Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Back of an Earring

Sometimes,  professionals whose jobs involve public service, fail miserably. Sometimes the police miss clues, sometimes the media back off a story. When they do, they can put us all at risk.

In Rochester, New York, a convicted murderer who had confessed to the 1988 crime was released this summer because of new evidence that pointed to another man as the killer. The other man had also been a suspect. A teenager at the time, he had bragged to friends that he’d killed a woman taking a walk along railroad tracks. The police questioned him. Yet, his story was discounted, and an innocent man was sent to prison. 

Six years after the seventy-eight year old was shot with a pellet gun and bludgeoned with the same weapon, a four-year-old girl was lured into a neighbor’s apartment and  strangled to death. For a few years, the case was unsolved. Once again, the killer told someone. Once again, he was questioned by police. This time, he led them to the body. Arrest-conviction-25-years to life in prison.

Time to revisit the closed case, right? But that would be admitting that they had failed to do their job thoroughly.  So, the police and the court system stood by their work. Closed case, closed minds. The DA said the conviction is evidence in itself, and they had sent the right person to prison in that earlier case. They refused to go back an even take a look. 

Yet, some people just won’t accept no for an answer. Thank God for the good people at the New York City based Innocence Project who have no mission other than the determination to see injustice undone. They got involved in the Rochester case, interviewed two convicted murderers, took a different tact, came up with a different opinion than the jury , the police, and the DA, and formed a new hypothesis.  They didn’t quit until the evidence was taken out of storage and reviewed for new clues. What did they discover that set a man free?  The back of an earring. (If you are interested in knowing more about this story, search Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, and the little girl's name Kali Poulton.)

Trig Truthers have something in common with the staff at the Innocence Project. The media failed the public when it chose not to pursue Babygate,  and we will not accept that.  Sarah Palin is a danger to America. When she took the national stage, hatred and racism, class warfare and religious intolerance leapt into the spotlight with her, and crowds of like minded people turned out to cheer. Some turned out with their guns and many with bigoted placards. When voices called out “kill him!” the campaign organizers cringed. But Sarah soaked it all up. She was a star with a following. She still is. This why we must continue to talk about Babygate. She is not gone. She is reloading. Her guns fire hate and they threaten every American, her influence is showing in the dumbing down of candidates running for national office.

What happened in Rochester, NY could happen and has happened other places.  It’s human nature to stick with your own opinion once it’s been formed and  a suggestion to someone that  they have missed a clue could be taken as an insult.  But if you are in certain professions, you have to be willing to reconsider. Law, medicine and media are among those types of professions.

I think we Trig Truthers need to question our long-held opinions and hard-earned conclusions. In our search for the truth about Trig and Sarah Palin, have we overlooked something?  Maybe there is something equally as easy to miss as the back of an earring, and yet this “something” could break the story wide open. That is why I’ve sifted through Sue Williams words written August 30 and 31, 2008.   

Guess what? I think I found something. It’s  small. It’s only four letters.  A word familiar to every Trig Truther. So familiar, in fact, it’s meaning is taken for granted. The word is….(drum roll please)……. prop!

Trig is a prop, it’s been said thousands of times. He’s used on a stage to enhance the believability of the story line that Sarah is a pro-life hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska. We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Throughout  the campaign, later in magazines. on the Going Rogue book tour, etc.  It’s a fact. What’s to see?

Stay with me and ask yourself –how much attention did Trig get prior to Sarah’s nomination? He made the cover of People magazine, not bad for an infant no one outside one state had ever heard of. Other than that, he was tucked inside the folds of a sling at some photo ops for the governor, and …what else? I don’t recall. Does being on the cover of one magazine make a baby a photo prop? People who want to find evidence that Ruffles and RNC Trig either are or are not one and the same wish the baby had been a "photo prop" but the "photos" just aren't out there. He wasn't in front of a camera pre-RNC like he was post-RNC. It didn't happen.

Was the word meant to mean he went with Sarah to work? Dragging  a three-day old DS baby born prematurely and with a hole in his heart into an office for the sake of being seen as a tough female who isn’t going to let a little thing like that stop her from being seen doing her big important job makes him a child to be pitied.  A child with a lousy mother.  A child whose needs come after his own mother’s needs. That’s not a prop, that’s a pity. Unless, hmmmm, unless….Sarah is not Trig’s mother

If Trig isn’t Sarah’s,  then he really is a prop. He’s an acquired thing, a stage setting.

