Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson

Sue Williams’ statements about Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnston and Trig’s birth reveal  biases (we all have some), the ability to think critically (not everyone can), a level of open honesty, and a willingness to listen to an opposing opinion.

Sue Williams told us how she would have voted for Sarah for Lt. Governor, but a fellow Christian made some good observations that caused her to see things more clearly and she no longer supported Sarah’s run.  Neither did she think Sarah Palin should have become governor, and she says Sarah was not as popular a governor as we were told.

Sue provided, unwittingly, this insight into her ability to reason and  reconsider  when challenged with new information. It’s an argument for saying Sue would have listened to and used new facts and  observations, which led to reduced confidence in CBJ.  She went  from “she [CBJ] would not” lie, to the much milder  “not out of the realm of the possible”in 24 hours.

At first, Sue believed in CBJ:

… Sarah’s doc is Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, a family physician, who, a few years back, was awarded some sort of national Family Doctor of the Year award. CBJ (as she is known in these parts) wouldn’t lie. I think if you go back and read the more-or-less cover-up article put out by the Anchorage Daily News (adn) during this situation, where Sarah talks about conferring with CBJ, and CBJ is interviewed, CBJ was pretty careful not to say she felt like the travel was wise – but Sarah tried to pass it off as if she had CBJ’s approval.

What does “more or less cover-up article” mean? Could it mean Sarah wasn’t pregnant? I wish I could say I think so, but I don’t. On this first day of writing, Sue was protecting her own doctor’s reputation concerning the long flight from Texas to Alaska.

Below are CBJ travel-relevant quotes from the Anchorage Daily News article (the cover-up article) by Lisa Demers

The contractions slowed to one or two an hour, "which is not active labor," the doctor said.

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

"I don't think it was unreasonable for her to continue to travel back," Baldwin-Johnson said.

…This was going to be Palin's last flight anyway, her doctor said.

Baldwin-Johnson said she had to induce labor, and the baby didn't come until 6:30 a.m. Friday.

(note: the online article of April 22, 2008 was “last updated” October 20, 2008 – two weeks and a few days before the election and seven weeks after Sue showed up on Mudflats.):

Then, is this whole birth story true? Sue W leaves some wiggle room:

I didn’t say nobody tells lies. Goodness, read the accounts of Sarah at and rew and at the for the past six weeks. Make up your own mind about… lies… But, do I think CBJ, Sarah’s doc, would lie? I do not think so.

By the second day, Sue, with a sense of annoyance, admits she might be wrong:

My gosh. Give up the “doc could have lied shtick.” Okay. I suppose it’s not out of the realm of the possible.

How do I know CBJ? She happens to be my doctor. That’s how I know her.

Got to say it again. It is valuable to us to have this quick reversal on the record. CBJ was more to Ms. Williams than a nationally recognized local physician. CBJ was her own doctor. Sue heard something so big, about someone with whom she entrusted her own health and life, that she decided that perhaps that professional was, after all, capable of lying on a grand scale about Sarah Palin and Trig.  

Could the hospital staff have been involved in a cover up? Sue Williams, at first, thought not.

Trust me, Sir, this is a Valley of few secrets. Everyone knows everyone and everything. There’s no way at all the hospital staff would be able/be willing to pull off that kind of a cover-up.”

By the next day she would at least consider that Trig could be Bristol’s:

Oh my gosh, you guys. Please. What do I care if Trig is Bristol’s baby? Maybe he was and now she’s pregnant again. I don’t know. That seems unlikely to me. Look, all I can tell you is Bristol is pregnant.

It’s been suggested before by many Truthers that CBJ’s statements about the birth might have been about Bristol. If so, the “facts” such as Palin didn’t ask for medical approval to fly are red herrings. Of the hard facts surrounding Trig’s birth, CBJ gives us these:

Trig’s mother (Sarah implied but not specified) was experiencing labor pains which slowed to one to two an hour.

In CBJ’s professional opinion, that’s not active labor.

Labor was induced by CBJ.

The birth took place at Mat-Su General.

Trig was born about 6:30 am Friday (implied to be April 18, 2008).

With a sense of annoyance, Sue admits she’s questioning:

My gosh. Give up the “doc could have lied shtick.” Okay. I suppose it’s not out of the realm of the possible.

