Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Did Sue Williams Say Trig IS Sarah and Todd's Baby?

This continues a series on Sue Williams, a woman in Wasilla who was “hanging out with close friends of the Heath family” the first two days after  John McCain announced his choice of running mate.We have tools to measure Sue’s credibility; tools we didn’t have in 2008. 

In “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin,” released this year, Palin administration insider Frank Bailey said, “Nothing was more important…than preserving [Sarah’s] image” (page 5). Chapter after chapter details the lengths to which Sarah went to create her image – a false image. The book includes many emails to support the dishonesty he and many others perpetrated. In addition, the past year brought the release of government email from the Palin administration. We have sifted through, and seen that, indeed, Sarah Palin used everyone around her to get out whatever message, ie “spin” that was best for Sarah. Political polls were rigged by staffers voting multiple times, friends agreed to claim authorship of letters to editors written by Sarah or her staff. It goes on and on. Sarah’s image was based on lies and built by a cadre of willing liars – staff, family and friends.

Unlike Frank Bailey, Sue Williams was not in the inner circle, she was one layer removed. Sue was in that category of people that Facebook calls your “Friends of Friends.”  It’s a valuable glimpse into what friends of the Palins and Heaths were saying about the hockey mom who became governor. “Sarah is all about spin, spin, spin,” that’s a key point. In fact,  THE KEY POINT is to remember that SARAH was SPINNING her  message through her friends and colleagues. Nothing was (or is) the way Sarah says it is unless it works for her. That’s how Sarah operates.

Would Sarah’s friends help spread personal spin? You betcha! Otherwise she wouldn’t keep them around. We know that. Frank Bailey is prime example #1. Therefore, assume inside information these friends provided to Sue Williams came FROM SARAH and there’s a Sarah spin on it.

2008 was a busy year for the Palins. So much to spin, so many lies:

Trig was born prematurely (to someone).

Bristol lived with Aunt Heather in Anchorage (a large city where a baby could be in an NICU). 

Bristol was enrolled in and attended school in Anchorage.

Rumors spread across the state that Bristol was pregnant.

Bristol told her parents she was pregnant (in early March)

Sarah announced on March 5 that she was 7 months pregnant. She did not show.

Sarah’s shape fluctuated wildly, sometimes bigger and other times smaller.

Levi dropped out of school in mid-March.

Bristol became a homeschooler in mid-March.

Willow told her boyfriend Bristol was pregnant, he tells others, the news is getting around.

The Wild Ride played out and a new Sarah myth was born (even if a baby wasn’t).

Trig was presented to reporters in a hospital corridor by Sally and Chuck Heath.

The DS announcement followed soon after, along with lots of sympathy-getting stories to stir the hearts of every pro-life voter.

Wow! Sarah had more plates spinning in the summer of 2008 than an Ed Sullivan ever imagined possible. So, with our advanced studies in all things Palin, we ought to be able to spot the spin in the things Sue Williams heard from the Heath/Palin inner circle. Such as:

Re: babygate – I don’t know what’s being reported. Here, however, is the truth. Trig is Sarah and Todd’s baby….
Sue Williams wasn’t a nurse, or a doctor, so she wasn’t there, so she must be trusting the  inner circle and friends of the Heaths. Sue bought into the spin because Sue wasn’t jaded enough to think a sitting governor would fake a pregnancy. 

When Sarah first learned she was pregnant, it was shocking and overwhelming. While she and Todd had not planned to have anymore children, it is common knowledge among their family and friends that neither of them ever surgically insured that they wouldn’t have any “late in life” surprises/blessings.
That first part, we’ve heard over and over. Sarah gets paid 100K a pop to spin that lie to pro-lifers. But the part about their reproductive equipment is interesting, and needs consideration. Apply the spin factor. How many people share THAT kind of information with their friends? How many friends go around repeating such things? If this was common knowledge then Sarah orchestrated the talk on purpose. 

