Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mercede, the green T-Shirt, and Two Little Boys

Steeped in Johnston family life from having dissected Deer In the Headlights, I took another look at Levi’s sister’s blog entries.  Sadie is a good writer and her words have an earnest ring.  That said, everyone has things to hide, especially in Wasilla AK.

On several anti-Palin blog sites right now, there are pictures of Levi with newborn babies. Wouldn’t we all love to know exactly when he had blonde highlights in his hair? What summer did he fit into that green A & F T-shirt?  Where can we find other pictures of Levi wearing a wedding-style ring? 

We need those  pictures! How else will we figure out the picture of Levi with hospital bracelet and ring, holding (supposedly) Tripp ? (Remember, according to legend --and Bristol and Levi’s books-- that ring was lost in the summer of 2008, months before Tripp, aka “Binky Boy”  was even born. )

Then there’s the bombshell Gryphen at Immoral Minority dropped this week about an older Tripp…  A possible THIRD or fourth (??) baby. WOW!  Just wow. 

Is THAT the Tripp in the picture with the ring and wristband ?  We want to know.  Where are the pictures that would help us date these?  Sadie, can you help? Why the silence?  Oh, that’s right. Mercede Johnston’s first blog posting in June 2010 talked about big life changes when Sarah Palin was tapped by McCain in 2008.  Her computer “was hacked almost immediately," and "all …pictures of my brother Levi and myself...gone forever.”  

Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration because we have some mystery pictures of Levi in a green T-shirt, and...

Well, anyway, that was a brilliant step by the bumbling McCain people who didn’t even take time to vet the VP candidate.  I believe they did it. I believe they panicked when they heard the rumors about Trig being Bristol's. Sarah probably told them Sadie took pictures so they took everything. It’s our loss, along with Sadie’s.

I wonder how old that computer was. If there is an older computer that the Johnstons retired but held on to that might hold valuable pictures on the hard drive.  Don’t you think 2008 is a little late for any family to be still be using their very first and only- ever personal computer?   Sadie, what pics of Levi are on your old hard drives?  Blog readers want to see them. 

And we'd like to see what other pictures are in the shoebox from the closet that produced the green-t-shirt Levi pictures. Would you share, Sadie?

I tried looking up old Wasilla Warriors hockey pictures and I was surprised to find a comment by the site administrator from the first day of the VP announcement that the pictures had been taken down, along with schedules.  Doesn’t THAT seem a bit excessive? We may never see the pictures we need to have to solve the blonde highlight and green T-shirt mystery without Sadie's help.  

Let's explore how likely is it that she will be forthcoming.  Mercede said in her introductory blog posting,  “Before Sarah Palin was tapped to be the Vice Presidential candidate I had a fairly normal American teen life.”  She goes on and describes it – school, sports, camping, etc.  Then she says:

and,…anxiously waited for my perfect nephew to finally be born.

Call me a conspiracy theorist. Go ahead.  But if you believe, as I do, that there was another nephew, one born with Down syndrome, then, well, isn’t this the perfect wording to stay on the narrow line of truth?  Remember, too, that Bristol used that word over and over to describe Tripp in 2009. He’s perfect. He’s healthy.  Sadie and Bristol in harmony for once.  Makes you go hmmmm.

Also in June 2010 she promises bigger things to come. She is determined to expose the lies, and reveal the truth.  Sadie, Sadie, Sadie! You have become a mere shadow of your ballsy teenaged self. Where has that determined young woman gone?

When she launched her blog, comments were predictable. Friendly, congratulatory, lauditory, and just plain gushing.  Then, I found this:

Heather said...
You know I support you honey! I know slightly more than the "average" person thanks to.. well you know :)

Cant wait to see what else you have to blog about. The stories I here from you and our mutal "friend" are always very entertaining to me. Maybe one day the little boys will become friends...but other things have to happen first :(

What do you make of that?  Tripp seems to be a given as one of these two "Little Boys" because this is Mercede's blog and Tripp has always been the beginning and the end.

Given that one is Tripp, who is the other? It doesn't seem like it could be Trig; they've always been portrayed as buddies.  Does Heather know about a third child. One with ties to Tripp and someone who should be his "friend" except there is something preventing that? Something that must happen before the little boys can be friends. Hmmmm, maybe she's talking about an older Tripp? 

Who do you think are “the little boys” and what “other things have to happen first”?  
I wonder what pictures Heather has? 

I'm sympathetic to Mercede and her family. They've been through a lot. She posted this on her June 2010 statement:

“No longer do I have the freedom to act as a normal teenager because it seems as if every breath I take and every word I say is constantly being analyzed.”

Well, guess I have to own up to being one of the analysts.  However, Mercede Johnston is now 20 years  old, a Playboy model, has appeared on various talk shows, and has sold or provided personal family pictures to media outlets. I’m not going to apologize for giving her and her public statements some critical analysis.

And if you aren't put off by such things, and you head to another blog after reading this, would you do me the enormous favor of linking to this?  But only if you think this is worth the collective brain-power of our community of Trig Truthers. Heather may be a key. Who knows?


GinaM said...

Allison this is very interesting....but like most folks we are all getting a little tired of all the game playing by the Johnstons and the Palins...they are all in this together...Mercede can only say so much...

One more she really 20 years old?

Allison said...

Hi GinaM, welcome back. Mercede has a December birthday. She's 19 years and 10 months. I rounded up :)

GinaM said...

Hmmm....she's nineteen huh. According to Levi's book he can't seem to make up his mind how old Bristol is....first he says something about Bristol being months younger than him...right? Then Bristol is same age as his younger sister...even on that picture he put in his book...the prom picture. Something stinks in Denmark...exactly how old is Bristol really?

