Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HBO's "VEEP" - Female VP Scrolling Her Blackberry but they say it's Not Sarah Palin

Premiering Sunday night on HBO, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays a flighty Vice President with minimal responsibilities.   “Veep” has been described by Entertainment Weekly as “a bleak vision of American political folly that would be pretty depressing if it weren’t so amusing.”   Bleak but amusing – we’ve tasted that recipe here at the  Palin Place, over at Immoral Minority, and half way around the world at Politicalgates. Recipes are tweaked for personal preferences, but the main ingredient is the same - in this case, it's the half-baked Alaskan governor  Sarah Palin. reports that Veep’s main character, Selina Meyer is a “once rising star in an undefined political party who suddenly finds herself U.S. vice president… She and her frantic Blackberry-addicted team spend their time dodging political minefields, making and fixing public relations gaffes, and waiting for the president to call. He never does.”  The intro clip below looks like someone we know, except that VP Meyer has a penchant for swearing. You might recognize the clenched fist emphasis in her delivery behind a podium, and get a sense of deja vu when your worst nightmare is played out in the scene where she's told the president has taken ill..

Sound familiar?  Well, you are wrong. Not only wrong, you are…are…what’s that word Sarah uses?....Whacked! That’s it.  You’re some kind of Whacko!  VEEP is not based on Sarah Palin. Ms. Louis-Dryfus has said so in interviews.   I wanted to post a clip of  her Letterman interview as an example because we know how much he means to Sarah, but after 11 minutes and no mention of SP I gave up on that idea. But the Truther in me laughted at got the inside joke when Julia came out wearing Look-At-Me shoes with Tower of Babel heels that glitter and makes a comment right away about them. But of course, we aren't supposed to think about Sarah Palin.  And she mentions the shoes first thing.  But we aren't supposed to think about Sarah Palin. Oh, sure, okay Julia.  I mean,  VP Meyer curses a lot, so, obviously this is not Sarah Palin. We get it.

If HBO wanted to do a show based on Sarah Palin, they’d have a fake pregnancy and a pimp-daddy dude holding the Bible while his wife took the oath of office.  Now that would make for some bleak but amusing comedy.  Cans  bouncing off the refrigerator.  A daughter driving around with license plates spelling out the name of her dad’s rebellious former slave who escaped to the south and wrote a tell-all…  

HBO has an official website for VEEP.  Some of us  might want to visit and suggest a spin off about the first female VP’s husband. They could call it  Tripped Up.


Cracklin Charlie said...

So, could this be the way they are gonna get back the money they invested in Sarah Palin?

They get people to watch goofy television shows that are not "about her", but they really are all about her. They'll make her a laughingstock, before they run her entire family through the meat grinder about the various scandals. This could go on for years.

Ailes is truly a master of his craft.

Jo said...

This show has real potential.

Anonymous said...

Is her husband on the show a pimp?

Additional question: what type of woman stays married to a pimp? A politician no less?

Stefanie said...

Thanks for posting this Allison, the show looks great so far. I guess it's similar to Nicole Wallace's Book.

Dis Gusted said...

I was laughing at the previews. The similarities can not be missed.

I LOVE that they deny this is stupid Palin. Perfect!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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