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What AKRNHSNC Said So Well Applies To Heather's 2007 Email

On the previous post Newsweek Magazine Proves Trig Is Still A PROP, our friend AKRNHSNC made a point so well, that I 'm repeating it word-for-word:

I was reading the above article [from October 2008] again and this paragraph really stands out in reference to Sarah's detachment from her family and how it's always about her. Just read what her sister says below and then remember she was saying this when her son was 13 yrs. old. Didn't Sarah have a clue as to what her sister was going through all those years? Why should she have to suddenly explain things to her now that she is Governor? I realize that Palin wasn't in a titled position prior to this where she could actually effect policy changes that might help her nephew but it's sad to see that she was blind to their troubles and unaware of what they actually were. She should have known what her sister was going through because she was her sister, no other reason. 

Of course, it's always all about Sarah and in trying to boost her sister's image, Heather made it quite clear that Sarah was far removed from what she went through in dealing with a special needs child. It's not surprising, though, considering she never met a relative of Todd's until her TV show and he had Down Syndrome. It was a first cousin of Todd's, you would think they would have crossed paths at some time during the years they had been married. Right? Wrong! It just gives more credence to all of the people who talk about Sarah and her incredibly selfish attitude. She uses people and then discards them. Obviously Todd's cousin or her nephew were not needed prior to her running for office or her TV show, depending on the situation.

Well stated, AKRNHSNC, I saw exactly the same thing. And I saw it last week, too. That was when I began preparing a post about  the November 2007 email Heather sent to her sister Sarah, the then- Governor of Alaska.  That post got set aside on Sunday when the Newsweek article came out. The timing actually couldn't have been better. These two fit together pieces of the same puzzle.  Side by side the picture is bigger, and it is looks exactly like what we Truthers would expect.

Here is the Heather email, and some Sarah reactions (in reverse order, because it's an email chain):

.Thanks for caring?  Wishful thinking, Heather?

What I see in Sarah’s response is a concern for herself not “looking” concerned about the disabled. She doesn’t say “You know how important this is to me” but instead, admits “I don’t know much about this issue.”  And she wants to make a council member change (small) to have thing looked at differently “a bit.”  This is not a heartfelt response. It’s a cold political one. Even when she shows that people [taking care of persons with special needs] have daily challenges, her reasoning goes to what they think of her. Not what she can do to help them.  And she wouldn’t want to ask anyone to be inconvenienced by serving on this  board, she makes that clear: “Only 2 or 3 more meetings so it is only a small thing.”

Heather’s second paragraph sounds  as if she is telling her own sister these things for the first time, even though her son Karcher is 13years old.   :”Sarah, you can’t imagine the lack of support we parents are experiencing these days…”  Why would Sarah even have to imagine?  Why hasn’t Sally brought it up? And Chuck? And of course, Heather herself?  What gives? Why would Sarah already know that her nephew has been  on some lists for 8 years?  Didn’t she car at 7 years? Six years? Five? WTF?

Then she says nice things about Sarah, how when people tell her they are expecting Gov. Palin will be much better on the issues than Murkowski was, Heather assures them that her sister cares and has experience because of Karcher.  The one thing that rings true is that people told Heather that Sarah lets them take pictures, says she cares, and remembers names. No doubt those things are true. That’s Sarah’s public MO.  But look at the email if you want to see the real Sarah Palin. When there are no cameras, when she's in her office or home office, alone with her Blackberries, it’s “only 2 or 3 meetings,” a “small change” and the real purpose is to improve the image.
I find it curious that Sarah didn’t answer her sister. Very curious.  And I don’t see anything here that suggests Sarah and Heather were close. It suggests that Sarah has hardly learned anything about how difficult it was for Heather to have an autistic child of middle school age, or what might be done by the government to help. Heather even says she fears what will happen when he is an adult. What will become of him? That does NOT fit the “big, helpful, tight-knit, warm and loving” Palin family image we’ve been told about (yes troll, this is your cue).

Sarah is all about what this LOOKS LIKE to the public. How it plays out in politics.  “Man oh man oh man.”

