Wednesday, September 12, 2012

While we await the official announcement, Let's compare baby bumps - Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin and Sunny Oglesby

While we wait for the official announcement (three hours ago Sunny posted a heart with four exclamation points on her Facebook page,  a friend posted about having sent flowers to Levi, and another friend published a congratulations) let's amuse ourselves with Palin-related pregnancy pics.

Here is Sarah Palin supposedly pregnant seven months with Trig and about the same with Track:

Here is Bristol Palin supposedly seven months pregnant with Tripp:

Here is Sunny Olglesby near the end of her seventh month of pregnancy with Breeze:

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, there should be lots to say about these.  Please share your thoughts.

And, if the Facebook posting isn't convincing - take a look at the live feed for this blog.  Everyone on the eight minute snapshot below (taken minutes ago) has come to read about Sunny Olgesby.  That's not proof of anything, but I'm expecting to hear very soon that Ms. Johnston has made a boistrous entry into the world of Levi, Tripp, Sunny, Mercede, Sherry, and Keith.

Congratulations to all.


Anonymous said...

LYOL lol

Anonymous said...

why is it brisket just looks fat.
what is with her chest? who has boobs that HUGE up near their shoulders?
these people are insane.

Anonymous said...

IM just announced the baby arrived about 7 this am. All is well. 6 pounds something and 19 inches long. Gryph has the info and I forgot them coming over here. Bet Sunny won't forget them OR the day she was born!!!

Anonymous said...

Bristol looks different in the election night pics. She looks more natural then and smaller. I'd say that because a first pregnancy typically warrants a smaller belly, they put her in clothing that made her look bigger and MAYBE padded her. Because even in Dec, she could comfortably wear that vest thing and looked neatly pregnant. Also notice that her face really didn't plump up that much during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Things that would be interesting, though I hope these people don't live for the spotlight forever. I hope people here let them live privately. Anyway, things to think about:

-It took Levi 3 years to start a mature life. That is what Bristol wanted and could never trust him until now, understandably. He did behave in nasty ways during Tripp's toddler years. Hopefully Levi privately sees that and understands how wrong and immature he was.

-Sunny technically has a job. It's a job I had in high school, as did Bristol technically (church daycare/babysitting for everyone), and a lowpaying one that requires zero real education, but it's a job. Will she further education and become a legit teacher

-Sadie's the saddest one: jealous of those with babies. Still lives at home. Is she looking for work finally? Is she selling her illgotten swag and paying for school?

Bristol has had her office job since mid 09. She loves it and her boss and coworkers. Her boss's wife, Bristol and Willow went hiking recently in AZ. I foresee less hollywood after dwts and more of her real life, the part sh loves best. And why wouldnt she. She has a son who casts a fishing line by himself like a pro, enjoys skating, snowmachining, playgoing, riding a bike without training wheels, and basically anything. She really is blessed and Tripp couldn't be happier and more loved by all.

Willow is living the dream as an early HS graduate and loving hair school. She's well-liked, loves her private life, has a great boyfriend who, like everyone, loves her family and actually treats her well (LAT did NOT show the full Andy/Willow relationship, but at least Andys family still loves WIllow). Piper is in 6th grade with her cousin and best friends and living the normal life happily. Track should be home soon (i think) and has a beautiful family and house. Trig is the luckiest of all: 2 amazing parents, 4 doting siblings, a LARGE extended family on both sides who cherish him.

I see only bright things for all these people.

Outsiders just need to get lives and let them live. And stop slandering them with stupid, ignorant, biased comments. Taking sides helps no one and makes you look stupid. Even Levi's moved on and has started acting like he has a family and wasn't raised by wolves as he once behaved.

It's time you all do so as well.

Anonymous said...

5:44 - then tell them to stay off TV. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine they ARE staying off tv. It's just funny that Sunny, earlier this year, complained of press yet has a public facebook. Hopefully she does not chose the exploitation route and lives privately.

Light side. I love how Bristol is SOLELY responsible for creating the father in Levi Johnston. Before her, Levi was just another punk without a real future outside hunting and following in his dad's job footsteps. True story. We all saw it. He admitted it. He at least owes her that, even if it took him 3 years of his son's life to finally decide to BE a father and live admirably.

