Friday, September 14, 2012

Levi Johnston and Daughter Breeze

From Facebook:

                                                                                                                                                                 Levi the tender, protective daddy.  This does my heart good.  God bless them. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the posting. She is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's finally started to grow up. Let's up he doesn't regress. If Breeze is a third as happy as Tripp as been, she will be a lucky girl.

But Sunny will need all the luck in the world raising a girl in today's world, or just in general. However, through all the trying times that seemed like they'd never end, I don't regret any moment and even the ones that made me want to scream, I now look back on with laughter. Girls really do say the darndest things when they're toddler - and beyond.

Being a parent is unlike any other job in the world. You can't prepare for it. Each parent's journey is unique, therefore no one can be judged or criticized.

God speed.

Anonymous said...

Nice try anon. I don't believe you have any daughters or any children at all for that matter. I have two wonderful girls and neither said the "darndest things" when they were toddlers. Do you even know what a "toddler" is?

You don't need luck raising girls (or any children), you need emotional intelligence, parenting skills, common sense, and a willingness to put yourself after your kids most of the time.

Bristol has none of the above, Which is why Tripp is sticking out his tongue at people and calling his aunt a faggot.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Dope on a Rope says, " Let's up he doesn't regress." WTF? Yep, copied and pasted.

Dope On A Rope, you would do better to take some English classes instead of stalking the internet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bristol is trolling among us again. Maybe she needs to grow up. Stay home and take care of your child instead of your family who are teaching him bad words and bad behaviour. Since you don't allow him around his daddy much then the bad behaviour is comming from the Palin side.

Ivyfree said...

I'm betting that Bristol didn't really send any flowers. Brancy probably thought it sounded good to say that, but it's not something that can be checked, is it?

Bristol's just going to be pissed that HER ex (who is supposed to belong to her forever, after all she had his baby!) is happy with somebody else. She doesn't love. She owns.