Monday, October 31, 2011

Shailey Offers Her Ideas on TRIPP plates

Shailey Tripp asked me to share the comment below which she sent to me via email. I'm glad to do so. I am making it a post instead of a comment on an older thread because I want my readers to find it easily. Here it is:

I have really been thinking about all this stuff all weekend. I have two more theories I would like to share. My gut instinct tells me the plates were meant for me as a present but were never given to me. Todd realized we were not as close as he thought we were. Then he had these plates. I suspect that he is the one that introduced the idea of the name Tripp and it took. Then he passed the plates on to Bristol.

Another possibility is that Levi did know about me and when Todd and Sarah really intimidated him, he used the name as a way to tell the Palins to back off. Except then it really doesn't explain why Todd Palin bought license plates in March of 08 with my last name on it.



Anonymous said...

You spent time all Halloween weekend thinking about a dumb lie someone told on a blog where people have been known to spread dumb lies?????

Shailey, you sound a little vain, like EVERYTHING in the world is about you.

GinaM said...

IVY!.... Hey IVY!!.... Look up! This blog is called...I will say it real slowly for ya'....
T H E P A L I N P L A C E.....Shailey has her own blog....go write your nonsense at SHAILEY's blog...stop stinking up Allison's blog with your troll droppings...unless you got some inside info(and we all know you do...sorry about that confidentiality agreement you signed!)then STFU!

Apparently Shailey has struck a nerve with you...Did you and Shailey "fighted" over Todd (Have you seen Todd!)...maybe you should have given Todd some massages...he seemed to like those :)

B said...


And you know the license plates are a dumb lie because _____? You haven't answered me yet as to what lies MeAgain told and how you know that.

I can believe Todd got the plates as a gift for Shailey. But I can't believe he then talked Bristol into using the name so that the plates wouldn't have to go to waste. (If the alleged Sadie announcement mid-2008 is accurate, Tripp was named Trigg, perhaps until Dec. 2008.)

Allison said...

B - you state your case without insulting others and your statements have value. You must have had good parenting, polar opposite of the Palin kids. Have you seen the emails where Sarah brags about snarky mean things her kids said, did, or suggested? Piper's advice to Sarah, "Can't you just pull her hair?" was the least of it. And Sarah thought that was cute!!

I'd like visitors to The Palin Place to feel welcome. We aren't the Palins. We are better than that.

Amy1 said...

Thank you, Allison and Shailey, for addressing this. So we are ALL puzzled by this. My first thought was exactly the same as Shailey's. And then I remembered that we do not yet have confirmation re the anon tip that "the PLPs were ordered and delivered in Mar 08." But I bet we will know soon whether that tip checks out or not. (Of course, whether the datapoint that Todd ordered them in Mar 08 checks out or not, the co-occurrence of the two names remains baffling.)

Another question for Shailey: Do you have any thought on where bloggers could do some good in moving things forward, re exposing the PalinHoax?

JillyG said...

I guess I don't understand then what would motivate a married man - any man, really, to buy license plates for a woman, unless it was something she had been wanting. Shailey's initial reaction said nothing about it and in fact she stated she had no idea why he would have bought them. TP was a public figure - why would he advertise his indiscretion in such a way? If the "business" being conducted between Todd and Shailey and others was illegal as has been stated, why would he dare connect himself to her in such a way? Surely, the plate would be seen on ST's car if he in fact were to have given them to her! And now I'm to believe that somehow he convinced BP to name her child Tripp so she could use them instead? Nope, sorry, doesn't compute for me. I'm trying to wrap my brain around this idea, but I simply can't connect ST to the license plates...

JillyG said...

And Shailey, I am not trying to discredit you - I have always found you to be very believable, actually. I just can't understand this, so my gut instinct says "reject it" - admittedly I am missing the bus on something if this is indeed what happened, because it breaks my rules for normal human behavior. Unless he was hoping to get caught, he wouldn't do it - and if he WAS hoping to get caught, he'd not have given the plates to Bristol instead...unless, am I hearing correctly, he found out that she Shailey wasn't that into him? I'm open, here. Sell it to me if you believe this is the angle we should be looking from...

B said...

Thanks for the kind words, Allison.

Here is the comment from Blade's I was referring to about Sadie writing TriGG on TriPP's picture from before the RNC. I hope the tinyurl works:

First of all, I am not posting under my regular name and Blade I'd appreciate it if you didn't point out my regular name on here.

I am posting this here because after careful thought I just didn't want to put Gryphen in this position. He is like a father figure to Mercede I think, and I believe he knows she is hiding things about the baby and pregnancy issues but he doesn't want to pressure her.

I was sent this photo and told Mercede sent it with the words and heart on it to several people- BEFORE Tripp's birth date of record.

I'm not sure what this means, but I know it means something. Trig with two G's? The photo obviously being the child we know as Tripp? Something is up here.

