Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sing It Again, Mitt

Sarah wasn’t even the top of the ticket in 2008, and yet we are affected everyday of our lives by attitudes projected by a self-promoting hockey mom invited to stand next to the self-promoting “war hero” in the last national election.   

Whomever stands on the stage at the RNC this coming summer, while the crowd roars and  red, white, and balloons fall from the ceiling, that person wants to move in with you and live with you for at least four years. That person – maybe Mitt, maybe Newt, maybe some yet unrevealed GOP savior  - that person will be doing the courting dance. (Please accept my use of  masculine terms for the sake of making my point.) Whoever he is, he will lie to you about himself, his intentions, his abilities, and will tell you what you want to hear about yourself.  He wants you to fall in love. That's why McCain liked Sarah. She was so easy to love.  At least for the first 48 hours, which is all the time he had before he proposed. 

This candidate courting the public might not be a lover, he may be a predator. Someone who will say anything to you to get what he wants from you.  Right now, before the election, you are clever, you are wonderful, you are the best of the best, the hope of future generations. You. Are. Beautiful. 

I hear a song coming on......

If you skipped the video, go back. It's not the version you saw on the news!  

Guess I'm not the only one seeing absurdity here.  Yet, there are probably plenty of gullible want-to-believe-in-Mitt-ers who think he  sings “America the Beautiful” at home.   Oh sure he does. And those younger Romneys sing it around the campfire between sips from their wine coolers just before they call it a night and climb into their tents.  These Romneys are just Palins with bigger bucks.  Maybe the only real difference is that Romneys actually make charitable contributions.

Well, anyway, you and I both know that Mitt Romney leads the flag-flying far-right Palin teabag crowd in “America the Beautiful”  because it gets them drunk with sentimentality and good feelings. He is like the guy buying drinks for his date, hoping to get her inebriated.  It's the same idea as what  Bristol tried to pin on Levi.  But instead of wine coolers, he uses patriotic songs.
"What would you like, my dear?" 

"God Bless America would be nice."
To me, Mitt Romney is the same as that guy in the bar. He wants to do the same thing to the 99% as the guy in the bar buying the drinks for the already intoxicated woman.  Same four-letter word applies. 

The public already got f***ed by McCain. But we didn't let him move in. We chose to live with a different guy and I will say to anyone, I'm proud of that choice. And thank God we don't have Palins in Washington, DC.  Talk about a walk of shame! How could we ever live that one down?



Allison said...

FYI - Conversation still alive on the "Flu Shot for Sarah" thread. ( Does anyone remember a picture of Bristol holding a newborn Trig? Perhaps she's wearing pink.)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what this means: " It's the same idea as what Bristol tried to pin on Levi. "

While I'm not convinced Levi was 100% into the fathering a baby at 17/18, I believe he was the only boy Bristol had those feelings for. He was her first real boyfriend (Todd's words paraphrased) Sure she had crushes on boys and the feelings were mutual (remember the Johnny comment in mid 07 "Bristol and I were gonna go hangout but she has a boyfriend now. wtf"

She isn't shy about discussing little crushes, NAOL.

Levi's too babyish to be a leader in a relationship. That's pretty clear. He obviously doesn't mind being used as he has let comedians use him over and over again.

I really hope he didn't actually think he and Bristol were going to make it. What boy who was once (twice) told to avoid her sister? And he admitted more than once they were rough from the start. Not right in the head, emotionally. I smell neediness.

And Allison, I don't recall a picture of Bristol holding Trig before the Frank Bailey picture. Sarah had him with her frequently through the summer it seems. That's all I remember. I have seen frequent addresses by fellow Wasillans when they see present Trig and remark, "awww he's so big. I remember when he was tiny."

I will say that my belief is that he was born in March. Sarah said 7 mos, which would be March. Sarah's "duedate" was always May. That never changed, in emails or verbal. And the April pics show a small, short baby who could be a year old.
Though it's still in my mind that he was born in April - to someone. He was tiny in early May.

Anonymous said...

Anom 3:35PM

Well I hope Allison will let this comment fly. My mother told me a saying once. She said a girl can get a man to do what she wants by the hair of her P**sy. Think about that. You forget she is the one who ran after Levi. Levi will tell you he wasn't mature enough to be a father yet. However, you seem to forget neither was Bristol. She still isn't a good role model. Why does she need a nanny to take care of her kid? Remember when she was in CA? She was in a bar while she was underaged. Bristol's family take care of that baby. The sad thing is they won't let Levi's family do it. Why that family is just as good as the Palins. Everyone knows what is in Levi's family's closet. The Palins made sure of that. But what is in the Palin's closet. Babygate?

Allison said...

No problem Anon 3:35pm. I do wonder what else is in the Johnston closet, though. The Trig and Levi in the hospital pics were "discovered" in a "shoebox in the closet" only last spring - and I don't believe that for a minute.

Allison said...

++ FYI

AKRNHSNC added a new comment to our discussion on "Working the Babygate Puzzle."

Anonymous said...

I just think these kids need more down time to mature. We as bloggers/commenters were allowed to make mistakes and grow without public commentary. Truthfully, we have no right to judge anyone, especially them. There's obviously serious things both families are hiding. The positive thing to remember is, if you must "meddle", both families have each other and a strong, loving bond.

That will never fade and is all that's important. I know that's bot like, but it's true.

and remember, in 2010, Levi texted Bristol "I miss you". According to Ben, she was anti-Levi just prior to the rekindled crap. I think it was probably wishful thinking, I want a father for Tripp thing. Understandable. But because the relationship was never wthout dishonesty and cheating, of course it failed again.