Here’s a test. Why would you tell your friends something you DIDN’T do? Something very personal and something they aren’t asking about at all. Why would friends repeat it? How is NOT doing something a topic of gossip?  Are they now saying “Did you know Sarah decided not to take and estrogen supplement for pari-menopause?” It’s absurd. 

So, because it was heard by Sue Williams and described as common knowledge, we have to say, why the spin? On other blogs, for years, it’s been said that Sarah had her tubes tied. It’s been said she used the surgery as an excuse to not do her share of carpool driving at one time. If that’s true, it explains the reason Sue heard about Todd’s reproductive capabilities. Personally, I’d rather not know.

Sarah was running for VP and would be expected to produce medical records. Now we know how that turned out, too. Fits the theory that she and Todd really couldn’t have created Trig. Spin all you want Sarah, I, for one, am not fooled. 

Maybe some of Sarah’s friends actually believed at that time that Trig was her bio son. I’m not saying if they lied or they didn’t. But I do think she asked them to talk about the surgery she and Todd “didn’t have.”  Did they lie or are they blind like Frank Bailey was blind. Don’t know. Maybe. We’ve seen from Frank’s book that she can get people to do that. 

I didn’t say nobody tells lies. Goodness, read the accounts of Sarah at andrew and at the for the past six weeks. Make up your own mind about whether Sarah and her closest associates in her Administration were telling lies (hint: her close aide, Frank Bailey is now on leave with pay b/c he was caught in the most pathetic, on tape, lying shenanigan). But, do I think CBJ, Sarah’s doc, would lie? I do not think so.

Sue also said CBJ was her own doctor. So Sue wrestled with the question of Trig being born to Sarah, and decided he was only because CBJ wouldn’t lie. Nothing to do with seeing Sarah pregnant, or believing Sarah’s story. 

Other people in the inner circle thought the Trig story could sink Sarah. Why would that be if they knew it was a true report of an actual pregnancy and birth? Here is what the inner circle talked about on day two:

I assume she must have mentioned the whole scenario to McCain, right? She wouldn’t have blindsided him with this -? But, I don’t know. That was the discussion around these parts this morning – How much did McCain know about the baby stuff
THE BABY STUFF?  That sounds so mysterious. Not, “did she tell McCain Bristol is pregnant?” That would be simple, clear, unambiguous. But ‘baby STUFF”?   Stuff like faking a pregnancy, covering up for your daughter, hiding a teenager’s history of multiple births ? That kind of stuff?  Again, I think we can look at that as supporting our suspicions. It’s not proof. But it does lend credence to our Trig is not Sarah’s theory and other “baby stuff.”

The inner circle wasn’t completely free of disapproval when it came to how the Palin kids were being raised. 

…The kids are “farmed out” (this is the word used by their associates in “the Valley”) to family and friends to raise while Todd and Sarah are off having their respective careers (Sarah is famously quoted as saying, “My mom does whatever I need her to”).

Is that Sarah’s hometown version of her national message that they have a big supportive family?  Personally, I get a laugh out of it. I picture Sally smiling for reporters with Trig in her arms, standing in a hospital corridor.

...and how much did he know about Troopergate (like, the interesting little fact that she’s been caught multiple times the past six weeks not telling the truth).This, I think, is what will finally get her. She can’t be prepping for the cursory answers she’s going to have to memorize on every national and intl issue – AND remember what she said when and to whom re: her Troopergate cover-up attempts. ..My. My. It’s not gonna be pretty.

Well, even her close friends, the inner circle and Heath friends were saying that. Something had to be done!  On Youtube you can find Chuck Heath Sr being interviewed three weeks later, late September, by Harry Smith of CBS. He and Sally say there are lies being told. And Chuck says, “You want some honesty, get her. Not a typical politician. Not at all. Hardworking, perseverance, honesty. She won’t fabricate things, or exaggerate things. She’ll tell it like it is. Yeah.”