Meant to add this detail:
The person who sent me this pic isn't related to Mercede and doesn't know her personally. They knew I followed the Trig story and thought it would interest me. She said she couldn't remember who told her Mercede sent this out to family members as early as mid 2008 but she lives in anchorage so maybe a family member of the Johnstons who lives there?

This could be a red herring, or someone trying to make Mercede look bad. I just thought if there was even a chance it was true, I should post it and let Blade add it to her investigative theories.

JillyG said...

B, that is so!

Amy1 said...

JillyG: The idea of these two Tripps is so beyond anything one would make up for a fictional work. I don't think anyone would credit any part of this, except: it exists.

If we take Shailey's implication, Todd's sense of being appreciated by Shailey grew -- via Todd denying the fact that he was paying to have Shailey like him, and she did a believable job. Somehow, it didn't develop into true love. But before that realization happened, *perhaps* Todd ordered the plates. Would there therefore be a visible connection between Todd and ST? I say no. Maybe TP thought it would not come to light -- after all, it's taken all this time to do so, and only via this tip. In Mar 2008 I think Todd could have counted on the "discretion" of his pals in local gov't to keep those records away from prying eyes, or to squelch rumors if they failed. I have never before heard of anyone questioning who orders the PLPs that one sees on any car.

If Shailey had been Todd's sister, I can see re-directing this gift. But my thoughts turn to Bristol discovering the connection, and it's just another of the hard-to-imagine cruelties that have been heaped upon her by her parents. That's why I don't criticize her. She's had some really bad breaks. The possible coincidence of the names is one thing. The re-directing of the PLP gift by her own father is quite another, on the hurt-o-meter.

Mercede's photo "before Tripp's given BD"? Sure, we look at the babies on the two videos (GvS, GMA) and we surmise that Tripp must have been born before end-Dec. The question is HOW MUCH earlier was that photo taken? So I guess Mercede knows that answer?

Amy1 said...

The scenario Shailey has given us is not at all hard for me to believe, if I am remembering Shailey's statements correctly (and I do hope you will correct anything that isn't right, Shailey).

Man talks a masseuse into adding sexual services. She is believable in making him think it is consensual, even if he pays her. Perhaps she comes to believe it, too, or wants to. Perhaps therefore it is no longer a purchased service: perhaps the man talks her into giving him the same services for free, because it might be turning into love, a scenario that is thrilling for her. So the man is now getting for free what he wanted (massage, sex, AND affection), for the cost of a few "gifts" (the PLPs being like the little boy giving his Mom a toy truck for her birthday.)

But the relationship cools abruptly when he sends his pals around for paid sexual services from her. She realizes that his words of affection were no more than talk aimed at getting a discount, and that he values the exclusivity of their relationship so little that he invites friends to buy some for themselves. Lots of bad feelings all around, magnified by the have vs have-not nature (power, money, political pull) of the situation.

When men monetize the value of the love/companionship of their women, all too often they want a bargain (too small a divorce settlement) or renege on a previous promise (Onassis leaving JKO only $26M rather than the Greek "widow's share" [10 or 20 times that amount] established by law, which O had the Greek govt repeal).

Anyway, I find Shailey's info credible. Thank you for sharing it, Shailey.

kappachino said...

I am not sure how PLP's are obtained in AK, but in NY they must be registered to specific vehicle. (You can't just "purchase PLP's" nilly willy or as "gifts".)
Is it different in AK? Can anyone just purchase "extra" plates?
So who's car were they for? There must be paperwork with the original license plate number being replaced with the "TRIPP" license plate, in NY the PLP is always tied to the original license plate number issued by DMV.

Allison said...

This thread is interesting. Thanks for keeping things rolling while I deal with mother natures Halloween prank.

curiouser said...

kappachino is right--vehicle identification is required.

After you select your design and verify availability, you will be prompted for vehicle identification.

B said...

@curiouser & kappachino. Now the question is, was it public record what vehicle the plate was for.

Allison said...

With no TV or computer last night, my husband listened to me read this set of comments and he came up with two other suggestions. 1) Todd is passive aggressive. He ordered the plates because Sarah would not be able to make a stink without revealing Todd's betrayal. That wasn't going to happen, so he wins. He must really hate her/ resent her/ feel emasculated. It was a poke in the eye to Sarah. Or 2) Todd simply likes the name. He likes the sound of T names. Track. Trig, and the name Tad mentioned in Going Rogue as what they were calling the fetus Sarah miscarried after she had Track. Maybe he just liked it and suggested it as a name for the baby they were adopting. Nothing more devious. Stupid maybe but not devious.
Both of these are simple and It isn' t a stretch to believe Todd would be passive aggressive and mean (1) or confidently stupid(2).
Personal update: rumor at the deli from tree and power line workers is that we may have power by Wednesday night. I'm hoping to put up a post before I leave work today. Time to get back to Sue Williams.

Allison said...

B -- I'm totally baffled by the picture and name and story. Someday it might make sense but I think we have a lot of work to do before we see that day.