Friday, April 20, 2012

Was Bristol Palin Inspired By Huffington Post's Pulitzer Prize?

The Huffington Post and Politico won  Pulitzer Prizes this week! This is the first year that new media has been given that recognition even though the categories were expanded in 2007 to allow entries by online-only news sources.

Huffington Post was the journal that outed the Palin's in 2010 for evading property taxes on a remote cabin that was gorgeous and probably, from what we now know, built with Todd's illegal prostitution money, or possible from a good year of gambling winnings.

Is it only coincidence that on Bristol's blog today she put up pictures of the cabin?  Yup, the same one. The one Sarah and Todd failed in their civic duty to pay the taxes on it until a certain blogger got an anonymous tip and outed them in the Huffington Post.

Bristol's post has only six comments so far.  My thought is that maybe a few Palin Place readers would like to add to the conversation over there.

Before you go, let me provide some material for you to mix and match and make the thread over there more interesting than the usual pablum of simpering  platitudes posted by Palin sycophants.  All of this comes from Jeanne Devon's blog published by the Huffington Post Feb, 3, 2010 .  Some of you might want to link to it.

Sarah ran for governor on a campaign promoting herself as ethical, being different, being a reformer. It was a sham.
Palin Declined to Appear in Ads for A Candidate Because He Had Not Paid His Property Taxes. In 2004, it came to light that Republican Rep. Vic Kohring owed the borough $2,277 in unpaid property taxes on property he owns off Knik-Goose Bay Road, according to borough records. "That bothered former Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin enough that she declined a campaign request to do a pro-Kohring TV commercial. As a former mayor, Palin said, it made her uncomfortable to back someone with unpaid taxes when the city relies on property taxes." [Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 10/28/04
After John McCain and Sarah Palin were defeated, 17 months had passed when Ms. Devon received the information below by anonymous letter delivered by the U.S. Postal Service:

Todd and Sarah are now millionaires, but they shirk their responsibility to pay local property taxes.

Attached are printed copies of Matanuska-Susitna Borough tax assessments from the public website (address shown at the bottom) regarding two lake frontage properties the Palins own in the Petersville Hills. Safari Lake is a gorgeous location, with stunning views of Mt. McKinley and the surrounding terrain.

Please note that two parcels total almost 20 acres and are assessed for a total value of $30,000. Also, there is a $0 value regarding any buildings on the property.
Any photos or visual inspection of the properties would clearly reveal that there are two large "cabins" on the property that are well built, and include thousands of dollars worth of improvements and amenities. The buildings are clearly nicer than many people's homes.

Also on the property is a large shop for snowmachines and four-wheelers.
These buildings have been on the property for years now - yet the Palins have done nothing to correct the assessment.

Fridays and weekends are pretty quiet around here and around the blogosphere in general. Maybe together we can stir things up and cause some discomfort  for Sarah, Todd and Bristol.  At the very least, we will make Nancy French, (Bristol's ghost blog writer), earn her PAC money today.


Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to overanalze don't you? Is that the cabin co-owned with the Hansons or Richter's? There is another name attached too. Funny thing is, none of their cabins are owned by just them. It seems most Alaskans have cabins somewhere (and homes in the lower 48) and some share properties. Look at Alaskan youth who build their own. Self-sufficiency and know-how is why an 18 year old in Alaskan has a higher chance of being successful than a 35 year old in Virginia (or insert random state here). That and Alaskans don't mock and deride people just because they may not choose higher education. Could you afford nice recreational toys or your own home at 20? Don't judge what you don't know, and way too many people have been judging Alaskans for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:21 Did you read Allison's post before commenting? It's not Bristol's cabin, it's Todd and Sarah's. A Pimp from any state deserves to be judged harshly. It's Todd's cabin, and Todd's a pimp. Go read the headlines about the Secret Service getting in trouble for hiring prostitutes and try leaving your comments there about not judging people. This is a blog for thinking people and yes, we do make judgements. That's what comes of thinking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin is the laziest person I've ever seen. She is a total loser with nothing going for her. I wish she would GET A JOB already. I'm so sick of paying for her lazy worthless life. Willow is another one who needs to get a f'n job. We hard-working taxpayers are sick of subsidizing the Palins' laziness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21 -- you need new material. I remember reading this trash on another blog a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:21PM: Shut up troll. Get a job.