Time to go to our cold case files. When was  the first time, on the blogs Trig was called a prop?   You might guess it was  in a blog written after his debut on stage with Sarah at the RNC. You would be wrong. It was from Sue Williams.

Let me set the stage (and yes, that’s a pun) for Sue’s use of the word “prop.”  Again, these are small clues, old statements, and different times. Try to imagine it is 2008 and we are reading the words of a woman who had seen Sarah at the  Fred Meyers in Wasilla, a woman who knows Sally and Chuck by name, and who remembers what it was like to have Sarah as mayor. 

Sue has heard things. Things from people who are closer than she is to the Heaths. These people have opinions about the Palin kids and the way the Saplins treat them – any of ‘em, all of ‘em. 

Sue Williams introduced the concept of Trig Palin being Sarah’s prop.  “How does one dash about the country for the next 66 days trying to pull off an image of the devoted mother of five…not to say anything about the needs of Trig. But maybe he doesn’t count, except as a talking point or a photo prop.

Sarah might be a bad mother, “farming the kids out” as they said of her in Wasilla, but shouldn’t those same critics be glad to see her take Trig with her in a sling to a meeting or a bill signing? He wasn't being farmed out. Maybe, with the newest addition, she had become  a more devoted mother. Why are people still talking, is it because this is an acquired baby?

Sue Williams told us Sarah is famously quoted [among family friends] as saying, “My mom does whatever I need her to.” Doesn’t that bring to mind Sally holding baby Trig in a hospital corridor on April 18, 2008?  Yup, Sarah’s mother did what she was told to do, she held the new ‘prop’ and claimed Sarah had just birthed him that day. He was stage setting. He was an acquired prop.

In a sense, the story of Babygate is a story like what happened in Rochester when the police and the courts turned their backs on finding the truth. Professionals, in this case, the journalists, have failed to do their job to serve the public, and we believe the public is endangered by that failure. The media are protected by the Constitution for a reason. We need them.  Police and journalists both have made commitments to find the truth, seek evidence, warn the public of potential danger.

Now, I may be stretching here, so go ahead and challenge this, but I think Sue tipped us off to what inner Heath friends knew.  Trig is different than his siblings for more than just a chromosome. Sarah acquired Trig, to use as a prop and they used the word before any of us. 

If friends knew, then how has Babygate been kept under wraps sooooo long? Well, how did the real murderer go so many years without being convicted, even after he told friends? Odd things happen, folks.  We cannot close our minds to possibilities. If friends let a murderer walk the streets, friends would let a mom claim her grandchild as her own. (Besides, it's Wasilla.)

SW using the word 'prop' is a tiny thing buried in an old comment thread,  like the back of an earring imbedded in a chunk of wood.  It may not be enough proof now, but let’s remember we have it, where to find it, and where it came from.  Someday it may take on more importance.

Until then, Trig Truthers, press on! Do not accept no for an answer. 

Our work is important, and someone’s got to do it.


B said...

One of the stumbling blocks in my Unified Trig Theory is, what were the chances that Bristol would provide the prop Sarah needed?

Just a baby wouldn't do. She needed a DS baby, a baby whose condition would not be her fault, a pro-life prop. And her teenaged daughter just happened to have one?

Since she hinted to Bailey years before about being a pregnant Gov, I'd suspect she planned this as part of her political career and Sue Louden helped hew adopt a DS baby.

Yet there's plenty of evidence that Bristol had Trig, and CBJ was more likely to help if an underaged teen were involved than just Sarah adopting and acting like she gave birth.

Boggles my brain. But you are right that Sue was spot on about Trig being Sarah's prop, similar to her use of Piper, but so much more valuable for votes and VP nods.

conscious at last said...

@B-- Actually both of your points could be true-

BP might have had a child before Tripp AND SP might have acquired a child with DS from one of her fundie sources.

Allison- The prop idea is further supported by the work at krietlerrd's photo stream.

This FLICKR account shows clearly that more than one Trig has been presented to the public in the last three years. Thus, "Trig" is a role and there must always be a child to occupy or play this role.

