Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bristol, Tripp, Todd, and Craigslist

There are three little puzzle pieces I’m trying to match up and fit into their place in the Palin Babygate puzzle. These three pieces have “Craigslist” all over them. I’m turning them around and around, and I’m trying to see what the picture looks like if we connect them correctly. Here’s what we have to work with:

Shailey Tripp, who prostituted herself at the request of, for the pleasure of, and for the profit of Todd Palin, ran a post on her blog with the title "Sex Hook Ups 101" which included an explanation of  how to use Craigslist – a very modern post-internet publishing site –to enter into the oldest profession in the world. (The was an educational blog entry, not one intending to glamorize sex trafficking).What  Shailey learned about Craigslist, she learned at the knee of Todd Palin. Now, there’s a visual. Shailey shared more of the ins and outs of prostitution by running a series of posts on the topic. She says that often, those looking to sell sex put a post up on Craigslist.

According to Ms. Tripp, Craigslist  is “the quickest and easiest way” to get clients looking for sex and tips us off that advertisement for massage services, specifically advertising under “beauty” are likely offering sex for hire. For the not-so-faint-at-heart, Craigslist has a personal ad section labled NSA – no strings attached – which Shailey interprets for us novices  in  “Sex Hook Ups 101."  She warns that this section gets you email  that can be “very nasty.”

For the rare visitor to the Palin Place who might not know this - Todd Palin was doing business with Shailey before, during, and after Trig Palin was announced to have been born.  Shailey gave Sarah Palin a massage less than two months before the 6 lb “premature” DS baby was “born” and as she massaged her stomach, this licensed masseuse didn’t get the slightest impression there was a fetus in that womb. This is a Babygate piece. And Craiglist is part of this section of the puzzle.

After Shailey was arrested in March 2010, Craigslist continued to be important to her - very important. The court in Alaska told Ms. Tripp, as part of her probation, that she could not post ads on Craigslist, must complete 80 hours of community service, and pay a fine of $500.  That says to me that the court system recognizes Craigslist as a tool for prostitutes and pimps. Todd Palin and Craigslist are well acquainted. Tpdd was Shailey Tripp’s pimp. Todd, Craigslist, and the name Tripp. These three fit together.

The second puzzle piece with Criaglist on it comes from Bristol Palin’s stories about Dancing With the Stars in the fall of 2010. In Bristol’s memoir, Nancy French writes:

 Again, there were lots of publicity shots, camera blocking, and wardrobe fittings, but not too many really intense workout rehersals. Oh, and we had lots and lots of hair, makeup, and spray tanning—we even had “body makeup”! I’d have to sit in that chair for hours upon hours, which gave me a lot of time to satisfy my Craislist addiction for real estate deals and trucks.” 

Well, well.  Bristol and Shailey have more in common than the name Tripp and the man Todd Palin permanently in their lives. They also share the heavy use of Craigslist – who knew?

And, again, I have to say it --what Bristol described and Nancy French transcribed  does not sound like hard work at all. It sounds like pampering. And it goes a long way to explain Bristol’s terrible dancing and why she was the only contestant who ever left DWTS fatter than she started. Only this week her mother repeated that crap about Bristol being a hard worker. That lie is as big as “I gave birth to Trig.”

Forgive my digression.  Back to “Not Afraid of Life,” pages 234-235, where Bristol speaks from the heart:

 If you are one of the few people who haven’t discovered [Craigslist’s] joys its an online network of free ads.  If you need a job, a car or someone to teach you  Spanish, it’s a good place to start. Since the hair and makeup sessions were so frequent- and so long- I’d frequently pull up Craigslist on my iPhone and shop around. 

Okay, now I want to barf.  This is the girl who whined and shined as the “hardworking single teen mom.” Tough life, huh?  Someone else taking care of her two year old, his diapers and his tantrums, wiping his messes and getting his hugs while she sat for hours having her hair and makeup done, hardly exerted herself physically in the “dance rehearsals,” and having the money to troll Craigslist for ---get this----vehicles and houses!  What a role model she is. Makes Sarah proud.

Craigslist might have been a minor thing, but I suspect not because she went on and on about it:

 “Surfing Craigslist –though potentially expensive for someone like me—allowed me to escape…  

 blah, blah, blah, whine, whine -- people said mean things –blah blah, blah.  Poor Bristol. (She’s strong, really Sarah?  I think not.),

Bristol is not the sharpest Crayola in the box, either.  She put Sarah on the spot at the start of last summer by saying her mom  had made up her mind about running in 2012.  The rest of us knew that shouldn’t have come out. Sarah had a lot of months of teasing for money ahead of her, and having no intention to run was supposed to be kept underwraps like Trig’s true parentage. ( Bristol, that was a dumb mistake. Dumb.)

