Thursday, October 13, 2011

Levi, Trig and Tripp

Something's weird with my blogger account.  Yesterday's post  "Levi, Trig and Tripp", now has  the body of the post from my October 5 message "Allison's Own Thoughts."  I'm too new to this to figure out what happened, so I'm putting this up again. Recovered some of  yesterday's comments, but not all. Weird.    

I’ve scoured Deer in the Headlights for clues to Levi Johnston’s relationship with Trig.  Sometimes it cannot be separated from what he says about Tripp and father hood.  This is a very long post and I don’t want anyone to miss the comment about Tripp’s name, so I’m putting it right up here:

Page 263  It was like [Bristol's] explanation for Tripp’s name choice. Total makeup.  I couldn’t even remember what the hell she’d said and I bet she’d forgotten, too.  No one has a good enough memory to make a good liar.  

That may be the most honest statement in the book.  Remember, Levi, when you point a finger, you have three others pointing right back at yourself!

On page 117, he describes a visceral reaction to what he witnessed on television while he and Bristol laid low in the Palin home back in Wasilla:

We watched [Sarah] on the stump, with Trig, her accessory.  It made my stomach turn to see him displayed like a designer bag, then passed off to the many. I also was sick in my gut when I heard the media report that people were saying – again—Trig wasn’t Sarah’s baby.

Personally, I believe him.  I believe it made him sick .  I believe he was sick because he was the bio-father of that child and that he gave up his parental rights to Trig because he – being just a kid himself– couldn’t provide all the things a child with Down syndrome would need. And there was his son being treated like that. Yes, I believe you Levi. I believe you felt as if you’d been punched in the gut.

Levi may not be book-learned, but he is a gifted experiential learner. He pays attention.  Levi has had a front row seat in the room while Sarah Palin taught a class on lying, misrepresentation, and how to commit fraud.  It’s very like Sarah to take a true story and change it just a little to produce the effect desired. Sarah didn’t score the winning point for her high school basketball team in the championship game. She scored the final point, and that was a free-throw. But the team won by three points. They would have won even if she missed.  And she hadn’t scored earlier in the game.  She wasn’t a game-changer, but she wants you to believe she was. And many do.

Levi is on Sarah’s team for the time being. He goes along with the game plan, he tells us Trig is Sarah’s baby. Okay, sure. He is Sarah’s baby now.  But who conceived that baby?  Just like that free-throw, Sarah carrying Trig around after he was born  doesn’t mean she  did the real work that brought him into the world.  Sarah’s just taking the credit for it, just like she did in basketball.  (Remember, she said everything she’s learned in life she learned from sports. )

So here, in order, are many of Levi’s references to Trig and to fatherhood.  I see some mighty careful wording (bold lettering is my emphasis):

Page 11 My mom and pop stopped at two offspring; the Palins kept going. Track…Bristol…then Willow and Piper. A second son, Trig, was last.

Page 11 In December of 2008, [Bristol Palin] and I became parents to a son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.

Page 71  My parents, [Bristol] told me, are having another baby.  She said the word parents with air quotes.

Page 72  The infant was due in two months. 

Note: this is a stand alone sentence.  You can’t miss it, it’s not buried in a paragraph. It doesn’t say Sarah was due in two months, only “the infant.” 

Page 72   Rumors and speculation that Bristol was going to have a baby had circulated for over a year…from the halls of Wasilla High, through town, and from one end of the state to the other.

Page 72   The whispers started when, after Sarah had been sworn in as governor in December ’06, Bristol left Wasilla and moved to Juneau for the second semester of her sophomore year.  Then the word was that the family was saying that Bristol, who was MIA, had mono. For the record, Bristol never had mono, no one would have said she did—and she wasn’t pregnant then. 

Note: Why Bristol was MIA is never explained. One of the plastic surgeries? 

Page  74  I found out from Bristol that the child would probably be a Down’s baby.

Page 75  Trig was born April 18, 2008. 

Note: Another stand alone sentence. See a pattern?

Page 76  I arrived just minutes after the birth… My heart went out to the delicate child. I picked him up, cuddled him. Something stirred deep within me…He needed care and I wanted to be sure he got it.

Page 76  As I welcomed Trig into the world, I had no idea I’d be repeating this same display of affection for my own child just eight months later.   