Anonymous said...

should be all know who i mean anyway...the delusional lying palin stalker troll with no life and no job.

v28 said...

As if Bristol would know the height of Mount McKinley.

Barb Dwyer said...

It's rich when someone who's never even BEEN to Alaska starts babbling on and on about Alaskans. There's so much bullshit in anon 921's post it's hardly worth the effort to correct all of it.

Let's just say the only things an 18 year old Alaskan (and I have employed 100's of kids that age up here over the years) has a chance at being more successful at than any 35 year old is using drugs, going to jail, beating his girlfriend or becoming an alcoholic

Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin and Pulitzer Prize in the same sentence?

I just spewed coffee break on my keyboard! Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

It seems alot of the Palin shills are here with us today. It doesn't matter who are listed on the property with the Palins. None of them paid their taxes on the property. But again Palin trolls don't live by the same rules the rest of us have to live by. They figured they're entitled to whatever they can grift off the taxpayers. That is the Palin motto. Screw the little people. Right Sarah? You keep on pimping your family. The well will run dry if not now by 2016. So maybe you better find a real job. Ailes isn't going to keep you around. He can't stand your stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:21 --

Most "successful" people, in Alaska and just about anywhere else in the world, judge their success not by their "nice recreational toys" or having children out of wedlock, or owning "homes."
Success is measured by, yes, dear troll, higher education, or by self-improvement of any kind. Success can, and is, measured by some people as being able to read a novel in foreign language, to savor its essence; to look at architecture and know its origins; to listen to a live symphony orchestra; to travel to other cultures to learn about the variety and complexity of life.
Very, very few people would judge a teenaged, unwed mother who has plastic surgery before her body has even stopped growing, whose idea of "success" is celebrity and riches, as anything other than a limited, ignorant failure.

Anonymous said...

A commenter on Malia Litman's blog left this comment today:
Shay has made a statement on her public facebook:
Shailey Tripp
2 hours ago
Now I have reviewed the picture of the one secret service agent who in his FB wrote about her and posted pictures. It was completely unprofessional and creepy of him to do that. When I saw his picture I was stunned. Todd Palin had introduced me to him and two others as people he worked with. I assumed at the time they must work with Todd. Boy was I wrong. Todd encouraged me to give them a good time, make sure they were taken care of, and suggested to me they may need more than a happy ending. I hope the secret service will investigate other trips these agents have been on and I hope other people will come forward. These men do not respect women, by engaging in this behavior they put all women at risk, they violate their work ethics and morals, and they put us all at risk, and they put our national sexurity and President at risk

If true (and I believe her), this helps explain why no one will print Shailey's story, even though she has evidence to back it up. The Secret Service and FBI have been squelching an expose of their own scandalous behavior. I hope she can stay safe.

Anonymous said...

1:01 PM

Has Sahiley contacted Jane Valez Mitchell. She loves to talk with others like Sahiley and she is very respectful.

She must get into the media. Sad to say truth telling is not enough. I wish it was.

Anonymous said...

Dear 911: I live in Alaska and I can tell you there are no more proud parents than Alaskans who have children attending college. In fact, most Alaskans I know make every effort to make sure their children attend some type of higher education. Your anti-education narrative is lame beyond all reason. Maybe the Palins do not prepare their children for any life beyond the strip mall in Wasilla, but you can bet your buttons most Alaskans see great value in educating their children to become productive citizens. I am fed up with the proud dumbing down of Americans like yourself. Get a life, if not for yourself, for your children. After all, our children deserve to not end up taking care of buffoons like you.

Anonymous said...

