Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tripp and Sarah on Cable Television BEFORE he was "BORN"

I've been rewarded again by meandering through old stuff. Thinking about Tripp, and wondering when he really was born,  searches for Tripp, Bristol, due date, baby, etc. brought up some things we know well, and some things that have been nearly forgotten.  

Then I found something I never saw before. I'll get to that in a while, but first, it helps to refresh our memory of the confusion over the date Tripp was due:

August 30, 2008 Wasilla resident Sue Williams said on a blog that Bristol was well into her third trimester. That would give her an October or November delivery.

September 1, 2008 the McCain Campaign announces Bristol Palin is “five months” pregnant. That would be a late November/early December delivery.  

October 13, 2008 Levi Johnston is quoted as saying Bristol is due December 18.  

Bristol Palin’s fabricated life story “Not Afraid of Life” says the due date was December 14.

On December 14, 2008  Chuck Heath announces on that his granddaughter’s due to deliver December 20.  This gets repeated on all the low-rent gossip internet sites. One of them made a crack about him selling the story because he must have needed the money.

In Levi’s attempt at a memoir he says that on December 26 he went with Todd to the cabin because Bristol wasn’t due for another three weeks [mid-January].  (He also uses the December 18 and the mid-December timeframes. Levi is not a good liar.)

So, when was Bristol actually due?  My previous posts argue that she was due in November. I stand by that.  It's a fact that Sarah lies, and Bristol is another Sarah, so let's not waste time trying to pick a truth from a pack of lies.

What I want to know is, when was Tripp born?  I believe that it is a missing link to figuring out Babygate.  The truth has been so carefully protected, it HAS TO be significant. 

Many of us recall that the announcement of Tripp’s birth was sketchy, to say the least.

The Washington Post December 29, 2008   “Bristol Palin gave birth to her much-anticipated baby son on Saturday, reported this evening.”

The above-sited quote is from the “corrected” version **** Update: gave the birthdate in its original story as Sunday but has since changed it to Saturday; this item has been amended to reflect that change in reporting.**

What did the Governor’s Office say about this? According to Sarah’s favorite pay-for-celebrity-gossip magazine, People :

On Monday, Bill McAllister, a spokesman for Gov. Palin said, "This office will not be issuing any statements on [Bristol's baby]. We’re here to talk about state government and that matter falls outside of that."

Okay, so if the baby’s birthdate was a fib, the State of Alaska can’t be held accountable for deceiving the public (this time). Think they learned from their earlier mistake of misleading the public about an earlier baby?

(Brad Scharlott is on to this guy, Bill McAllister.  Check out Scharlott’s Beacon for some very interesting reading and some dynamite provocation directed at the self-proclaimed North Star and her constellation.)

It wasn't only the Palin Administration that would not comment. The New York Times reports from AP that: 

"Palin family members, hospital employees and spokespeople for the governor's former running mate, John McCain, either would not confirm the birth or did not return messages from The Associated Press."

Now, why did they say that? Is that news?  Yes, perhaps so. Behind the scenes, the media know more than they put out front. Think John Edwards.

Which is my intro to this goodie:

In an old posting on a  website I’ve just discovered, I found a new nugget for us to inspect for clues. appears to be a random site where you post random questions and see if anyone comes up with answers.  Someone  going by “emilyrose” asked on December 11th, 2008  “Did Bristol Palin have her baby?”

I remember they said it was due early December. Any word? I’m still on the conspiracy theory bandwagon that Trig is hers. Just for fun : )


I also saw a video of SP greeting the new boy grandchild on CNN and on MSNBC on Saturday December 20th. That was deleted and the page scrubbed online. 

So it was planted to make us believe the child was born. I thought at the time, that it was rare to actually have the baby on the predicted due date. (especially a first child).

I expect I will see the same video of SP bending over the child when they eventually release the news that the child has been born. Maybe christmas if they can come up with a baby by then.

A video of Sarah and newborn Tripp BEFORE CHRISTMAS?

A video that was deleted?  A web page scrubbed?  A familiar MO, don’t you agree?

This same “Bristolbaby” posted that answer and quite a few others. She is/was a Truther, saying she thought Trig was Bristol's and at that time in December 2008 she thought Bristol, if pregnant at all, would be delivering in February. 

Among the 38 comments which you can read here  there ensues a conversation about Trig, Bristol, and Sarah’s fake pregnancy. One contributor ”girlofscience” posted a link to palindeceptions. 

Can BRISTOLBABY be correct? Would she be lying? 