The image she's worrying about. And image that's taking flak for being only an oil-and-gas governor and she says to Frank Bailey “We do need to do a better job in other areas…”  Sure, she had some real feelings about this, but I think the word “commitment” was a gross exaggeration.  If there had been a real heart-felt commitment , articles used in my previous post, the ones that caused AKRN to speak out so clearly, wouldn't have ever been written. But a whole year after Heather said to Sarah "you wouldn't believe" and a whole year after Sarah said she wanted to "show" she cared Sarah Palin hadn't done or learned diddley-squat.

Thanks AKRNHSNC!  


nancydrew said...

Allison -- do you know where Heather Bruce lives? It sounds as though it's not close by, yet isn't she the ex-wife of Trooper Wooten, the target of the Palins' long-running most personal vendetta? Wasn't SP outside Heather's house when something seemed amiss, yet she did not call 911 in order to back up her 'concern'. Just went on her way and later made accusations about domestic violence?

The vendetta was front and center, yet this child and her sister's challenges seem barely registered. Very weird and bloodless. Heather sounds like another victim of Sarah's pathological claims to superiority and fame and the Heath family's extremely strange family dynamic.

Ivyfree said...

"Thanks for caring? Wishful thinking, Heather?"


Read it again. Heather's in a tough position. Her sister is a bitch and she knows it. Moreover, Sarah is a selfish, hostile bitch in a position of power. Heather needs help, and she can only appeal to a selfish, hostile bitch who wants to make herself look good. "Thanks for caring." And the subtext is, "As if!" Heather knows she's appealing to somebody who might help her if she makes it sound like public opinion and votes are at stake... and also is someone who isn't very good at picking up on sarcasm, subtle or overt.

I got the same sense about the quotes Heather gave the interviewers during the campaign. She was trying to present her sister in as positive a light as she could, knowing that her sister has the ability to make her life a living hell if she didn't.. and knowing her son's wellbeing might be at stake. But the subtext is always there.

Heather's smarter than one would expect a Heath to be. She knows that she has to sound positive about Sarah, and she can't quite bring herself to lie openly... not when it means betraying her son.

Heather must have been very frustrated that nobody seemed to be picking up on the cues she gave.

Bear Woman said...

Nancydrew -- it was Molly that married Wooten, I believe.

Palin didn't really listen to anyone unless it had something in it for her while Governor or serving in any other office. She was too busy reading her Blackberrys to really pay attention to anything being presented to her. This is one of the reasons the qualifications for the Oil and Gas Board were changed because she couldn't pay attention to presentations and grasp the nuances being presented.

No, she didn't understand Heather's cues -- she wasn't paying attention when Heather spoke. All $arah heard was blah blah blah -- you, you you, blah, blah blah. Details didn't sink in or matter because it wasn't part of her world -- at that time she did not have a special needs child.

Allison said...

NancyDrew (I love that name) Heather is the sister that Bristol was sent to live with in Anchorage. She is the one that said Bristol lived with her while pregnant. It's about 40 minutes between Anchorage and Wasilla if the weather cooperates. Which makes me call BS on the story that Bristol was living with Heather because Sarah and Todd wanted to keep her away from Levi. That's not a long drive when you're a horny teen with your own truck. Juneau, not accessible by car, would make sense. Not Anchorage. But we all know it was a lie to begin with, and I'm preaching to the choir.

J said...

From public records online, Heather and Kurt own Bruce's Chevron gas station in Anchorage. So I assume they live in Anchorage.

GinaM said...

Allison...I don't know if you have ever seen this video. It was posted at Phil Munger's Progressive Alaska blog today. Check out the interaction between Baldy and Piper after they introduce her....what kind of mother leaves their child like this? I won't go into how she's dressed...that's a whole nother thing!

It's titled "Sarah Palin's address to the Wasilla Conservative Patriot's Group"

Anonymous said...

Yes, you COULD say this. And I know I'm going to be called a troll. But really, you have no idea how Sarah reacted TO Heather in any capacity. You have emails. You have words that you personally read with your own bias. You don't personally know Sarah. You've never seen her in public. You've read things. You've heard things. I've heard things. I've heard Sarah's a "cool mom" I've hear from her friends she's a warm and compassionate person. I've seen her be a loving mother. I've seen her be a stern mother. Ive seen camaraderie. I don't know what you've seen.

Point: Emails tell you nothing concrete of substantial. Remember all the emails where Sarah was organizing family events, and talking about attending kids bball/football games, and a possible spa night? Superficially, that paints the opposite picture of what YOU all believe her to be. She is painted as an involved sister/mother/friend.


