Monday, January 30, 2012

Babygate Puzzle - the misfits and the holes

Commenting on the post Working the Babygate Puzzle, Cheryl suggested I compile a list of underdeveloped areas in the puzzle, and I agreed to do so with your help. Below are the things mentioned by readers, so far.  If anyone wants to add to the list, say so in the comments and I can post revised lists once a week until it looks like we've got what we need.

It's such a big puzzle, we need lots of workers searching testing and fitting pieces. If you haven't got a particular area you are working, I hope this helps you focus and dig in. 


Trig's bio father

Trig's bio mother

Trig's PLACE of birth

Pictures of Sarah in hospital with Trig

Pictures of Bristol in hospital with Tripp

Pictures of Bristol from first week of October 2007 (MTV video) to February 2008 Go Red luncheon.

Did Sarah have a tubal ligation after Piper

Was Trig was acquired

If Trig was acquired, was he officially adopted?

What are all the things in Sarah’s real medical history that prevented her from releasing it?

If Sarah was pregnant, who was her real physician and why was CBJ involved at all?

Did she fly to Palmer every week for a physician's appt?


Tripp's birthday Dec. 28

Trigg's birthday April 18

TriggyBear pictures May 5

Date of picture of Piper holding newborn Tripp

Ruffles as separate from RNC Trig

Sarah announced her pregnancy the day after McCain cinched the nomination.


Dylan Kolvig

What happened the 2nd week of March in '07 that caused so much commotion in the Palin and Kolvig families?  (Bristol whisked back to Wasilla by ferry/car thru Haines after that weekend; Todd’s change of plans and sending emails out to aides at 4am desperately trying to get back to Juneau?

What happened on the Cheeky B and the Pacifica in March of 07 (FOIA request was filed on both boats. It took months. The Alaska Coast Guard balked and said the records would have to be gotten from Washington, DC. When the reports arrived, they were entirely BLACKED OUT!

Is it true that Bristol and Track were on those boats?

Why did Robert Kolvig suddenly leave his position with JPD and move to Florida?

Why did Dylan go hide down in Arizona?

 This last section is a complete mystery to me.  I don't know if it's Babygate-related or even if it's Palin-family stuff.  Somewhere along the way, I've totally missed this.  If someone wants to write to me and explain it, siting whatever backup documentation is available, I'll look at it and perhaps do a post (or  put up a guest post).  My email is


Anonymous said...

check this out. wish we could get a close up of ole Dylan's ears. Kinda look loke "batwing" Tri-G's ears.

Anyone think it is possible Bristol, when pregnant the first time with either a Tri-G or a FAS baby, kept it hidden from her parents? Then suddenly had a very sick premie, the surprise throwing everyone into panic?

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is alot of good information I never heard of before. Who is Robert K? Did he work for Palin?

You and your little army are doing well. Keep it up Allison. Maybe this is the only way the Beast of Wallisa will never see the white house other than being a guest.

B said...

I had forgotten the stories about Bristol and her Juneau boyfriend, Dylan Kolvig until recently. So he moved to Arizona--and then (eventually) so did Bristol. Wonder if she saw him there?

Cracklin' Charlie said...

Anon 4:05,

I have personally known three girls who hid a pregnancy from their parents. Two of the girls parents figured out what was going on in about month seven, and one set of parents never suspected until she went into labor. This happens far too often. No prenatal care, no chance to prepare for childbirth. Sometimes the girls are just too scared or intimidated by their parents. If Trig was born prematurely, they may have been taken totally by surprise.

Anonymous said...

Gaby Rodriguez faked a pregnancy and fooled the entire school and her family.

I suspect a lot of people know the truth about the Palins and their breeding habits.

Allison said...

Dylan, Bristol and Sarah all have one thing in common. Arizona addresses. If there something else they all have in common? (winking at you Sarah)

Anonymous said...

Dylan, Bristol and Sarah all have one thing in common. Arizona addresses. If there something else they all have in common? (winking at you Sarah)

oooh, oooh pick me, pick me!!!

What is a Tri-G?

Anonymous said...

Not in defense of any Palin for sure, but I live in AK and Arizona is AK's Florida for retirement/move to warmer climate etc.. Hawaii is the common vacation destination.

Allison, have you come across a friend of SP's, an attorney I think, with the first name 'Donna'?

Allison said...

Hello Anon@6:50 No Donna on my radar screen. Care to share the puzzle piece you're looking at?

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly "Donna" is SP's gay friend that she originally went off to college with. Donna is the one that told reporters about Sarah pulling the fire alarm inside the dorms. Sarah has been yelling fire in crowded places for years

Anonymous said...

Here is a list and a link of the attorneys in Alaska with the first name of Donna. Notice there is one from WASILLA who is suspended!