Typically, I am ALWAYS on the man's side. Woman have each other's numbers and it's not a shock that Bristol and Sadie treat each other like shit. What is shocking is Sadie's friends leave her for Bristol.

Anonymous said...

If Sadie's friends leave her for Bristol then they were never her friends in the first place. Think about that. Sadie is better without them. I'd rather not have friends if they are like that. I can entertain myself. I often go to the movies, or out to lunch and shopping. I am my own best friend and I don't need to please anyone.

Ivyfree said...

Allison, I actually doubt that the Romney kids are sipping wine around the fire. Being LDS, this would be forbidden, and in view of the fact that he's a prominent LDS, his behavior (and theirs) is watched. The only way they have to succeed in their world is to follow LDS rules. LDS rules allow you to lie in order to present the church in a good light or to achieve the church's goals- look up "lying for the Lord." They can lie, but the church really wouldn't let them drink.

WRT Levi: I think Levi was a typical teenage boy who wanted to get laid. I think Bristol was a manipulative emotionally needy selfish teenage girl who saw a way to get attention, and used a pregnancy to keep a guy attached to her. It's not that unusual. Have a kid with a boy, and he's in your life forever. It's a shame that Levi didn't have parents who would explain this to him bluntly- as I did to our son- and now he's paying the price for it.

FWIW, and I know many people will disagree with me vociferously, I'm not convinced that he's not doing the right thing by his son. From what I understand, he's asking for visitation and she's not allowing it. He's building the record of wanting the boy with him for when the kid is older and able to understand. Too much disagreement and court fights, etc., and it's going to hurt and confuse the kid. It is, possibly, better for Tripp to be raised by a sensible nanny amongst the Palins than to be the focus of long-drawn-out court battles.

Or maybe they're in a standoff and he really is saying "don't push me too far."

Allison said...

Hi Ivyfree! My wine cooler reference was tongue in cheek. I doubt the Romneys have ever slept in a rent, either. It's interesting about the lying, though, and it doesn't get any publicity. We know Sarah and family lie even when the truth would be better - and that's not what a good Assembly of God baptized person is supposed to do. I was re-reading parts of Trailblazer by Lorenzo Bennett this morning and was curious about the explanation that Sally took the kids from Catholic teachings to AOG (speaking in tongues, and church three times a week) because it was "convenient". Really? Well then, maybe Sarah is conveniently chanelling her innert Mormanism so she can lie without shame. (That is sarcasm again - sort of :) ).
Oh, and Levi has seen Tripp a few times already this year. Quietly enjoying his son. Yay for everyone.

Allison said...

A tent. Spellcheck is not my friend.

Allison said...

Inner. Not innert. Lol

Anonymous said...

When you ask a person who is talking in tongue they don't know what they are saying. That speaking in tongue is nothing but crap. You should know what you are saying when you speak in tongue. I put them in the same level as the people who pray with the snakes down in TN. Crap, nothing more. They make a mockery of religion.

Anonymous said...

I just chuckle when Bristol and friends come on here and write the "Soap Opera of the Day". Pure Puppy Love and red hot infatuation! They wouldn't know what love was if it slapped them in the face. They treat each other, their boyfriends and the illegitimate babies like it is a script on a soap opera! All are so uneducated and have no idea what life is all about. Boys have one thing on their mind at this age and it isn't getting married and having lots of kids and being poor all their life. Drinking beer and making out is all that is on their minds. They expect the girls to be on the birth control pill so their games don't come to a screeching halt! And the girls will do anything to get a boyfriend! Most will go on the pill so the boys will feel safe and not an entrapment! In the real world, marriage and kids come after high school, college and getting a good paying job. It takes maturity to make the right decisions. Mom and Dad, if you want your kids to have a happy life, you'd better get those girls on birth control if you have to give them to them everyday. Having an unwed daughter with a baby under your roof is not fun and very expensive. Not all parents grift $18-20 million and can afford to buy several homes to get them out from underfoot. But most mothers of teenage girls are mature and try to have their daughters graduate, go to college and meet a nice college student and have a future. The Palin kids sure got slighted with their mother who never grew out of Jr. High. Thank God there are few Sarah Palins in this world and her kids are sure an example to the rest of the world of what not to do!

Watching MaDonna during the halftime at the Super many narcissists, so little time. What a messed up world we live in!

Ivyfree said...

I don't watch football, so I'm not sure I caught the Madonna reference- but Madonna did go to college. She studied dance and theatrical arts and made quite good grades. And I doubt you can say she hasn't built a successful career for herself. Narcissist? I doubt it. Nobody who works so hard to package and present herself can be unaware of her flaws.

Ivyfree said...

Oh, and the "lying for the Lord" reference- when Big Love was on, that was something the lead character accused the Utah state Legislature of doing. At the time I was reading recaps written by a former FLDS and she commented on it- how there's this imperative to present the Church well, even if you have to lie to do it, because God's purpose is served that way.

Anonymous said...

A visitor is here from Wasilla, AK reading "The Palin Place: Levi doesn't need a DNA test to know Tripp is his son." A shout out to Sarah, RAM, Bristol or Willow!!! And just in case: "Hello Wasillan, Please spill all you know about Sarah's lies about the birth and care of Trig, the true story of Tripp 1 and Tripp 2 and Shailey Tripp and any other information that will finally put this grifter family out of commission. Thanks!!"