God bless em all and heaven help their stalkers to stop spreading hate and lies about them all.

Live, let live. An outsider will never know the details of another's life. Sunny may ignore Levi's sordid past , but it doesn't make him any better.

Just stop trashing. Look where being negative and nasty got Levi? DOGGG HOUSEEEE

Hope he's learned. Looks as if he has.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous@5:44 STFU Krusty! Willow is living the dream? Everyone doesn't love her family and all you need to see that is the way people reacted to Sarah Palin exploiting the death of our Ambassador to Libya in her attempt to take childish potshots at the President, again! She is a joke and is not fit to be a mother. Bristol has been a bitch and her poor mothering skills were highly visible during her poorly rated reality show. She tried to screw Levi over from day one making it impossible for him to see his son, not caring that she was doing damage to Tripp. Sounds like Sarah, revenge at any cost! Sadie is not jealous of young girls with babies and she's written numerous posts about how stupid it is to want to get pregnant at a young age like Bristol did. Of course, Bristol took advantage and exploited her son as much as she could, making money from him on magazine covers, a few speeches that were described as terribly uninspiring, lacking in interest, and delivered in a monotone. Sunny & Levi will end up happily married raising their children, Breeze & Tripp while Bristol pursues fame in Hollywood. My guess is she'll be back in Wasilla and in ten years might be the subject of an article of "Where are they now?". We'll see her overweight, dragging two or three kids behind her with no husband in sight and still uneducated and bitchy. You only need to look at her first 3 kids and their lack of stability in their lives. The family LIES about everything. There is no way Track has been home from Afghanistan twice in the last six months or so. It's IMPOSSIBLE. The Army doesn't allow that nor does he have any pull now that his mother is a nobody.

When the father in the family is a well-known PIMP, it's not amazing, it's disgusting. What's worse is having your grandson named after one of the women you pimped out for profit.

I see bright things in the Palins' future, as in bright orange jumpsuits!

Now take your excuses about others needing to get a life because I've never seen anyone who didn't even know a family defend them and speak of them as if they were their own family. They were a media creation at first dictated by Sarah and then the truth came out. They are despicable grifters who have zero talent and their only ambition is to see how much money they can make while doing as little work as possible.

You're such a sad, sad case, Krusty, trying to defend the indefensible Palin family. Rumor has it you're banned from their FB sites and blog. A sane person would get the hint.

Anonymous said...

Bristol and Sunny had a mature facebook exchange just before Levi last saw Tripp. Sunny gave her Levi's number and Tripp started calling him. Bristol just needed to know Sunny understands that she has no say in Tripp matters. Sunny reassured her the custody stuff was between Bristol and Levi.

It's that simple and not weird

Cracklin Charlie said...


You need help, girl. Why do you continue to defend these people? These are not decent human beings, and they are not deserving of your loyalty. You are not convincing anyone here with your stolen from face book information. We do not care what you think of the dream that Willow is living. You told us to leave them alone by giving us a six paragraph rundown of what you think they have been doing lately. Sounds like YOU need to leave them alone, stalker.

Sarah Palin published one of the most despicable attacks on a sitting President of the United States that I have ever witnessed just today. As American citizens, we have every right to discuss the implications of her ill-conceived, borderline treasonous screed. What do you think about the statement that your hero released this morning? If she is gonna publish crap like that, she better get used to the backlash.

Anonymous said...

Oh AKRNHSNC, you sure are hateful inside. I feel for you.

Here, let me help you with the lies you tell out of ignorance.
- - - - -

I am not Kristy, but real mature of you to name call.

You don't know Willow, nor have contact with her to doubt my words.

Simply commenting an international matter ISNT exploiting it. It's asserting an opinion. You can ignore her. Most do.

Did I say everyone loves her family? I said people love Willow and meant her friends love her family. Whats not to love? They're accepting people if you know them and don't irrationally hate them. Just going by what WHAT their friends say.

You have no personal insight into Sarah as a mother though you're welcome to your opinion about her as a figure.