Anonymous said...

Hadn't done diddily squat? Um, she adopted a special needs baby whom she took everywhere with her. She started to gain experience with what he needs specialist and healthwise. Yes, DS is different from Autism, but it shows she doesn't treat special needs children differently as humans and now can grasp challenges in raising them. Her kids specifically know what it's like to have a special needs brother and not just cousin.

Heather and family does work with autism orgs. Sarah as done work for DS orgs on the DL and they probably each donate privately. I mean, Sarah or Todd didn't publicize their Wasilla food bank donations. What makes you think they don't donate privately elsewhere? There's no reason to think they don't.

I wish people would stop harping on the Trig issue. Babygate is one thing, though it's not going to matter if the truth is revealed. He's her son. But assuming things you couldn't possibly know makes you and Americans (depending on how vocal you are) look horrible.

Just thought I'd mention this. Meant to say this in my last comment.

And btw, I live about 3 hours from my brother and we see each other in person about once every 4 months. We consider ourselves to be close too. Sarah is in communication with her family often. This I know just by knowing of events in town etc. Sarah could know OF struggles with Karcher but not specifics. Doesn't make her a bad sister. People live busy lives. Sarah was never not working. That's been proving. Frank proved it.

Ok I'm done playing concern troll. But I have a point.

Chels said...

Heather lives in Anchorage. Sarah and family attended her husband's business opening in 07, to name one specific big event. On a good day, Anch is 45 min from Wasilla. On a bad day, it's like 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

I think it's best to wait for some truth that will come from Chucky's book due out in a few months. That will illustrate the family well by people who actually know them now and knew them then. There's much that needs to be corrected, as the lies have become outrageous.

I don't understand the need for people to hypothesize on things they couldn't possibly understand. It's the same with assuming Bristol was pregnant in 2007, when technically there's zero proof. It's the same when assuming Sarah doesnt care about family, when she constantly inquires about possible events that would bring them all together. Despite a busy schedule, Sarah never missed a birthday or celebration or failed to take kids dance pictures etc. Even when her daughter was dating doofus in 2007, whom she never approved of, she didn't disown her. They went to NYC. Daughter continued to come to the office. A distant family behaves like that? I've never been to my dad's work, when he was the only one working.

Assumptions make an ass...

Anonymous said...

What's the point of this post? It touches on things that are either outdated or cannot be proven. Petty.

Obvious with an SN son, Sarah knows specifically what Heather is dealing with currently. I remember reading about a young teen boy with Autism whom they all met, I believe in Auburn in 09. Heather is pretty vocal on the topic and is a fantastic teacher for Karcher. Just like you don't know what went down in summer 08, you don't know how they react with these things privately. You're maliciously painting a negative picture because you can, not because it's accurate.

Anonymous said...

I took Sarah's response to mean that she cares but was trying to find out how best to help. It takes time to learn a whole new regimen. One year, with being Gov, mother to a newborn, frequent traveler with said newborn and mother to pg teen who frequently asks you questions (book), Sarah's days must have been looooooong. AND she made sure to attend her nephews bday parties and make treats for them. I found a photographers album online yesterday showing pics from Molly's kid's party.

Sarah is like the ultimate multitasker. Running for VP at the request of hundreds since 07 and maintaining her home life. AND traveling constantly. I'd go nuts. And I work abroad for a 5th of a year, with 3 kids under 6.

Anonymous said...

No offense to anyone here, but is it really our business to butt into a person's family life? I mean, no one will ever understand another person's family if they're not a physical part of it. It's impossible. Even reading or eavesdropping. unless you see people DAILY, on a 24/7 basis, you don'tknow anything. Think about your own life. Look at how many of your actions could be taken out of context easily by an outsider looking in.

THAT is exactly how they feel when people ignorantly judge something about the Palins/Heath.

Just think before you judge.

Example: Sarah donates her time and money to many military based organizations. This is often unpublicized, as much of her actions. This is why we are not remotely knowledgable on anything regarding Sarah Palin, let alone experts.

GinaM said...

Uh Baldy Family Troll....COULD YOU JUST STOP!!

Your insane posting are annoying as hell...not to mention you are defending a family that is disliked by 90% of Americans!

You're babbling nonsense and your lies are getting so OLD!! You've been chased off so many anti-Baldy blogs because you keep saying the same crap...none of which is true.

