Friday, January 20, 2012

Sarah the Queen of the Pro-Life

Truthers have worked hard for three years. A weariness has set in. Yet it has never been more important than now to press on. In less than ten months, this nation votes for someone to lead us through another four years. This is a critical time for Trig Truthers, it’s what we claim we’ve been about all along. (And no, it’s not about Trig.) It’s about Sarah Palin’s Babygate, the audacity of the hoax, and buying votes with intentional lies. 

If not truthers, then who will  expose  the media’s willful burying of this story and expose the politicians who were complicit? The voting public needs an education about the vulnerabilities inherent in assuming politicians are “like us” or believing a wink, a smile, and a wave are leadership qualities.

Mitt Romney is not like you or me. Neither is Newt with his million dollar credit account at Tiffany's. ,  Mr. Santorum has a heart-warming story, but elections shouldn't be about stories of one family, their life and struggles. It's about so much more. It's about each and every one of us. Every one making up the 99% has a story.  We are what this election is about - individually, and together.   Unlike the 1%, we can't foot the bills for an advertising blitz to get the word out, but we can talk to our neighbors. One to one.

There are still blocks of passionate voters who zealously cheer any self-appointed savior of America who claims to be  God-annointed and pro-life.  Sarah Palin is their queen. She is the female embodiment of the Tea Party movement and far right wing so-called Christian Conservative block. (BTW, Sarah is probably delighted that Michelle Bachmann fell by the wayside. Our society typically only allows one women at a time to be in the spotlight. Sarah, the beauty pageant contestant, understands that. Now the Ms. Bachmann has been cast aside, watch for Ms. Palin to come up with some plan to make news. It will happen.)  She hasn’t lost her voice, she’s buying some time while other voices dominate the microphone, but have you noticed how many news broadcasts have included her comments about Newt? That camel has her nose in the GOP tent again. 

When I encounter someone who embraced Sarah for her courageous "choice" and seeks out only candidates that are "pro-life," I challenge them to think of choice and life in the broadest sense. I'm confused by those who are staunchly pro-life and also vehemently opposed to providing healthcare to the poor. If life is the pivotal issue to them,  then wouldn't they support the candidate who shows concern for  life from birth until the grave? Sometimes, my pro-life friends will change the subject to "the Constitution." Fine. Support the candidate that shows concern for the things affecting the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.  I will ask - are you pro-life enough to put your money where your mouth is?  Or does your support of life expire when the first breath is taken? When it comes down to voting yes to help save lives through medical assistance, food, and housing, what is the real pro-life  vote on these issues?  If children, once they pass through the birth canal and take their first breath, are born into poverty, or develop an illness, or have neighborhood schools ill equipped to meet their needs, are those things not our Constitutional concern?  How about our moral concern?

If future generations of your family face health, financial, and educational challenges, how will they make it through?  If your grandchildren are sick, will they have healthcare? What quality of education do you wish for them to receive? Do you care about future generations of your own family?  It's up to the voters of 2012 to wrestle with these problems.  There isn’t anyone else. We must press on.


Anonymous said...

All points well taken Allison. I often feel the same way. You never get a straight answer from them. They think once the baby is out then it's your responsibility. Now with Willow I am willing to bet she is going to have a baby out of wedlock. But they don't worry because mommie dearest will take care of it. She is in a position to do that.

Anonymous said...

You say the poor don't have health care, yet if a random, uninsured person were to walk into an ER, they would be treated. Hospitals have charity applications.

You said "Every one making up the 99% has a story."

So, successful people who've worked for all they have and have millions to show for it don't have stories? Not every millions is a criminal bastard.

This post reeks of jealousy.

NO ONE in America should be complaining about anything. If an illegal immigrant can open a business, why can't you complainers?

Fuck off and don't even try to tell me your precious democrats are anymore a part of 'us' than the GOP. A politician is a politician. They all lie and they're all selfish. If you're REALLY paying attention with an open mind, you'd be appalled at the democrats, republicans and President Obama.

Jilly said...

Dude, it's called perspective. Trig truth being exposed will change nothing about the country as a whole. Considering his family doesn't know where he specifically came from, what makes you think other high ranking officials, with the acception of a possible liason in the Christian adoption sphere, (cough Graham cough) knows anything?

