Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt and Sarah Broke the Law Together and It Still Matters

Mitt "Money Man" Romney squeaked out a win in the Iowa caucus last week, and came out on top in the New Hampshire primary yesterdayHe's on his way, folks, and he shares a history of dishonesty with Sarah Palin.
This is the man who was chair of the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in 2006 when they sunk big dollars into helping make Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska. Yup, we have not only John McCain to blame for the scourge that is Sarah, we have this year's GOP frontrunner, too.  
He's proud of the money he raised and spent that year. The Citizens for Romney biography page boasts "Governor Romney was elected to the Chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association by his fellow Governors for the 2006 election cycle, and raised a record $27 million for candidates running in State House contests around the country."
Mitt and money. They go together like soup and sandwiches. (Wonder when the last time was he or anyone in his family sat down to soup and sandwiches? ) 
No surprise then, that Mitt knows how to manipulate the use PAC money for his own benefit, too. The sunnami of negative campaign ads that swept over Newt Gingrich in Iowa was the work of former Romney aides and all around Romney good old boys. Oh sure,  Romney stood at the podium in the debates last weekend and gave his best imitation of innocence when he said he couldn’t have, wouldn't have directed what was done by the PAC because that would be illegal.  
Then, he made a stupid excuse for not even  criticizing the cesspool pouring out of the television screens in Iowa. “I could go to jail for that,” he claimed, expecting us to believe he couldn't have used his constitutional rights to free speech to express disapproval.
Is anyone else experiencing a sense of déjà vu? Can you hear those same words coming from a screeching Sarah Palin who, in 2006 was nothing more than an unemployed hockey mom winking her way from campaign stop to stop in the sparsely populated state of Alaska?
In September 2006, Tony Knowles campaign called out Sarah Palin in a press release that pointing out "she's now benefiting from a very expensive, very big TV buy courtesy of the Republican Governors Association, or RGA..."  Sarah, in Sarah fashion, shot back an accusation and a denial.  It was an important part of the campaign, and it remained a controversy long after Sarah was elected, served, quit, and began marketing Trig through  Pie Spy LLC.  It was something people hoped Frank Bailey would address when it was announced he had a book contract. Before Frank Bailey teamed up with author Ken Morris and Alaska political blogger Jeanne Devon  to write "Blind Allegiance" he was under contract with another publisher to write "Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man"  with different co-authors. 
The story of the first book contract and it’s quick recision was covered by Palingates in late 2009 and a point of interest at that time was whether Bailey would disclose illegal activity by Palin in the 2006 race for the governorship.  Palingates noted that Andrew Halcro's coverage of the "Renegade" book story raised this and other questions on a short-lived post at  Here's what Mr. Halcro said:
The first question had to do with the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. During the final month of the campaign, the Republican Governors Association began running ads in support of Palin. According to federal law, third party ads are permissible if the group has no contact or direct coordination with the candidate. 
In one of the commercials, Palin was shown walking out of the Captain Cook Hotel, confidently passing directly in front of the camera. The shot was clearly staged. 
A few days after the commercial started to run, former KTUU reporter Bill McAllister ran a story about the ad, which included speculation from me that the ad looked entirely staged. Both Palin and her campaign responded in anger, denying anything was staged and that they had no idea the RGA was even there shooting an ad. There are always cameras around when we speak they told the press.
In “Blind Allegience to Sarah Palin,” Frank Bailey did, finally,  reveal Sarah’s illegal cooperation with the Republican Governors Association when they filmed her for a commercial endorsing her run for governor. In fact, he cites Joe McGinniss' leaking of the manuscript as having the serendipitous results of a causing a witness to come forward with evidence proving Palin's illegal participation in the RGA ad and making that portion of the book much stronger.    Pages 129 - 140 are devoted to the sordid story, and yes, Sarah Palin was complicit in the violation of federal law.  Bailey is somewhat pathetic in his claims to be shocked and disappointed in the politician who ran on promises of openness, honesty, transparency, and who, in her inauguration speech asked to be held accountable, nevertheless, she did it, she denied it, and she got away with it.
Lies, lies and more lies. Federal laws broken. Elected officials up to their knees in  complicity. Yet,  Mitt Romney and Sarah Plain didn’t go to jail for illegal co-operation between the organization he headed and the candidate from Wasilla.  Mr I-want-to-be-President-of-the-United-States-and-I- will-outspend-everyone-else -to-get-there  knows full well how to manipulate and take advantage of weaknesses in our election law. And he knows how to use money. His denials are as false as Sarah’s.

