Monday, December 26, 2011

Bristol the Christmas Grinch

As commenter Anonymous @ 10:02 AM stated under my previous post,  Mercede posted  a picture of stockings for (Levi, his girlfriend Sunny, and ...) "Tripp's and Tripp's."

I'm not seeing a message in it, and I'm not sold on the two Tripps theory. But it's only fair to all of you to share this, as it has already made the comment section. Keep it in your mental miscellaneous file. We may want to pull it out and look at it again someday.

My gut feeling is that there was too much for one stocking, or that it's last year's stocking and this year's stocking.  Last year they didn't have enough time for Tripp to open everything, and this year Mercede put out everything he didn't open last year along with the new stuff. Today should have been a blast. Tripp was promised to them for today to be the combination Christmas and Birthday.

Guess what?  You-know-who backed out.  Tripp won't be with the Johnstons today.  

Now, if you think that it must have been a tough call for Bristol, and that maybe something really, really important came up, consider this - two months ago Tripp was supposed to see his daddy at Halloween. His Auntie Sadie decorated and baked cupcakes and the Johnstons got the place ready to give him an awesome time. Guess what? You-know-who changed her mind at the last minute. It was decided by Tripp's mother that Piper's little costume event was more important. You've seen the public Facebook pictures of Piper with Trig and Tripp all in costume. Well, that was on the Johnston's time. And to date, he still hasn't been to visit.

Anyone who can't feel sorry for the Johnstons at this point needs to have their pulse taken to be sure there's a beating heart inside. And speaking of hearts, Dr. Suess' Grinch who stole Christmas had a heart two sizes too small, but compared to Bristol's it was ginormous!

This is has gotten so far out of hand, it's a crime. Civil not criminal, but nevertheless it's a failure to follow court orders. But we are talking about the Palins - they are people who lie under oath. And we've seen what's happened to Shailey Tripp in her simple quest to recover her stuff.  The police ignored the court. So in this case, a child-custody matter  where the mother is a Palin, why would the police get involved? They won't. So, nothing is going to change without public scrutiny and an outcry for justice for Tripp.

Shall we try to make 2012 the year that Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston gets his court-orderd and much needed time with his daddy? How might we do that? Any ideas?  Anyone have experience with such things in Alaska?  Let's make some noise.

Mercede, Levi, Sherrie, Sunny - if the court of public opinion can help you, your friends here at The Palin Place will be first in line to testify on your behalf.  That little boy needs his time with his daddy and his paternal relatives. If I can help in anyway, please contact me at


Anonymous said...

OT -

just another photo of the alleged TriG - but he looks different than he did at the RNC.

As far as Tripp spending time with Levi and family - maybe the real Tripp did....

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing to me is, Mercede's ex, Chris, is the most recent person to drop Mercede and the johnstons as friends and now act all supportive of Bristol. First it was some of Sadie's longterm bffs.

Honestly Allison, because we actually dont know squat (other than all involved have lied about various things, both inconsequential and important), I think it's best to ignore the drama. it only adds to public misinformation and unfair judging. No matter who you support.

Anonymous said...

Allison, custody issues are NOT for the public to decide. In actuality, we know nothing. Please don't encourage people to butt their heads in. It will not end well for anyone involved. A father has to take initiative. He has to prove he's stable, he wants to grow up, to get a job he's qualified for. has Levi done this? Yes, I agree Tripp needs his father, but THIS is out of OUR hands. It's none of our business. This is far from the first case where this is happening and it will not be the last.

Again, we are wholly ignorant on these things, as they do not involve us. We don't know these people.

KT said...

Allison, you don't know the johnstons. You cannot testify on their behalf in any way. Please let the father, ie the only one with rights, live his life and do what he is driven to do.

There is already so much exaggeration and slandering going on that things have become insane.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Trolls are out in force on this post!
I am the anon that posted about Mercede's FB post and the 2 Tripp's comment.
My thoughts on the two Tripp's go back to a post that Jesse posted on The Immoral Minority a while back.
This is post about Mr. Sherman "Tank" Jones talking about driving Levi to a home where he picked up and dropped off a little boy about one year of age that Levi was calling "Tripp". Mind you this was in March '09 and "Tripp" we know would have been about 3 months old.
If you look at the Christmas stockings that Mercede posted for Tripp and Tripp, one is much larger than the other (as if one was for an older child and the other was for a younger child). Both have teddy bears in them, which would not make any sense if they were both for a single child.

B said...

Hmmmm. Allison struck a chord. I mean, who are we to say Bristol should obey the law and follow a court order?

Someone needs to get Levi to ask the court to enforce his rights. He's the only one who can do it.