Atta boy Chuck! You've been helping Sarah lie since you taped up her fingers to get her out of playing with the band. She turned out to be everything you hoped and more.

In my next post we will look for truth in these statements from  Sue Williams:

Bristol was pregnant at sixteen

Bristol was pregnant at seventeen

Willow’s boyfriend told people in April that Bristol was pregnant

Levi and Bristol got married


JillyG said...

Allison, I love how you are breaking this out into's so much food for thought, and I had forgotten a lot of it. I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for putting this out there, the work will not be done until she is exposed as the fraud that she is - not because I want to bring another person down, but because I don't want another fraud to ever get so close to the WhiteHouse again!

crystalwolflady said...

Allison love the work your doing here....
My interest was piqued the day after when the daily kos article got pulled...
A guy named "Mtn Cat" comment on the SF chron that: he was recently back from Wasilla, visiting his friend a Lawyer and that it WAS a well known secrete That it was Bristol not Sarah who had TriG.
I wish I could find his comments....of course I didn't know then what I know save EVERYTHING! LOL!
It seems like some blogs are going ....? I'm glad you are analyzing and reporting. I think much of the early stuff reported needs to be checked and verified now.
I thank you for doing that.
(I've tried to find that comment from MTN CAT but can't?) Wonder why?
But I saw it and lots of others too.
Thanks Allison for carrying the torch.

B said...

@crystalwolflady. "It seems like some blogs are going ....?" I suspect Gryphen has given all his new information for the past year to Fred. He still covers Palin, and we do need a reputable Babygate book, but there's been a dearth of new info on the blogs. Even if Palin never runs for office again, Babygate is such a canary in the mine shaft of our media, the GOP, and the NYC/DC power corridor. I, too, am grateful to Allison and others for picking up the slack.

Original Lee said...

Thanks, Allison. That was very interesting.

Amy1 said...

crystalwolflady -- Your recollection fits with Michael Carey's comment here, at 2:40 about a "smart lawyer who he likes v much" told him (as "the absolute truth") that SP was not pregnant.

I am wondering why Joe McG has disappeared -- my sense is that he is discouraged that his very good, v clear, and numerous interviews did not pierce the MSM blackout on this story. (What I have come to believe is the MSM blackout. Which would serve the enablers of this hoax so well.)

Allison said...

I think there are people who would join us here and add their knowledge, saved screen shots, ideas, etc. but they haven't found this blog.

If anyone wants to gently suggest this site to friends or via comments at other blogs, please do. My stats show no traffic links coming from IM. I don't think Gryphen would appreciate me popping in daily to put a link in a comment. He's let me get a few links in already, which I always tie in to a post of his. They aren't random, or "Hey Look At ME"! Just suggesting there's interesting conversation going on over here.

Each reader has something unique to offer and someday when Sarah catches her breath and rears her head again, we need to be ready for her. I don't see this as a time to retreat.

Thanks to all who are offering encouragement, I wouldn't be doing this if there weren't readers. (The stats are cool to watch - people on other continents log on, and the page views for last month exceeded 15,000 )

Back to constructing another post. It's great to have electricity :)

Anonymous said...

Btw, I'm not sure why people are saying it was/is common knowledge that Trig is Bristol's. That is false and probably just something people say on the blogs to give themselves credibility.

Joe M probably dropped it because of all the lies he wrote in his book. I wouldn't blame him, as he wouldn't know who's trustworthy. The Valley is a breeding ground for lies and elaborate rumors, not even just with the Palins, with everyone. It is important to remember to take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. Gryphen derives some sick pleasure out of twisting an d misleading people, it goes on.

Sick people exist in the world. Why they feel free to lie about people is beyond me.

B said...

@557468643. Tell me what lies are in Joe's book. Tell me how you know they are lies. I do agree that it wasn't really common knowledge that Trig was Bristol's or we wouldn't still be here.

Amy1 said...

