Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Congratulations Grandma Sherry

It's being reported that Levi and Sunny are in the family way.  The timing (about three months) sounds just about right for Grandma Sherry.  If I'm correct, she completes her 3 year obligation to society and will be free to take this new grandchild out in a stroller - even if, in Alaska, that means going to the mall.

As I have in the past, I continue to wish them well.


Anonymous said...

If true, obviously we should wish them well. But I can't help but be pessimistic at their financially shortcomings. Sad state. At least Sunny has a job. I also hope this doesn't go to Mercede's head and made her devote any less attention to her personal path and more to the lives of others. Being a good aunt doesn't mean one has to neglect one's career and future to smother the child.

I hope this makes them all grow up ;)

Anonymous said...

You know 12:43, people have become parents with or without a career or even a job. They are adults and I'm sure much more educated than one in their teens. What Mercedes does is none of your business. What Levi does is none of your business. You have kicked them to the side of the road and run over them so many times it isn't even funny. I wish them well and feel they will do what is right without you telling them how to live. Most people start out with little of nothing and work together to make the best of their lives. Most kids don't have thousands of dollars to start out their married lives. You have no idea what real life is and not being in the spotlight. We are all getting very sick of your words of wisdom to Levi. The only thing that you may have in common is Tripp and you have done everything possible to keep him out of his life. How selfish and immature. I am a grandmother and I know Sherry will be so happy to be a part of this little ones life. She is not going to use this baby to get even with anyone, but to love it with all her heart. It's what real grandmothers do.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Levi's family members and Sunny! Levi, this will be a much more wonderful experience than what you went through before w/the Palin family.
You deserve to be happy, in love and to live a life that isn't full of the crap the Palin family brought to you.

Mercede and Sherry - enjoy your new happiness. We, in Alaska, support all of you!

otto katz said...

12:43, you sound like a Palin. Perhaps you should be taking care of your little ones instead of checking up on your ex?

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mrs Johnston will be the best grandmother that she can be along with Aunt Saddie. I have a feeling this young lady who is involved with Levi is a whole lot more stable of a relationship that he will be alright being a daddy. This young lady has been going to college and is doing alot with child development. I have a strong feeling this baby will be loved by both sides of their families. We all know is that Levi hasn't been in any trouble and he minds his own business. I say that is a plus. He isn't out there looking for attention. I wish him and his mother, sister and girlfriend well. Just keep your eye on your own business and they will be find.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Bristol's show on Lifetime? Why does she have a blog saying she has a show when she doesn't? How weird is that????

Therese said...

I think that Levi needs to get a job, and get married, before having children.

Stefanie said...

I think that Bristol needs to get a job, and get married, before having children.

Anonymous said...

I think Wasillian teens/young adults in general need to go to college, get a well paying legitimate job and have sex while using one or two methods of birth control.
Stop popping oue one/two/three kids before you finish college.
By the way, is Britta back at UoA Anchorage in nursing classes yet lol??

Ivyfree said...

For that matter, did Britta actually marry Track? What happened to that big wedding Sarah bragged they were going to have in November?

Anonymous said...

Britta is the last hope to have a Palin with an education. Has she returned to UoA? She bunked at the Bristol crib in Anchorage, no doubt there was lots of shacking up with Track and buddy Ben Barber back in the day.

Isn't Piper already a drop out?

Grannie Sarah had a memory laps yesterday on the teevee with Tori Spelling.
Sarah was asked if she might have one more pregnancy in her future. “Ah… no,” replied Palin. “The grandkids will come next.”

I thought she had several grandkids. What was she saying?

Anonymous said...

Well, Sherry, I want to join 'Palin Place' in congratulating you in becoming a grandma again. Mercede: Congrats on becoming an auntie again. May this time be the time that it WORKS, and you actually can be part of your relatives' life (be it a boy OR a girl - as long as he/she is healthy!)
Make sure Levi does 'the right thing' this time and marries his baby's mommy - you guys had enough drama with the Palins!
Of course, I send my congrats also to Sunny and HER side of the family!