There is a certain segment of the American population that respects people like the Palins. People that measure there success by the size of their truck and the darkly tinted windows that it wears. They measure success by working their fingers to the bone in blue collar pursuits and enjoying "you might be a redneck" jokes. The have never aspired to be more than they were born to, they have never aspired to better themselves. They satisfy themselves by denigrating and mocking those who spend the time and money on higher education. They spend their dollars on "toys" that pollute our environment while they ride them drunkenly while destroying some of our most pristine lands.

So we mock them, we the educated and cultured. We mock them happily, until we need one of them to fix our roof, pump our septic or repair our car. We then find common ground between the vast gulf that separates the white collar from the blue.

The Palins glamorize a lack of education but they make their way by grifting the public or doing menial labor or joining the military. There is a place for all of us but we will forever find very little in common and even less to talk about when situations arise that bring us together. That's America. The way it has always been and the way it will always be. Nothing will bring us together as it is the separation that defines us as a country.

Anonymous said...

4:36 Those blue collar people you refer to- the ones that we need to fix things- also need to be educated. Even plumbing and electrical systems aren't what they used to be, and require a good set of problem solving and critical thinking skills to fix. Those low-level formerly blue-collar assembly jobs in manufacturing have gone overseas; building stuff today requires the know-how you get from education. (In my field you need at least an associate degree to be an assembler.) So I think it's not "blue collar" but maybe "no-collar" - the absolutely no-skills folks who resent that others worked to get an education while they're stuck unemployed or doing menial work.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:36

You make some interesting points. However, I feel that you are confusing a few issues.

First, SP has NO real skills excepts lying and grifting. Todd may have some skills.

I grew up with parents that supported us through skilled labor. I would never mock people who have valuable skills!! Of course we need them, not just for personal house repairs, but for our entire society!! Moreover, plenty of folks in the skilled trades have college educations.

The issue that many of us have been troubled by is the willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism that is championed by the Palins and the kind of folks that support them. They are not necessarily poor folks "working their fingers to the bone." Plenty of them have white collar jobs.
They just have very limited thought processes.

Conscious at last!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21..Wow Brooklyn now your starting to do re-run said the exact same thing months ago on PG. Remember when you said 18/20 yrs old have good paying jobs and built or buy their own homes, everyone said you were full of BS then and you are still full of Krap! Anyway how would you know what Alaskans do, YOU DON"T KNOW THEM and you don't live there..

Anonymous said...

Kristy Kreme strikes again. It's stale, though. Quite stale.

Anonymous said...

"First SP has no real skills excepts (sic) lying and grifting. Todd may have some skills." Such is the typical thought process here, one of mean-spirited yet groundless (and thus shameful) character assassination.

I found this miserable blog by tracing back the tool Allison's attempts to disrupt Bristol's new blog with the phony half-truth talking points supplied here, apparently just for that purpose.

Now that I've found this nest of misguided and ignorant troublemakers, you can bet I'll be a frequent visitor, with the intent to disrupt things here just as your wilfully ignorant hate-filled drones do to the Palins. But my "disruptions" will shed the light of truth to disinfect and counteract the prevailing stench this place emits.

And skewering the half-truths and distortions found here will be easy to do, since most of the content is obviously fraudulent and agenda-driven; the agenda being to harm and belittle the Palins.

The game is up, I look forward to scattering the roaches here with light and truth.


Property Dealers in Delhi NCR said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:24 AM
in the inimitable words of Scarah Payme, Bring it on. We await you with pleasure.

Anonymous said...

By George, I think she's right! We are here to harm and belittle the Palin clan. It took all of, maybe 5 minutes for any of us to figure out what a fraud she was. What's your excuse for missing that, huh? Are you really that stupid? Now crawl back in your hole...the sun is up. So glad you found our secret hiding place. Haven't you learned to multi-task... you know, reading more than one blog thru the day. You'll find us all there reading and laughing at your stupid comments.

Go Google Narcissism. Is this the kind of person you idolize? No wonder you are in a rut. We are all here to be sure no one like her ever gets that close to authority again. Nothing you can say or do will deter our goal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:24...please, oh please, "shed the light of truth" on us. That's all we've been asking for for the past 3.5 years! We're all waiting...