557468643: If you truly believe the McGinniss book contains lies, can you explain the Mar 14 photo here?

This one photo of a flat profile just weeks before claiming to have delivered Trig, makes it impossible to believe anything but a hoax on SP's part -- or a miracle.

So which is it? Hoax or miracle?

Allison said...

Anyone who wants to have an off-line conversation is welcome to email me at Can't promise to get back to you immediately, but I will get back to you.

conscious at last said...

Let's not forget, that by the end of Sue Williams comments(from the prior post here), Williams admits that it might be possible that Trig was not birthed by Sarah. In other words, Sue's exchanges with commenters caused her to re-examine her assumptions. Since she already knew what a fraud SP was/is, Williams could see the possibility of the hoax. This is very important to me.

Anonymous said...

My point was, the reasons personal attacks and slanderous books/articles haven't taken Sarah down is because they make her more human. Nothing has been revealed that isn't a foreign concept to a large number of people.

We as a country need to get back to electing leaders with adequate of superior professional credentials. We CANNOT let people like Barack Obama, who never held a job, win the presidency again. Yes he has media compliance and wealthy, dangerous and influential backers shooting down any negative press that comes up. WHY can't people see this? Just because he chooses not to get mired down in circus acts doesn't make him admirable. He's shady and I bet you $1000 his correspondence over the last 3 years (what hasn't been deleted) will prove as such.

You DO realize that if Todd Palin made as many grimacing faces and flippant remarks that Michelle as made, he'd me forever ridiculed. You DO realize that if Sarah Palin or any other GOP member said "if you love me, you will pass this bill" theyd be run out of town instantly.

You DO realize that DEMS ridiculed Huckabee just for being a minister, despite the fact that he kept those lives separate, YET Obama constantly mentions prayer and what God wants.

HYPOCRITES, plain and simple.

Sarah is NO different from any of you. She's a helluva lot more mature from my objective standpoint thought.

Choose NOT to judge. Don't continue to make her kids defend her. No child should be put in the position of defending their mother so against immature attacks that no sound minded person would make.

But it does say something to me about the strength of character Sarah's kids have. THEY know what's important: Family.

There's no mythology with Sarah. There's only hateful mythology in YOUR heads. And THATS the saddest thing of all.

Allison said...

Consious at last, you are going to like the next post on Sue Williams. I agree, it's a big darned deal that Sue changed her mind in 24 hours from "Trig is Sarah's" to "maybe CBJ lied" and everything that suggests. A BIG DARNED DEAL.

Allison said...

577, when you say "her kids" defend her, are you talking about Willow and Bristol? I don't recall Track ever speaking up or out in defense of his mother. Not. Ever. Piper and Trig don't have public voices, they are too young. So are you just talking about Bristol? And if so, don't you think some of that defending is selfish? Where would that unwed teenaged baby maker be without her mom's celebrity? She wouldn't have houses in multiple states and a million in the bank.

What a Maroon said...

crystalwolflady said...

@Amy1 Joe is still giving interviews I just saw 2 the other day.
He might have them on his blog...
@B Yes I grateful to for Allison going over old stuff b/c we might of missed stuff at the beginning.
@B "557468643" is a troll Whitney from c4p. Insulting FLOTUS...pathetic.
Just like her heroin Sarah! (miss-spelled on purpose)
Whitney what will you do tomorrow when anon takes down fox news? Where will you get your talking points?

Amy1 said...

What a Maroon (love that name!): thanks for that link. I've never understood this rationale: "That rumor was put to rest for all but the most ardent Palin “birthers” when Bristol turned out to be five months pregnant."

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard it was the often-used, time-tested "adjust the birthdate" approach to covering up inconvenient pregnancy facts. I still can't believe how gullible people like this writer are.

Of course, now we have a lot more info about the juggling of the dates for conception and birth. (Doesn't anyone ever google and read before opinionating in a column anymore??)

crystalwolflady -- Thank you for reporting that McG is alive and well.