Allison said...

B, the Bailey story from "Blind Allegiance" is something that needs looking into. Thanks for bringing it up.

I don't think Sarah went looking for a DS baby, but when the good Lord provided, she saw it as a sign, one of those "open doors" that she talks about.

Sarah hasn't shown the ability to do anything as intricate as planning to acquire a DS baby, work with others to identify one, and take all the steps that would bring that to fruition. She was too busy answering every little criticism made on a radio show.

If it boggles your brain, then Sarah's brain couldn't handle it, either.

Anonymous said...

" When she took the national stage, hatred and racism, class warfare and religious intolerance leapt into the spotlight with her,"

YOU need to stop race baiting. You're acting like there was NO intolerance or prejudice before Sept 08?

Liberals display their ignorance when they assume people who criticize Barack Obama are racist. This is the biggest copout and most dangerous mentality of them all. Barack Obama was THE most unqualified man to run for office. He won his Senator seat after his thugs slandered and sabotaged his opponents (proven). He won the presidency because the media failed to highlight his gaffes, call out his lies, laugh at his word salads (when the teleprompter failed). If he were republican, he'd be nowhere NEAR DC.

So, when you feel the need to act on YOUR racism and call any Obama critic a racist, just know that you are painting yourself to be the biggest hypocrite in the world.

You just can't help yourself. You are following a President literally praying on your emotions and you are twisting one woman's words to paint her as a demon. Sarah doesn't advocate violence. Like I said, NONE of this is new. You DO realize that Obama's welldeserved opposition began immediately once he won, 1 year before Sarah Palin began speaking on television via FOX hits. She's an easy scapegoat for you, someone who's obviously weak and a failure in life. But I just hope you realize how absurd you sound when you imply she started the hate wave.

Sarah just wants people to have faith in themselves and NOT automatically think the govt's job is to bail them out when shit happens. That's really all she's ever said. You don't see thousands of HER followers say, "She'll take care of us." Every palinbot I've read of met is a hardworking, family loving person who just wants their hard earned dollars to go to necessities, NOT lazy junkies. That's not being selfish or prejudice or mean, that's thinking of your family and friends and country first.

It's sad when we have a President who seems to care about immigrants more than citizens.

The minute the comment goes through I guarantee there will be a bunch of immature insults tossed my way "but but, Obama's such a good father, Michelle's such a kindhearted person who has a good mother to care for her children. but but, they're so perfect and pretty and do the white house well."

It doesn't change ANYTHING i just said, and YOU know it.

We're in trouble as a country, and I am referencing all of you ignoramuses.

Look around at all the violent liberals before you stupidly assume hate and violence comes from the right. I highly doubt any of you as human beings could withstand all the slander and hate forced upon her. She's strong and it pisses you off. She has an amazing family and it pisses you off.

Until you recognize you helped elect the biggest fraud to the highest office in the country, nothing will change. Obama=thug of epic proportions. It's all there. Cleanse yourself of liberal koolaid and learn.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, you are INSANE if you think outing the truth about Trig will change ANYTHING regarding Sarah Palin.

He will always be their little "wuvbug".

Since Sarah is not and will run for office, shouldn't your time be spent revealing the thuggery of the democrats. People "claim" Sarah played dirty in the 90s. Yet she doesn't hold a candle to Axelrod and doesn't possess nearly as much cockiness and vanity as Plouffe. I've met them. I've spoken with them.

You. are. idiots. for supporting these people.

Anonymous said...

There is evidence Trig is Bristol's in your ignorant, deluded minds maybe. You prove daily you know nothing about this family. Gryphen proves weekly his sources suck. And don't get me started about palingates and bad rumors. Haters are so cocky.

While you're sitting at a keyboard, the Palins are living life, enjoying friends, laughing with each other, and most importantly, laughing at YOU.

Youd have nothing to complain about in this country if you'd spend your blogging time actually creating the life you desire.

I sincerely hope none of you have political aspirations. We do not need more ignorant democrats.

B said...

557468643 said...
And by the way, you are INSANE if you think outing the truth about Trig will change ANYTHING regarding Sarah Palin.

