Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laughing at Sarah's Cookies

The Winter 2012 edition of Wrap-Up the newsletter of the International Dairy*Deli*Bakery Association (tm) announced:

Sarah Palin to Speak at Dairy-Deli-Bake '12

Now, the article under that announcement doesn't say how the former half-term governor's life story, or business acumen, or political instincts match the agenda of the IDDBA, but even if there's no real link, I'll bet she'll bring cookies. 

Bringing cupcakes or cookies is her schtick. Didn't she bring leftover cupcakes from Piper's birthday to a meeting as governor? I think it made it into Going Rogue. In fact, I'm certain.  That, and the rest of the bologna found in those  400+ pages probably makes Sarah the perfect Deli-Bakery keynote speaker.  And if you don't believe it, ask that dancing Ho Ho she raised - yup, you betcha -  Bristol's mom was homemaker extraordinaire, as documented in that book being given away last weekend. 

 In 2010 the hardly-ever-home mom of three girls ( none of which could be described as "willowy") told the parents at Plumstead Christian School in Plumstead Township, Pennsylvania, "I brought dozens and dozens of cookies."

No, it wasn't because she was feeling generous, or thoughtful, or because she actually baked them herself.   She was making a point of dissing the first lady Michelle Obama's campaign in support of healthy living and healthy food in schools. Sarah Palin, contrary to things she said while governor, told Plumstead parents that that the federal government keeping junk out of vending machines in schools was somehow an affront on freedom and parental rights. 

Maybe the Board at the IDDBA should have done more research on this speaker before inviting her to address their group. After all, the Wrap-Up shows they care about the results of research, and Sarah does not fit this demographic:

Today's consumers are ...interested in grocery retailer-sponsored educational events ranging from cooking classes to tastings to health and fitness events. 

Supporting local charities is also an excellent ways [sic] to generate goodwill and increase word-of-mouth endorsements.

Okay, that last part, the part about supporting charities - forgetaboutit. You can be sure Sarah was paid to address those fine Christian parents in PA.  But that other part - the part about cooking classes, well, I know of only one place where the words "cooking classes" and "Sarah Palin" come together to make something delightfully delicious --  this video by a talented young artist who creates the JennaMarblesVlog available for viewing on YouTube.

Check out "Cooking With Sarah Palin"

Hat's off to the lovely Miss Marbles.  I know some young women in Wasilla who will be so jealous of you when they see this.  Maybe they'll even pass up a few cookies.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! :-) She sounds like she's from New Joisey rather than Minniesoda! Love it Allison.

Anonymous said...

She brought Track's leftover cake from his "Im joining the army party" in fall 07 to work. I recall that email exchange between Parnell? and herself.

In her circle, she's a pretty famous baker I hear: bread, cakes...

Anonymous said...

10:07 - Yeah, the Alaska natives really think she's quite a famous baker. Remember when she brought them cookies with Franklin Graham (2009) AND THEY WERE STARVING?

AKRNHSNC said...

I'm sure Sarah is well-known for her baked goods, LOL! Catch this pic of her in the kitchen. Can anyone spot the obvious idiocy here? I actually paid attention to this because while watching her in the kitchen trying to prepare meals when Greta was interviewing her, it was more than obvious she is not "at home" in a kitchen, and that includes her own.

She's pouring the batter for muffins into the paper that lines a muffin tray PRIOR to putting the paper liners into the muffin tray. I made that mistake when I was about 12!! Sarah, the paper goes into the individual spots, THEN you pour the batter on top of them. This way you don't struggle to put them into the pan or worry about the mix spilling over the side. What a ditz! Pretending she's at home in the kitchen, whether it's making muffins or attempting to cut a block of cheese to make cheese hot dogs, she proves it's NOT a familiar place for her. More pretense, also known as LYING from Silly Sarah!

Here's the link to the pic and several others from SPAlaska. Her decorating skills leave me speechless when looking at the house they've lived in for 10 years.