Yes, you get paid from BaldyPac to tell lies about Baldy and family...but can't you come up with something new and improved?

You will not change anybody's mind about Baldy. She is a FRAUD and her sister Heather knows IT!

Baldy only cares about Baldy! She doesn't give a damn about what she has done to her children with her mental illness and drug problem.

If you care anything about Baldy you would get her some serious help. She is a drug addict and on top of that she is mentally ill...that's a deadly combination!

Please get off the blogs and go help that poor woman. You're not fooling anyone with your rantings. You just come across as pathetic and sad.

Anonymous said...

My take when I read Heather email was that Sarah responded by taking a DS baby into her family and heart. It may have confused the family but Trig is the light of their lives. That is not a cliche. It's truth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina,

I do not speak lies.

I do not get paid to blog.

You have no power to censor anyone I don't tell you to stop lying and be hateful and ignorant. WHy are you telling me to? It's not like you're an expert on anything related to all this.

Who's pathetic and sad? You just spread unproven and hateful allegations that you cannot prove, that make you sound unhinged. Do you have zero self-awareness?

I speak from firsthand knowledge and rational opinion. I don't impose bias. I don't impose my inner self-hatred, as I do not hate myself. It appears you do hate yourself or resent something deeply but because I do not know you, I cannot qualify that.

Please seek help Gina. You need it.

GinaM said...

Poor Baldy Stalker Troll...if you know so much about Baldy and company...why aren't you making sure Baldy is getting help for her drug problem?

Obviously YOU don't care enough to tell Baldy the truth...she has a DRUG ADDICTION! Her last appearance on Greta confirms's not a lie.

And I hope Trig and Piper are no where near Baldy while she's in detox...

Nobody is trying to "censor" you...but your post are full of stupidity and lies...if you want to call that "hateful"....*SHRUGS*...go ahead.

Oh and if you aren't getting paid by BaldyPac then I truly feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gina, have you examined your words? There's no truth to them in regards to her family.

GinaM said...

Baldy Family Stalker you're speaking gibberish. I don't speak gibberish....thanks for confirming that you ARE a Palin!

But at least you stopped posting the LONNNGGG boring lies about the gargoyle thanks for that! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Gina, do you know what gibberish means? Or is that your defense for when you're backed up against the wall? I could personally rebut your statements but there's no need because sane people don't judge strangers and the Palins are strangers to all of you.

GinaM said...

Gibberish posted @ 8:22,8:21,8:32,8:37,8:41,8:51,8:58,

So, yes I'm pretty sure you make no sense...maybe all the voices in your head are telling you otherwise!


Anonymous said...

So, gibberish to you equals another way of looking at things contrary to a narrow mindset? An intelligent person could say you define gibberish as rational statements that depict truth.

Anonymous said...

Gina, here's a rule mature folks like by: "If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth."

GinaM said...

Baldy Family Stalker troll...haven't seen any "rational statements" posted by you far you're only been posting gibberish!

Congrats on learning how to use "the Google"...but you might want to site your don't want folks to think that you stole that saying from Coach Wooden!


Cracklin' Charlie said...

Anonymous all over this thread...I have a few questions, which I am certain you will answer with your firsthand knowledge and rational opinion.

1. (8:22) If the emails tell us nothing concrete, then why do you cite them to illustrate Sarah's family involvement? I guess we can disregard those emails also, as the information contained in them is not concrete.

2. (8:37) Sarah ADOPTED a special needs baby????? Where is this baby? She "delivered" Trig at Mat-su Hospital in April 2008. Where is the special needs baby she adopted? Did she give it back? Was the adopted child to whom you refer really Trig, or are there two special needs babies in the Palin household?

3. (8:41) What went down in Summer 08?

4. (8:51) Only one year as governor, and mother of a special needs newborn. Okay, Sarah became governor in Dec 2006. One year later would have been Dec 07. Trig was "born" in April of 08. This math is funny. Was Trig a newborn in Dec 07, or in April 08? And was Bristol pregnant in Dec 07? Because if so, she couldn't have been 5 months pregnant in August 08, as officially reported by the McCain campaign. So which is it? Was Trig a newborn in Dec 07 or Apr 08? And was Bristol pregnant in Dec 07, because that is what you said above.
And who were these "hundreds" of people requesting her to "run" for VP? Vice presidential candidates don't run for VP, they are chosen by the presidential candidate who won his party's nomination through the primary contests.

