Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Did Tripp Get THAT Name?

What Kind of a Name is Tripp? It's a Palin kind of name. 

September 8, 2008, while we were all wondering just who this Palin tribe was that had been unleashed upon us from Alaska, said:

Many jokes have been made about the Palin children's unusual names. They weren't randomly chosen. In fact, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin selected names that reflect the family's personal history and shared passions.

Whether she understood it or not, when Bristol named her son Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston’s she continued the tradition of giving him a name that was the epitome of “personal history and shared passions.”  

Shailey Tripp, a woman, a mother, and a licensed massage therapist worked for a time in Wasilla and was on a  call-in list to help out at the local school where Palin children were enrolled in the fall of 2006. Ms. Tripp has a blog and a personal history with the Palins that she talks about openly. (On Friday's she has an open discussion. Find her here.)

According to Ms. Tripp,  the Tripp and Palin personal history and shared passions include bad behavior in school by one of the daughters, resulting in a note being sent home.  Todd and Shailey met as a result of the school problem, and thereafter there were emails between them. Shailey gave Todd a necktie as a gift. Todd visited Ms. Tripp for her professional services as a masseuse. Sarah did, too, at least once in early 2008.  After a while, Todd asked for sexual favors, paid for them, and sent other men to see Ms. Tripp with the expectation that they, too would be serviced sexually.

Now that’s a personal history of shared passions! 

So, why would Bristol name her child after this embarrassing and morally soiled saga in Palin history?  

Both Bristol and Levi say it was Bristol’s idea to name the baby Tripp.  They agree on so few facts, I’ve got to take this one without question.

Bristol doesn’t explain the name in her book except to say she decided she wanted a T name, to go with Todd, Track , and Trig.

Levi says (page 140 of Deer in the Headlights) the name was “picked out – actually way before Brisol had even conceived.  “Trip was a character in one of those psycho scrambler motocross films. Trip Carlyle.  It had a nice ring to it.  Bristol added the second “p.”

But later, he takes it back, sort of.  On page 262 he says :

It had all just become too much. All the bullshit was static in my head...[Bristol ]stumbled over her words when questioned about Tripp’s seeing his dad since she’d moved  to Maricope [AZ} --- then added that she’d bring my son to me in Alaska whenever I wanted…

I was sure she wouldn’t even remember having said it. It was like her explanation for Tripp’s name choice. Total makeup. I couldn’t even remember what the hell she’d said and I bet she’d forgotten, too. No one has a good enough memory to make a good liar.

He remembered the Trip Carlyle character from earlier in the book, but perhaps Bristol has given other explanations of the name?  That, I don’t know. So I checked out the movie and I confirmed with a quick internet search that “Supercross,” a movie that meets Levi’s description was in theaters in late summer 2005. The main characters are two brothers, one is Trip Carlyle, and top-billed female role was a character named, ironically, Piper Cole.

Because of the Piper connection I’m giving Bristol a break on this.  For now, I’m believing that she heard those names – Trip and Piper – together through the movie about these XXX motorcross rugged racers and something clicked in her not-yet-fifteen-year-old head. She said, I want to name my first boy Trip and that’s what she did.

That said, I wonder if the second “p” was suggested by someone who had “personal history and shared passions” with Shailey Tripp.  

Maybe it was suggested by someone for their very own private amusement. 

And, if it was only jokingly suggested at first, that joke turned into a nightmare. (Karma, anyone?)

Maybe this was someone who had a secret that made them smile to themself when they thought no one knew what they’d done.  This person would have to be confident the truth would never come out.

Who would have been close enough to Bristol for her to share her idea for the baby’s name and to have any influence? Hmmm… someone she loved, listened to, looked up to.

Any ideas?


B said...

Innocent explanation: She liked the name Trip from the movie, but added another "p" to make it less likely confused with Trig.

Or: Bristol named her baby Trip, Sarah took him away from her and renamed him Trig, so B. had a replacement baby and named him Trip also, but with an extra "p" to distinguish him from the first Trip.

I have known a couple of kids called Trip/p. One was spelled with one "p" and the other with two.

Allison said...

B, you are kind. I like that in a person. It's a virtue not found in the Palins. Neither is innocence. Virtues just don't seem to have been taught, caught, or cultivated by Sarah and Todd. It's still okay to give them the benefit of the doubt if you want to. As I said, I like that in a person.

Susan said...

Hi Allison,

It looks like googles gonna let me post this time. I've only been trying all day! lol. I have visited your site before and was impressed. I wanted to say that when I read a particular post at another blogger's site recently, that wasn't too kind or reasonable, I immediately thought of you. It's just taken me a couple of days to get over here to give you a few words of encouragement. Obviously I do not agree with said blogger. I think yours and Brad's new blog, for that matter, are adding very important new eyes and ears to known facts and new theories which yes, can lead in important new directions. away!

I've arranged to get my Palin updates in a different way from now on and plan to frequent your site and Brad's often and hopefully I can offer something new as well. You've got some of the better and sharper commenters on here already :)

I just wanted to say Hey and I think you're doing a great job!

Susan in MD

Allison said...

Susan, so glad you found my blog and that it's worth your time. Aren't the commenters here a great group? They are exactly the audience I want - smart readers bringing a set of knowledge with them, willing to look at things again and differently, keeping a civil discourse. How did I get this lucky?

