Monday, January 9, 2012

Levi's Friends Kathy Griffin and Sunny Oglesby

Kathy Griffin is Levi Johnston's friend. They go 'way back. Here's a bit of their history:

Kathy asked him to be her date to the Teen Choice Awards in 2009.
When sitting in for Larry King,  she interviewed Levi.
As a guest of Larry King along with Levi, she blurted out something like  "you didn't see her" when Levi said Sarah was pregnant with Trig.
Ms. Griffin went to Alaska to tape a "Life on the D-List" show with Levi.
While there, she left a note on the Palin's front door.
During the second Palin-Johnston engagement, Kathy Griffin filmed a video of her own reaction.
The comedian joked about Bristol's DWTS weight gain in her routine and got some boos.

Clearly, Kathy Griffin is not a friend of the Palins and she likes the young man, father of Tripp Johnston, that Bristol hates.  Which means it is good news for Trig Truthers that Bravo network announced this weekend that Kathy Griffin is getting her own talk show:

"Kathy" will be "the destination to get Griffin's thoughts on everything pop culture as she rants on the week's biggest headlines and tabloid gossip," Bravo said in a news release. It will also feature standup, celebrity interviews and prerecorded segments.

Immediately, I thought of Levi. Will he be interviewed?  Of course!  Will Kathy ask him about Tripp?   Of course! But will she ask about Trig?  Of course! How could she not bring up the baby that Levi calls "My special boy" in his own memoir?  She must! 

With that settled, I then pondered how quickly might she get him into the lineup.  Not saying she will have a short run, but I'd hate to have this opportunity missed. So, I, of course,  hope Levi appears on one of her first shows.

Then, suddenly, I remembered something of possible significance - Levi's sweet 20 year old girlfriend Sunny was missing her hunny bunny about one month ago because he had to be in Los Angeles for work.  I'd heard this from reliable sources, but Levi having work in LA has not yet made any tabloids, and let's face it - only tabloids are interested -  so I was waiting to see what it was about.  Now I'm thinking it's all about Kathy Griffin.

Another little piece of the Levi goes to LA info was that he got to go to a party where he met some recognizable stars, and let's say they fall into the category of "comic actors" or "comedians."

It's all circumstantial, I know. But, still....

As soon as Ms. Griffin's show is announced, I'll be looking for Levi Johnston to be listed among the "prerecorded segments."  If I see it, I'll let you know.  If you see it first, let me know.  No telling what he will let slip  !


For those of you who don't know about Sunny, that's probably because she isn't a drama queen. She hasn't had his baby. She isn't jearlous of Sadie (in fact, they get along well and can be seen together here and there around Wasilla).  She's a hard working girl who likes camping and doesn't need Levi to make her a potty seat like a certain prima donna he once loved. She's real and she thinks the world of Levi.

It was December of 2010 when internet tabloids, including E! News,  revealed that Sunny Rae Camilla Oglesby and Levi Johnston's relationship had been officially announced via her Facebook status change.  Bristol Palin even endorsed the relationship, in her lying, catty, passive-aggressive way when she was asked to comment -

It sounds like [Levi's] new girlfriend is influencing him to actually want to spend time with Tripp.  I sincerely appreciate her influence, because he hasn't asked to see Tripp in over five months."

Truth check - It was exactly five months  between the "engagement" of 2010 and the Facebook "relationship" announcements.  Bristol took off for her DWTS gig after the breakup, and took Tripp with her. Levi claims she ignores his texts and requests. 

Whatever.  Since then, Levi and Sunny's Facebook profile pictures have allowed glimpses into their young love. In the fall, Levi even tweeted a picture of the couple kissing (wearing camo, of course).

Miss Oglesby looks, sounds, and acts like a sweet person. She is employed by a school, works with little kids, goes camping with Levi (no wine coolers - she and Levi gave up drinking as a New Year's resolution and it's said that she's stuck with it all year), and according to the tabloids, her Facebook bio says she likes to   “Stay out of drama as much as I possibly can but it finds me haha.”  

They met through a mutual  friend, a source told E! News.