5. (9:05) Sarah "took" a DS baby into her family and heart because of Heather's email? Interesting choice of verbs. She "took" a baby...hmmm. Who takes a baby because of an email someone wrote to her?

And just to make an observation...through the magic of television and the printing press, we are able to know a great deal about persons who lead a public life, many times through analyzing that person's own words and actions. I realize that this is a difficult concept to grasp, but I would bet that you could find some documentation of this phenomenon if you use the google.

I await the firsthand knowledge answers you provide to the above questions.

Allison said...

Since our troll brought up Sarah's generousity, here's what Huffington Post reported Oct 3, 2008

Taxes Paid:
For 2006, the Palins paid $11,944 (LINE 63) in total taxes on gross income of $127,869 (LINE 37), which is a 9.3% tax rate.
For 2007, the Palins paid $24,738 (LINE 63) in total taxes on gross income of $166,080 (LINE 37), which is a 14.9% tax rate.
Charitable Contributions:
In 2006, Sarah and Todd Palin donated $4,250 to charity in cash/check donations and $630 in non-cash/check donations, for a total of $4,880. This is 3.3% of their adjusted gross income.
In 2007, Sarah and Todd Palin donated $2,500 to charity in cash/check donations and $825 in non-cash/check donations, for a total of $3,325. This is 1.5% of their adjusted gross income.

AKRNHSNC said...

To all the trolls on here, you can tout Palin's alleged charitable works but her behavior speaks volumes. The day before she gave a speech to the NRA, she spoke to a special needs group that was NOT given a discount for her speech. They paid the fee plus her expenses. Anyone who was making the money she did, who truly cared about those with special needs would have done far more than Palin has done. Not only did she charge the group for her speech & expenses, but the following day she just happened to give a speech gratis to another group. Guess what group that happened to be? The very politically involved NRA! So Sarah gives free speeches to wealthy organizations and charges the smaller special needs groups who are scrambling for donations. What was that you said about how she donates her time and money to the DS foundation? That b.s. I have several family members who are very much involved with the DSF and two of them work at a national level. They do so because their brother, my cousin, died of heart problems at the age of 22. They took over their mother's work with the foundation in memory of their brother and continue to this day. Palin is NOT thought well of by those in the special needs community. They see right through her. Her latest nonsense in Newsweek is going to bite her in the ass. If she had taken the time to get Trig the therapy he needed instead of concentrating on her popularity and furthering her image, he might be able to see, hear and communicate at a much higher level than he does today. The first 3 years are the most important ones. They just so happen to be when Palin was obsessed with self-promotion, NOT taking care of her "son".

Palin betrays herself in the above emails because she is telling anyone who reads it that she's not the least bit familiar with the challenges her sister faces. That is NOT a close family no matter how you spin it. Her children are close to their aunts and uncles, after all, they practically raised them while Todd was on the slope and Sarah was busy taking care of Sarah. Give it up! You can't change what Sarah has done and said. It speaks loudly and clearly and it's not positive.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 8:31 you keep telling yourself that it won't matter when the truth is revealed about Trig's real birth mother. You're fooling nobody but yourself. It will matter because it will only reinforce Sarah's selfish nature. She didn't adopt Trig because of a kind heart. She announced that she was pregnant the day AFTER McCain attained the nomination. That is NOT a coincidence. Sarah does NOTHING unless it benefits her! I've read Bailey's book and although I think he's still a confused, overbearing RWNJ, he did have emails that backed up everything he said. Palin's attorneys went over the book with a fine tooth comb and the info that remained was devastating for her. She's a bitch, caring only about her image, throwing her own children under the bus in order to attain her selfish desires. It will come back to bite her in the ass as she well deserves.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 8:58, we're well aware of Palin's family life because she pushes her family into the public view and has done so since day one. I've never seen a politician use their kids like she has and then she turns around and screams because they get attention. You can't have it both ways. I can't even tell you the names of any of the kids of the current GOP candidates. I know they have them but don't know a damn thing about their boyfriends, girlfriends,etc. Palin is at fault for her family's lack of privacy, NOT US!! She wants the attention, then screams when she doesn't get the type of attention she wants. Of course, a decent mother OR FATHER would not have run for V.P. with a newborn special needs baby or a pregnant teen who would be humiliated by national media attention. Sarah didn't care, she continued to campaign for the nomination even after finding out Bristol was pregnant & after adopting Trig. She didn't care because she wasn't the one taking care of him. She dumped her daughter onto her sister, that's not maternal instinct at its finest. It's neglect and it's obvious in looking at Trig today, hearing that he's eating pureed food at the age of 4? There's no reason for that except someone is being lazy. No glasses, no hearing aids, no full-time therapy for the first 3 years because she was too busy pushing herself into the national media. You and the other trolls can run on back to Sarah and let her know you've failed. You'll never be able to overcome her negative personality and shortcomings.