KaJo said...

7:24 AM...

Hi, RAM! I can see you crouched over your laptop tap-tappity-tapping your 3-syllable word rant* -- on a desk, because you with your monstrously obese self actually HAVE no lap.

*the number of syllables of the words in the rant is a clue that it's not any of the Palins trolling here. We know RAM is valued by the Palins solely for her wordsmithing ability, not for her common sense (Toki de la Vega) or her beauty.

Anonymous said...

found this miserable blog by tracing back the tool Allison's attempts to disrupt Bristol's new blog with the phony half-truth talking points supplied here, apparently just for that purpose.

Now that I've found this nest of misguided and ignorant troublemakers, you can bet I'll be a frequent visitor, with the intent to disrupt things here just as your wilfully ignorant hate-filled drones do to the Palins. But my "disruptions" will shed the light of truth to disinfect and counteract the prevailing stench this place emits.

And skewering the half-truths and distortions found here will be easy to do, since most of the content is obviously fraudulent and agenda-driven; the agenda being to harm and belittle the Palins.

The game is up, I look forward to scattering the roaches here with light and truth.


April 21, 2012 7:24 AM

Ok, can you start with these points? These have been intriguing me for years now, so any light you can shed will be oh so delightful:
1) Dr. CBJ is a family practice physician who would not be qualified to be Palin's high risk obstetrician. So, how was she Palin's high risk obstetrician.
2)Why did Dr. CBJ state in an interview that it was "not unreasonable" for Palin to fly with premature rupture of the membranes, in a high risk pregnancy, carrying a Down Syndrome fetus. She is the only doctor on earth who would give this adice. (See, told you as a family practice physician she wasn't qualified to be a hight risk OB)
3) Why, since Dr. CBJ had priveleges at both MatSu and Providence, did she choose to induce Palin at Matsu, which doesn't have a NICU or a newborn specialist? ( Let me answer that one: Because it never happened, that's why).
4) Tri-G means Trisomy G, Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome. Why would Palin accidentally or on purpose name a child with Down Syndrome another name for Down Syndrome. Don't you think that is mean? (This is a two part question)
5) How did Sarah go from flat to Gusty in a few weeks? This defies human physiology, and her uterus would have ruptured if it really grew that much in a few weeks.
6) Is Palin delusional? She said that she didn't show because she had tight abs and could hide the fetus. That sounds crazy to me, what do you think?

Ok, I'll be in my pajamas in my parents basement, holding my breath, awaiting your replies to all my queries!

Anonymous said...

What do I think? I think you are out of your mind with crazy and arcane suspicions about Sarah Palin's pregnancy and delivery of Trig -- on a par with the insane paranoiacs who believe the jets forced to slam into the Twin Towers was an 'inside job' actually carried out by -- wait for it -- the BUSH administration! It's all Bush's fault, waaaahh! Nuts.

The people who believe the scurrilous nonsense posted on this leftist attack-blog really DO need to get out of their pajamas, get out of their mom's basement, and get a real life.

And I know you will, eventually (hopefully most of you anyway), when you are finally free from mom's basement and into real life where either you sink or swim on your own merits, and it all boils down to personal responsibility. I was young and idealistic and liberal too once, but like most young idealists, real life meeting real responsibilities over the years gradually allowed me to see how the country really works, how it's divided into those who produce and contribute to the system, and those who do not produce and instead suck out of the system, like parasites.

With this realization, I knew I was conservative, that I was actually always conservative at heart, believing in the structure and order of our society, and that in general conservatives are foundational and supportive of this marvelous cultural structure built over the past 230 years or so that has resulted in the advanced and prosperous standard of living we enjoy and even take for granted. And conversely, I also learned that those who don't produce, who don't take responsibility for themselves or their actions, who instead are always relying on others and taking the lazy irresponsible way out of any situation (and their numbers seem to be rapidly increasing), are the ones harming our society and dragging it down increasingly into a lawless and debt-ridden morass we are asphyxiated with today.