It's possible bad publicity could shame Bristol into doing the right thing for Tripp--but doubtful, since the Palins seem to have no shame.

B said...

Gryphen has posted Sadie's FB post. Sounds like Tripp had 2 stockings waiting: this year's, and last year's, still untouched b/c the Johnstons haven't seen Tripp in over a year. Thus Tripp's and Tripp's.

Allison said...

B - the troll comments sound to me like the same person leaving three of them. They are only minutes apart Wonder if this troll is getting paid per comment? I find that quite amusing!

Anonymous said...

I blame Levi for not fight for equal rights with his son. I don't want to hear it. My son is a cook and has a daughter he fought for equal custody. Each spend the same time with the child. He only pays the mother $40.00 a month towards her cell phone because he pays for their child's healthcare (which is very expensive on a cooks wage). Its not all about the money. My son is a better father than the girl's mother is at being her mother. The mother acknowledges that daddy is a great father and the child should be in her daddy's life and she also needs to be in mother's life. I have to say they make it a point not to argue in front of the child. What the Palins are doing to this baby isn't right. That little boy needs to be in his daddy's life. It is so important. Levi fight for that right. The Palins shouldn't hold you back. Your problem is finding the right lawyer. They are out there to fight for you and I am sure would help you pro-bono. Do it. Tripp needs you.

Allison said...

A lively discussion has taken off over at Immoral Minority based on someone mentioning they'd read comments about two stockings. Sarah Palin Has A Serpant's Heart has included it in her post that is up today. On the latter Gryphen commented and so did I. Here's the applicable portion of mine:

Gryphen is correct about the two stockings being one old and one new. There is a picture Sadie posted last year on FB that shows the same stocking and stuffed animal as one of the two "Tripp" stockings in this year's picture shown above.

If you want to see the Facebook picture, head over to Serpant's Heart

Anonymous said... screen capture of Mercede's FB page, text of the post follows.

Mercede posted on FB the following;

Mercede Johnston Thanks to all of you. Trust me I am doing everything possible. Logging absolutely everything. Everytime she posts pathetic lies about me/us online, all the smack talk, and leaving state without Levi's permission I write it down. She writes lies on fb to cover her tracks. It's absolutely disgusting and so manipulative. It makes me so sad that people actually believe those lies!
And Shelbi that is awful that your friend had to go through this too. I don't know how a mother can do that to their child! I wish my father was around more by choice and for those fathers who WANT to be there should be commended in this day and age.
And we do log everything. I have since day one. And ever since the day he was born I've got him a card for every single holiday along with gifts, random letters when I'm really missing him. I also write him a letter everytime we are suppose to get him and she never shows up and doesn't return Levi's calls. And I explain that we were suppose to have him today and have been waiting a year to finally see him and had a huge surprise planned for him and that it was taken away from him. I also take pictures everytime we plan something for him. For example I take pictures every Christmas morning of all his gifts and tree, easter basket, halloween (we set up a huge party for him. It was decked out with the most awesome decorations just for Tripp and only family was invited just so bristol couldn't say there was someone she didn't like attending and then not bring Tripp. It's pathetic we have to jump threw hoops yet she can have anyone and everyone around him. Hypocrite), his birthday party and cupcake/cake we all spent so much time making for him..and I put all the small gifts that fit, cards, letters, and all the pictures in a box and one day I'm going to show him all of this and he's going to see that we were always there.. always! He was just taken away from us. The real victim is Tripp. This will effect him for the rest of his life..I don't know if she realizes that. It's just wrong. And thank you for all your kind words. Today is his 3rd birthday and we're all in tears that this is the 3rd birthday we're not apart of. </3
Anyway I hope you have a good day and I pray you and your family are never in this situation.
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B said...

@Allison. Probably paid big bucks for every comment. SarahPac can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Reading Sadie's message is heartbreaking. How selfish and shortsighted that Bristol has refused to let the child see his family for an entire year. I can't imagine how excited they were this morning thinking he would finally be coming over to celebrate two Christmases, two birthdays.

Sending a hug {{Sadie and Sherry}}

I don't understand how she can continue to keep him from them. What a cruel, selfish and immature excuse for a mother.

Anonymous said...

Palin Thugs are everywhere. The photo is a FB page capture of Mercede talking about how her mailbox has been destroyed several times, mail and packages are missing and how she has been threatened.

Dis Gusted said...

Poor Mercede - the Palins are famous for this kind of petty crime. It's why people don't talk about them. Nobody wants to be harassed continuously like that. Nobody wants their pets to be murdered. It's a crying shame that they are allowed to run rampant with sleaziness and are supported by the police.

Allison said...
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Allison said...