Don't bother trying to find Sunny on Facebook.  Her page went underground this weekend, or was deleted.  Gee, right at the time the Kathy Griffin announcement hit the internet. Another "coincidence"?  I think not.

Levi knows how to sell his major life events for celebrity coverage.  It's how he makes a living. He and Bristol sold the re-engagement, he sold a story that he was running for mayor of Wasilla, he sold his 21st birthday party.  Selling your life events involves contracts and keeping secrets. Levi told about he and Bristol keeping the truth from the public after they sold their re-engagement and then broke up. They couldn't let on that they'd broken up again until the minimum contractual time had passed. It's in Deer in the Headlights. It's one of Levi's life lessons learned.

Maybe keeping your business off of Facebook is a learned lesson being applied right now by a pre-school teacher living in Wasilla, AK.

Whatever is going on, I hope Levi is happy, maturing, and finding a way to be the father Tripp needs him to be.  If Kathy Griffin is helping in any way - providing work, publicity, or comic relief - then she's a good friend to Levi Johnston.   If  Sunny Rae Camilla Oglesby is walking that path with Levi Keith Johnston, good luck to them both.


Anonymous said...

I have no hope for Levi Johnston spilling anything re babygate. He has his marching orders and his money probably. Won't happen. I like Kathy alot, but will not watch as it will just piss me off more to listen to lies.

Anonymous said...

Some day Levi will realize the truth will set you free. If he really is the daddy of Trigg then just come out with the truth. It must be terrible to have to be forced not to admit your a daddy twice. I think he is walking tight rope and sooner or later it will break. Levi the truth will set you free.

Ivyfree said...

I'll watch, because I like Kathy- she's smart and funny and raunchy and nothing gets past her- plus she wastes no time "respecting" people who haven't earned it. But I doubt if Levi will say anything because his mother is still hostage.

reality check said...

So you're condoning Levi pimping himself out instead of getting a respectable job? Ok whatever.

love how you literally just stole all this info about Sunny from her old facebook.

I'm happy for Levi as I'd be anyone. He needed someone to make him start the maturation process, something that was sorely lacking. I just wish he'd mature faster for his son's benefit and get a job.

For the record, I wholehearted disagree that Levi knows any specifics about Trig. None of the Palin kids knew anything about a baby until March 5th. Why would Levi, a boy who wasn't technically even with Bristol just prior to rekindling that March, know anything?

Anonymous said...

One peeve about Levi is, his stories change with the interviewer. We've seen proof he's had issues with being honest with people, even if they were from 2007. But telltale signs for me that someone is lying is that the stories change in certain ways, typically wording and phrases used.

Allison, no offense but this post is a littl below the belt. Levi is obviously not the kind of person he was in high school. BRistol had reason not to trust him. Sunny has no reason, which is good. Pitting the two isn't exactly fair, considering it was Levi who initally took the low road, NOT Bristol.

Anonymous said...

I remember back in 2012 a bunch of us truthers friended Bristol on facebook when we first discovered her account and she accepted everyone. The thing that caught my eye was the silence during the twoish weeks after the engagement announcement. Then, out of the blue, Bristol wrote SINGLE!!! If there's one thing in NAOL I believe, (besides pre-2005 stuff), it's the summer 2010 section. Levi used to be a cheater. Lanesia called him a liar. Bristol found out about Lanesia's pregnancy and was naturally suspicious.

What I DID just discover is, Johnny was more interested in Bristol than she was in him in 2007.

But really, none of this matter. They're all dumber than rocks and more boring than dirt.

Let Sunny and Levi go bear hunting.
let Gino and Bristol go caribou hunting.

They all appear to be happy and that's really all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Kathy G just need a name and a joke. Levi was a good butt for awhile. She used him. Shell probably use him again, though I'd say most people kind of want him banished from their tvs. I will say that her sobfest in 2010 was hysterical. Shell probably bring him back once because she made the two of them a comic relief couple.

Was it Lawrence O who basically mocked Levi to his face? I hope the boy knows he's a joke to most people. But I hope more that he actually has plans of stability and is not happy living off Sunny.
I still feel justified calling him and his family lazy.