So you people here focus on nitpicking all things Sarah Palin, trafficking in innuendo, suspicions and outright lies about the most inconsequential matters, when you could be improving your own lives in so many ways, with some effort and of course a sense of personal responsibility.

By the way, if you want to investigate and delve into a politician's life, I would suggest there's a goldmine of information the country *should* know about our current gaffe-prone, hypocritical hologram President Obama, his shady and inexplicable past, all the things that the "most transparent administration in history" desperately keeps sealed and hidden from us, and the implications that will surely arise from such revelations not yet wrested from his lawyers and sycophants and brought to light. A Pulitzer awaits you, if you've got the guts!

Game of Life said...

April 21, 2012 7:24 AM

Can you start with why bustol has some fake blog on a "Christian" site? What are we suppose to think? Too phony even for the regular gullible people.

It's rather funny since all her "Christianity" comes from posting on some "Christian" engine blog and wearing a hoodie with some"Christian" verse. They brag that they can't attend church because they are too busy. ROTF

Next can you tell me why bustol kept screwing after she had tripp although she knew she was a sinnin? Oh I almost forgot, she said once the sin is committed their is no reason to stop.

Why don't you pray away the grift and the filth from that family? Is that possible?

Must be since you think that family has any redeeming quality.

Game of Life said...

April 21, 2012 11:28 AM

I knew the nut wouldn't answer your questions. hahaha

Good try though.

pol said...

Anon at April 22, 2012 12:28 PM:

Thanks, Hillbuzz. Spouting the regular Faux News talking points only with more syllables. The ole "I used to be a liberal until I saw what the current (blackity black black) president is doing to this great nation" never gets old with you people, does it?


Anonymous said...

Any normal woman who has had a baby would not do what Palin did. She would not get on that plane if she loved her child especially since she knew for a long while the child had medical problems. Any woman knows the pain of child birth. No one in their right mind believed she got on one plane got off for awhile waiting to get on another plane. It didn't happen. She is a liar. She isn't supper woman because she was an older woman having a baby. Believe me my own mother was the same age as Sarah and had 6 kids. She ended up having problems with her last delivery. It just doesn't happen like Sarah said. She could very well be mommia but not from that trip and not with that child. If she did do it I would consider it child abuse and her so called doctor friend should have lost her license to practice.

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:28
It really isn't about Sarah Palin, it's about the lack of vetting and the coverup. It's about a system that thinks a pair of legs is enough to pass as leadership.

I'm probably way older than you and I started out conservative, relative to the hippies around me anyway, but as I grew older and discovered that conservatives are all about money (getting, keeping, at the expense of others) I became more liberal and then downright progressive.

And I am the mom (the grandmother, actually) in my own paid-for home at my own desk wherein are my multiple degrees. Would you like to trade long words?

Anonymous said...

Truth and light! Well, that would be nice!

How about we start with Todd's stable of prostitutes?
And move on to Todd's daughter naming her son after Todd's main prostitute, Shailey Tripp.
And Sarah pretending to give birth to someone else's son AND naming him after his medical condition.
And the out-of-wedlock pregnancies that plague these abstinent-before-marriage women for generations.
How about the Levi rape accusations from BP?
And the you-want-to-rape-my-daughters accusation from Palin constantly!
About her own daughters? SP is one sick and disturbed person.