How do I know CBJ? She happens to be my doctor. That’s how I know her.

What does this mean to us? It means that a person who did not want to believe CBJ would lie, heard something so big, from the Heath inner circle, that she had to reconsider.  

CBJ was the doctor with whom she entrusted her own health and life. Nevertheless, Sue decided that perhaps that professional was, after all, capable of lying on a grand scale about Sarah Palin and Trig. It is valuable to us to have this quick reversal on the record because whatever she heard, she heard it from the Heath inner circle.

Sue Williams was hearing inner Heath family reactions and problems while Sarah Palin and her family were being readied for introduction to the nation. There's a clue in Sue's words that points to behind the scenes in Minnianapolis - a true insider piece. I'll explain that next. 



Bscharlott said...

You write:

"It’s been suggested before by many Truthers that CBJ’s statements about the birth might have been about Bristol. If so, the “facts” such as Palin didn’t ask for medical approval to fly are red herrings. Of the hard facts surrounding Trig’s birth, CBJ gives us these: ... The birth took place at Mat-Su General."

Why do you conclude CBJ had implied it was definitely Mat-Su? My own thinking is that, if the baby was quite premature, it probably was born at a hospital in Anchorage with NICU. I'm guessing CBJ was on hand along with obstetrician. CBJ thus could have have been responsible for the drug injection that prompts induction of labor but not for actual delivery. That's why Sarah has occasionally said Anchorage was the location.

B said...


If Trig was quite premature, I don't think his birth was induced. If the doctor determined that he had to be born soon because waters broke or some other reason, the doctor would have done a C-sect. Then the tiny premature child could quickly get the care he needed. At least this is what I've observed from friends and relatives.

I haven't found a good way to make CBJ's letter and statements true. If Palin wrote the letter, I don't know that CBJ had a legal obligation to say that it wasn't her letter. She just shut up.

Bscharlott said...

B: Right. The reason the birth hoax story included induction was to make the point that labor was not rushed, hence taking an airplane trip was not so foolish. So the point of the water breaking part was to give a reason for inducing at all. Am I reading this right?

Thus, if that is correct, CBJ was telling a very calculated lie and seemingly was in on the hoax from the start, rather than being forced into it by some surprise comments that Palin made to the press.

Also, the 6:30 a.m. birth time conveniently fell at around the change of shift – so no reason to believe that is true either.

Anonymous said...

"inner Heath family reactions "

Something very important to remember about the Valley and Alaska is that many people ACT like they're in the know and close to people they otherwise are not. How else would you explain all the inaccurate tales Griffin and even palingates have told, supposedly by people 'in the know'?

Personally, I have never heard of Sue Williams and I know most of the family's closest friends and acquaintances. People who actually know them don't speak to media sources.

I think you're a little too hopeful and place too much faith in unknown persons words.

Technically, we do not even know for sure Bristol was not actually pregnant pre Tripp. To the naked eye, she is smaller in Oct 07 than Sept 07.

Anonymous said...

One more thing.

Trig most certainly had jaundice, something that comes just days after a baby is born. Trig had all the signs of being born in April. A baby THAT small was NOT born MONTHS previously.

conscious at last said...

@557468643 - Hey- how ya doin' there kiddo?

You wrote:
"Technically, we do not even know for sure Bristol was not actually pregnant pre Tripp..."

Now when I untangle this statement, the translation is.."We do not know whether or not Bristol was pregnant with another child before she had Tripp." Now, since "we" don't know, it opens the door to the possibility that SHE WAS, INDEED, PREGNANT with another child before she had Tripp. Is this what you were trying to say?

Then you said in the next comment that Trig most certainly had jaundice. HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS?
Are you his doctor? Nanny? Mommy? Granny?

Finally you say"Trig had all the signs of being born in April. A baby THAT small was not born MONTHS previously."
OK- I'll give you a break here, when you speak of signs, I assume you are referring to his size and not his sign--(Aries or Taurus). Now, as you may not understand, there have been babies born at 2 and 3 pounds. They are much smaller than the kitchen photos of Trig. So your statement is not supportable. Trig could have been born well before those photos.

Once again -- how do you know these details about Trig? Why should we believe you? ...especially when you disparage commenters like Sue Williams...