Plus, people don't care. People know ALL politician game the system somehow. Whether it's obama fudging PAC rules or Gingrich being Gingrich, they al cheat in some way to win.

People are realizing that we elected a completely unqualified man (in life) as President. That is important. It's identical to knowing how unqualified Palin is in the quest for high national office.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the trolls were waiting for this, weren't they? Here's a list of oh about 90 things the President has done in less than one term in office:

I'm sorry, he wasn't able to turn himself into a white man for you, I'm sure that's what many of his critics were really waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with anon a few comments up. i think that exposing babygate will, finally, help to wake up people in this country. People who might not know now or care, will be appalled at the depth and breadth of deception and say "Fucking Enough". If a politician fakes a pregnancy in plain site, lies about a birth story that defies medical standards of care and professional healthcare guidelines and then continues to spew hate in her aftermath....people will push for major reforms.
2012 is a crossorads for us. It is not the end of the world, it is the end of the shit. We are not going to be lied to anymore and threatened that we are "unpatriotic" if we don't drink the koolaid.
Americans are waking up, slowly, surely.
If Dr. CBJ and MatSu were smart, they'd get in front of this. Sarah, too. She has the power to really really be famous. Expose herself adn the role the GOP played in protecting her: a mentally ill lying freak on the VP circuit.

Anonymous said...

True, the media will spout a blind report and all the other networks and the internet will run with it as the 'truth'.

The truth is - we will never learn Mitt Romney's actual income because most of it's hidden in offshore accounts. Newtie is an adulterous pig without scruples. Ron Paul is a racist who couldn't possibly have delivered more than 4000 babies in the short time he practiced medicine. Thinkin' he added a zero.

We have to filter out the reports and check with the BBC and Al Jazeera to find the real news. Even then it's not easy. Heck, the BBC thinks Palin ran for president in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Allison, you really know how to tweak the trolls! :-) They can't stand to be exposed. Immediately they twist it to the Dems and that Black man in office, being so bad! I'm just sitting here laughing at their hypocrisy. Damn it must be hard to defend the 1%! Poor darlings. We are so jealous of them. I wouldn't give up one day of my "miserable" life for one day of theirs! They have no concept of what happiness is. Hey Sarah...would you know what to do if Todd or Chuckie collapsed at your Christmas dinner table, no pulse, breathing and eyes rolled back in their head? Would you have 3 first responders sitting at your table and know what to do? 3 of our kids got my husband on the floor and administered CPR while I called 911 and revived him just as the ambulance arrived. He was gone, but they knew what to do! He was choppered to the hospital 35 miles away. And yes, we do live out in the country! 24 days later he is sitting here and doing great! Our kids are high school graduates, college graduates and all but one employed full time and the other works when their is a job for him to do as a millwright. Corporations don't want to spend their money to fix up there businesses during this recession! They will close down before they will spend their own money to fix what is broken! You can't buy fancy homes on a receptionists income! Even working 2-3 jobs sweetie. Real people have to live within their incomes. Our grandkids (4 are going to college on scholarships and don't have to clean bathrooms to pay the cost. If they get sick, they are still on their parents insurance while they are in SCHOOL! They don't have free native medical care. And one of them has a 2 year old and is going to nurses training and is not relying on welfare to take care of them. You know, real "99" type people!

Sarah, Bristol, Willow, Bot, whoever you are that love to come on here and call us jealous, you have know idea what real life is all about and how disgusted we are with the GOP is trying to do to our country. We lived thru 8 years of Geo Bush/Cheney and have this mess to show for it. We as a country wanted it to end! We voted for very qualified man to take over our country and he is doing a good job in spite of all the road blocks that have been thrown against him and all the bad things he's been called. We did not want John McCain or Sarah Palin to be in charge. Period. Now please stop this insanity. Nothing you say is going to change our minds and you only show your ignorance by coming on the blogs spouting your insanity. We don't want people like you in charge of our country and we don't want to watch you on TV either. Get a job and leave us alone!


Anonymous said...

I can't see a valcano like Newty Fruity becoming president. You piss him off and boom he push the nuke. After all remember he closed the house down because he was mad at Clinton for not letting him sit in the front of the plane. He is a walking bomb. Thank god we have a calm, cool president who is respected all over the world. Unlike the republican former decider who knew nothing. Bush/Cheney

Anonymous said...