And BTW, that is not Levi's twitter account. That person stole Sunny's pictures and captions.

Anonymous said...

I have tried my hardest to find Kathy Griffin funny. I just can't do it. It's like South Park. I want to laugh, but I just don't. And as an actress, KG's really boring. Like, REALLLLLLY boring.

Anonymous said...

I hope to God Levi doesn't bring Sunny into the spotlight. I really hope he doesn't intent to continue seeking spotlight. He's just giving Bristol more justifiable ammunition to say "See Trippy, your daddy didn't care about your stability or his own. He cared about trashing out family and making money."

Because no matter what side you're on, the things Levi said are far worse than anything Bristol's said. And Bristol's comments were rebuttals to the initial immature, uncalled for statements. Bristol just commented on Levi's lack of realistic goals and a job. Yes the tent story was weird, but she could have actually been honest anad undercut his bullshit relationship stories. It's probably good they wrote like they were longer term than they were, though lying is wrong.

A sign of maturity is whether Levi realizes he was immature in his actions. Another sign of maturity is other johnstons stop milking her brothers name and actually start acting like a caring, sensitive, honest person - who doesn't lose friends to Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the more Levi is used by comedians, the more he'll look stupid. Does he really want that for his son? He is boring and needs to let go of his nonexistent fame. We cannot attack Bristol for her decisions and applaud the Johnstons for milking the Palin name. Yes Palin name. Remember Sadie's Playboy interview of cattiness and lies? Her name or picture didn't even grace the cover, which is good for her. Tripp will definitely hate her for that dishonest interview. No one thinks.

There is a difference between the two families though. The Palins live normal lives and have jobs. That is ALL Bristol wants from Levi - for him to mature.

Anonymous said...

So, it's probably not a good idea, even on a small blog, to judge or trash people you've never met (based on lies people have told)

Just a thought. that would be a big problem with the way our society currently functions. Let's rise above.

There's already a huge problem with Palinhater thinking. They almost admire Levi so to speak, when he has no real life outside screwing and hunting, even now. Bristol carried the relationship. Levi, spell DOORMAT and purse carrier. Yet Bristol has had a job since giving birth and ignores her almost inlaws lies and hateful comments. She could at any moment disclose unsetting things about her son's father and his sister. Why hasn't she? Because she's above them. (I know the above contradicts my initial comment but we've seen proof the Johnstons have had their share of adolescent behavioral problems, behaviors Sadie has basically tried to hide while pushing herself as a perfect little angel and Levi ignored while peddling his fairy tale.

Again, it is in no one's interest as a distant blogger to comment on these people's lives like you know them. They are living as they desire. If you must, comment on things as they happen, not what you think is happening (goes with ignorantly attacking one side)

Ivyfree said...

Allison, this is so interesting. Last night there were three comments, mostly fairly noncommittal. But they didn't trash Levi. This morning, somebody has added eight comments (eight in one night!) that are definitely anti Levi and pro Bristol.

Why would anybody be interested in that slutty little nonentity Bristol? How come, suddenly, there are EIGHT "anonymous" comments?

The Palins are finding out that being publicly ignored means the offers dry up. They didn't give value for money.

ManxMamma said...

Absolutely agree with you IvyFree. They're so repetitive and predictable. It's always like that whenever Bristol is mentioned. She causes far more comment than her mother does.

Jean said...

Thanks for your blog Alison. A friend of mine told me about you. She and I enjoy the way you write. You're nice and positive.
The trolls and bristol are here to lie about Levi and they're not good at commenting or writing with any sense. The "mature" troll sounds like bristol who is well known for her "immaturity" and her mean girl tactics.
Levi is a good kid and I believe as do lots of readers, that he was taken for a ride by bristol and her mother the grifter.
I'm so happy he has a nice girlfriend and I hope he does well at whatever he does. All the trolls (bristol & her friends) are so jealous of Levi & Mercede. Can't bristol just let go?
We've all seen this drama before and the one who will pay the dearest price for bristols ignorance will be Tripp, but then payback is a bitch and Tripp will someday understand what his bitchy mom did and how she tried to keep him separated from his father. It's a cheap trick she's pulling but typical of an ignorant mean girl who can't let go and must have drama! How embarrassed bristol the pistol must be to have messed up her chance at being famous. Now, she's just infamous like her grifter mother.
As for Kathy G., the trolls are jealous of her too and they don't even know her!
All this so called christians are phony drama queens & very boring.


