Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bristol Palin's Former Best Friend is a Person of Interest - Happy Birthday Bristol !

Today is Alaska Day, Bristol Palin’s 21st Birthday , and 6th Anniversary of Sarah Palin’s Official Declaration as Candidate for Governor.

In honor of all three of these auspicious and simultaneous occasions I took a look back at the former First Family's First Daughter's first television interview.  This is leading somewhere, so stay with me.  Levi recently gave a new name that goes with this old story.  I researched this minor character (she had a speaking part) and found she has spoken more recently.  

This begins with Bristol, young, unremarkable and steeped in middle class visions of what she wanted for her future  - an education, a house, a career. She nervously sat for a television interview on February 16, 2009 with a solicitous  Greta Van Susteren on Fox news. 

The comparison to the woman Bristol is today, on her 21st birthday is almost shocking if I’d been under a rock for the past 2 ½ years, I would not recognize her. It’s not just the plastic surgeries and/or dental alignment, but also her rise to fame as a lame spokesperson/dancer/motivational speaker.

Talk about lipstick on a …. Well, anyway, she’s changed.

VAN SUSTEREN: Take me back to a year ago, when you first discovered you were going to be a mother. You—I imagine you had to tell your parents.

Allison: A year ago? Like, ummm, February 2008? Greta, do you know something that supports what I’ve been saying on this blog? See Allison's Own Thoughts...on my prior posts or click here.

BRISTOL: Yes, which was, like, harder than labor.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK, where—when did you tell them?

BRISTOL: Well, we were sitting on the couch, my best friend and Levi, and we had my parents come and sit on the couch, too.

And we had my sisters go upstairs. And we just sat them down, and I just—I couldn’t even say it. I was just sick to my stomach.

And so finally, my best friend just, like, blurted it out. And it was just, like—I don’t even remember it because it was just, like, something I don’t want to remember.

Allison: The “best friend” has been outed by Levi in “Deer in the Headlights” as Sammy Becker.  That was new information for us blog writers/followers.

I’ve looked up Sandy and that’s her in MySpace pages (preserved by palindeception.com, linked here) many of us have seen before, some pictures of great interest were taken June 2007 – right around the time Bristol could have become pregnant with Trig.  Many have taken notice of Bristol's slim figure in June and her rotund appearance in the family pictures taken three months later, September 2007. (Here is a good set of comparison photos put together by palinsgate.com)

Now then, if Levi and Bristol went through this twice, once because she was pregnant with Trig and once because of Tripp, then they have two stories to choose from, or morph into one. There have been variations on the “Tripp” story. 

As Levi says, no one is that good a liar.  It seems to me she’s giving Greta the Trig pregnancy events, and if that’s correct, it means it actually was a summer 2007 conception and the news was blurted out by Sammy when she and Bristol were best friends.

I use the past tense because, while researching Sammy, I found there was a falling out between these one-time closest friends. 

Here is  Sammy Becker’s comment left for Mercede Johnston’s in January 2011 when Sadie blogged about “Love, Lies and the Drama of Facebook”:

Sammy Becker said...
Bristol is a very angry, envious young woman, Sadie, and I'm sorry for the deplorable way she's treated you. I've yet to determine if the person she is now was there are all along or if the events of the past few years have simply brought out the worst in her. She's always had quite a chip on her shoulder about the disparity in physical appearance between herself and both Sarah and Willow; needless to say, her recent (rather shocking) weight gain can't have helped matters. You've been given much good advice; please heed it. In the meantime, keep your chin up.

VAN SUSTEREN: Levi was there, as well?


…I’m skipping ahead to this:

VAN SUSTEREN: And I imagine [your parents] had some guidance for you, or some thought.

BRISTOL: Yes, they just wanted us to sit down and make a game plan, like, what we were going to do and stuff.

Allison: Always found “game plan” an interesting phrase.

VAN SUSTEREN: Had you told Levi’s family?

BRISTOL: No, not yet.

VAN SUSTEREN: When did that come about?

BRISTOL: That came about probably, like, the following day.

Allison: Really, Bristol, you can’t do any better than this? It’s been rehearsed. I could tell it for you.  Here’s a hint… the day before Levi’s 18th birthday, etc., etc.

