Friday, December 2, 2011

Shailey Tripp, Sarah Palin, Ebonezer Scrooge

Has Shailey Tripp gotten to Sarah Palin?  Are there new dents in the Palin refrigerator from flying cans of creamed corn?  

Shailey Tripp, a former Wasilla masseuse and a woman who says she can prove Todd sought her out for sex and pimped her out to his friends  is getting her story out through a new source, Just My Opinion, and what is refreshing, and may prove a breakthrough, is that this blog  is NOT devoted to Palintology. 

Yesterday's post by Chris, the blogger is titled "My Interview with Shailey Tripp."  It may well be the reason Sarah brought up "the masseuse"  on FOX last night. The former half-term governor was spewing and stewing and sputtering about the situation Herman Cain is in with a woman claiming to have had a 13 year affair with him and she compared this news event to her own problems with reports affairs she had and affairs Todd has had.  

Note: Sarah repeatedly categorizes Herman Cain’s alleged 13 year affair as “RECENT.”  (No, not as in the most recent accusation. She definitely says the affair is recent.)  Is that because Sarah's affairs aren't “recent”?

Last night, Sean called it an “analysis" and introduced the Herman Cain subject by suggesting Mr. Cain was a victim of media bias – saying “he was being called all sorts of names and the media seems willing to do this and go along with this. And you have experienced this as a conservative and a woman...”

Sarah replies, “Yeah, isn’t that something? … Yeah, you are spot on when you talk about the hypocrisy and the double standards in the media.” 

This is important because she gets into the Herman Cain issue and immediately uses a derogatory term to describe the politician’s female accuser. She and Sean Hannity are clueless to the hypocrisy of the name calling, and all the rest of the hypocrisy in this clip.

From Sarah:

In regards to Herman Cain and what he’s going through I’ll tell ya Sean, in many voters’ book, including mine, ya know,  character counts. And if he didn’t engage in this recent thirteen year affair, screwing around and giving money to some broad on the side unbeknownst to his wife, yeah, if he did not do this then the false accuser is really despicable and if he did not to that then we should not have to put up with the false accusation that results in somebody’s character being so besmirched and, really, ruined. If he did do this Sean, if he did do it, engage in this recent affair and is misleading the public.. he shouldn’t run the country…

Note: another reoccurring theme from Sarah is this crime of “misleading the public.”  It seems to be on her mind as much as the character issue.  I'd guess she's very aware of "recent" letters to the US Department of Justice about her misleading the public. Scharlotts Beacon blogspot has had a lot of traffic since he announced them, some hits coming from Wasilla.

Sarah had the nerve to say:

It’s going to be refreshing when facts come out
on this so people can make up their own mind and make their own judgement on this and then we can move on …

Note to Sarah: I couldn’t agree more.  Where’s the birth certificate?

From Hannity: [Herman Cain] is so adamant in his seems to me that his charge- thirteen years- this is easily proven or disproven…

Sarah:   Yeah, and maybe I’m sympathetic…I have had people who swore on a bible that they have had affairs with Todd or with me. Or, one specific one was a masseuse  that says she gave me a massage when I was seven months pregnant  and..ah..she could tell that I was not pregnant…

Note: When she goes into this cutsey, stutter-talk, as she did briefly here, I think it’s a tip off to her lying. Remember “I. Have. Tight. Abs.”? Cute, and deceitful. She does this when bringing up questions about Trig's birth.

…so I know what [Herman Cain] is going through, but if he did engage in these things, if he is misleading the public well then that’s a whole ‘nother story, then.

Note: Woo hoo!  Has her attorney told her that Professor Scharlott has a point in focussing the Babygate discussion on misleading the public?

Hannity:  I’ve  got to believe that there would be airline tickets, hotel rooms, video tapes. I thing this could be easily disproven,  It seems to me this  could be easily disproven, show me the [documents] I personally would go about the business of saying “show me”

Sarah agrees!  She says:

Well exactly.  The reality is, he is going to have to prove that he hasn’t carried on with this woman, through legal if necessary, he will have to ask her to show the proof, the documents.