@557468643. You often claim to know the truth about the Palins, and here you admit to a hidden truth about Trig.

conscious at last said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
conscious at last said...


What, exactly, do you mean by "the truth about Trig?"

What is the truth?

Venefica Nigra said...

Outstanding and well-written commentary, Allison. Thanks for hanging in!

I'm confident that some day the facts about that baby's birth and parentage WILL be made public and all the Trig Truthers will be vindicated. What you do here is part of the ongoing process.

Ivyfree said...

I believe Bailey said that when Sarah spoke to Bailey about the possibility of a governor being pregnant, it was 2006. Levi referred to Bristol having a baby when she was 18, and said that she'd been having sex for four years (and he wasn't there when she had sex the first time). That means Bristol was sexually active at 14 and up- in other words, from 2004 onward. I think that when Bristol was 16, Sarah discovered that Bristol was sexually active and had possibly had a pregnancy scare. I think it's possible that Sarah thought about adopting a Bristol baby at that time, and mentioned it to Bailey because it was at the forefront of her alleged mind and he had demonstrated that he was willing to lie and cheat for her, so was a safe recipient of her musing.

Trig having Down syndrome was a surprise, but Sarah could have worked it if he hadn't: "I was surprised when I got pregnant and of course I worried about complications and Down syndrome and it's a difficult time to have a baby because of my career and it's been so many years but hey, I'm committed prolife and we knew we could make it work!" The Down syndrome was icing on the cake.

Remember that video of Levi talking about the Tripp pregnancy and when he was asked about Sarah's reactions, said she reacted like any mother who "found out her si...seventeen year old daughter was pregnant."

I think the easiest scenario is that Sarah knew Bristol was slutting around and didn't much care, since she doesn't appear to care about any of her kids, but had randomly thought she might be able to use a baby. ("deliver for Alaska.") When the baby materialized she decided he would be politically very useful but Bristol didn't want to surrender him, and Levi didn't either. Sarah just announced her "pregnancy" without either's consent, and Bristol was bought off with no-more-school and a new truck and no more parental rules, and Levi was threatened with a gun. Then Bristol decides, well, she's just going to have another because she's the one who's supposed to have a baby to take care of.

To me, the simplest scenario is the best. Although I'm not entirely convinced by the one-baby scenario, because I don't understand how that bouncing slugger held by Sally at the hospital could have morphed into the tiny fragile Ruffles in three weeks- and even if the date on the photo is deliberately wrong, I don't see how that tiny fragile Ruffles could have morphed into that big slugger.

Plus, never been entirely convinced that the child currently known at Trig was actually premature. Handy story for Sarah who realized it was going to be tricky faking a pregnancy for a full two months, though.

Bscharlott said...

I am sending out a host of letters tomorrow to law enforcement agencies and others in power that may make a difference.

GinaM said...

557468643 said...

And by the way, you are INSANE if you think outing the truth about Trig will change ANYTHING regarding Sarah Palin.

WOW....thanks for FINALLY telling us the truth! Thanks 557! You are the BEST troll on the blogs...I'm on my way to tell the other bloggers that it's finally been confirmed by a Palinbot "in the know" that you have proven that Trig did NOT issue from Sarah Palin's coochie!! You go girl! Maybe you'll get a bonus for this!

B said...

@Ivyfree. Thanks for helping my boggled brain!
@Allison. Thanks for continuing the Babygate investigation. I wish I had time to help you more.

Bscharlott said...

@Allison: You are a gifted writer. Keep doing what you are doing. Do you have a writing background? You can answer at if you want some privacy.

crystalwolflady said...