Note: “This same affection” ?  Is Levi trying to explain away the tender pictures of himself holding newborn Trig? Nice try. Think Sarah insisted on this passage? I do.

Page 76 After Trig’s arrival, people believed that Bristol, not Sarah, had given birth to Trig.

            Note: Levi had you SEEN Sadie’s captions on her MySpace pictures?

Page 77  We pretty much ignored [the rumor]; it was too crazy for words.  

Page 87   My sister and mom were invited over to the Palins’ to check in with Todd and Sarah and to welcome Trig. Sadie, a camera bug, was snapping photos of everyone, and I shot one of her holding Trig, a smiling Sarah at her elbow.

Note: Levi isn’t going with the story that this was his birthday party. He has a second story about that.

Page 89  I believed the choice to have a child included the obligation to be parents to that child.

Note: This is in the context of Sarah supposedly wanting to adopt Tripp. I’m as skeptical as anyone about which baby Sarah wanted to adopt, but either way, Levi’s statement is a nice dig at Sarah for her neglect of Trig. 

Page 106  Unlike her mom with Trig, Bristol was showing. No question. She and I became media fodder.

Page 119  She was a teenager and giving birth would end that phase of her life. It had to be scary for her with no idea what to expect.

Page 129  It was the middle of November 2008…I could only be there for a couple of days and nights at a stretch…Page 131  I cooked. I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. Garbage out. Errands. I did the laundry. I held little Trig in my arms, diapered him.

Page 134 ..I was there for the kids while Trig’s nanny went shopping. I’d just changed his diaper and fed him his bottle. He was dozing on my arm… Piper, sitting next to me…

Page 135  It was Christmas Day 2008, Bristol was huge; a photo of that belly would cut off at the knees the Trig truthers…

Page 141 The nurse put my cleaned-up son in Bristol’s arms and my world was complete…We were a trio, a team…I found myself crying, cradling my son. …It was a new kind of love for me.

Page 142  In 2009, almost a year after Tripp’s arrive, Sarah said it was shameful that I was absent when …Bristol gave birth to Tripp…I could not believe it when Brisol chimed in, intimating that I wasn’t there. At least she was a little wishy-washy about it. Caught in the middle.

Note: Maybe Bristol got confused about which birth they were portraying and which Trig facts had been morphed into Tripp facts. I could understand her getting confused. They all do.  Levi’s done it, too.

Page 145  The first day home …was smooth sailing… In the living room…I was burping Trig. Bristol was rocking the newest Johnston in her arms.

Page 146  She was going to breast  feed.  It was good for Tripp and I had urged her…  Sarah hadn’t breast-fed Trig, but I’d been telling my babe all along, It’s a great idea; let’s plan to do that.

Note: Trig was definitely fed from pumped milk, as evidenced by his bottles. More on this in my Oct 5 post (scroll half way down it). 

Page 148  One day, [Sarah] had walked in…Bristol was in Todd’s lounger, bouncing Trig on her knee. I had my son on the couch, on my chest.

Page 195  I said that Sarah called Trig her little retard. It wasn’t that one time that she did it and then winked at me. It happened more than once. Her kids were used to hearing it.

Page 196 She was just kidding  around with her family. She was joking and at the same time maybe wanting to pick up Tripp because he was more fun, better able to respond.

Note:  Not buying it, Levi, but nice try. Did Sarah make you say this?  You moved out when Tripp was a little more than a week old. He wouldn’t have been responding to much at all.  Or, was Tripp actually born in November, in which case he might have been more fun and this story might be true. Which is it Levi? 

Page  211  Tripp turned one. My son’s December birthday came and went without my participation.

Page 221  Harper’s Bazaar did a shoot for Trig’s birthday…I hadn’t seen Trig –my special little boy ---for so long and would love to have been included.

Note: Emphasis mine. WTF?  Why would Levi even think he could have been included? Unless this is another message to Sarah…

Page 223  …for my eighteenth birthday [Sarah] invited my mom and Sadie…they and Bristol and I ate on the sofa; I balanced [two week old] Trig on my knee while I forked in the grub.  Todd was outside and Sarah disappeared into her room…

Page 263  [Concerning Bristol’s] explanation for Tripp’s name choice… Total makeup.  I couldn’t even remember what the hell she’d said and I bet she’d forgotten, too.  No one has a good enough memory to make a good liar.