Ask yourself this - Since Bailey’s book came out last spring, has the mainstream media shown an interest in this RGA story?  Has anyone filed a citizen complaint? Is there any investigation underway by a federal body? Was anyone indicted?

No? Well, now you see one of the reasons Babygate can’t get traction in the national media. Some things get ignored. Election law violation is one of them. It’s not the only reason Babygate hasn’t been covered, but it is one. 

As the primaries progress and your family, friends, and co-workers talk about them, let this be your segue into Babygate and why we should still care about the Trig hoax, the politicians attached to Sarah and the people who put  the McCain/Palin ticket  on the national stage.  People working for Willard “Mitt” Romney to become POTUS do not want Sarah exposed and they have a lot of money to spend. This election is the first one since corporations became people and money is going to have even more influence than before.

But no one can buy your silence. So stay tuned, be involved, and speak up. Talk about Trig, Babygate, and the woman Mitt Romney helped become Governor of Alaska by breaking the law.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of this incident. It's no wonder that nothing has been done about this; the FEC is toothless.

Floyd M. Orr said...

I think this is your best post yet, Allison, and I would like to see you write more like it. Most of the Republican Machine right now would like for us all to sweep Sarah Palin quietly under the rug. We need to keep her tied to their ankles like a boat anchor! Maybe this would be a good time to remind voters how buddy-buddy she has been with Rick Perry in past RGA activities? In fact, Rick Perry might make a good anchor for the other ankle!

Allison said...

Rick Perry almost made it into this post, Floyd! He was chair of the RGC more recently than Mitt.

We do think alike and he may be a topic covered here soon. My to do list (to blog list) is growing and growing...

Anonymous said...

Ok so anytime you draw attention to Sarah as a former "unemployed hockey mom who winked her way..." you describe exactly who Obama was before the democrats plucked him out of his little hole and made him into their next nominee.

You may not want to continue doing that.

And pretty much all politicians have legal problems with their superpacs. I notice you're not referencing the Obama controversy from before.

Anonymous said...

It is curious why she had a sudden change of heart. Up until the moment she agreed to that video, she had maintained her integrity. WHAT changed her? Is that when national figureheads discovered her and starting grooming her? Was she discussed before June 07 by nationally recognize people?

People arent yanked from nowhere to take important positions. Sarah was vetted, politically and personally. Like with Obama, the media was told hands off. But the republicans knew everything about her.They're not stupid. This explains why select staffers were recently just playing the "I gotta save my professional ass game, as all political staffers play at some point."

I believe a Trig type plan was in the works since 2006. Possibly not an actual baby, but powerful, influential people were probably talking to her after the RGA thing.

Add it up. She receives national attention all throughout 2007. Heather sends that email discussing her trials as a SN parent. As soon as McCain wins, she gets a call and makes her pregnancy announcement. Little does she know her daughter has intense baby fever due to advanced maturity. so, daughter calls up boyfriend whom she was currently on a break from, and starts dating him again, if only for a baby. (this obviously angers said boy but thats another story, one that ends well for both, as they're now happier than they've ever been)

Anyway, once Sarah is told about pregnancy in May, she instantly thinks about her backers and their plans to win the election. "damnit, my daughter is in a shitty , shortterm relationship, yet expecting a baby she's always wanted. This is not IDEAL", to use their favorite word. So, she begins working on the imperfections. She acts buddybuddy (July concert) with "son in laws" family, despite daughters distrust of them. She asks husband that July as well about an Aug wedding.