would like to add some some more fuel to the fire...
First off 557468643 STFU! No one cares about your sarah ass-kissing! And that is one FUG Tat on your shoulder! I wouldn't be showing it off it I were you. I would have it lazered off!
Now a few weeks back a person on poGates who is posting as Sassy now formally Kenai Girl said/confirmed there was a rumor in the Valley that in '07 Bristol was pregnant with TWINS!
A commenter on IM said Todd got a PLP for "Tripp" in March of 08.
Now if Bristol did have twins she could of had "Ruffles" ie: Tripp & TriG. Someone made a comment that DS babies come as twins sometimes.
Ruffles could of Died leaving TriG who the grifter Stole!
Remember Levi said in that first interview how sarah wanted to adopt Tripp?
That would have to be the first Tripp whom Todd got PLP for in March 08 before "Bristol" knew she was preggo with T2 or TriPP as we now know.
Or Bristol had only one baby TriPP who sarah tried to steal and the baby passed away and the Grifter had Gina loudon get her a DS baby!
One thing we should check is the Native medical center where Bristol would of gotten her checkups at.
Unfortunately I think Gina is right. Alasssska is one huge snakefest of corruption and no-one up there will come out with it...and peeps high up in the RNC KNOW and that is why she isn't running. B/c if she did BABYGATE would come out.
Keep up the great work, Allison your blog is refreshing and I love how you are taking a fresh look at old information...cold case!

crystalwolflady said...

Oh 557468643
One more thing...
The whole world laughs at Sarah Palin! LOL! Oh the Taiwan making youtubes of her and bristols stupidness!
Your racist hatred for POTUS is off the chart. If I was Allision I would add a IP tracer and submit your IP to the Homeland security...

crystalwolflady said...

IP tracer:
and Toolator
With someone with THAT much hatred you want to keep a eye on them.
Feedjit is not that great. They can use proxy to get by. But not IP tracer.

Darklady said...

557468643 -- I don't honestly care who is Trig's mom... but I do care about how he's treated.

My mom was a huge Palin fan initially, and she's a Democrat.

Now, though, she loathes her. Why? Because she has come to agree with me that Trig does not appear to be getting the kinds of early intervention that a DS child needs in order to be the best that he can be.

Why do we care? Well, my special needs sister (whose mental retardation we still don't know the cause of) will turn 43 next year and we know how important early intervention can be. We moved from California to Oregon in order get her the best care possible at the time.

Sarah promised to be a special friend of special needs kids if she became VP. Apparently, not having gained that job means she didn't feel compelled to show any concern for special needs kids. A few well-paid speaking engagements, a puny $1,000 donation and that's it.

She never boasts of Trig's progress, discusses the challenges and joys of raising him, nothing. She can't even be bothered to stick around when he's had surgery.

It bothers me that she brays about her love of family when it is so obvious that her family spends more time taking care of her than she's ever bothered to invest in her family.

Allison said...

Wow, this thread is terrific. I took a couple of days to visit family and my wonderful readers carried the ball all the way down the field. I’ve loved catching up.

557 –You’re in the minority here, which makes your point of view extremely important. Challenge my (ou) thinking and raise the questions that seem obvious to you; the rest of us are getting something out of it and you must be, too. Otherwise, I guess you wouldn’t be here. So, again, it’s all good.

Venifica Nigra, I share your confidence and appreciate your encouragement. The blog is turning out to be fun for me. Fun with a purpose ( I stole that from Highlights for Children magazine)..

IvyFree- you and I are thinking along the same lines. Sarah said that to Baily for a reason. Bet Bristol had a scare or a pregnancy back then. Oh, and the Levi story you refer to is from the April 22, 2008 airing of Larry King , but Levi overcorrected and said “eighteen” (which is wrong by any count). He messed up big. The rest of your scenario agrees pretty much with my very, very first posting here at The Palin Place. Though that was only last month, I’ve done almost 20 now. If anyone hasn’t read that one, I hope they go looking for it – “Allison’s Own Thoughts…

Brad – Kudos! A host of letters to law enforcement. I’ll be watching your blog, where I assume we can learn the details and follow along as you do (or don’t) get responses. I’m going to contact you via email.

GinaM – I’ve missed you. Glad to see you again.

B- Your comments always add value. Time is a scared commodity for most of us, we all benefit when each one gives a little. Encouragement is a big help in itself, so, thanks for that!

