Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Takes a Village to Uncover a Hoax

In the pursuit of truth and fairness, we anti-Palin bloggers should be linking arms.  That said, when you finish my most recent post below and any other meanderings through the Palin Place, I encourage you to head on over and read Shay Tripp's blog and  Brad Scharlott's recent posts. They are rufflin' some feathers!
Shailey has a petition for the willing to sign, hoping to bring pressure on the police to release her last items, and she's published a book.  Brad argues that the Babygate hoax could be put on the doorstep of a couple federal agencies.     Check these out:

Shay's blog:

Brad's blog:

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Bscharlott said...

Thank, A! You are a wonderful blogger and and even better human being.