Allison said...

Brad, good catch! I went back to the ADN article and it says Sarah went to Mat-Su but it doesn't quote CBJ as saying that was the hospital. Your theory of CBJ being in on the hoax sounds plausible. After some thought, even Sue Williams thought the doctor might lie.

Ivyfree said...

Bristol moved to Anchorage in the winter of 2007/8. Personally, I've always thought that the child currently known as Trig was born there simply because that's where Bristol was. Why would Bristol drive 40 miles in winter to Mat-Su instead of going to a closer hospital?

Also, people have said that Bristol would have been recognized, that Alaska is a small community and people saw pictures and would have recognized her. I don't think that's true, though. Bristol was a teenager girl, who was short and had long dark hair and had gained fat with pregnancy. Good grief, even with all the pictures we've all looked at, there is confusion between Bristol and Willow and cousins. I'm betting there are thousands of short fat pregnant teenage girls with long dark hair in Alaska alone. And as I've said before, even if somebody says something to Bristol about the resemblance, she could easily have laughed it off by saying she heard that a lot.

If Bristol went to the hospital in Anchorage under a "privacy" restriction, it's entirely possible that other nurses on the unit wouldn't have even known her name. If they have a whiteboard listing names (many places do) she would have been "privacy" or possibly "Doe." If there was any conversation on the unit, it would have been as just another underage privacy restriction, and not something to get curious about- especially since CBJ works with sexually abused children. So the only nurses who knew would simply not have discussed it and, in fact, might have felt sympathy for the Palin family and protective of them. Even if you don't like someone politically- and they may have liked SP a lot- that doesn't mean you can't feel sorry for a family going through a difficult time, and then there's that HIPAA thing too. Remember that Sarah's Great Human Being masquerade was in full force back then- it didn't develop cracks and start falling apart until later in 2008.

Plus, women don't stay in the hospital for days after birth. She could have been discharged later that same day, even if Trig wasn't ready for discharge. At that point, the only nurses apt to run into her would have been the neonatal nurses- if she showed up and visited her baby. And we don't know she did. And yes, I know, this is all speculation on my part.

Allison said...

Ivyfree- you make sense. Thanks for taking the time to lay it out so clearly.

Allison said...

The comment below came through my email. It's from a reader who had problems posting, but said it was okay if I posted it. This came in after a previous post,and I'm posting on more than one comment thread. Here it is:

I remember these blogs - interesting that the photos of Bristol that were laid out have all 'been disappeared'. I remember this also - I took note of this "Checking with the Anchorage High School that Bristol Palin attended, reporters were given word that her family had taken Bristol out of school due to contracting infectious mononucleosis. The amount of time Bristol was absent shifts from five to eight months." Since that time, bloggers everywhere have insisted this info was incorrect and made up. I find it interesting that reporters claim they were told this by the HS. Obviously, the HS was told this by the Palins. Who knows what excuses they give for not having the Palin kids in school. None of them attend/attended regularly. In our local schools 6 absent days per semester is an automatic fail for the year, no exceptions. Track didn't go to school - rumor said he was in rehab in another state. Bristol didn't attend since 10th grade. Willow doesn't attend school and hasn't for years. Piper Diaper is consistently absent.

also interesting is Cajunboy's comment - " Despite the fact that she is leaking amniotic fluid, the doctor induces labor, on a premature special needs child mind you, and she gives birth 18 1/2 hours later. The record of the child's birth is completely omitted from the hospital's website."

where did he get the 18 1/2 hours version???? was this the original story?

thought she flew all day to arrive at Mat-Su around midnight, and gave birth approximately 6-6:30 AM and Levi helped....pffffft. Mercede took the pictures (according to Scharlotte).

I have to agree with commenters on his blog though - he was hot on the trail and right on!
No doubt that SP counts on confusion to clear her guilt.

I'm so sick of this family. I wish she'd be exposed for the liar she is. If it means exposing filth - whether incest or prostitution, drug sales or production, who cares??? FOX should be happy and the general media should be happy because sales will be up again when the retard's name (Sarah Palin) is brought up.

Feel free to post my comments on your page - I've tried to sign up to comment but can't seem to figure it out - my computer just freezes and locks down.

thanks so much for keeping up with your blog - happy reader