In August, "son in law" is working most of the month on his first real, albeit illegal, job so things are less stressful for all. She meets with McCain, family flies privately to Ohio, are told about nomination, are shellshocked but calm (Meghan McCain), and really have no worries.

Rumors start. These Trig rumors freak out every bigwig in the party 10fold. They're fucked if it gets out they manipulated the voting public with a baby who would typically be aborted by "hatin liberals".

Republicans fears are alleviated. Daughter is perfect cover for a faked pregnancy. Shes strong enough to withstand the attention and their asses are no longer grass.

Throughout the campaign, daughter and boyfriend fight constantly. This was when daughter sent back her phone (after a fight). This may weigh in on Sarah's daily thoughts but she's busy to even consider anything other than debating and rallies. She has daughter come on trail for like 2-3 weeks in Oct. 3 daughters, 1 son, 1 husband, no boyfriend smile for cameras in the last days of campaign.

After the election, Sarah spend most of Nov doing interviews and events. She was rarely home. She campaigned, she had Matt L and Greta in her home mid month. She and family attended juneau open house and shot a special needs video. She created a special xmas card.

Sarah is outwardly calm, if not sad, this whole time. The McCains spent 3 weeks at their vacation cabin mourning. Campaigns are hard. People need to decompress, especially after undergoing intense national criticism and undue hate. No one should capitalize on this aftermath of emotions in order to personally deal with his failed relationship. When this happens, it only complicates things further.
Blame is often misplaced and people are misused, people like the mother of the impending bride.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Later in 09, The RGA paid Palin's legal bills. We asked why. We still do not know. Could it be so she wouldn't blow the lid off Triggate and incriminate the people who's idea he was? She used to mention him in speeches given at charities and DS functions. Who booked these? Whose idea was the speaking gig? We know she had had interest in television dating back to high school. Does this include speaking engagements? Are the speaking engagements a payoff for not blowing the lid off babygate herself? She could make billions documenting how he was "born" and what his "birth" meant for everyone. As a once working class woman and now millionaire, she knows this. She may personally donate to charities and attend events supporting DS for free, but is it all in someone else's plan, to coverup the manipulations?

Her family adores Trig in every way. He's their "bff" and the cutest, most cuddly child ever in their eyes, a bundle of love. In the end, all is well. Wherever trig came from could not even match the love and warmth he brings his family, the Palins.

I'm sorry for the roughness of this post. It is stream of consciousness written in a waiting room. Good politicians in every party are master manipulators. The politician is not typically in charge. They are proteges. They are the stringed wooden objects attached to strings. Obama is one. Gingrich is one. Romney is one. Palin is one. Since 2010 began, Palin may have begun to become her own person and politician, but that doesn't negate what she once was, something they all are. A politician's spouse is no dim bulb. Michelle seems to have street smarts, if not slight indifferent to the little people. Todd is equal to Sarah in terms of decision making, if not THE mind.

to successfully, change the country. we must tear down biases and not be swayed by a compliment, a bribe, a bad campaign lie or a simple smile. That got us Obama, a product that is slowly destroying us.


Anonymous said...

@3:17 -STOP equating the hick Sarah Palin with our president. He was a STATE SENATOR FOR YEARS before he was a U.S. Senator. His record of service is far greater than Hicksville Sarah. The population Pres. Obama dealt with was much higher number than Hicksville Mayor Sarah. I've been to Wasilla. I know what a joke it is. Stop with your false equivocations. You are really the most tedious troll--tedious in the sense of being non-effective & boring, without valid ideas or logic.

Anonymous said...

@4:24 - do us a favor. Don't spread your racist equivocations about the President from hospital waiting rooms any more. OK? The only thing that I enjoy about your comments is that you ALWAYS give something away that you don't intend. You did it above as well. Your false equivocations about candidates show that you have a very unsophisticated understanding of politics, policy, and purpose. They are NOT all the same. Palin is not the same as Romney. OMG. He went to Harvard; she never graduated from college. They both hate animals--I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

Corporations and banks are nothing without compliance from Govt. Obama was the biggest recipient of big money in 08. (looking to you citibank)

IT IS ALL DUE TO POLITICIANS, no administration of specific leader. DC is corrupt and we do NOT need another inner beltway crony.

