Thursday, February 16, 2012

MARCH 4 is an Important Date in Palin Land

Shailey Tripp announced the publishing release date March 4 for upcoming exposé of her relationship with former First Dude, Todd Palin.   She posted this on her blog 4 hours ago:

I certainly changed over the course of writing this book. In the end during final edits of the past few weeks the book turned into something else entirely. Therefore to mark the change I changed the name of the book.  believe many of you can appreciate it the title:

Boys Will Be Boys:
                 Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal

By Shailey M Tripp   Co authored by Vickie Bottoms

Clever title, if you remember Sarah's reaction to the Herman Cain "problem."

Palin historian that I am, I'm even MORE pleased with Ms. Tripp's choice of March 4.  

*   MARCH 4, 2008 was the last day that Governor Sarah Palin "hid" her pregnancy.  

*   March 4, 2010 was the day Shailey Tripp was arrested for prostitution and interrogated about     Todd Palin's connections to that business

*   March 4, 2012 will begin a new era for Sarah and Todd.

 KARMA, anyone?


Anonymous said...

No WONDER quittypants has been all over Fox News the last few days. She's trying to ginn up her diminishing support base before this book hits the stores and all hell breaks loose. And about time, just as she teases yet again that she'd be happy to sacrifice her beloeved family once again and run for office (as long as she doesn't have to endure those nasty debates and pay for commercials!) OR go on any network but her own dreary Fox.

Anonymous said...

Well lets hope this book will open eyes. Evidently the others didn't. I wish her well on this one.

B said...

Good timing with the HBO movie, too. Shay's will be the most recent Palin book if viewers go Googling.

Palin blogs should also get some new hits, Allison, so you might consider posting a brief, incisive Babygate summary around that time.

Sorry I have been out of commission here for a couple of weeks. You and your commenters do a great job--and a great service.

Anonymous said...

Shailey twittered that there have been more sales on her book. I am so happy for her. Can you imagine what that will look like when it hits Amazon? March 4th is going to be a great day.