Hypocisy, thy name is Palin.  Where were your medical records while you were running for VP? And since when is it important to you to prove anything to the public that is personal?

Could it be that something has changed? Something has convinced you that "in reality" you might have to "prove" something because you were running for political office at the time...

Oh, of course. The first thing you do when you read anything derogatory is consult with your attorney.

You've probably been told you should expect to be asked to prove to Eric Holder at the US Dept of Justice that you did not mislead the public for political gain when you charged big money and used SarahPAC for travel expenses to give speeches claiming "I chose to birth this child knowing he had Down syndrome." It's very political. It's a swing vote topic. The Republican party has a pro-life stance in it's platform.  

Okay, I understand your new found concern with a politician misleading the public.

But what do you care, Sarah? You've made your money.  But, ooooh, you did say something about money last night. What was that?

…[Herman Cain will have to] prove it, otherwise, unfortunately, this is such a distraction, that reporters back off, unfortunately, the money begins to dry up…

Now, to the second interview released yesterday. Remember that masseuse Sarah called a liar?  The interview with Shay touched on documents and proof of accusations, too.  

Asked of Shay Tripp:  What do you say those who say there is very little to no evidence to confirm your story?  

I am not sure why people think there is little evidence to confirm anything I have said about Todd Palin or the police. That is incorrect. There is a lot of evidence. Just because my phone records were made unattainable, doesn't mean there isn't evidence and doesn't mean I didn't record things. It just means we should be asking who has the power to suppress phone records? If we look at Todd Palin's phone records what will we find? If we look at their home number what will we find? If we interview all the employees of all the places I worked at what would they say?  If all the unpublished emails from todd Palin and Sarah Palin were made public would my name, places I worked, or my email addresses appear in them?  If we looked at Todd Palin's or Sarah Palin's credit card receipts what would we find What pictures does or 
did Todd have on his cell phone???

If this story is new to anyone reading here, follow the link at the top to the interview, and then follow their link or this one to Shay's blog. She is a mom, a writer, and a woman for whom life has not been easy but who is able to express gratitude for life's small blessings.  How refreshing.

Sarah, you haven't got a quarter of the integrity of Todd's "broad of the side" - Shay Tripp. Why don't you go watch "A Christmas Carol"? There's a message there for 'ya. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks! At least we can all comment now. I hope the trolls don't take over.

Think Sarah is getting worried with Shailey's book out and maybe one from "Fred". The letter to the AG is on her mind too! Think her "House of Cards" is starting to crumble. The video of her on Hannity was very revealing of her mental state.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Mrs Gunka

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten Shailey's book yet? I had forgotten it was out now. Think she said at Amazon. Can't wait for some reviews!

Mrs Gunka

Allison said...

I just ordered it from Amazon - $7 sounds like a bargain and a simple way to give Shailey our support.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the post. The thing readers should know about my blog is that it's about many different topics and not just one.

I can do a string of posts on one topic and the next will be about something else totally unrelated.

My blog is not a Palin or Politics in General type of blog. There are thousands of blogs like that and I wanted to do something somewhat different.

I found out about this story because Shailey sent a e-mail to and it was forwarded to me.

Anonymous said...

Shailey Tripp got a raw deal. Take the time to read her blog. Lots of interesting information on it. The truth will come out. Palin will never be president. She is a female Newt Gringrich. Both are mean and nasty. They care more about themselves then they love their country. They think the word "cooperation" is a dirty word.

Allison said...

Chris, I joined your blog as a member. You did such a great job phrasing questions for Shailey, new information came out that our community of Shay supporters had not heard before.

I look forward to seeing your insights on a myriad of subjects. Anyone can blog, but not everyone blogs well. You write well.

Good luck and feel free to email me if you ever need privacy to exchange ideas.


B said...

@Mrs. Gunka. "In the Shadows of Men" is Shay's book about the Todd Palin affair. Not yet available. "Looking for Inspiration" has been available for a while, about being a homeless mom of special needs children.

Bscharlott said...

Allison, you rock! That should get under Palin's skin. You are great at dissecting her comments and getting at the subliminal meanings.

Dis Gusted said...

great post Allison and Bscharlott.

Misleading the public.....very good.