When the first word in a comment is "Dude" we know it's another of the fairytale troll brigade.

Oops, brigade is too large a collective noun - hmm, how about club? Nah, still too many - triad? Pair?

Anonymous said...

"You say the poor don't have health care, yet if a random, uninsured person were to walk into an ER, they would be treated. Hospitals have charity applications."

The poor and the working poor without insurance can NOT get PREVENTATIVE health care at any time. If they have a heart attack, they are treated and sent home if they didn't die first. No scheduled appointments to discuss diet, exercise and medicinal options. Charity does not cover preventative medicine.

That is the biggest difference for people without health insurance. If they get cancer...fugetaboudit. They are walking dead people.

Anonymous said...

My family is on COBRA from my last job and I work for a small employer (3 people) without a health plan. We pay $1300 a month for the privilege. My husband has been unemployed for 4-1/2 months. Last spring he had open heart surgery at 42 years old, even though he is a small man who thought he was fit. If he doesn't have a job with benefits when our COBRA expires this summer we have two choices for his health insurance, as no insurance company in my state will insure him: let him go six months unemployed and get on a federal plan or go on a state plan. If you were a man who had had a open heart surgery less than a year ago, tell me--would you go without insurance for 6 months? It is a cruel system that tosses out the sick for the sake of profit.

Anonymous said...

...six months uninsured (above)

Anonymous said...

tootie fruitie Newtie lost his job and had to pay a $300K fine for ethics violations. (turns out he never paid).

and yet he's good enough to run for President.... Excuse me? Are we INSANE?

Anonymous said...

I have a family friend that has a heart condition and they won't do the surgery because she doesn't have insurance. We are hoping she will be able to hold out when she turns 65 in May. Don't tell me they will do that charity in the hospitals. That is a lie. I know around here where there are young children who have cancer and they are raising money to cake sales and dinners. You tell me how much is that going to raise for cancer treatments. Lies, lies, lies. Your a fool if you believe that crap.

Ivyfree said...

If you walk into an emergency and you have no insurance, they will send you to a financial planner to help you figure out how you're going to pay for it.

There's a certain amount of charity work, yes, but very little. I know: my job has me admitting patients for surgery and diagnostic procedures and lately I've taken to sneaking a peek at their facepages to see if they're insured. Most of them are. Rarely, I see "charity applied for"- that is APPLIED FOR- that doesn't mean they're going to get it.

Anything that the hospital does, they bill somebody for. If they have overhead, they charge other people more.

Furthermore, if you don't meet insurance standards, they won't reimburse. I went to have a conference with my manager and she commented that they just had a patient arrive in the emergency room and he did not land in the procedure room in less than 90 minutes. It could have been 91 minutes. But because it wasn't 90 minutes or less, the hospital is not getting reimbursed for that. An emergency room stay and a trip to the heart cath lab and procedure- that's about $25,000 the insurance company refuses.

There's more "you didn't do it our way." I've spent my life charting that I have given medications. I chart when I hang an IV antibiotic. If it takes an hour to run in- and some of them have to- I have to chart that I have taken down the IV antibiotic. If I don't, the hospital won't get paid for it. Stupid? Yes. They are paying me good money to sit down, fire up a computer and document that I have removed an IV antibiotic when it was completed. That takes (if the computer is running well) 3-4 minutes. Multiply that by 3000 nurses at least twice a day. Then look up what nurses get paid.

Plus, there's the "maximum outlay" thing the insurance companies have. "This patient is haveing X procedure: we will cover Y amount of time in the hospital, and that's it." If the patient isn't discharged within that time, the hospital won't get ANY reimbursement. I can see them saying, "We won't pay any MORE than this" but they are not questioning whether the patient got treated- they are just saying if we don't get them out the door in the right time frame, they won't pay us, regardless of what procedure was done. They may have had surgery that required an overnight stay. No payment for the operating room! And that's expensive time. And it may just be that the spouse can't leave work in time to get to the hospital and pick up the patient, because s/he can't risk their job.

We have the most expensive, abusive healthcare system in the world. We are WAY down on the list in patient outcomes and satisfaction. And people keep saying we have the best healthcare system in the world! We only have that for rich people.