So funny you said you'd been trying to post all day; I've been trying to leave kudos on BRAD's blog, and it Google keeps dropping it. I'm going over there right now and try again. You made my day, now I'll pay it forward.

Thanks again:)

B said...

The Trip/ps I have known were nicknames for III, "the third," just like Trey is sometimes used.

I used to wonder what Bristol's Tripp was the third of. I don't think he was her third baby.

Allison said...

B, do you know that Mercede calls her nephew "Tripples" ?

Your point is interesting in a couple of other ways. Gryphen's big story he came out with after Levi's book was that there is an older child associated with Levi and the Paliins (also called Trip or Tripp). Personally, I think the green sweater picture of Bristol looks like a pregnancy in progress, and it that 's actually a 2006 picture - theres is some question - it would predate the Trig and the Tripp E. M. Johnston pregnancy timelines. Whew!

conscious at last said...

I also think that the green sweater photo shows a pregnant Bristol. I am not completely satisfied with the 2006 date. I suspect that is it 2007.

If you go back to Palin's Deceptions, there were some posts about the annual Christmas photos for 2006 & 2007 when SP was the governor. Audrey present a cogent argument that suggested that the photo presented to the Alaskan public as the 2007 family photo was actually taken in 2006. Why? Because in the fall of 2007, when the 2007 Xmas photo would have been taken, Bristol looked preggers, so they used a 2006 photo instead.
Well, BP sure looks preggers to me in the green sweater photo.

Bscharlott said...

I like your idea it was just a coincidence – why give a baby a reason to be embarrassed when he grows up?

Allison said...

Prof. Scharlott, welcome! Yes, the names Trip and Piper together in that movie tipped the scale for me. I hope Tripp Johnston is told that story many times and long before he ever learns how to use the internet. We can hope.

It would be nice if Levi would begin to say the same thing. Say he liked the movie or at least the name as linked to the movie. "Supercross" came out in 2005, before Levi and Bristol were officially a couple, but we don't know when Bristol (or Bristol and Levi) saw the movie. Maybe they rented it and saw it together.

The other Palin name - Piper -- would have jumped out at both of them. Levi really liked Bristol's youngest sister, he said he could have enjoyed raising his own "little Piper" if Bristol had had a girl. So maybe they should tell Trip they liked the name and how it went with Aunt Piper's name.

I hope Tripp can be proud of his name Johnston, too. If his daddy gets to influence him, he will.

magnus said...

I think "B" and "Allison" are onto something. Trig was Trip before he was Trig. I think there is enough evidence to suggest that Bristol has borne 3 babies -- whether a set of twins plus the baby known today as Tripp, or 3 different pregnancies. The first 2 could not be kept by Bristol due to health problems and her youth. Perhaps a frail child died, perhaps Sarah adopted one of Bristol's and re-named him Trig. But in honor of an earlier "lost" baby, Bristol may have chosen the name "Tripp," adding the extra "p" to distinguish the two. And, yes, "Trip" or "Tripp" can be used to designate "the third." It certainly gives ME food for thought. Obviously, all this is wild speculation! But in PalinWorld it somehow is plausible.

nerry said...

Hi allison I emailed you as, you haven't answered back, what's up lol?

Ghostbuster said...

Hi Allison, I'm enjoying reading your analyses. Especially your close reading of Levi's book (so I don't have to!)

Conscious at last, I'm also eager to see the green sweater picture date firmly established. Audrey laid out a good argument for 2006, but not in my mind conclusive. The picture was appended to an old ADN article about her career that was republished on the newspaper's website when Sarah was announced as the VP pick. I'd be most curious to see if that picture ran with that article originally.

conscious at last said...

@ Ghostbuster (and anyone else who's interested)-

Recently, someone made a timeline for BP photos:

Now, on this timeline, they label the green sweater as 2007 - it doesn't mean it's absolutely true, it just means that's one person's view. However, on this same timeline, I call your attention to the Dec. '06 SP inauguration photo, where BP has a flatter belly in her pretty yellow sweater.

Since BP was a slender girl, the green sweater photo may be significant. On another person, that bump may just be a normally rounded nonpregnant abdomen.

Allison said...

Concious at last, ironically, I was reading about the green sweater today and I took notes for a post to write soon. It 's going to be the first time I add pictures, so when you see it, you'll recognize it right away. We think alike, I think you'll enjoy the post.

Allison said...

Ghostbuster, my message to Conscious at last is for you, too. That green sweater picture needs to be talked about again because, as you said, some of us have never been convinced if the timing. Stay tuned, I'm working on something for you.

Anonymous said...

She absolutely looks preg in the green sweater pic. BUT....if she was, why would she be wearing a tight sweater and why is she standing sideways? I'm guessing they would have wanted to hide it at the point, but that's certainly a poor effort. Maybe it was purposely for media attention. If that was me, I would not be happy that either a) I looked pregnant and wasn't or b) was pregnant and it was very obvious. Either way, its gotta be for whether she was preg or not

Anonymous said...

This entire article is TOTALLY FALSE! That is not at all the reason why he was named that!

Anonymous said...

actually, the real reason is because she would always go on trips......of oxycontin, of methamphetamine, of marijuana, of cocaine, of mushrooms, of lsd........all those drugs and she s still a fat gross pig go figure...