CrystalWolfLady – I missed that comment about twins. It is soooo helpful when we share what we found on other sites. No one can be everywhere. I’ve got to look that one up, though. There is nothing about DS that prevents a multiple birth. Twins are twins, either fraternal or identical. Two eggs or one egg. That said, I admit I’ve never given the twins theory much thought. It could be an interesting avenue, and I’ll stay open to it. As for IP tracers, I have a lot to learn about blogging and technology. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m open to any of ‘em, all of ‘em :)

Darklady, thank you for the personal story, it contains so much truth. I know I’d feel differently about Sarah if I saw one iota of evidence that she put Trig’s needs ahead of her own. She doesn’t seem capable of it. She certainly didn’t put the needs of any of her kids ahead of her own when Bristol was made a public spectacle, Piper missed out on (and continues to miss out on ) school, Willow is in LA instead of under adult supervision and in school, and Track can’t seem to stand her. Loathe is a strong word. I’m glad you used it. I feel the same.

Hey everyone!
Shailey Tripp said last week on her blog that the phone calls to the APD seem to have helped and she’s getting some attention. Thanks to any readers here who made a call. I did, and it felt good to speak up for Shailey and to tell them that as a US taxpayer, I expect them to follow court orders and serve all citizens, not just the Palins. I’m hoping Shailey has more to tell soon. I'll be watching.

Allison said...

The comment below came through my email. It's from a reader who had problems posting, but said it was okay if I posted it. This came in after a previous post,and I'm posting here and on that post. Here it is:

I remember these blogs - interesting that the photos of Bristol that were laid out have all 'been disappeared'. I remember this also - I took note of this "Checking with the Anchorage High School that Bristol Palin attended, reporters were given word that her family had taken Bristol out of school due to contracting infectious mononucleosis. The amount of time Bristol was absent shifts from five to eight months." Since that time, bloggers everywhere have insisted this info was incorrect and made up. I find it interesting that reporters claim they were told this by the HS. Obviously, the HS was told this by the Palins. Who knows what excuses they give for not having the Palin kids in school. None of them attend/attended regularly. In our local schools 6 absent days per semester is an automatic fail for the year, no exceptions. Track didn't go to school - rumor said he was in rehab in another state. Bristol didn't attend since 10th grade. Willow doesn't attend school and hasn't for years. Piper Diaper is consistently absent.

also interesting is Cajunboy's comment - " Despite the fact that she is leaking amniotic fluid, the doctor induces labor, on a premature special needs child mind you, and she gives birth 18 1/2 hours later. The record of the child's birth is completely omitted from the hospital's website."

where did he get the 18 1/2 hours version???? was this the original story?

thought she flew all day to arrive at Mat-Su around midnight, and gave birth approximately 6-6:30 AM and Levi helped....pffffft. Mercede took the pictures (according to Scharlotte).

I have to agree with commenters on his blog though - he was hot on the trail and right on!
No doubt that SP counts on confusion to clear her guilt.

I'm so sick of this family. I wish she'd be exposed for the liar she is. If it means exposing filth - whether incest or prostitution, drug sales or production, who cares??? FOX should be happy and the general media should be happy because sales will be up again when the retard's name (Sarah Palin) is brought up.

Feel free to post my comments on your page - I've tried to sign up to comment but can't seem to figure it out - my computer just freezes and locks down.

thanks so much for keeping up with your blog - happy reader

B said...

@Ivyfree. Wonder if Sarah's 2006 comment to Bailey coincides at all with the Bristol's 2006 green sweater picture?

Allison said...

B I've had that thought too.

B said...

Perhaps Sarah made the pregnant Gov comment to Bailey to see if her two-bull was common knowledge.

Allison said...

B - Bailey came to her as a campaign volunteer. If he were a friend or if he began socializing with her friends then it might have been a test she was running. Where did we hear about the tubal? Its been repeated but where did it first show up in blogs? Was it attributed to a source?

B said...

Off the top of my head: it was attributed to someone who shared carpool with Sarah when Piper was born, but no one would ever go on the record. The story was that Sarah had her tubes tied and burned, to prevent regrowth and future fertility.

conscious at last said...

I think I first saw the tubal ligation comments at IM.

Allison said...

Thanks, B and consious at last! I'm going to try to take a look at IM.

Ivyfree said...

I think I recall reading about the tubal ligation in the comments at IM, well over a year ago. They weren't sourced, either- just "people in her carpool said." I believe they were also talking about how unreliable she was in the PTA and so forth- they finally got so if she promised or signed up to do something, they just ignored it and assumed she wouldn't be doing it, that she'd call and say one of her kids had "the sniffles" or something. They mentioned cookies for the PTA, I recall.