Allison said...

Hi again, GinaM! Bristol says her birthday is Alaska day, October 18. It's in her book that every year, schools were closed and so she always got the day off and people celebrated. It's also the day in 2005 that her mother announced her run for governor.

But, I digress. Bristol will be 21 in less than one week. Think it will get mentioned on ET? Levi got paid to attend a Los Vegas birthday party in his honor. Twenty thousand dollars.

You know Bristol, she's going to want to outdo Levi by at least another 10k. Competition and putting Levi down. It's what she does.

We'll see very soon.

GinaM said...

Yes that is her birthday Oct 18...but what's her birth YEAR??

So no...I don't think there will be any big 21st Bday celebration for Bristol...notice they try to keep her bday low key...during the 08 election and even last year...when she was on DWTS. That chick isn't going to be 21...that's another one of those secrets being hidden in Wasilla..probably another reason why those SS numbers are under lock and key...

ShesToast said...


You are doing great job of reading between the lines and posing some insightful questions. I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts and encourage you to stay with it. I saw the link at Laura's blog.


Allison said...

You are more than welcome, Jeff.

There is so much Palin trivia in my head that whenever I read about them, the contradictions and questions pop up into my head. This is a healthy outlet for that, and if it's entertainment for you and others, that's my reward.

I appreciate the feedback and encouragement. Nice to know how you found this. (Laura has a great blog and the community there is respectful and insightful. One of my favorite places.)

You made my day! Thanks again.


Venefica Nigra said...

Thanks for your interesting posts, Allison. It's always good to discover another thoughtful anti-SP blogger!

I think the reference by "Heather" to the "two little boys" refers to Tripp Johnston and Heather's son.

According to Heather's (apparently defunct) blog (, which you can reach by clicking on her name, she has a toddler named Jaxyn. Heather is a Colony High grad, class of 2006, so she's older than both Mercede and Bristol. Apparently, she lives or lived in Wasilla.

The "other things" that "have to happen first" for "the little boys [to] become friends," could be more visitation by the Johnstons.

lillibird said...

Levi says their the same age, then Bristol and Mercede are both going to be 20...that means Bristol had Trip when she was 17, pregnant at 16.
If she's going to be 21 then she was 18 when she had Tripp, Pregnant at 17. He's going to be 3 in Dec., right?

Allison said...

Venefica Nigra your research skills are needed here. Thanks for contributing new information, it is a reasonable deduction. You've probably saved me and others hours of time looking under the wrong rocks. Please come back often.

Allison said...

Lillibird, Levi isn't good with numbers, is he - ages, dates, weeks, months - any of 'em, all of 'em. He's digitally challenged.

Trip is nearing his third birthday, yes.

As for December, that's not so clear. November is a real possibility, and my first post "Allison's Own Thoughts ..." lays out many reasons, including things Levi said in his book, things Sherry Johnston said, and the going-to-church-in December video.

My NEXT POST will explore another thing Levi shared that points, IMHO, to Tripp having been conceived in February 2008. It should be ready tomorrow (Sunday).

I'm greatly heartened to see familiar names like your among the commenters here. Reading other blogs, I've appreciated what you've brought to the table to share with the rest of us. So glad you found The Palin Place.

Allison said...

Ooops, Tripp has two Ps.

AKRNHSNC said...

I remember reading that Bristol was born in 1991, the reason why I distinctly remember it is because my youngest child was also born in '91. I couldn't imagine him being a father at such a young age and yet here was Palin's daughter, allegedly 5 mos. pregnant. I didn't realize until later when I became more interested in the story about Palin's "pregnancy hoax" that she changed her daughter's DOB to suit her purpose as a potential V.P. Getting pregnant at 16 and giving birth at 17 was not going to be acceptable to the fundies but at least with the DOB change, she'd be considered an adult when her child was born.

The other thing that stands out is in "Going Rogue" Palin writes about a miscarriage after Track was born. If she had him in April '89 and Bristol supposedly 18 mos. later, there is a limited amount of time for her to get pregnant, miscarry and then get pregnant again, especially as she states that Todd was never home much. That is when he worked on the slope for weeks at a time. In "Going Rogue" she writes that the second child was due a year after Track was born so that would be April '90, she miscarried sometime after 3 months because she said they believed it was a boy and had been referring to him as Tad for 3 months by the time she miscarried. She talks about how the "next year they had Bristol", no mention of the year, just the date. She gives herself away with her lack of details concerning her pregnancy with Bristol IMO. In order for her story to be true, she would have had to have gotten pregnant immediately after a doctor would have given the ok for sex. While possible, it's not probable, not to mention I clearly remember reading Bristol's DOB as '91. Palin lies about anything and everything she needs to regarding her fairy tales about her "happy" life. I've never seen a person who is supposed to be so happy look so miserable and complain as much as she does.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Mercede. You live more freely now than you ever have, just smarter, as now you do not get busted for underaged drinking as you did in 07.

GinaM said...

557468643 said...

Bullshit Mercede. You live more freely now than you ever have, just smarter, as now you do not get busted for underaged drinking as you did in 07.
October 30, 2011 10:13 AM this is your assignment for hang out on Allison's blog. Word of advice...ask for some new talking points....and apparently comprehension is not your friend....this blog is not Mercedes...this blog is called The Palin's run by Allison....oh and that little tidbit about Mercede getting busted for underage least she wasn't hanging out in tents and getting other things busted....*hard stare at Bristol*.