8712116 Goldsmith, Donna J. Attorney Active Senior 14120 Jarvi Dr
Anchorage, Alaska 99515-3942
United States 907-243-2463

8506058 Marie, Donna Attorney Suspended Admin PO Box 879486
Wasilla, Alaska 99687
United States 907-232-9333 907-357-3575

Meyers, Donna M. Attorney Active Delaney Wiles Inc 1007 W 3rd Ave Ste 400
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
United States 907-279-3581 907-277-1331

7011067 Page, Donna F. Attorney Retired 16155 Point Lena Way
Juneau, Alaska 99801
United States 907-789-9224

9101003 McCready, Donna Attorney Active Friedman Rubin 1227 W 9th Ave Ste 301
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2777
United States 907-258-0704 907-278-6449

7002002 Pegues, Donna S. Attorney Retired
Borrego Springs, California 92004
United States 760-767-7737

8310154 Walker, Donna P. Attorney Active Walker & Levesque, LLC 731 N Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2253
United States 907-278-7000 907-278-7001

7011072 Willard, Donna C. Attorney Active Law Office of Donna C. Willard 1120 E. Huffman Rd. Ste 24 No 231
Anchorage, Alaska 99515
United States 907-278-3641 907-345-1804


B said...

Palin's friend from high school track team, and college roommate for a while, is said to be openly lesbian, but Donna doesn't sound right. Maybe Tillie? Just can't remember.

Allison said...

Tilly Ketchum Is Sarah' s life long friend who is gay.

Anonymous said...

The CheekyB and the Pacific did sink in March 2007 and word had it that the Palin "kids" were on board.

The boats were not at sea. They were tied in slips in Juneau Harbor and sunk within 2 hours of each other.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, it was reported that "The Palin" kids were on the boats prior to their sinking.

Juno said...

Are you all sure Bristol dated Dylan Kolvig? I've never heard this from anyone in Juneau or Anchorage, not that Anchorage folks would know or care. Dylan is good friends with one of Bristol's great friends. The only drama that has come from Juneau is the funny stories is Bristol's book, stories I've heard referenced by the friends involved.

Marz said...

Okay, here's my theory:

Tawd knocked up a middle-aged hooker that resulted in a DS pregnancy; $arah finds out in early 2008--- he said she said, emails, texts, whatever the source, she finds out. As governor, she could have threatened to expose Preggo Hooker (hereafter referred to as PH) to the police if PH did not go through with the adoption. Which is a pretty fair threat, considering how Sarah has waged war on those who she feels have slighted her in the past.
As governor, she probably felt she could also do a fair job of protecting Tawd if PH decided to take him down with her. But with a VP slot sniffing around, she likely did not want to take the chance. In any event, a DS baby officially adopted by her would benefit her more politically than risking someone eventually finding Tawd's love child (like NE did with Edwards).

Bristol was pregnant in 2007, but $arah strong-armed her into getting an abortion so that the out-of-wedlock pregnancy would not hurt her VP chances. When Sarah announced she was pregnant, that explains Bristol's reaction that SHE should be the one having a baby, not her mother (I do not believe Bristol initially knew of her mother faking the pregnancy).

While $arah was off making appearances and disguising her belly, Bristol decided to get pregnant with the child she was supposed to have carried. When did Bristol realize she'd become pregnant? Although I'm inclined to believe Levi when he said she was due in January (men may be terrible at remembering exact dates, but I've never known them to EFF up by a whole month), I remember that the McCain team knew she was 7.5 months pregnant before announcing she was really 5 months pregnant (7.5 would lean toward a mid-February conception and a mid-Nov due date). Which would mean IF she kept a close eye on her ovulation/period she would have known a few weeks after her mother announced.

$arah, always out for the quick fix, was busy worrying about the babygate rumors and the possible threat they posed to "her" ticket. While finding an acceptable excuse for pulling off a pregnancy hoax and selling it to the public may have been somewhat difficult, it was preferable to admitting hubby got jiggy with hookers. If the hoax got blown, $arah could always fall back on the Family Values of trying to protect her oldest daughter's future (falsely of course). That would sell like hotcakes. Loving mother gives daughter a second chance after adolescent mistake (later revised to date rape).

Except that Bristol got pregnant again. $arah's backup plan suddenly had a hole in it. Voters could empathize with one teenage pregnancy if the hoax blew up, but certainly not two in a row. She had to up her guard and find a way to "prove" she was Trig's biological mother to silence the underground critics who were gaining traction.

At the RNC, $arah announces her daughter is five, not 7.5, months pregnant. She bribes and/or threatens Bristol to play along. Either by her mother's instruction or her own imagination of what preggo boobs are supposed to look like, Bristol pads herself.

I don't think there were twins, unless the PH had twins-- one of which was Ruffles. I would venture to guess that either Ruffles died or perhaps PH had more dirt on Tawd than previously anticipated and $arah negotiated by returning one of the babies to her.