Allison said...

Ivyfree, ManxMamma and Jean - I really like the way you took the Troll to task. Nothing new from her, even with eight (!) postings. She's mildly amusing, but we see right through it, and this is not the place to stick up for Bristol. Nope. Not here.

In Troll thinking, Levi, when interviewed is "pimping" but then Troll never mentions Todd the real pimp, nor does Troll admit Bristol and Sarah literally sold their infants privacy, photos, and presence for money, money, money. We must have different understandings of the word.

Jean - I'm glad you found us! Thanks for letting me know.

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @10:08 let me correct your ridiculous assumption that Lawrence O'Donnell mocked Levi when on his show. He spoke about how he liked Levi and how he was used by the Palin family when they needed a baby daddy on stage for their daughter at the RNC convention. He did what he was told to do and gave Bristol credibility she didn't deserve. When he was on The Last Word, Levi was asked the very same questions that were asked of Sarah Palin by Katie Couric. The biggest difference between the interviews was Levi told the truth and Palin bullshitted her way through the entire segment.

I'm so sick of the nonsense drummed up the Palin followers that pretend this family is anything but what they are, which is a bunch of lying low class, unintelligent, manipulative attention whores. Any mother who would write a book about the father of her child in the manner which Bristol did, doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. She can call herself a good mother all she wants but her actions speak otherwise. Tripp will be able to read everything for himself one day and when he compares one book to the other, especially when Levi had the opportunity to do the same to Bristol but instead took the high road, he'll re-think the nonsensical lies that have been told to him all his life about his father. Women who do as Bristol has done usually lose the respect of their children when they are older and wiser and can see things with their own eyes. She'll deserve everything she gets and I hope she gets it in spades.

Anonymous said...

The immaturity of these trolls is so funny, but sad at the same time. Let's see, Bristol is what, 20? Levi about the same? Her friends in the same ballpark. Do all the kids stop their brains in Jr High in Alaska? I have never seen anything so childish in my life. What a shame they can have children when they are but children themselves. But Sarah's maturity was halted in Jr Hi so guess they come by it normally. These are exactly the things my friends and I would discuss in Jr Hi and 9th and 10th grade. It's obvious none of them were learning much about school or life when they were in school. We are so lucky McCain/Palin were beat soundly when people rejected them in the voter booth in 2008. When I look at the Obama girls I see class and educated girls. Anyone with an ounce of brains in their position, would know the Palin's are not on the radar anymore. We could care less what a bunch of immature kids love-life is all about. The only interest we have in the kids is do they know where Trig came from. It could be very possible that he was Bristol's child possible fathered by Levi, but she seems to be so promiscuous it could be fathered by anyone. If you have a menstral cycle, you can bear chidren. You don't have to be mature to have a baby. Period. It has been so obvious the Palin children were never taught how to be decent, moral children. We can't blame that on the kids. Sarah has proved to be a very negligent mother. By coming on all the anti-Pain blogs they only show there lack of maturity and education. It's just something we will have to put up with when the spoiled children stomp their feet and cry to get their way. The more you write, the more you prove how immature you are. I really think Levi is growing up by ignoring them whenever he can. That happy family has no sense of humor, what so ever. They just keep coming back to be hammered over and over and we sit here and laugh and pity them. If you want sympathy, go hang out at the CofP. See if they shiv a git about your problems!They just worship your crazy mother. Go preach abstinence to them. Maybe they will throw you a few shillings. They just love faux Christians over there. You know, you could shut down all these anti-Palin blogs if you would just show the boys birth certificates. President Obama showed his, aren't you as good as him?