RON PAUL 2012. The only candidate for America.

Bringing Sarah Palin up will do nothing. You will look like a loon if you bring up her DS baby. People don't think of her as serious business.

Spend your time exposing how the media was manipulated by democrats and how nothing as changed with Obama.

Jess said...

Allison, if your blogging list growing in the democratic angle too?I mean, they are part of the growing problem. They add to corruption, added to the housing shiz, are leaders in perpetual deception, and are currently in power.

You ened priorities if you want your blog to mean something.

Anonymous said...

@5:06 - Ron Paul is a racist. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Allison, this is a great post. I'd add 1 thing: I think whatever Mitt felt about SP changed in 2008. He immediately employed Schmidt (early 2009?) & got oppo research on her. I remember hearing MItt talk about her on Letterman around then (saying "Isn't she great?") and you could tell he didn't like her. So, it is important for everyone to connect the dots in your post. Romney was involved with her before, as you well note; he was not a fan after 2008? And remember when C4P released that terrible ad online that implied she was aiming at him?

Allison said...

Anon@5:28 For sure Mitt is no Sarah fan any more. Not after she drove that bus right into the backyard next door to his I'm-just-a-regular-guy-having-a-barbeque announcement of his 2012 presidential campaign bid in an effort to steal the show.

And Jess, you are right. Manipulations and lies and sell-outs are not solely within one party. And I'm disappointed in how little the Democrats have accomplished while in majority, but then, there has never in my lifetime been a less cooperative bunch of minority representatives in Congress.

The other night I applauded when John Huntsman said it should be about country first, not party first. What a refreshing comment. Since 2008, Tea Party candidates in particular, won't compromise if it means a democrat - any democrat- might get re-elected. That's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

The only speech Sarah has ever given for free was to the NRA. She charged the DS foundation for speaking at their conference and has donated a grand total of $1000 to special needs childrens' causes.

And--to repeat a frequently asked question--where's Trigg's birth certificate, Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for judging Wasilla asshole. I will be sure to sure everyone in your town as I am judging you right now. Except WAIT. I don't judge.

Holding an office in which you don't do shit but continue to run for higher office doesn't make one accomplished. Obama had ZERO accomplishments pre-Presidency. Admit it without judging him. After all, we cannot all be great thinkers and innovators. Some of us need our teleprompters to get through the speech.

Though I do enjoy a liberals irrational overreacting. Telling sign of immaturity and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:02, as politicians playing the game they are the same. Only an idiot would think I meant as people. That is stupid. No one human is the same, which is why passing judgment is wrong.

I worked in congressional offices for 20 years. I currently am a high school vice principal of a prestigious prep school. As a voter and citizen, I ask you to please begin to educate yourself on public matters. I promise it will be enlightening, though you will no longer place President Obama with God in terms of, well, anything.

Jess said...

Huntsman seems like a good man. I yearn for the days when great men like George H were elected to office and not people who've never held a job in their lives.

Lalle said...

There's really only proof that Perry has (or had) a streak of racism. Everything else is opinion.

If you have proof, I will hear it though.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29, I can't say specifically when she does and does not receive compensation for speeches. I do know that her commitment to the armed services, financially and emotionally, is strong. She also attends DS functions in both Alaska and the states. She did not personally broadcast this but is in pictures at the events. Buddy walk anyone? Didn't that get mentioned?

My point was, she does commit to things that she doesn't receive money for attending.

Gross generalities and assumptions are typically not good to use. I learned this in middle school. Did you?

Ginger said...

@Anon 4:23...

You mentioned rumors but forgot the ones that told us Bristol was pregnant in Dec., 2007. Didn't you know about this? Would you like me to enlighten you?

I didn't think so...

Anonymous said...

Romney is really not going to like her now. She was on Hannity tonight asking him to prove he created 100,000 jobs. He sure doesn't like being questioned at all!