About ten day ago, the third Craigslist piece turned up, and that’s when I realized there is a place in the puzzle for these to come together. On February 7, Bristol ran her own ad in Craigslist ad for the Washinton, DC area:


Date: 2012-02-07, 11:19PM EST
Reply to:

Please join Bristol Palin and her ghostwriter Nancy French in a special book signing!

We're welcoming folks of all ages to join Bristol as she promotes her best selling memoir "Not Afraid Of Life - My Journey So Far".

The first 100 people to RSVP will receive a free autographed book by Bristol herself.

WHEN: Saturday, February 11th @10A - 12P
WHERE: Books-A-Million
11 Dupont Circle North
Washington, DC 20036

Please RSVP with your name, age and info at email above!

If you receive a response from us, it will guarantee you entry.

Not even going to get into how pathetic that is.  The point of this post is that we have three pieces pointing to Craigslist as a Palin family tool. Todd, it appears certain, ran ads on Craigslist to advertise  prostitution services. Through Todd, Shailey learned to use Craigslist, and at this same time, Craigslist got onto Bristol’s radar, and she became “addicted.”

Bristol appears to be close to Todd. It has always appeared to be that way. Bristol named her kid Tripp, how can that not be a result of  Todd’s  influence on Bristol? However that name was chosen, whether suggested in jest or in revenge or something in between, it is fact that Bristol and Todd each have their own connections to the name Tripp.  They both have special connections to Craigslist. How are these puzzle pieces related, and what will be revealed when we see them in their proper order?

What I see right now, is that Bristol, who isn’t smart enough to know when she’s giving us information that shouldn’t be given, has provided a glimpse into another Palin household staple – Craigslist.  It’s a small thing (as small as a puzzle piece) that in my mind, lends credibility to the charge by Shailey Tripp that Todd Palin knows how to run a prostitution business. 

What do Todd’s daughters think of their father trafficking in sex? What does Bristol think about an author named Tripp coming out with a book about her father promoting and profiting from the exploitation of a single mom?  So many questions still to be asked. Here are a couple more:

I wonder what else Bristol has advertised on Craigslist?  Has she sold that Arizona house yet?


Anonymous said...

I think it's probably a big mistake to draw a correlation Bristol to Todds secret dabblings in an underworld. You're basically saying she knows who Shay is and I highly doubt she does. Wasnt there a story that Bristol was incredibly upset at the thought of her father cheating on her mom, like, bawling upset? That always stood out to me. Bristols always seemed like the "keep my family strong" type. She's the one who has never minded the spotlight, unlike Track and Willow.

The only thing that comes to mind with Bristol is when Levi said that she looks up to Sarah. That interview as always stood out to me. I always felt levi felt betrayed in late 09 when his Ex chose her family/mother. He was almost flippant and ALMOST nasty about it. The Oprah commentary comes to mind.

Because we're talking about a secret life here that his family didn't know about, that Todd kept hidden from a small town, I am hesitant to buy any connection in your title. Tripp starts with a T. Bristols baby brother's name is Trig, a family name. Men arenamed T. I see nothing odd. Bristols not shy but she's also a huge babyfreak. Would she really be the type to name her child anything other than what she wants in her heart?

She told us there were lots of names, so there was planning girls takes names seriously. I had mine planned since age 8.

These arejust initial thoughts. I hate to draw connections between people when they don't even know of each other. I've read that Bristol likes her sons name despite it being weird because it suits him. Why attach a bad thing to an innocent child?

Crossing the line?

N'yah said...

I saw this post shortly after you published it and I thought to myself, Bristol is going to be on this post like a chicken on a gimpy junebug, claiming we shouldn't "jump to conclusions" and the Bristol STAPLE "she doesn't even know Shailey".

And LO and behold, before the ink is dry on this post, there she is. She "doesn't know" Shailey well enough to call her by a nickname- "Shay"? Nice try, Bristol. You were mad at mommy for using you and you named your kid after Daddy's side piece.

I bet mommy dearest is quaking in her way too big shoes over the impending release of Shailey's book. I plan on purchasing several copies, one for myself and a few to mail to others. I wonder who your mother will get to buy one for her? Nobody believes she won't read it just like nobody believes she won't watch Game Change. She will devour both and then offer you and Willow a few extra bucks to traipse about the blogosphere and denigrate them both.

And yet another day will dawn where you, Bristol, spend all your time poorly defending your mother and her indefensible words/actions while a paid nanny cares for your children.

Anonymous said...

You know, Bristol may be naturally maternal and a 40 year old trapped in a 21 year olds body (which I've suspected all along), but she sure learned quickly that having your own baby is totally different than babysitting the neighbors kids. Hence, her father watching him often and her need for a nanny. Granted, she's had a full time job since summer 09 therefore needs a babysitter.