I want to believe she is another Sue Williams.  A person who posted on a blog and then was forgotten. A person with information that wasn't recognized as important. She didn't even know it was important. She thought it was phony footage because she didn't think Bristol was ready to deliver.

But she seems to be a person who had no ulterior motive other than to talk about the strange things that surround Palin pregnancies and births.

What did she see? One clip run on two networks. Sarah bending over a newborn. 

When did she see it? December 20, 2008. She offers a simple and plausible rationale for remembering that date. It matches the Chuck Heath announced date (which I found on other websites, not  

Does Bristolbaby have a reason to lie?  I don't see any. She didn't make the rounds of anti-Palin blogs to make a big name for herself with this "scoop." This is the only place I found her or the comment.  She didn't even give it credence. She thought it was a fake - a borrowed kid.  

Bristolbaby joined on December 22, 2008 obviously to join the conversation about Bristol (a member points this out) and stayed an active member for three months. Her stats show she posted 3 questions (none about Palins, but one about Octomom), 141 responses and last visited the sight on March 17, 2009.

I believe her.

If this is true, there are people at CNN and MSNBC in  on this charade that Bristol gave birth late in December. What clue to Babygate would the actual Tripp birthdate provide?  Still don’t know, but I’m not going to quit digging.


conscious at last said...

Allison--I would like to send you an e-mail. Do you have an address you'd like to share here?

Allison said...

C@L. Contact me at

Ivyfree said...

I've never understood the concealment over Bristol's due date. Bristol was pretty much not visible during the last trimester of her Tripp pregnancy- she was at that going-to-church video, sprinting across the ice, and then nothing. Tripp was supposed to be Sarah's "proof" that Trig was Sarah's; at that time, the April 18th 2008 date of birth wasn't being questioned, so officially announcing the Tripp birth was the only sensible way to do it. Easier, too, than lying and trying to make up a set of circumstances to fit the lie. There must be a reason for the I hear she did, no she didn't, well yes she did, mixed-up date non-announcement.

At this point, I'm not certain if Tripp was born earlier than claimed (a lot of what you say makes sense) or later. We have Bailey claiming Bristol did not give birth April 18th and there must be a reason he was so adamant about that specific date. He also insists that Bristol is so "sweet and pure." I mean, he's obviously deceptive.

Honestly, the most open thing in the world, What days were the babies born? and they're lying.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, changing a birth date was always done to hide an unacceptable father. I have no inside knowledge of the Palins but it seems it would be to make Levi the father not some one else.

Allison said...

Sqrtneg1- that's an original thought, thanks for posting.

Allison said...

Ivyfree - isn't it amazing they lie about birthdays? Who else does that? I can't think of anyone. Birth YEARS yes, but days? Bizarre.

B said...

Allison, wouldn't being exactly 5 mos. on Sept. 1 as announced by McCain campaign mean 4 more months to go, or due end of Dec.? I can't wait to digest this post over the weekend when I have more time.

crystalwolflady said...

This is interesting...but CNN/MSNBC? By then Sarah was already favoring Fox news channel?
Also during the Levi/Bristol "custody" hearing a paper is on file (Palingates) That Patrick said must be real date for Tripp it has Dec 27 2008.(Patrick feel free to jump in or link to it)
Look on Palingates b/c alot of us were thinking he was born sooner or later.
But Patrick seemed pretty sure this Date (on a PDF) legal form was correct.
Of course this was BEFORE Bristol Perjured herself in Tenn! So maybe she did also on the Legal custody forms?
All in all, going back and looking at everything (with all we know NOW, emails and such) is really a great idea, and thank you and Brad for doing what you guys are doing.

conscious at last said...

@B - Yes, that sounds right-- if we are to believe that BP actually WAS 5 mos. at that point. This is, I guess, what we are questioning.

In general, what might be some reasons to fudge this date about 4-6 weeks?

First, there was the importance of keeping the birth of the child from interfering in the '08 election-- so it couldn't "happen" around that time. (See comments on earlier threads about this point)

Secondly(counting on my fingers here), if we assume that BP was actually due in November, it means that she conceived in February.
Now, let me just state, for the record, I am not sure if BP birthed Trig, but I AM SURE THAT SP DID NOT. But, assuming, just for this explanation, that BP did birth Trig, it means he was born earlier (than 4/18/08).
Let's say that the earliest he could have been born was...late December, 2007. Well, well.. if we are told that Tripp was "born" December 27, 2008 and that ..."Trig was Tripp before he was Trig," then maybe we have a birth date chosen for Tripp because it allows for some hanky panky with birth certificates, official documents etc.
Just thinkin' out loud here.

