Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarah Pact: Has Levi made a deal with the Quitter?

Levi, this is Sarah.

No Shit.

Are you recording this?

Huh? What?

Don't lie to me. Are you taping this call?

She sounded uptight...

No, Sarah. I'm not.

Are you positive? Tell me the truth.

Sarah, you called me.  How could I be recording this?  And why?  I have no idea what the hell you want.

All of the above can be found on page 273 of Deer in the Headlights. This is only 16 pages from the end.  It's after the second engagement of Levi and Bristol has been called off, and Bristol has spent at least another year publicly trouncing the father of her child.

We don't get an exact timing, but he says he was in his truck, "pulling up to one of our many lakes, one that I'd not looked out over in years, since the day Bristol had told her family we were back together."  (Italics are mine.)

Though Levi plays fast and loose with timing over and over again, I think we can figure that  this call came quite a while after the July 2010 breakup.  It couldn't have been "years" since then, unless he has a time machine and he's somehow launched himself into the future. For arguments' sake let's place it as summer 2011, which means Bristol's book of lies, er, I mean life, has come out and Levi still has time to decide how to react to it in his own book.

The phone call is completely unlike Sarah. He makes that clear. He says "Sarah never had the balls" to say anything to his face and that she used her lawyer, her political associates, Bristol, and the media.

No surprise there. That's the Sarah we've heard about in recent books by Dunn, Bailey, and McGinniss and in Nick Broomfield's movie. Yup, that's believable.

What could make Sarah go one-on-one with Levi? This call is a big darned deal.

Levi never tells us what she said. Not a clue.  So why is it even mentioned?  I think I know.

Just the mention of it speaks volumes if you've listened to his messages throughout the book.  Here's what I mean:

Levi is a quiet guy. He doesn't use extra words. He's subtle. He's careful. He hasn't impressed anyone by being brilliant. Levi's shining moments come on the ice or with a gun or fishing pole. Then, hockey or hunting, he's among the best.

With a hockey stick or a gun, Levi knows how to line up a shot. He has quick reactions and he's accurate. He keeps his eye trained and watches opponents' moves. He can anticipate and he can be patient, waiting for a clear shot. Those are useful life skills.

Levi has sharply honed survival instincts. DITH was his chance to brag  about his prowess with various weapons, his patience when stalking prey, how he waits for the best animal and how he doesn't kill an animal just because it is threatening him.  So many stories about escaping death from mauling, drowning, freezing, or being eaten alive.

Is there a message for Sarah in these stories? Consider the one below, from pages 23-24:

Suddenly, there was a bear, hunched over, head down. He was grunting quietly. Then he picked up his head and stood. He fluffed up, trying to scare us, and stomped his rear paw on the ground...

It wasn't a big bear. Dom and I knew we didn't want to shoot him. We had a moment of indecision, as did the bear. He started to charge and we aimed. Just as Dom and I began to squeeze our triggers, the bear changed his mind. Turned and walked away.

This is the Levi Johnston that Sarah Palin fears. She is the self-proclaimed mamma grisly who is all fluffed up and grunting and stomping. Levi has his finger on the trigger.  He's waiting to see if she is going to continue her charge, or turn away.

Back to the phone call. This was Sarah aka mamma grizzly rising up and sniffing the air, checking for tell tale scents of fear or courage.

The one who could smell fear turned out to be Levi. He saw his chance and he took it.

Whatever the conversation entailed, we can guess that it ended with something like this:

Promise me Levi. Promise me you will never tell anyone about this deal we just made.

I won't.

Promise me.

I promise, Sarah.

Are you telling the truth?  Not one word. Got that, Levi?

Yeah, whatever.

After that, the final draft was done for Deer in the Headlights. Levi kept his word. He didn't give away a single thing they talked about. But, he isn't as dumb as some people might think. He mentioned that there was a call...from Sarah...

Levi was interviewed about his book and said he held some stuff back, in case it gets crazy again. Levi's survival instincts serve him well. If he gets whatever it is he bargained for in that call from Sarah a few months ago, he'll stand down.  But if Sarah doesn't keep up her end of the agreement, whatever that is, she know's Levi is still "locked and loaded" and that his trigger finger is poised to send off inquiries to major talk shows to see if they would like to hear Sarah's biggest secrets.

Sarah got something, that's for sure.  She got it in print. Right at the top of page 75, standing out there as its own little paragraph. You can't miss it:

Trig was born April 18, 2008.

So there, Trig truthers!

Okay Levi, you did your part. Are you going to get to see Tripp now? Will the Johnstons see that beautiful little family member anytime close to the actual dates of the holidays coming up (instead of a month or more later) ?  We'll see.

By the way, when is Tripp's real birthday, Levi? November what? Maybe you can have him on that day. After all, the Palins are stuck with celebrating it right after Christmas.  (For anyone who doesn't get what  I'm saying, it's a theory I put forth in my previous blog post Allison's Own Thoughts on Palin - Johnston October 5.)