VAN SUSTEREN: And how did that go over?

BRISTOL: Well, his mom was—she was scared for us, too. Just we needed to sit down and make a game plan. But she was excited. We were all excited for the baby, of course.

             Allison: “game plan” again!

VAN SUSTEREN: I take it this wasn’t planned.

BRISTOL: No, not all.

VAN SUSTEREN: What happened at school?

BRISTOL: I was—it was during summer and school had just gotten out, so I just knew that I had to finish up high school and focus on getting an education.

Allison: Summer would be Trig and 2007 and best friend Sammy Becker. When Bristol found out she was pregnant with Tripp, it was mid-March 2008 (as Levi clues us in with his stories about telling his father he was dropping out of school - see post "Hockey Sticks and Pregnancy Sticks").

I live no where near Wasilla, but if I did I’d be asking Sammy Becker about all this.  Her comment to Mercede was well written and sensitive.  Maybe she is open to questioning and exploring things that she once thought she knew about Bristol.  Maybe she has some photographs that would help us fill in the blanks of the mystery months when Bristol is out of sight from October 2007 – January 2008.  Sammy Becker absolutely knows if Trig Truthers are “wackos” or “patriots.”  Or, at least, she knows if Bristol was pregnant in this picture (click here).

The viewer feed on this blog shows that Wasilla readers are stopping by. Sammy, is that you? 

My email is thepalinplace@gmail.com and I would be happy to be contacted by anyone reading this blog. From Wasilla or Wales,  Australia or Finland. Your interest is heartening and encouraging.

I will leave this with the words of Sarah Palin who broke into her daughter’s interview and took over:

SARAH PALIN: …She has it perhaps easier, if you will, than other young mothers. But many, many, many young parents have been successful in raising their children and have raised healthy, happy, contributing members of our society.

Bristol will—and Levi—they will be parents like that. We’re real proud of them.

Awe, shucks, readers, doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Happy Alaska Day!

The entire  text interview can be found here  on the fox news website.


Kat said...

Hi Allison,

I'm a first time visitor here (won't be the last) and I just finished reading all your posts. You've done excellent work. Thank you!

When reading the comments, there are many who can't understand why the Johnston's appear to be cooperating & covering for the Palins. I, too, believe that there is a pact/blackmail going on to keep them silent. The reason, I believe is Sherry. My theory is that the Palin's set her up for her arrest for selling some of her Oxycontin pills. She's still under House Arrest. She has to get permission to leave her house for any reason. If she violates, she'll be sent to prison. With the Palin's influence with the police, if they step out of line, that could and would be easily arranged.

Look at Diana Palin's case. Caught in the act burglarizing a house she admitted stealing from before as well as other houses. She had her small child with her (child abuse). She received no punishment at all, instead was sent to a luxury rehab center. All Sherry did was sell a few pills because she was encouraged to do so & because she was broke and she's still paying for it with an excessive sentence that few, if any, other first time offenders get. That threat of prison for a woman with fragile health & chronic pain would be enough to keep anyone silent. Just my opinion.


B said...

@Kat. If so, when Sherry has served her time, maybe the Johnstons will come clean.

amanda said...


Probably not. It wouldn't be hard for her to be pulled over for a minor traffic violation and have something planted on her. A "second" offense would keep me quiet.

Allison said...

KatzKids, you make sense. Sherry is the least visible (no pun intended) of the cast in this drama and yet she has suffered as much as her kids and probably more because, as a loving mom, she carries their burdens, too.

B and amanda, I only wish the Johnstons could be set free. Once she's served her time, if she and Sadie left the state I think they could cash in, tell all, and start over in peace. Levi won't leave Alaska, if he wanted to he wouldn't be talking about starting a business in AK (tourists, hunting, etc.)

Sadie and Sherrie can do well without Levi, but do they want to leave Alaska? Sadie has traveled to interviews and vacations and has been many places in the last couple years. She's strong willed. My hope for her and her mom is that they'll leave the state together and have a new start.

It must be some kind of hell to always have to look over your shoulder.

God bless them, and I mean that sincerely.