I think she saw all her friends have babies and get married and she felt like she was falling behind. Mixed with biological clock and an old soul, it's not so shocking she made those decisions. She found a doormat/needy boyfriend (do you really disagree) and coaxed him. He road her coattails even in 08. Cmon, Levi said himself school never suited him, that all he likes is hunting. Why not marry a girl from a prosperous family whom he liked. He did say in 09 he like the family. Door. Mat. Easily describable.

Oh and the name. I think it had everything to do with her youngest sibling. Bristol and Sarah have always seemed one of a kind, joined at the hip to me, whereas Willow is a daddys girl who keeps on the DL.

Anonymous said...

Wow Allison, I don't even know where to begin in unduing your weird logic. Are you implying Todd told Bristol about craigslist because of his ALLEGED use of it? Like a smart girl like Bristol would never know there's a site where you can find housing, a job or things to buy? I don't know man. Todds a bright man. He's led his wife through hjer career, been the breadwinner and is called "no dim bulb" by commenters in the media. I'd think he would know how to keep his private life quiet. Not hard at all. Your posts get strangers as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Dude. N'yah. Aren't you a mean one? Are you implying I'm a bot by automatically saying I'm a Palin? That's yalls M.O. no? Think up some reason not to believe logic statements while resorting to the most hateful thing you can think of. That's a Palinhater in a nutshell. You prove to me Bristol knows who Shailey is and ill maybe take back my "you're an idiot" comment.

Anonymous said...

"Bristol's had a fulltime job since 2009." Really? Doing what? she supposedly moved to Anchorage to work for the dermatolgist and live on her own...and start college. But it was too, too hard so she had a couple of boyfriends move in and out to help with the baby..who 'justed loved' all of them.
Shortly thereafter she and the baby were off to sunny LA...but hardly working 'fulltime.' She made a lot of money for keeping DWTS on the front pages of the Entertainment sites....but work? Ha.
Then she bought a nice mansion in Arizona because she was either going to work at a radio station or go to school. Funny, but she never even lived there, which was probably a blessing for the baby, as the pool was not fenced.
THEN she tried another show in LA with the much work, all that travelling around aimlessly.
THEN when that tanked, she decided she was homesick, so she packed up the toddler and his nanny and headed back to Alaska, where she bought yet another mansion a ferw minutes from Mama. At what point in this little charade was she ever working fulltime? I get that she doesn't want to be around ehr child any more than her mother does, but to tell people how hard you;re working, when in reality you are just hopping from one location to the next insearch of your next six figure paycheck is just sad.

N'yah said...

Bristol, you can "dude" me all you want. I have three degrees in linguistics (you probably think that's a type of pasta) and just as the FBI employs people like me to match known writing samples to anonymously penned screeds, I know this is your writing. I used to think you and "Brooklyn" were different people due to the IP issue. Then I read about your mother purchasing Internet usage plans which allow you to look as though you are posting from any number of places.

I know it's you. I think most everyone does. So you can "dude" and "old soul" and "pre and post Levi" and "Juneau" all you want. You can tell me I am immature, need to get a life, etc. But the facts are the facts- I have only posted on Allison's blog a few times. YOU are at every single anti Palin blog EVERY single day, spewing the same tired crap which everyone knows is nearly one hundred percent FICTION.

Do you know what it's called when you do the exact same thing over and over and over, expecting a different result?

It's part of the clinical definition of insanity.

Oh, and this:

That is called an uh-poss-truh-fee. I know you did "distance learning" and all, but this is a second grade grammar concept. And since nobody ever told you this, either:

You're = you are
Your = possessive your as in "you named YOUR son after Shailey Tripp"

You are (you're!) welcome.

HnstyNgov said...

I tweeted your post out. P2b (@P2Blogs) who has an online Daily will probably post the story later today. You can look for it there. More exposure.!/P2Blogs/status/171012522588127232

RT @HnstyNgov: "Bristol, Tripp, Todd, and Craigslist" ~ #Palins find the website Useful for…

Ivyfree said...

"You're basically saying she knows who Shay is and I highly doubt she does. Wasnt there a story that Bristol was incredibly upset at the thought of her father cheating on her mom, like, bawling upset?"

Why, no. No there wasn't. You made that up. Seriously. We've been tracking Palin et al. on the net for three years: we wouldn't miss that. So you're lying. Again.

"Like a smart girl like Bristol would never know there's a site where you can find housing, a job or things to buy?"

Even a dummy like Bristol would have heard about shopping on Craigslist. There, fixed it for you! Bristol, in all her public appearances, has never uttered a sentence that indicates an alert intelligence. I suppose you can't really blame her. Her family background isn't much, and she herself is a dropout.

Anonymous said...

Why do the comments on your blog sound like a teenaged soap opera? You sure do attract them- maybe because you're nearing the truth?