Anonymous said...

"Sarah never had the balls"

But she is confrontational. She politely confronted the teacher in Homer, she confronted Sherry Whitstine in Chicago just after the election, she confronted Hawk, the creepy guy with a camera outside the Valdez airport. She is not shy. I doubt Sarah and Levi have ever exchanged more than 5 words with each other EVER. And I think those 5 five words came just after the election when she showed him how to cook something (esquire)

He is often described as someone who never fit in with the Palins. In his GQ article, Sarah never liked him, Todd tolerated him.

He's not saavy, nor is he booksmart. I wouldn't even call him streetsmart. He may know his way around the woods and that helps him from getting maimed by a bear but the boy lacks common sense. He could have a decent relationship with his son today if he didn't pull the immature card and trash Tripp's family. THAT is when Bristol began hating him and never went back- EVER. In May 2010, she laughed at a hoodie her cousin made that (originally said 'free levi') and he changed it to 'f**k levi'. IN MAY 2010.

Levi's a liar and uses HIS lies to manipulate people. He MAY have learning it from Sarah, but given that he's had major issues in the past, I'm thinking it comes natural.

And btw, as a former strong-willed teen girl myself, I can say with certainty that Sarah does NOT control Bristol and has zero say in her and Levi's custody matters.

ginny11 said...

I haven't read Levi's book, and I can't believe no one, until now, has mentioned that little tidbit! A paranoid phone call from Sarah to Levi? But nothing about the reason she called? Really? I agree with you, Levi, just by mentioning the call, is letting us know that there's a reason he's not spilling his guts. And he continues to warn Sarah. I think even Levi's ghost writers know more than they've let on. They are not as dumb as many would like to believe. Maybe they are complicit in helping a young man and father with one "weapon" use it against a ruthless and cold-hearted enemy to keep his son in his life. I don't know. Maybe we'll never know the whole truth. I just want Levi (and Bristol) to know this: the VAST majority of people will not hold you responsible for decisions you made as vulnerable and scared teens under duress. There will always be a few jerks, but most people aren't like that.

Allison said...

Compassionateidealist, thanks for your thoughts. The examples you give are of one time impromptu interactions with strangers. That's not the same thing as someone she once calls a friend (in Levi's case, he says she called him a best friend) and then she kicks them to the curb. Like John Bitney, a friend since Jr. High.

lillibird said...

Compassionate...Sarah was sure touching Levi's face in a loving way at the convention, kinda strange for 2 people not knowing each other. When did he trash Tripp's family? Didn't Bristol go back with him, in fact get engaged- or was that just for the magazine money? They are all lying and covering for each other..just saying

nolaredhead said...

Hey compassionate?

If she "hadn't exchanged more than 5 words with him" WHY is there a pic of him holding her "newborn, preemie, hole-hearted, DS baby" in the hospital?

Allison said...

Ginny11 I like how you think! The ghost writers probably do know much more than they included, otherwise why include this at all? Its an island, and we don't know, as readers, how we landed on it or how we got off. The reader is there - hearing the conversation - and then suddenly, Levi has us somewhere else. The writers must know more, and are complicit. That's fine. It's two more people Sarah has to worry about.

Allison said...

To my readers: Don't miss my previous (and first) post. Check the blog archive on the right, and click on "Allison's Own Thoughts." You will learn why I think Bristol wore Sarah's fake belly after she delivered Tripp.

Forward together Trig Truthers!

GinaM said...

Well Allison I think you are right about the pac between Levi and the Grifter....have you read Gryphen's post today....maybe that's what the pac is about....Tripp is older than we've been's the link...

Allison said...

GinaM, Gryphen's post of October 10 is intriguing, as is his post today with the pictures of Levi holding the babies.

He says in the earlier post: So we are left with the question as to whether to believe Tank Jones concerning this information or not. I've no opinion on that at this moment. But I'm leaning toward agreement with Gryphen's commenters who think Levi looks older in his blue shirt pic than in his green shirt pic. Three reasons:

Blue pic tatoo
Blue pic jowls
Green pic hat on backwards/blue pic hat forwards

That last observations hints that he had matured. Pure speculation, but isn't it all?

If these pictures truly are not one year apart, and are not both of Trig, then one of them might be the non-DS child that Tank saw in March of 2009 as a near-toddler, the one Levi called Tripp. People have speculated on twins before, I haven't been one of them. But, now? I need to think about that.

My theory in my previous post was that Tripp (the one who debuted on Grestta's show) had a November birthdate. That may be what Tank meant when he said Bristol's pregnancy was not as it seemed.

Isn't this fun?

I'm going to review all the puzzle pieces again.

curiouser said...

"This call is a big darned deal."

Yes. It is. Thanks for writing about it.