Monday, December 12, 2011

UPDATED Book signings for Shailey Tripp

To all Truthers living in the Covington, LA area - Shailey Tripp is doing book signings in your area at PJS Coffee houses near you.  Shay has self-published. She believes in herself and has made the modest investment needed to launch herself as an author. That takes courage and humility.  Gotta respect that.  If you go, take a picture and send it to me. I'll post any of 'em - all of 'em.


 Fri,    Dec 16  7am-noon  PJS Coffee HWY 59 - Dove Park Rd  Mandeville, LA
  Sat,   Dec 17  7am-noon PJS Coffee 73015 HWY 25  Covington, LA
If you can't get there, you can order a copy of the book  at ANY ONLINE book store. It's a small and it would make a nice stocking stuffer.  Looking for Inspiration by Shailey Tripp.


Anonymous said...

Alison, sorry this is OT, but I want you to see it asap.

I think you are DEAD ON in your post about Pie Spy LLC...and here we see the motivation for changing from services for "Elderly and disabled" to "artists and athletes"...

Now that Sarah is trying to pitch a reality show with Tawd.

I also cant help but remember when Bristle claimed, after DWTS, that she was some serious high school athlete, thus the dancing was no harder than basketball drills...I recall her use of the word "athlete" was strange - but I'll have to see how the timing aligns (or does not).

Allison said...

OT is okay, maybe Shay will become a best-selling author and the Palins - from Todd and Sarah, down to Chuck and Chuck Jr (isn't that the next book coming along?) won't be marketable any more. One can hope.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin hasn't been marketable since "blood libel," and the Tucson Tragedies. She will never have her own TV show ever again.

Anonymous said...

No but people can still make money off of her. Just look at HBO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 7:56 - Sarah Palin is only a minor character in the HBO series. Didn't you read the 2008 book?