Calling all trolls: even a troll must have an opinion of the Mar 14 flat-as-a-board SP profile. Hoax or miracle? It's like having a video of SP firing the gun. And continuing to plead "innocent."

Unknown said...

I would like to mention something about Sue Williams since there is renewed interest in this person. At some point in the past, I came across the obituary and was startled by it since I remembered her earlier posts and wondered why we never heard from her again. I commented about it on the old Palingates (or maybe it was Politicalgates), and Kathleen replied that the Sue Williams who had posted on Mudflats in 2008 was alive and well, and that she knew who she was and had communicated with her in the past.

She also implied that the woman was not reputable had somehow been trying to pass herself off as this other Sue Williams, the caterer. It wasn't clear to me if her name was also Sue Williams or if she was just using that name for cover.

I remember that Kathleen's comments were short and somewhat cryptic, like she did not want to reveal anything more about it, but when I said it sounded like Sue was an impostor, she did not disagree. At any rate, it sounded to me like this woman did not impress her as a credible source with valuable information. Maybe someone can contact Kathleen privately for clarification.

Allison said...

Hello Unknown! Kathleen wasn't alone, there was a consensus that Sue Williams wasn't credible. That was then. It was based on what was known (or assumed) at that time. Some specific things like Bristol and Levi had a quickie wedding, and that Willow's boyfriend spread the word about Bristol's pregnancy in April were hastily latched onto and used as "proof" that Sue was wrong. Oh, and she did say at first - Trig is Sarah's baby.

Those sticky issues are going to be addressed in my next post. So far, I've given many examples of Sue being dead on right. There was plenty of truth being spoken BEFORE we heard it from any one else. Since then these have become classics - neglecting her kids, spinning stories, using her sexuality, getting a pass from the media....

The issues that caused Truthers to toss Sue Williams aside - Trig, CBJ, Bristol - are going to be covered next. It's going to be a long post. Stay tuned. Keep an open mind. We must apply knowledge we didn't have the last time Kathleen talked to Sue. We might be able to go forward if we take time to see if we missed something that's now behind us.

Do let us hear from you again after we look at these topics.

Allison said...

HELLO OUT THERE! I sent a couple email to a reader today at their yahoo account and they came back UNDELIVERABLE. If you are someone that has been in contact with me over the last week and very recently, please know that I've tried to reach you by return email I'd like to keep the conversation going.

I look forward to hearing from any of you - all of you :)

B said...

Looking forward to your discussion of Bristol & Levi's possible marriage in early 2008, including the ring on Levi's thumb in Dec. 2008.

There's value in your reexamining 2008 in light of what we know now. If Track and Britta's summer wedding was not the legal kind (waiting till Thanksgiving), might Bristol & Levi have had a similar marriage without a license? In both cases Sarah could then claim they were married before their babies were born.

Unknown said...

Hi Allison- I agree that a lot of what Sue Williams wrote back then rings true today. My comment was more to the point that Kathleen portrayed this woman as something akin to an impostor, and seemed dismissive of her based on that, more than the specific information she had provided.

I could be wrong because as I said, Kathleen did not get into any details, but I definitely got the impression that the reason she stopped posting had something to do with the real (or other) Sue Williams, rather than Palin-related intimidation. Of course she may have had (what she thought were) good reasons for doing whatever she did, but I would think that knowing more about that aspect of it would be helpful in evaluating her credibility.

BTW, I post (occasionally) as junasie14 at P-gates. Not sure how my profile here became 'Unknown'!

B said...

@Unknown. As you know, the Wasilla Sue Williams never said she was a caterer. I think the Seattle "journalist" talked to Sue the Anchorage Caterer by mistake. The comments don't read like she was posing as someone else; she seems sincere. I'm afraid without a Boots-on-the-Grounder in Wasilla, we'll never know about Sue or many other things.