Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Tripp to To Buy Some Time

I just finished watching President Obama's acceptance speech and I need some time to put up the next two chapters of White Trash in the Snow.  It will be up on Friday, but not as early as I sometimes post.

So, for those of you stopping by in the early hours, here is something you might enjoy and may not have seen.  Levi posted on his public Facebook that his son was taken out of state again without his permission. A week later, things changed.  Maybe the social network is an effective means to pressure Bristol. Or maybe she doesn't want to lose votes on DWTS.

Whatever the reason, it's good to see Tripp smiling, being with his dad, and doing something real rather than staged photo Palin propaganda.

Here's a link to Facebook:


Anonymous said...

Why not let the two parents work things out for themselves, the two of them, without inserting outside opinion into it. Sound like a smart plan?

Anonymous said...

The funny part is, when Levi wrote that, Tripp was NOT out of state. LOL

And technically, Bristol doesn't NEED his permission.

Notice Levi got Tripp for 2 occasions: Bristol had her first dance rehearsal and when her family went hunting.

Though I think that Levi will see him more often now. I just hope the Johnstons are starting to all build their own lives. It's good Levi is starting to mature, and Bristol is not seeing him as an adult and not petulant child whom he definitely was 3 years ago.

Things will only get better from here.

I suggest we all step back and stop judging. Tripp has 2 amazing families and does amazing and fun things with both. I mean, he's 3 and 1. rides a bike with no training wheels 2. fishes BY HIMSELF 3. ice skates 4. goes to the batting cages and can actually hit the ball

Just to name a few. And then there's the fun LEvi provides.

Blessed little boy with lots of love from everyone. AND he knows what's right, by blessing his uncle overseas in his prayers. He's a good "brother" who protects little Trig when others kids around are rough with him. He's a lovable little man.

Anonymous said...

OMG. This 3 year old must be something..riding a bike with no training wheels, and on and on. Could it be he's 4? And could it be that the older brother who caused Trig to finally speak up was Tripp? And he's not a man, despite his coarse language. He's a child. A manipulated, spoiled child.

Nyah said...

Kristy has gotten so dimwittedly awful, I can't tell if it's her or someone satirizing her.

Anonymous said...

I love that "let's all step back and stop judging" from someone who says Levi is only STARTING to mature and is "petulant."

Why don't YOU stop judging and let everyone else get on with the comments?

WakeUpAmerica said...

I agree Nyah. She appears headed for a breakdown. She is repeating past posts and posting like someone with OCD. I wonder what the hell she thinks she is accomplishing with her lame ass remarks. However, I think she is quite funny. Although, sometimes it is impossible to figure out WTF she is saying. That must be when she's had a few drinks. I do feel quite sorry for her family. It must be humiliating to them to be related to such a narcissist. I love how the bloggers can pull her strings soooooo easily. She's so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Get a DNA test. Trippy looks too much like Palin inbreeding.

Anonymous said...

Bristol had to get her nose bloodied up by being threatened to go to court over Life's A Tripp and the way Bristol has been raising Tripp.

That bitch can be brought down. Bristol is not that tough. Bristol doesn't want to be taken to court and have her business publicly displayed.

Anonymous said...

It is great that Tripp is spending time with his dad. So important for a child. On a separate note, I was struck by Levi's use of the word "random" - 'I got a random phone call from my Tripp'. Is this getting to be a common phrase among young people? It is such an odd word to choose to use. I thought only the trolls used the word, but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Brother, is it? This seems like an attempt to correct Todd's comment on that TV show is was recently on. Todd slipped up. MA Palin probably went more nuts. And now Anonymous steps up to smooth things over.

That you, Willow?

Anonymous said...

How many years has Tripp been 3?

Anonymous said...

I really hate that I think this way, but sometimes I wonder if the Johnstons and Palins are all in this hoax together. The timing of this is suspect to me - just before the DWTS season begins. The whole situation just smells to me, I feel like we've been had big time but I hope I am wrong.