Friday, April 27, 2012

Timing is Everything

Don't panic!  I removed my last post because my energy is being redirected, even as I write this, to a family need. I won't be at the computer or even thinking about the blog for as long as it takes to take care of this. It's a family situation.

I know how close this community has become, I feel close to many of you whom I've never met, but please, do not worry about my personal health. I'm fine.  I thank you now, in advance, for the kind wishes I know you will leave, even if I'm not here.

Again, what came up late today is not Palin related, not prostitution related, and is in my real, everyday, world. It needs my full attention and that's what I'm going to give. You guys are the best and your understanding will be appreciated.  Please come back when I turn the lights on again.



Anonymous said...

It's all gravy lady. Blogging and sitting at a computer should not take even a 3rd of one's time. Life is for living.

I hope things are well!

Anonymous said...

We love you. Thank you for the update. Will rest while you rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Allison for telling us you will be gone. Hope whatever it is, all will be well and you can return when it's the right time. You know we would have been worried about many things. We'll leave a light on for you. God speed.

Anonymous said...

May peace be in abundance as you confront the "real" cares of life.



Anonymous said...

Allison, I hope everything comes out OK and you won't be gone to long. I will check in every so often to see if you are back. God be with you and your family.

Bill in Baltimore said...

I keep you in my thoughts and we miss you already!

Anonymous said...

I hope what you say is the truth. I am sorry to say that I find it just a little bit hard to believe, that you deleted a post because you are too busy to respond. You said right here you expect people to respond even if you are not here. I totally respect your stepping down to take care of family - it is the most important thing for all of us I would hope! But...deleting a hot post? I suspect there is more to it, but I sure hope I am wrong. Either way, I hope that you and your family are well.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all you have done, Allison. You are an extremely gifted writer!

Have both you and Shay in my prayers.
I will repeat what others have said. "We'll leave the light on..."

AKRNHSNC said...


Whatever it may be, I hope things are soon going well for you again. We'll miss you but certainly understand that in the grand scheme of things, family is priority. Take care of yourself.


B said...

@Anonymous. Alison has to monitor comments to her posts, especially provocative posts. If she can't be available to monitor it. then she removes the hot post. That simple.

Anonymous said...

B, that makes sense....thanks