness" wore off a long time when your mother opened her stupid mouth when she walked on that stage and tried to hoax the country with the birth of Trig. You all need some serious mental counciling if you ever hope to be a normal happy family with out depending on others to pay you to get money for nothing. We are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you for being so stupid!