Yet someone believes that these are all very responsible, successful people? Happy, secure, confident, unafraid? Keeping with the word of God? Practicing what they preach to the rest of us? They want us to abstain from premarital sex, what about them? The lives of the Palins are consumed by trashtalk, revenge, fabricating/hiding pregnancies, responding to the slightest slight, and trying to cover up the truth and hide from the light, whilst asking for the public's donations. I'd rather have the life of a decent someone who takes three minutes to write about how wrong all of that is, than live a paranoid life swallowed up by what people are saying about all the shady shit I get up to, with only dirty money to slightly soothe me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing's funnier than a braindead conservative pretending they're smart. Thanks for the laughs April 21, 2012 7:24 AM & April 22, 2012 12:28 PM. I've never seen a more hysterical uniformed right-wing nutjob. It's obvious that he fears us and cannot answer even basic 1st grade questions. How sad. I wonder what life is like for a know-nothing? It must suck being so intellectually inferior but hey that's why he likes Sarah Palin. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allison! You really have a way of drawing them out of the woodwork! It must really hurt to be so dumb that they gave their money to these crooks thinking they would be rewarded for their sacrifice.

Watched "In the Heat of the Night" yesterday. (1967) There are so many that want to return to this racist hatred. They can't believe a black man can be smarter than them! In their eyes, the Obama's need to be in the fields picking cotton and live in slavery. Their hatred has been stifled for so many years. (Martin Luther King) Sarah is their hero for speaking out. Mit represents the Plantation owners who keeps them at bay by shipping their jobs overseas. Mit will control the Supreme Court, ALEC will control the workers, all Mexicans will be deported, the blacks will be back in the fields and the Teabaggers will get their high paying jobs back and won't have to pay taxes to pay for welfare of these lazy people! The women will be at home pumping out babies every year supplying our Armies and workers for the military complexes owned by the corporations. The bloggers will be shut down and LSM will just be FOX News! Life will be good again. Oh, and women won't be able to vote.

Keep it up Allison, you have hit a nerve!

Anonymous said...

12:28 - Nancy French?

Anonymous said...

Notice how our resident smarty pants ignored every single point I asked at 11:28 because she simply can't spin any of it in a postive way. Ad hominem attacks on us is all she/he has.
How sad. How sad to spend your life trying to defend something that is undefendable.
Weird, too. But, to each there own.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the typical level of literacy of the anklebiters on this site exemplified by the title of the latest 'expose' itself:

"Was Bristol Palin Inspired By Huffington Post's Putlizer Prize?"

Putlizer Prize!

And one of the prevailing themes here is how stupid and ignorant Palin and her supporters are, and by contrast how brilliant and educated the drones who buy the BS dispensed on this site!

Bunch of arrogant misguided tools who can't even spell properly is more like it.

Anonymous said...

10:39 - Actually, I'm a spelling champion. Is that all you've got, ad hominem attacks, non sequiturs, post ergo propter hocs and false equivalencies? You are illogical. You think spelling is the key sign of literacy? LIteracy also involves thinking, processing, having a point, structure. Try harder! Engage the points raised; then, perhaps, we'll teach you how to use a semicolon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, spelling is a key sign of literacy, and to have errors in the subject title is especially noticeable. Mostly it denotes sloppiness and lack of care in the mechanics of written communication. Especially important one would assume for a blog that arrogantly holds itself and its adherents above the blog subjects in regards to education -- Sarah Palin and family -- to the extent of even issuing ad hominem attacks against them.

Well kids, I must get back to work earning a living, as I'm one of the country's producers -- paying taxes into the system (without getting any tangible "benefits" back by the way) and thus in a very small way helping to slow the nation's soaring 16 trillion dollar debt that Obama has saddled you and your potential offspring with for the rest of your lives, with nothing to show for it except the dubious gratitude of unions and government workers.

Anonymous said...

@3:51 - Spelling is memorization. Typos are made by even the Grey Lady. You conflate typos with spelling. You must not know much about literacy.

It is usage that matters: context, comprehension and relevancy.

Now, back to Allison's point, do you have any answers?

Ivyfree said...

"paying taxes into the system (without getting any tangible "benefits" back by the way"

Ah. You don't use the nation's roads, I take it. You aren't protected by our military. You wouldn't take unemployment benefits if you lost your job? Oh, and you wouldn't mind watching your house burn down. You've never had to call 911 for an aid car for anyone you love (I can already tell nobody would love you!). You've never known anyone who had to call the police, or anyone who used Public Health for vaccinations. Let's see. Okay: you don't care if your home was built to code in earthquake territory- or up to fire code. Or electrical code. After all, only wimps are subject to earthquakes, fires, flood and electrical damage. You didn't attend any public school, and you don't patronize any doctor, lawyer, or other professional who attended public school.