You don't know what Bristol feels inside and you certainly have no insight into that disasterous HS relationship from the start. And given how much people love Tripp and Bristol, those who are around them daily, your opinion means squat. Just because he acts like a typical toddler doesnt mean she's a bad mother. She admits she's imperfect. THATs admirable. And revenge? HUH? Levi started being trashy BEFORE anyone ever even referenced him, negatively of positively publicly. Sarah even defended him in early 09. Sarah can't help that her daughter dumped him - inevitable. Levi lashed out because he literally had nothing in his life after Bristol. His family had fallen apart and he had no job.

Sadie has spent the last 3 years solely living for one thing. She spent all her money on toys and crap, then had the nerve to complain about not having college money. It's all there in print. That is a form of jealousy in my eyes, having no priorities and writing "bought Tripp 23 present, anything to see him smile." Thats not healthy. I hope she's starting her life right now. And she has definitely lost friends because she has no life of her own. Her ex is now friends with the Palins. FACT.
She also was widely criticized on facebook for judging those who want to start families young. People who are living happily do not judge others for that, unless theres some jealousy. Itd be different if Sadie had been living a full life away from busily buying endless crap for kids, but she wasn't. ALL PROVEN by her words.

Sadie was first to sell Tripps picture. Bristol did it to secure a college account for him. So any criticism for Bristol is hypocritical if you accept Sadie's actions.

Sunny & Levi will end up happily married raising their child, Breeze and any futures ones between them. LEVI will be a parent to Tripp, as Sunny, albeit naive, is smart enough to realize she has no say in Tripp's life. She and Bristol had this discussion recently, in a mature fashion. Leave it at that
. continued

Anonymous said...


Yes, I concur Bristol will always live in Wasilla. It is her home, where her large family is, and her home is. It's where her adored niece is, whom she babysits and where her friends are. She may be a where are they now subject as those seem to be randomly selected at times. But given how content she is and how down to earth she is, I have no reason to believe the result will be anything but positive. She has a job she loves, coworkers she loves, and a family who's always there for her.

She's getting in shape as we speak, she may or may not have more kids other than Tripp but shell always have her family. She'll no doubt be the humble, sweet, passionate friend her friends love. (proven via their words).

"You only need to look at her first 3 kids and their lack of stability in their lives." You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Track has a stable family of his own, a happy, devoted wife and the cutest daughter. He also spends time with his immed family. Or do you disbelieve pictures?
Bristol, while she does take the random hollywood opportunity, has had a stable home life since her son was born. Willow is loving school and Arizona, though she loves Alaska and her life there as well. What's unstable about any of that?

Who said he's been home twice? He left last November and came home this past June briefly. You need a life and to stop creating these false narratives.

You ave no basis to comment on the CURRENT life of their father. And it os disrespectful and outrageous that you disgustingly automatically associate an innocent child's name with a sordid thing. Did you not read Sherry Johnston's comment about her kids and grandkids names and how hurtful it is when people stupidly judge them? Get a life.

"They were a media creation at first dictated by Sarah and then the truth came out." Sarah's never said she is perfect. She said her family has the same ups and downs as any other...They've always said they live unconventional lives, which seems to be the new societal norm given the propensity for families to up and go more often than before. It's despicable there are people out there who live to create gross'y distorted lies that stem from a simple statement given by Sarah.

If you don't know or witness, don't speak. THAT simple.

And don't be a hypocrite by criticizing actions in others and justifying the same actions in those on your "team"

Anonymous said...

Dear Alaska resident who loves to insert her ignorant opinion,

I'm sure you have elaborate criticisms for Bill Clinton's personal life and how unfit he is as a leader.

If not,

Then shut up about EVERY OTHER PERSON whom you do not know.

I choose not to judge you because I believe we as humans evolve daily and learn from mistakes. I know one day you will grow past this frequent need to hate and slander.

Anonymous said...

7:57PM- Why did Bristol name her son after Todd's prostitute Shailey Tripp?? That's WEIRD.

Dis Gusted said...

Track was born in if that picture is at 7 months, then there sure isn't much snow in Alaska in February.

It's not at all like what I imagined.

Dis Gusted said...

"Bristol may or may not have more children."

That's easy. Bristol has more children. Bristol does not have an office job. What a joke. She is never in AK...when would she be doing her WORK?

Does she have an ASSistant or a shadow first DUDE?

Does daddy answer the phone for her when she's not available to work? She has 16 weeks of paid vacation time? WTF? Are YOU retarded TOO?