Giving a little boost to the guy who suggested he "might" ask her to be his VP? LOL! Newtie's as big a liar as she is.

I'm loving watching them cannibalize each other.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 11:23

Are you freaking serious, using that stupid teleprompter nonsense again? Here, take a look at this and then talk about how "some people" need teleprompters to get through their speeches. President Obama already refuted that claim when he shamed the GOP congress at their retreat in January 2010, speaking extemporaneously for almost 2 hours and answering ALL their questions. It got to looking so bad for them that FOX shut down their feed of the event and Republicans afterwards were heard saying that they shouldn't have let the media in. The only reason they did so is because they were stupidly naive when it comes to President Obama's abilities.

To the other anonymous idiot that wants to pretend President Obama had no accomplishments prior to entering office or the other nutjob who says he never held a job, where do you get your misinformation from? Dumb Republicans "R" Us?

I'll include a list in the second part of this post which will include many of President Obama's accomplishments in the Senate. It also proves Palin to be a blatant liar as she stood there at the RNC and said he never wrote a single bill while in the Senate. She obviously did no research or presumed the audience would believe anything she said. He was also a very successful community organizer as in comparison with Palin, who was a mayor in name only as she had to hire a city manager in order to run the day to day duties of a town of less than 5k, the very duties she claim weren't rocket science yet couldn't comprehend.

AKRNHSNC said...

Since entering the U.S. Senate in January 2005, Senator Obama has written approximately 890 bills and co-sponsored an additional 1096.

Senators Obama and McCain have been running to be the nominee for President for their parties since January 2007. Therefore the 890 bills written by Senator Obama and the 1096 he co-sponsored all occurred in a 2-year span. That shows that he is a prolific and tireless Senator.

Because of the long-drawn-out nature of passing laws in the Senate many of his bills are still in committee and some were vetoed by republicans. Senator Obama has an impressive record by anyone’s standard.

For someone who supposedly has no record (according to his competitors) his record of accomplishments are extraordinarily impressive and inspiring.

· Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act. (This is the first federal legislation to be enacted with Obama as its primary sponsor)

Became law

· Secure Fence Act. Authorized construction of fencing and other security improvements along the United States–Mexico border

Became law

· The Lugar–Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act. The Bill expanded the Nunn–Lugar cooperative threat reduction concept to conventional weapons, including shoulder-fired missiles and anti-personnel mines

Became Law

· The “Coburn–Obama Transparency Act” eliminated gifts of travel on corporate jets by lobbyists to members of Congress and the establishment of, a web search engine launched in December 2007 and run by the Office of Management and Budget to require lobbyists to disclose the candidates, leadership PACS or political parties for whom they collect or arrange contribution and the combined amount of the contributions

Became law

Senator Obama sponsored approximately 820 bills in the Senate, since they are too numerous to list, I have categorized them:

· 233 regarding healthcare reform

· 125 on poverty and public assistance

· 112 crime fighting bills

· 97 economic bills

· 60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills

· 21 ethics reform bills

· 15 gun control bills

· 6 veterans affairs bills

So to the anonymous poster who wants to pretend Senator Barack Obama had no accomplishments prior to becoming President, I'll be waiting to read your post where you admit you're wrong.

Allison said...

AKRNHSNC - awesome! You are one reason I love reading our Palin Place comment threads.

Allison said...

FYI -- There's a new comment worth reading on "Cottles and Weddings and Fear, Oh My!"

There's a link to that post on the "Popular Posts" list in the right hand column.

"Popular Posts" is a new gadget I added to help new readers find the older goodies. It's a computer selection based on hits since inception, but I might change it up occasionally and show "Last 30 days" instead.

When a comment shows up on an older post I'll say so on the current one. If anyone wants to answer and draw the conversation over to the active (current post) page, please feel free to do that.

Whatever works for you and for other readers will be fine with me.

Jean said...

