Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't Kill the Flowers While Attacking the Weeds

When I read Malia Littman’ recent post Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show: “Attack of the Barracuda”  it struck a chord with me. Maria raises the issue of name-calling. Sarah, as we have seen and heard, is an expert at name-calling. And if the smear can be twisted into a sexual accusation or put-down, she goes there first.  Anyone who read Bristol’s book knows that the daughter is a chip off the old block.

Malia herself has  been a recipient of slurs from people who lack any real ammunition to fight on a level field. When they can’t match Malia’s  well researched and superbly designed arguments, they may throw insults instead. And, because she is female, she gets the eggs thrown at her –“ugly” being the most common (perhaps because even the unschooled can spell it ?).  “Jealous woman” follows right behind.

I am 100% in agreement with Malia when she says the name calling reveals Sarah’s proclivity to avoid responding to allegations by launching an attack instead. The name “barracuda” is fitting.

Now that I’ve pointed that finger at Sarah  and all who follow her lead to destroy with meanness rather than engage in conversation, I have to think about what gets posted here at The Palin Place. After all, it reflects on me. It's up to me to allow all comments or to cull some out. I love all my thinking commenters, Trolls included - even a broken clock is right twice a day :) 

The Palin Place offers long, documented commentary. I put a lot of time and effort into each one. This blog attracts people with engaged minds. (I'm glad YOU are here.)  After investing the time and thought to digest a post, the reader may find added information among the comments. I love when that happens. 

On some blogs, the comment threads become so long that they are not read by most visitors, and, unfortunately, anonymous commenters sometimes feel free to be crude or rude to others, which discourages many people from wanting to cull through looking for items of value. The worst case scenario is when someone with information gets discouraged or attacked. Like Sue Williams, or Wendy Waitress.

Remember Wendy Waitress at another blog? When we abuse, even jokingly, another reader to the point where they pull away,  we have hurt ourselves and our mission.   

This is becoming a community of people who like one another and enjoy the exchange, the venting, and the occasional snark that is so easy to apply to the misadventures of Sarah the Baracuda.  There, see? I called her a name again.  It's okay to comment about Sarah’s physical appearance or Bristol’s, too, if the point is that the appearance supports a further observation, ie Bristol is lying about her cosmetic surgery;  Sarah wore a bathrobe on her Fox interview but hypocritically calls out “pajama clad” bloggers as if that unprofessional attire matters when one is not on screen;  Bristol had a young and fresh appearance at 18 and it's sad that she didn't know how pretty she was when she looked real instead of fake; Sarah has aged poorly which is a good indication that money hasn't brought her happiness. 

I hope we can develop a norm on this blog that comments add value.  

Please, comment even more than you have before. Add to the knowledge, share new ideas, make observations and - if it's in your personality - be clever and funny. Go ahead and say "Sarah is the Quitter Queen?"  She quit, and more than once, and it's part of her political resume, so why not?  

Then, even if comment threads become long, regular visitors will be happy about that, instead of simply clicking off. 

(Also, too) I would prefer that swearing be of the PG variety. A damn here and there for emphasis is great for creative writing, but the bodily function type swearing- well, now, that might turn someone away.  And right now, we need all the good minds we can get.  

Thanks for understanding.  


Dis Gusted said...

"Bristol had a young and fresh appearance at 18 and it's sad that she didn't know how pretty she was when she looked real instead of fake"

probably because she was only 16...

I'm sure she is very insecure about her looks - remember the clip where Willow teases her about not having a chin? I don't think that was a unique experience for Bristol.

Which one pushed Piper's face into the birthday cake?

It doesn't really matter - however, it's a great example of how these children were never taught how to behave.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely shocking to me. There's nothing at all funny about pushing someone's face into a cake (or the reverse, at a wedding no less!) It's bullying pure and simple, "look what I can do to you and you can't stop me". That no adult stepped in to reprimand was even more shocking.

AKRNHSNC said...

What's worse is that Sarah sat there laughing when Willow pushed Piper's face into a cake that was to be served to their guests. Remember that Sarah had a final say as to what was shown and what wasn't. I would have been so upset with one of my children for doing that and it would NOT have been on TV. She obviously has no standards for her children to live up to since she does whatever she wants whenever she feels like it. Palin is a poor role model for Motherhood.

B said...

You read my mind.

PGates has too many comments for me to find the worthy ones. IM has too many offensive comments, some even misogynistic. I read and I appreciate both blogs, but much prefer the level of discourse here and at Brad's blog.

You have made ThePalinPlace welcoming, inclusive, inoffensive. You are doing good and much needed Babygate work. Thank you so much!