To keep our imaginations in check and our facts as close to truth as we can, I'm interjecting this:

It's not quite been a year since Mercede held and played with her darling nephew. The Johnstons saw him on or around Valentine's day, 2011 and spent time with him.

Also, Levi saw him near his own birthday. In his book Levi is attending a party in Los Vegas in honor of his turning 21 a few days prior and was asked if he had seen Tripp.

Page 6 - I feel myself come alive. Yes, I say. I had seen my toddler son recently.

Well then, Valentine's day may have been the last time Sadie saw Tripp, but it's Levi that has court-ordered visitation and Levi himself said in early May 2011 that he'd seen Tripp "recently."

So, Tripp had some daddy time in 2011, and it hasn't been a whole year of not seeing his son. But still, it's a far cry from the schedule the court set up and I'm very sympathetic. I just want readers here to have correct information as much as I can help it.

Anonymous said...

Daddy time should be every other weekend. Bristol isn't above the law. Levi go fight for that right at least. You have every right. Force her to bring that child back to AK. YOU DO HAVE THE LAW ON YOUR SIDE. Stop your cryin and do it. If nothing else for the sake of Tripp. He is living in that Palin bubble that they think everybody owes them something. If you really love him fight for him and let the world know it.

Anonymous said...

If I were the Johnston family I would sit down and write a tell all book. The whole truth and nothing but the truth with facts and dates. If your worried about not seeing Tripp forget it. Your not seeing him now. Write the book and expose this cancerous family. You would do yourselves and the country a big hugh favor.

Anonymous said...

I am going to make a comment about the comment Mercede made about "Tripp and Tripp's" Christmas stocking.
1. If the theory that there are two Tripp's holds water, then there would be 2 Christmas stocking, one for each of the boys.
2. If Mercede saw Tripp on Dec 22 of last year, they WHY would she not give (a single) Tripp his birthday and Christmas presents at that time? I know people are saying the reason that she had two stockings was because she did not have a chance to give him his stocking and presents last year. Yet we have found out (with photo's) that Tripp was visiting Mercede on Dec 22, 2010. Yes, it was a few days before Christmas, and about a week before his "birthday", but knowing how seldom she gets to see Tripp, why didn't she give him his presents at that time? UNLESS there are two Tripp's, as said by Tank Jones (also the long standing rumor that "there was a Tripp before Trig, then a Tripp".)
So why are there presents and a stocking for Tripp from last year, if she saw him just days before Christmas last year? UNLESS there are two Tripps and she only saw one of the two Tripps to give presents too....

Allison said...
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Anonymous said...

I've now seen evidence that Tripp was with the Johnstons twice at the end of 2010. The Sadie birthday visit and another a week or less later around his "birthday."

The pictures I saw both had Christmas paraphernalia in them. In the later one a present had been opened - wrapping paper and a toy can be seen. The toy is big and recognizable as of of the toys in Tripps room in the picture of a corner of the room included in Deer in the Headlights.

The Johnstons might have not finished giving Tripp everything last year but he definitely opened some presents. Maybe that particular toy was a "birthday " gift and not a Christmas gift. Maybe we are splitting hairs.

My best guess is that Levi's family tried to do more than they could fit into the slivers of time they had with Tripp. The result was unopened presents and hurt feelings. But there were two visits as evidenced by dates shown on photos and the fact that the people including Tripp wore different clothes.

Since the first interviews to the most recent, and from Sadie's blog to Levi's book, the Johnstons have ever seemed to realize how many details are collected by the Truthers community. They say things we know or soon discover are not exactly accurate. Trolls call that lying. I'm more inclined to call it exaggeration or avoidance. Call it whatever it is to you , and be forwarned. Not everyone is careful with detail.

Allison said...

The comment above is mine. I did not intend to post Anon. I'm not used to working from this phone yet!

Anonymous said...

I'd be cautious about dating photos. I have a bunch of photos I know are from the same family event, but they were taken by different people. Evidently a couple of them hadn't properly set the camera date so it looks like they were taken days- or in one case weeks- apart.

Allison said...

Anon@10:23 Before I agreed that the pictures were from different dates, I ran the possibilities through this process - 1)what is the likihood Tripp would have been changed into a completely different outfit during the visit? Well, he was only two. I'd say it could be very likely. Spills, and "accidents" soil clothes, and Bristol may have even supplied a change in a diaper bag. 2) What is the liklihood that Sadie would completely change her outfit during Tripp's visit? Shirt, earings, necklace, even rings are different. I can't imagine her taking precious time from a too short visitation to go change everything she had on and accessorize it. But if you can accept that, then you have to move on to 3) What are the odds of both 1 and 2 above happening during one of Tripp's few and far between visits? I think not. Therefore, I believe these are pictures from two visits.