B said...

@crystalwolflady. My guess is that unless one side contested the birth date stated in the custody papers, the court would not question it, and Levi seems onboard the Palin boat with the fake date.

Anonymous said...

Forget the whole "Desperate Housewives" angle...
Looks more like Palin was "TomKat" fan!!!

Suri Cruise born April 18, 2006? {in question, as well as whether or not Katie faked her pregnancy}

Also rumours as to whether or not Katie ran the NY marathon...

Looks like a preview, no?~?

Allison said...

B - Yes, if she was exactly 5 mos that would be the end of Dec. They never said exactly, it's amazing how obscure something like a due date can become with this bunch. Amazing.

CrystalWolfLady - Interesting that you say that about FOX because yesterday I included " CNN" and "December" and "2008" to my search strings of related words trying to find other references to match what BristolBaby said and what I found were commenters on sites ( where people were talking about Sherry's arrest, and Bristol being due to deliver ) saying CNN had a FIXATION on all things PALIN at that time. Plenty of comments saying "who cares" and "she's nobody, leave them alone" along with the "why does CNN keep covering these people?" It appears that CNN was the most Palin-happy network, while other coverage was dying down. Interesting, no?

B and CrystalwolfLady - Bristol has no fear of lying in custody papers. Levi's book shows one set of filed papers where the child is called Tripp Easton Mitchell Palin (not Johnston). I'm with B - as long as Levi isn't contesting the date, no one will ever look into it.

crystalwolflady said...

Then that is ANOTHER perjury! If he was born in Nov or later in Jan, you can't just say "Oospsie"! I got it wrong. And Levi also,too!
Court papers are legal documents. That's what Patrick was saying.

crystalwolflady said...

@Allision, I have a kindle of Levis book but I never finished it I will have to look for the court I remember we did discuss that how come he has one name on the BC and now Bristy was trying to change his name?

While your looking at CNN look for the AIP special they did on Palin during the election :)
McGramps keep whining during the program he was going to sue them they were running a ticket tape on top.
CNN was the ONLY station to Cover that AIP story!
And she was pretty pissed about that. I think Game Change talked about that. So I don't see her doing interview or video with CNN.
All I can say Allison is there was a group of us on Mudflats had been following her since the very beginning of the election. We would of known about a video on CNN with Tripp. Go back and look at Mudflats at that time, prob on the old website she has stuff archived. The only video is of the Turkey massacre, and the one she made with John Ziegler. Also check IM. The big news was Sherry's arrest on Dec. 17 or 18 of that year.

Allison said...

CrystalWolfLady - Bristol posted on Facebook around January 1 last year -
Tripp Eason Mitchell Palin. PALIN!!!

Then gossip sites picked it up, IM made a post, and comments flew around the internet about the name change, Levi giving up rights, child-support, etc. Levi found out via friends, Mercede let Gryphen know it wasn't true, and Gryphen posted"I might owe Levi and Apology and E! Online issued a story, too.

Agreed that in Dec 2008 the big news was Sherry's arrest. I have some ideas about the video and CNN. Will post again later.

First, I have to try to make commenting here easier so more people can join in the conversation. I've heard that complain from a few people and I want to fix it if I can.

Allison said...

Here is a comment that came via email. I got permission to post it in this thread. Today I changed comment settings to "anyone" can post. Let's see what happens.

Meanwhile, good stuff below about the Tripp baby video.


Is there an easier way to log in to your blog so everyone can comment. It seems only those who are on twitter and facebook can log in. So many times I have wanted to comment but can't. Several others have the same problem. Wish you had disqus so we could just go from one blog to the other. For some reason we can't get into Brad's blog either. Most of us have followed Babygate since the beginning and have much to contribute. With Disqus you can respond directly to a comment and "like" a comment.

When I first got involved at Palingates and all that preceded them, I remember seeing a picture of Bristol leaning over the counter with "Tripp"? It was a silhouette in the the background from the front door. It was the first "image" of her and the baby we had seen, but I don't remember when it was taken. Someone else might or even have the picture, but can't log-in. I recall it was a video, as she was leaning over him and picked him up and put him back down. I do remember she had a pot on her in the outline that was visable. I remember Sarah answered the door and you could see down the dark hall of her she was giving him a bath. They came in the house and when they went into the kitchen, I think Bristol and baby was gone. I wonder if this was the video you were talking about that was never seen again. I never remembered seeing it again.

Please think about Diqus or have an easier way of logging in. You would have a lot more commenters. There are many on you feedjit but very few can comment.
Thank you.....Mrs Gunka