Damn. You must be entirely isolated. Not surprising, really.

Anonymous said...

Nice IvyFree!

Again resident smarty pants @3:51, I agree spelling errors are annoying..I make alot of them, not because I can't spell, but because my typing sucks. I don't often fix the errors.
Anyway, still waiting for you to explain some who, what, when where and why type questions for us.
in case you lost them I'll list them again:
1)How was CBJ qualified to be Palin's high risk OB?

2) Why did CBJ say it was "not unreasonable for her to fly" when Palin had no less than 7 high risk factors in her situation?

3) Why did Palin and CBJ bypass Providence were CBJ had privileges and where this child, Tri-G would be far safer. A myriad of horrors that could have really occurred, were Palin in fact pregnant.

4) Where is uncle Tryvge and why won't he tell Sarah to PLEASE change the child's name to Trygve since Tri-G means Trisome G, TRisomy 21, Down Syndrome.

OK, well, again, I won't be holding my breath for your answer to these pertinent questions. You'll just spew some crap.
Well, I'm off to my well paying job, caring for critically ill children in an inner city hospital. Alot of the care we provide is free because the families don't have health insurance. Too bad we don't have national health insurance.

Jeanabella said...

RAM may remember saying this or not but it's on the internet & I remember!
So full of bs now. She would have loved to work for PBO but settled for screech. She knows what trash the Palin Klan are and maybe she knows about the sex trafficking.
Ram & others sold their souls for money.

The former screenwriter says she left the GOP in 2006 because of George W. Bush's "handling of the wars, fiscal issues, Katrina, the debate over immigration." She even tried volunteering for Obama before Palin came along. Mansour parlayed her loyal blogging on Palin's behalf into a speechwriting job last year.

Read more:,28804,2036176_2035881_2035882,00.html #ixzz1syKBbcT7

Anonymous said...

Hey gang, Bristol has a new column up on her blog on energy independence! What a hoot! Let's all go over there and needle her with nitwit liberal talking point objections shall we? They're all dumb and un-edumacated over there as you know, so don't worry about rational counter-arguments. The snarkier and more condescending the better! I know you can do it gang, lol!

Anonymous said...

10:12 - Why would I ever want to give traffic to Bristol's ghost-written blog, just to argue with her paid ghost writer--who comes over here anyway? I can argue with Nancy French right here. Are you trying to promote Bristol's blog? Sure sound like nefarious of you, Nancy.

Ivyfree said...

Why on earth would I bother with Bristol's blog? I already know she's a moron. Frankly, I'd be surprised if she can breathe through her nose- have you noticed how she always has her mouth open?

Anonymous said...

@April 23, 2012 3:51 PM:
About that debt. You are misinformed (surprise there) but the debt increased under Reagan and Bush, decreased under Clinton, and increased again under Bush Jr- who nearly doubled the debt. Did you complain about that? Or do you think paying for unjust wars is a good thing, paying to ensure healthy communities is a waste of money?

Ivyfree said...

Bush junior showed a rich-kid ignoring of credit card debt. He ran two wars outside the budget. As if we wouldn't have to pay for them if he didn't put them in the official budget. AND he decreased budget for the VA every year he was in office- there's brains for you (and that's sarcasm, for the benefit of those who didn't get it)- start two wars, only one of which was justified in any way, and then cut funding for the troops who were bound to get injured and need medical care for the rest of their lives.

It's such a simple promise. Fight for us, and we'll provide medical care for you for the rest of your life. And all they ask is that (1) what they fight about is worth it and (2) that we keep our promise.

Repugs are scum.

Darklady said...

I suspect that "Bristol" is doing the same thing with "her" blog that her mom does with "her" Facebook account: removing anyone who says anything less than adoring.

Anonymous said...

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