Excellent AK! Whenever I come across an idiot who defends the gop and tries to lie about our President, I do the same and offer up a list of his ongoing accomplishments. That usually shuts them up.
Sarry was never really vetted by the press. She was a joke from her first non fox interview.
Mitt was a liar when he was gov. of our state here in MA and he's still a liar. He couldn't get reelected here because he couldn't fool us for a second time just like Sen. Scott Brown is trying to fool us now. Another phony who took money from the Tea Party Koch bros. to get elected and is still begging Kochs for money.
Anyone who votes gop is a fool especially after the do nothing gop congress of the past year. Practically everything our President promised to do and why he was voted into office by a landslide is being blocked by the gop. Thank goodness he's smart and strong and will continue to fight for the average citizen who needs representation and a voice that we haven't had since the gop started breaking down our system for their own greedy pursuits. Every country where the citizens are treated with respect and their is a social agenda with a safety net, the people are happier and healthier. The healthcare reform is helping millions and of course the idiot gop want to repeal it. Why would anyone take coverage away from the American people? The gop is so afraid the next step in healthcare reform is a universal single payor which will take the profit out of insuring Americans, therefore cutting the cost and putting all the funds where they belong, in keeping our populace healthy. The ignorance is staggering and I blame the right wing loud mouths on radio and the corporations like GE who own ABC & Disney, who continue to bash our President because they don't want to pay their fair share of taxes. GE doesn't pay any taxes! They infact got over a billion $$ back from fed. gov. These loopholes must be closed instead of taxing the wage earners. We really do have the richest country and it's a made up problem by gop & corp. & banksters that we are broke and the workers have to tighten their belts and pay more in taxes and get less pay and less bargaining rights. The fastest way to break a country is to follow the right wing.
For anyone interested in knowing how we got into this quagmire, you can read all about the very interesting history in a very well done book called "The Family". There are many other books that will give you the background of these crooks who call themselves patriot and are nothing by robber barons.
Allison, you write a great blog! Thanks.

AKRNHSNC said...

Thank you, Allison & Jean, I refuse to let these idiots who post lies go unchallenged. It's funny to watch them run away once you openly challenge their position with the truth. They get away with their nonsense when people don't speak up. That's how 2010 happened and we can't let it happen again!

Allison, I love how you bring up old posts when there are comments added to them. Far too often they are ignored once there is something new posted. There is often great info to be found within them and by making the posters aware of their continuance, your new readers will be able to offer their comments. The more who participate, the more we learn. Keep up the great work with your blog, it's a daily visit for me.

Anonymous said...

@11:27 - I hope you are kidding about working in high school administration, as you are functionally illiterate (but I'm not judging you).

Anonymous said...

The DS community hates Sarah for naming the child she did not give birth to Tri-G.
She is anathema to us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allison for digging up some more truth about The Queen of Grift. How the puppet masters worked the strings behind the curtains. This woman was so crooked in everything she has ever done, so she played right into their hands. They took a psychopath and turned her loose on our country. The whole crazy family sucked up the adoration and still think they are important.

What a pity the kids will be tainted for life, thinking they are special. They are like a pack of hungry wolves when they come on the blogs to defend each other and never realize we are all laughing at them. At their ignorance. It's a pity, but this is the road they chose.

I can't believe the people who have backed them were so blinded by her mental illness. Most of them are under the bus now, and guess too ashamed to admit what happened. We must look at this as a very "learning moment" in the corruption in Alaska and what money and fame can do to a person. They tried to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. They played to the uneducated with sex and winks. What a waste of money that could be doing so much good to help those in need.

They are just talking about picking a VP and after what happened with Palin last time, they are going to have to pick someone who isn't so unprepared! Unemployed hockey mom Pit bulls with lipstick just can't cover up stupidity!

It reminds me of the dumb guy that wins the lotto and blows it a year. When the Palins hit bottom, they are going to hit hard. And they are too ignorant to realize the hurt it did to themselves. Beauty fades and ignorance rules.

Thanks GOP for nothing.It's been a real education for all of us, too bad the Palin's never learned anything. Those kids are going to have a miserable life making excuses for everything they do. Do you think they will ever figure out they were used for votes? You can't buy must earn it. The first step is getting an education and learn some humility and empathy towards others.