JillyG said...

This is so interesting to me. I have three children, and two of them have special needs. One of my daughter has DS and my son has autism. I also have a sister and a brother, and I can guarantee you that even though we live miles apart, they KNOW what my life is like. That email exchange is just so strange - there is no "feeling" in it. I know the written word is easy to misinterperet because you can't read tone - but seriously, I'm perceptive enough to notice a lack of real connection there. Oh well...

JillyG said...

Sarah's LACK of advocacy and the fact that she has NEVER ONCE spoken publicly about the real experience of raising a child with special needs (other than platitudes, of course)is more than enough proof for me that she did not birth Trig and she is not the primary caregiver of him. She has no idea what it's like so she has nothing to share. She has the potential to do so much good, too. It's despicable.

Olivia said...

OOOOh Cracklin' Charlie, you stopped the troll dead in her tracks when you pointed out that she said that Sarah adopted a special needs child. I'll betcha she wasn't supposed to say that. No pay for the troll today!!!

Jo said...

@GinaM--BaldyPac? Oh you crack me up. Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your analysis of the emails, and the likely back story. I had another thought while reading: Some part of Sarah's atrophied compassion center in her brain recognized Heather's real pathos, and she thought, "I want some of that, too," because a narcissist like Sarah doesn't want to ever be upstaged. Could this be when she started getting the idea of "obtaining" a special needs child of her own?

Cracklin' Charlie said...

Curses, Olivia!

The troll has taken a powder!

Anonymous said...

My thought exactly. It was a pure and total selfish idea off the back of her own sister.

Barb Dwyer said...

"You don't personally know Sarah. You've never seen her in public. You've read things. You've heard things. I've heard things. I've heard Sarah's a "cool mom" I've hear from her friends she's a warm and compassionate person. I've seen her be a loving mother."

Well I personally know her and I've seen her public many times. So apparently, according (once again) to YOUR rules I can judge her and I can tell you first hand I have NEVER even remotely seen her display any of the traits you've listed. You really should seek some help.

Before you go off on your high horse again, perhaps you should take a look at what happened to Cindy Olson when she simply tried to get some help for special needs children from Sarah up here, and how that turned out. Once again we have a dead body

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:51 says she has 3 kids under 6. Bristol, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Dear Troll - Are you Trig's birth mother?


Anonymous said...

Sarah never could be bothered to learn anything about special needs children. IMO, she IS one. She borrowed a DS child for publicity and hasn't had him in possession for a couple of years now. Her youngest child is Piper and she's pretty needy. Sarah can't even address that neediness, never mind a special needs 4 year old. The gig is up. She needs to admit it.

Anonymous said...

"Despite a busy schedule, Sarah never missed a birthday or celebration or failed to take kids dance pictures etc. Even when her daughter was dating doofus in 2007, whom she never approved of, she didn't disown her."

I KNOW she missed at least two birthday parties for her kids, probably many more. She doesn't care about them. She pushes them out of the way to grab a mic or pose for a camera. Unfortunately, NOW she looks like a wasted meth head and nobody wants to see that.

AKRNHSNC said...

Decent mothers don't leave a child to go campaign for people they hardly know, especially when that child is having surgery. She not only left Trig on Friday, the day he had his surgery, but she campaigned on Saturday for a candidate whose home state she couldn't recall properly when interviewed. Sarah & Todd went to a Giants game on Sunday and spent 3 more days in NY so she could comment on the 2010 elections. Wasn't that why they built the Wasilla studio? You couldn't pay me enough to leave my children the day they had surgery. Take your nonsense about Palin being a good mother and shove it because it certainly is far from the truth.