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a statistician who could run some numbers for us. There are just so many darn coinkydinks:
What are the chances someone would accidently name their Down Syndrome child a technical term for Down Syndrome?
What are the chances a duaghter would accidently name one of her kids the name of her father's prostitute (supposedly unknown to the daughter)?
What are the chances of a 43 year old woman who had a tubal ligation getting pregnant?
What are the chances of getting a college degree by attending 5 random colleges (some community colleges)and skipping semesters over the course of six years? A degree with prerequisites and internships associated with it?
What are the chances a famiy practice physician would take on a high risk obstetric patient and induce labor in a hospital that is not equipped for such a delivery?
What are the chances the above physician would still have a medical license and malpractice insuraqnce if she really did do the above lol!
What are the chances that DWTS is easier than high school basketball practice, despite olympic gold medalists stating the workouts were grueling?
We could go one and on here...and that is what is becoming tragicomic.
These idiot PAlins were thrust upon us by McCain and the GOP. I am waiting for the day McCain kicks the bucket and people can stop protecting his legacy and feel more free to talk.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if the reason the tabloids won't touch this story is BECAUSE of the seedy side. It would be really sad if Bristol KNOWS about the prostitution, her father's involvement and condones it because of the income.

Sex and drugs seems to be the life of the Palins.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, N'yah, for saying what I've tried to say in the comment section of IM. Yes, we know who the troll is and there are consistent linguistic "tells." (And I'm not a linguist, so hats off to you.)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Levis "tripp" tattoo. And Bristols "T" tat to honor the men in her family.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bristol IS a Tripp girl.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bristol's arizona house is still on the market.,-MARICOPA-AZ_rb/

(click on the popup for pictures) Notice the numerous houses for sale in the area!

Jo said...

N'yah--Great comment!

AKRNHSNC said...

Allison, what really speaks volumes is the Palin's choice of reading material! Does she know there are these things with pages called books that you can actually learn something from, improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge? There's Bristol, stuck in a chair for hours, being made up and having her hair done and what does the intellectually deficient Bristol choose to read on the internet? Craigslist! She's looking for trucks and houses on Craiglist??? That's usually where people look for pre-owned vehicles and I don't think Bristol is into pre-owned anything unless it's the guys she "dates". Yes, there's real estate on Craigslist but most people would look at the MLS section on different realtor's sites. Is Bristol really trying to portray herself as a real estate investor now? She bought a home in a neighborhood that dropped over $40k in value in the less than two years since she purchased it. Then she pretends she bought one house to live in when the reality is she bought a much newer and nicer home that for the average family wouldn't need any work to move into. However, Bristol wants it updated. Let's hope she doesn't get her decorating taste or should I say that lack of it, from her Mother. Her condo looked OK for a young girl but the leather sofa was in style 20 years ago yet she said it was new. I've seen enough pics of the Palin house to know that decorating is not Sarah's forte' as there's zero warmth in the house. In fact, the living room looked practically vacant considering how many years they've been in the home. Poor Sarah, no taste in clothes or decorating. You'd think she'd take some of the money she grifted and put it to good use. If my house looked like Sarah's on the inside or outside, I wouldn't be showing it off to anyone. It looks kind of like a warehouse or even a public building of some type, right down to the railings on the steps and the windows in the back. Did they happen to use black granite tiles anywhere in the recreation center? I noticed she used them in the kitchen and Sarah is definitely willing to take advantage of those items that tend to fall off the back of a truck, right into their driveway.

As for the "Tripp" thing, even if it was a coincidence, why didn't Todd try to push her in the direction of another name? How tacky to have a grandson named after the woman you're "using" on the side! There are plenty of other names that begin with "T" that she could have used. The coincidence is difficult to swallow!

Anonymous said...

There are no coincidences in the Palin Family fairytale.

Naming your babies TriG and Tripp, when there is an obvious connection, PLEASE!

If a family is as close as the Palins claim, how is it Todd could run a "small business" without anyone in the family noticing his absences and his extra income? Sarah wouldn't have noticed?

Anonymous said...

"Notice his absences" ???? He's notorious for never being around. Slope weeks, taking the snowmachine on midnight runs, months of "preparation for the Iron Dog" and summers fishing. Are you new to all this?

As for income, Sarah likes money. Sarah doesn't sleep with Todd. Where's the problem?

Anonymous said...

I just read Shay's book! It came in the mail today and felt like Christmas. I have not bee able to put it down. She put emails in her book that are not redacted. And guess what I did? I googled some of these emails and was shocked by what I found. Will you be posting about her book? I do not want to give away the details. I was a little bit of a doubter on what to expect from her. This book more than delivered and I agree with Gryphen it when where Joe McGinniss, Frank Orr, and journalists dared not go. All I can say is google west emails, todd palin emails. Some crazy shit.

Allison said...

Anon:204 I'm going to copy your comment to my new post about Shailey's book. Thanks for posting!