Page 263  Johnston men don’t want to see themselves as victims, but it was humiliating to have no presence in your child’s life.  …When …you knew the outcome wouldn’t get any better for you or for your kid, it was easy to wimp out, to stop fighting.

Note: Is this about Trig, too?

Page 283  I want to be clear where I stand” my son, Tripp, is the best thing that ever happended to me, and I’d never throw in the towel when it comes to being his dad.

Note: Which begs the question, did you throw in the towel on being Trig’s dad?

Please, read his book, see what you find. There are longer passages that sound like a regurgitation of Going Rogue, and I didn’t want to put blog readers through that. But you might find something hidden there. Let me know.

Sunshine1970 said...

The passage where Levi says 'Sadie is a camera bug' and was taking those photos. I thought Sadie had said Sherry had been taking the photos that day with Sadie's camera...? 

557468643 said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Damn Levi, you could write fiction lucratively. Funny how he never mentioned ALL the press in the Palin home post election. That went on most of Nov. Then all the Palins went to Juneau in Dec, save Bristol who obviously couldn't fly.

Levi, your memory blows. You do realize ALL the Palins react strongly to the use of the R word right? From the first time you claimed Sarah said it, they ALL began hating you. I have a screenshot of a convo saved.

What a chump. 

GinaM said...

Whitney...why are you posting your Social Security number as your Screen Name??

And what makes you think Levi reads here?? Palinbot's are getting more and more unhinged by the day. I feel sorry for sound like you need some serious help.

You know that Sarah called that sweet baby a "Retard"...stop protecting that awful family and tell the truth. 

557468643 said...

btw, Levi also explains in the book the relevance the name Tripp has for him.

Gina, You need help dearest. I speak common sense and fact. How do YOU explain Levi's blatant contradictions? HUH?

Which do you believe, does Sarah cry or does she not? Because Levi has said both.

I feel sorry for hateful, ignorant folk who refuse to think outside their own little fantasy worlds. 

GinaM said...

Whitney, DEAREST...I don't think "common sense and fact" means what you think it does.

And now I'm starting to think that you are SARAH PALIN seem to be obsessing over Levi a great you still want to show him your gun underneath your bed Mrs Robinson...Er...Um...I mean Mrs Palin.

You still didn't answer my question...why are you using your Social Security number as your screen name Sarah?

Levi has something on Sarah and Sarah has something on Levi....right now it's a stalemate...who will blink first! 

carrie said...

Whitney, Is that YOUR back?!! GROSS!!! 

Allison said...

Whitney, you have added some spice to this mix!

It's interesting that Bristol couldn't fly in December but Sarah felt at ease taking a much longer flight in April. Any comments on that?

I'm sure people would also like to see any conversations you saved as a screenshot. Would you be willing to share ?

(That would actually be your SS#, right? Because I don't want you putting yourself at risk of identity theft. Stay safe.) 


Doubting Thomas said...

Page 76 I arrived just minutes after the birth… My heart went out to the delicate child. I picked him up, cuddled him. Something stirred deep within me…He needed care and I wanted to be sure he got it.

The last sentence says it all to me....$arah preyed upon Bristol and Levi wanting their child Trig. They let her have him because they could not afford a lifetime of healthcare for him. This was hammered into their heads over and over again. "You are children, you don't have jobs, how will you pay for the mountains of medical bills that are piling up and will pile up over a lifetime?"

I think Levi has regretted his decision for some time now. especially after seeing $arah dangle Trig as a prop with no shoes, no socks, no hearing aids, no glasses, no therapy etc.

Allison said...

Doubting Thomas, that makes sense.

Some people think Sarah even wrote that part of the book. It reads like something she'd write when she's being all sappy. Maybe that was part of the Sarah Pact (see my earlier posting: Sarah Pact: Has Levi Made a Deal With the Quitter?)

Ivyfree said...

" You do realize ALL the Palins react strongly to the use of the R word right? From the first time you claimed Sarah said it, they ALL began hating you."

I'm sure they all reacted strongly to an accurate portrayal of how SP treats Trigg. I'm sure that IS when they all began to hate Levi. How dare he actually portray Sarah in a negative light? She'll never realize she's her own worst enemy. A decent woman would never have used that term.